Unleashing the Power of Insanely Amazing Keyboards: A Must-Have for Keyboard Enthusiasts!

By | February 19, 2022

Attention all keyboard enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your typing experience to a whole new level? If so, get ready to unleash the power of insanely amazing keyboards! From sleek and stylish designs to lightning-fast response times and customizable features, these keyboards are a must-have for anyone who takes their typing seriously. Whether you’re a gamer, a professional writer, or simply someone who wants to maximize their productivity, it’s time to discover what these keyboards can do for you. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of insanely amazing keyboards!

Prebuilt keyboards are getting good…like really good. These 2 in particular, the iQunix OG80 Wormhole the Melgeek Mojo68 are fantastic stock out of the box, no modding needed!
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Finally pre-built keyboards are getting So much better now to the point where You don’t even have to mod these you can Use it stock out of the box and you Would still have some damn good Keyboards on your hands Or under your hands So today we’re gonna be talking about These two or three pre-built keyboards That are so so good they blew me away First up we’ll talk about the iquinix og 80 wormhole then the metal geek mojo 68 Two compact options that have a lot of Really cool features great design Choices and a lot of personality to the Keyboard that makes it stand out from The rest so if you’re in the market for An upgrade i got you covered today first We’re gonna talk about the og 80 Wormhole i saw this online and Absolutely fell in love with its looks And i just really dig the frosted case With the teal accents all around you get A nice novelty space bar along with the Two-tone keycaps with the white and Light gray it’s that same compact 75 Layout we saw from their cosmic traveler Keyboard that i showed off last year now Just more my style visually inside the Box they also give you four other teal Now with the keycaps to place around the Keyboard to swap with your stock escape Key always a nice touch for sure the More the merrier the pvt keycaps here

Are not shine through though as you Could see even though we have that full Rgb pcb at the frosted case so you’re Not going to be getting that full glow Through the characters on the keys but The board as a whole just sort of makes Up for that as you’ll see so the board Can be used wired or wirelessly with a 2.4 gigahertz toggle on the back side or Through bluetooth but on the top left Side of the keyboard that little teal Cover is that houses your wireless Dongle if you’re taking this with you Out on the go and the blinking purple Led light underneath is an indicator for Things like your pairing status and Battery level if you are using this Wirelessly so it’s cool to see you have The three modes of connectivity you know You can use this however you need to but If you do have like a fancy custom coil Cable i think it would pair really Really nicely with this board um i Tested it with our 2.4 gigahertz dongle I had no issues with lag whatsoever Nothing like that and it’s great to see That we can have a wireless keyboard Like this that has great battery life And also crazy rgb Built in are a ton of effects it’s all Configured on the board itself so you Don’t need software but not only are the Effects cool looking themselves each Effect can also be changed to a single

Color all the press of a key so you can Have your cake and eat it too if you Don’t want the crazy rgb light show boom You can still have some crazy effects Going on but just to one color to match Your setup in a minute they did a killer Job here with the diffusion i love how The bottom of the pcb is exposed inside So you can see the rgb leak all inside The board it’s frosted so it’s diffused Looks so nice i just think it is so well Done and as a final result when talking Visuals that is it is really one of the Best looking pre-builts out there but Visuals are the least important part of A keyboard right and none of that would Matter if the keyboard itself was trash But it’s not because iquitix hooks you Up with a ton of options you can Configure it how you want it on their Site not only can you pick between a no Rgb pcb if you don’t care for the flashy Lights but you can also pick your Stabilizers and pick between 10 Different switch choices in my unit here I have the ttc gold pink for those not Familiar these are very smooth and light Linear switch however so you aren’t a Fan of these switches or the ones you’ve Picked just aren’t cutting it and you Want to explore the keyboard community Some more and pick up your own switches Of course here we have a hotspot pcb it Is five pin and north facing so you can

Use pretty much any switch type you want And here’s why i would typically you Know prefer a south facing pcb but Honestly if you’re buying this board It’s because of the overall aesthetics And odds are you’re not gonna be Replacing the keycaps on here because Why would you that’s what makes the Theme so i’m not going to knock it here For that because again this is a no Modding required keyboard another thing To touch on before we move on are the Costar stabilizers in this unit at least As you saw we do have regular cherry Plate mount stabilizers as an option at Checkout but honestly for being costar They sound and feel good no ping at all No ugly rattling and they’re also Factory lubed which is what’s preventing A lot of that common rattling sound when The bar would typically you know hits That black plastic stem underneath but There is none of that here never thought I’d see the day where co-star Stabilizers are actually usable all Right so now we’re going to do a sound Test with the og-80 wormhole like i said With these ttc gold pink linear switches So when i first got this in a few months Ago and started using it my first Reaction was how does this sound so good That it could rival custom keyboards Around three times the price but this is A stock pre-built and it’s really the

