Unboxing the Massive GMMK 2 Keyboard and Exploring a Plethora of Keyboard Accessories

By | March 23, 2022

In this blog post, we’ll be detailing our experience unboxing the GMMK 2 Keyboard – renowned for its massive size and exceptional build quality. Not only that, but we’ll also be delving into a wide array of keyboard accessories that are sure to enhance your typing experience. So, whether you’re a die-hard mechanical keyboard fanatic or simply looking to upgrade your current setup, keep reading to discover what the GMMK 2 and its accompanying accessories have to offer!

We have a massive Glorious unboxing today, featuring the new GMMK 2 keyboards in full-sized and 65%, their prebuilt GMMK Pro, new cables, keycaps, knobs, and top frame colors!
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[Music] It’s time for another Mass unboxing today what’s up guys i’m Random frank p and we have a box here Filled with tons of stuff from glorious They said this box is going to contain a Bunch of new peripherals and hardware And accessories for the current lineup As well as future stuff which i can only Assume means there’s going to be a lot Of you know different plates and color Accents for the gmmk pro and some future Things coming out so today against all Odds we got three cameras one two and Three you should see the craziness of Cables i have going on behind the scenes Since obviously this sort of setup is Not made for a three camera setup but it Doesn’t matter let’s hop right into this And we’ll see What all we have Oh yes definitely Definitely packed today All right So first right in front of me got a Little uh gift bag here probably like Oh okay okay probably some So say information No This is nice that’s nice I wish Okay so i just had a child recently in December we got some uh teethers here Nice little soothing set i wonder who

From gloria sent this over it’s a nice Little nice little touch you could Appreciate that obviously this is not Keyboard related stuff we’ll hop in that Little minute some uh pacifiers we’ll Grow into those and we do have a card Okay i wonder who i could thank who’s Gonna be from Uh it says to your family from the Glorious family that is very nice There’s no name so i don’t know who the Individual is to put this together but Thank you very much a nice little Appreciated and thoughtful gift as i Drop it Always like little you know things like That uh good to see the companies you Know are paying attention to the outside Life you know outside of youtube so nice Little touch i definitely appreciate That uh first up today looking like we Have some Pink Pixel pink aura Mechanical keycaps so these are their Pudding shine through keycaps but now we Have them in this pink colorway up top Uh you know not me not my style Necessarily but i guess these are brand New i had no idea pink pudding keycaps Okay that makes more sense to go along With their gmmk pro pink top frame so Like i said they’ve added some new Releases and things to their gmk pro

Lineup including a lot of new colorways Which here we have the pink top frame um So if it’s just a top frame yeah as i Say i assume it wouldn’t be you know the Bottom and stuff or any actual plate so An actual pink top frame should have Thought before i spoke and okay so we Have the gmk 2 right here we’ll hop into That in a minute because i also see some Extra color frames right here With a blue aqua blue and a forest green Okay so these are probably um also gonna Go along with their uh keycap sets they Released at the launch the gmk pro so This would look really nice with those i Assume again both colors here a forest Green Aqua blue Three colors as of now will there be Another one really not too sure because Honestly like when they um announced They were putting out in different Colors and stuff i didn’t look too much Into it so so far just pink green and Blue i assume though that’s probably Gonna be um the The bulk of it right like what other Colors would they put out for red maybe Probably maybe yellow to match their Colorway but Hold on You guys Oh I can’t show you any of this in any of

The cameras right now This is under nda i assume i have to Look when the embargo lifts for this I forgot they were doing this And Oh baby i am pumped for this I am Pumped be on the lookout for something Coming up i assume i have to check the Embargo i think it was sometimes in April for that but i completely forgot About that Oh yeah all right hopping back in i see A pink okay so again we had their uh Cables in the past they put out Different colors now a pixel pink Put that over there any other cables no But i do see some knobs peeking down Here in the corner so safe to say since We have the bulk of these three here uh These are the three new colors with a Cable plate and now rotary knobs so you Guys know the rotary knobs that were you Know on the top right hand side of the Gmk pro and now if you want to spice it Up add a little bit of color you have All three and actually what i did on my Gmk pro built was i picked up um like Guitar knobs and added them to this Accent piece because there’s tons of Different you know styles and designs For these guitar knobs and they fit on There just fine so that’s what i did for Mine uh but now again cool to see we