Mix of materials like i said we have the Whole polycarbonate case between the pcb And the plate there’s also a layer of Foam as well and it just creates this Really nice and satisfying deep sound Profile that is not easy to come by And overall like i said costar Stabilizers not your cup of tea but These sound and feel so good there’s no Audible pinging or rattling anywhere in This keyboard and it is a dream to type On and it just sounds so like i said Just good and deep it’s a really great Keyboard Prices for this will vary anywhere from Like 179 to around 200 because again Depending on how you configure this There’s a bunch of different options as You saw however on the site if you pick The rgb pcb with cherry plate mount Stabilizers then all switches depending On what option you pick from your final Cost will be 179.99 plus they always Have active coupon codes and stuff as Well but now i want to move over and Talk about the mojo 68 and one of the Things that stuck out to me that mel Geek did with these boards is just how They created these in different color Options and themes this plastic quote Named one i have here is an obvious nod To the off-white trend with the bold Lettering and graphics all around that i Never really thought would you know look

Good on a keyboard but their execution Here i think is flawless again it’s all About the little things and you know Adding the extra personality to a Pre-built keyboard that you can Typically do on customs also i have Their monster version with this really Nice looking deep blue theme highlighted By the clear polycarbonate case with These soft rounded edges that look super Nice as it’s color coordinating to Whatever theme you buy on their Pre-order site you can see some of the Options they have to pick from really Digging the array of colors and i like That purple one a lot so thumbs up all Around for the design choices now as a Compact 65 wireless keyboard they really Had their work cut out for them making Something unique in the already Saturated market but i definitely think They did enough to stand out especially When it comes to quality and acoustics Now of course you’d expect these to be Hot swap and they are so if you feel the Need to swap out your stock switches you Can and the pcb here is also 5 pin but It is south facing so more of a Universal option but like i said with The og 80 there’s really no need to swap Out the keycaps since they’re entirely Made to match a theme of your board Since i had the two separate units the Plastic one has ttc gold pink switches

Again and the monster version has these Tactile ttc bluish white switches They’re called so coming up in a minute I’ll do a sound test you can hear the Differences between the two profiles and Speaking of physical profiles they are Completely different as you can see my Plastic unit is in the mcr profile which Is more flat similar to a cherry and dsa Hybrid while the monster keyboard has These mg profile keycaps very similar to Sa keycaps use for double shot so the Legend itself is separate from the Actual rest of the keycap it’s nice and Crisp but they’re real thick keycaps as Well and they look so so good i’m sure Melgy could start making their own Keycap sets separately available and They would sell like hotcakes but next Up let’s strip the keyboard down because The internals are interesting the frame Is all screwless it’s all clipped Together so i wouldn’t advise taking This apart if you don’t need to again no Modding required as i said but as a Gasket mount keyboard you’ll see Embedded into the top frame are these Six squishy rubber strips and these act As a dampener for the plate inside to Bounce off of and sort of rest against As you’re typing we then have the platen Pcb and sandwiched between the two is a Layer of poron foam to help even more With the acoustics you can kind of see

It smush in between there then the 4 000 Milliamp hour battery on the back side Is just laying there so i’ll be careful With that and if you’re curious we do Have gatteron hot swap sockets used on The pcb and then what i really like when I was curious about is the super thick Custom cut silicone dampener on the Bottom this is what you can see Underneath the keyboard and with the Case being all polycarbonate the stamper Is going to do wonders when it comes to Cutting down the echoing resonance that Some keyboards like this have like come On check this out this is some nice Dampening you could slap someone with This and they’ll thank you then lastly For the bottom shell nothing too fancy Here but you can see these four rubber Caps on each side which is what butts up Against the plate in the pcb when it’s All put together and these caps just Sort of you know keep it in place really Now on the plastic unit i keep the rgb Turned off because it’s not really Necessary but as you can see on my Monster one having that blue rgb light Accent the color theme and the frame is A really nice addition like i said Before the silicone dampener does hide The rgb from shining sort of out the Bottom unfortunately and since the Keycaps aren’t shined through themselves The rgb overall is pretty minimal and

Muted but just that subtle glow you get I think is satisfactory enough Especially if you’re someone like me who Just wants a nice static color on their Keyboard that’s not overbearing now like The og-80 we also have a tri-mode Connectivity here with it being wireless Over the 2.4 gigahertz connection you Can pair it with a bluetooth device as Well or use it wired by the way all of My testing for both of these keyboards And pretty much just since i’ve got all These in has been over the wireless 2.4 Gigahertz and i really had no need for Bluetooth in the studio so i didn’t try It out and it just was great all around Again no lag no issues and even though Both keyboards have a massive 4000 Milliamp hour battery using these with a Nice custom coiled cable i think is just The way to go it makes it look like a Premium custom build even though it’s Not all right sound test time for the Mojo 68 again we have ttc gold pink Switches in the plastic unit in those Ttc bluish white tactiles in the monster Unit All right i have to say My time with this plastic board and These ttc gold pink switches I think sock It has been one of the nicest sounding Keyboards i’ve ever used across any Keyboard i’ve ever built or owned on

This channel and that’s saying a lot The the number one word i can use to Describe this i think the sound profile Is marbly it just has Such a satisfying feel and sound with That silicone dampener again the little Gasket strips and with it being a Polycarbonate case they are doing magic Here it’s insane and again as you heard With the monster unit and those tactile Bluish white switches it was fine sound Great felt great but it is completely Overshadowed by the satisfactory Of the plastic unit here stabilizers Didn’t even talk about it but they are Cherry plate mount and they are also Factory lube so as you probably heard no Pinging no rattling nothing but good now Prices for the mojo 68 will vary um like I said before it was still kind of in The pre-order group by phase i’ve seen Reviewers you know have this out on Their channel for the past like five Months or so so i’m not really sure the Progress on this yet but it is going to Be a little bit more expensive than your Typical keyboard i saw the early bird Price it was around 179 So That is a lot more than your typical Pre-built but again These are different that’s the whole Purpose of this video is to showcase and Highlight

The fact that keyboards are getting Better as someone who started the Channel reviewing corsair and razer Keyboards it is absolutely insane to me To see how little progress a lot of the Gaming keyboards have made and while the Custom keyboard scene has absolutely Exploded over the last three years or so It is a daunting thing to get into it’s Also a crazy money pit so i understand Why a lot of people just at the end of The day don’t want to mod their keyboard They don’t want to take it apart and do All these tedious little things at the End of the day make a minor difference That no one’s going to notice except for Them so that’s why pre-built are still Very popular but they’re still kind of Trash So that’s why when i see two new Keyboards from brands i’ve never really Used before like 2021 with iquinix and Mel geek when i see two pre-builts that Are so so good that they blow me away And have a lot of really unique features And design choices that make them on par With customs I get excited and i want to show them Off because it is a great thing for the Keyboard community if pre-built can Continue to improve and knock all our Socks off who wins in the end You Us

Consumers So guys that’ll wrap it up if you want To check them out i’ll have both listed For you in the description down below if You like this video give it a big thumbs Up show your support i know it’s not a Review you know i didn’t do a dedicated Review of each one but highlighting What’s good about them only like i think People watch four minutes on average of This video as it is so uh that’s why it Was more of a general highlighted video Of the best of the best right now but if You liked it like i said big thumbs up Show your support feel free to follow me On twitter at randomfrankp at last if You haven’t already hit that subscribe Button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day

Unleashing the Power of Insanely Amazing Keyboards: A Must-Have for Keyboard Enthusiasts!


In today’s digital age, there are thousands of different keyboard models available in the market. However, not all keyboards are created equal, and for keyboard enthusiasts, having a top-quality keyboard is absolutely essential. If you’re someone who spends hours typing every day, whether it’s for work or leisure, a keyboard that is comfortable, efficient, and easy on the fingers is a must-have.

The Benefits of Insanely Amazing Keyboards

The benefits of an insanely amazing keyboard are numerous, and those who own one know the difference it can make. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits:


When it comes to typing, comfort is key. Insanely amazing keyboards are designed to help reduce the risk of injury from repetitive strain or carpal tunnel syndrome. They feature padded wrist rests and ergonomic designs that make typing more comfortable for extended periods of time.


Insanely amazing keyboards provide faster and more precise typing. They come with mechanical switches that provide great tactile feedback, and the keys are arranged in such a way that minimizes finger travel and reduces errors.

Style and Customization

Insanely amazing keyboards come in many styles and designs, and there is something for everyone. They can be customized with unique keycaps, colorful LED lights, and different customization options. Some keyboards even come with multiple layers of programmable function keys, allowing you to program complex macros and shortcuts, making your work more efficient.


Unlike a typical keyboard, an insanely amazing keyboard is built to last. They are designed with high-quality materials, and their switches can withstand millions of keystrokes without losing their tactile feel.

What to Look for in an Insanely Amazing Keyboard

With so many different keyboard models available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Here are some things to consider when you’re looking for an insanely amazing keyboard:


The switches are the most crucial component in a keyboard. You should pay attention to how tactile they are and how much pressure is needed to push them down. If you want a more responsive keyboard, you should consider a keyboard with Cherry MX switches.


Some insanely amazing keyboards have RGB backlighting, which provides an aesthetic touch to your workstation and allows you to type in a low-light environment easily.

Customization Options

Look for a keyboard that can be customized easily with software. This ensures that you can create custom macros and shortcuts according to your specific needs.


Insanely amazing keyboards can be expensive, so be sure to set a budget before making your purchase. Be willing to invest in something that will last long.


Investing in an insanely amazing keyboard can change your whole typing experience for the better. Comfort, efficiency, style, customization, and durability are just a few of the many benefits that these keyboards provide, making them a must-have for keyboard enthusiasts.


  1. What are the benefits of an insanely amazing keyboard?
    Ans. Insanely amazing keyboards feature pads on the wrist rests and an ergonomic design, making typing more comfortable; they have faster typing speeds and customizable features.

  2. What are switches?
    Ans. Switches are the component that drives the fundamental keystroke. They are responsible for the tactile feel when typing.

  3. Are insanely amazing keyboards expensive?
    Ans. Yes, certain models can be expensive, but, you can adjust it according to your budget.

  4. What is an ergonomic keyboard?
    Ans. They’re designed to minimize strain while typing by providing comfortable and natural type positions.

  5. How do I set up and customize macros on my keyboard?
    Ans. You need to use the software provided by the manufacturer, which varies between different brands. Look for tutorials online.

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