Have different colors Coming out And let me just see what the actual Difference here is in this gmmk pro i Didn’t think they were sending me an Entire Gmmk pro unit here Huh So i wonder what the difference is with This it says black slate i had both the Black and the arctic white which was More a silver so is this just i assume Like is this fully pre-built then Let’s take a look that’s interesting Again i didn’t know what was coming in This box i just said it was a bunch of Accessories and upcoming stuff i didn’t Think too far into it or too much into It so let’s see i assume yeah this is Probably going to be a fully Pre-built one Slate black ooh Okay okay just from like touching this And opening it i could feel Nice switches i wonder what they are but Yeah i’m not too sure you know at first Glance what the actual difference is uh To this is gonna be versus the one that We had last year i assume there’s some Modifications i know we have accented Keycap here nice white Huh maybe there’s no okay so we do have Some let’s see Okay no real information on that your

Different gasket strips here for modding I wonder what these actual switches are That shows it on the box so let me Actually just close this up for a second Uh it does show on the side right here What we get So yeah this is I’m trying to think because you know When i had these sento i sent out last Year they were obviously the bare bones Kit they oh that You see I don’t do my research before these Unboxing videos i avoid looking at you Know uh the press releases and the Briefings and stuff to make these more You know just kind of candid and Spontaneous but now it makes sense these Aren’t the bare bones or this isn’t the Bare bones because that’s what was Released last year Now Year one we have the new colored accents And top plates as well as the Availability to buy this pre-built That’s the difference now it all makes Sense comes with a coil cable comes with Key keycaps switches key switch and Keycap polar so what key switches are Actually Inside does it tell me pre-lubed Glorious fox linear Huh Those are definitely new i know that let

Me pop a key cap off real quick and see Okay so the red Pre-lubed fox linears they do feel Really nice um i’ll say i’ve used their Glorious links switches as well which Were also lubed these kind of feel on Par with that maybe they’re i would say These are possibly a little bit lighter Not too sure i’ll check the specs on That but okay so this is a part of their Pre-built gmmk pro keyboard um offering Now i wonder if there’s a way you can go In and also like customize if you want Different colored keycaps and stuff or If you have to buy that all separately Or if white just comes on the black i’ll Have to look but cool see we have this Now i’ll put this again off to the side And looks like we have the Newest of the bunch Move this out of the way Toss that all behind me and yes the gmmk 2 which is the full sized and the g mk 2 Compact In Pink That’s going to make for an interesting Review i would have preferred You know Not pink because again for me and my Channel and which means the aesthetics And stuff when i’m filming um just pink Really isn’t my style But okay so these are fully pre-built as

You can see right here it says pre-built Edition on both so i assume they’re also Going to be offering these as well as a Bare bones so you could again buy your Other accessories and build it up Yourself so yeah the fact that it says Pre-built i assume would mean that or Else i wouldn’t have put that on there So let’s hop in real quick and check out The gmk 2 Compact And their Full size 96 percent All right we’ll hop into the pink one First Again um with Pink switches as well so it actually it Looks pretty damn nice we have Again their fox linear switches in here Uh a new logo as well so they’re going Through a rebranding i would assume Because now on the custom escape key um In that like yellow orange colorway Which does not really go with the pink At all i assume there’s a regular pink Escape key in here uh but yes we have The fox linear In here okay sounds nice it does they do Feel really nice i have to check the Specs on these but i do like them and You know honestly It looks pretty nice i’m not the biggest Fan you know just first reaction to the Two different uh materials here because

That More metallic aluminum top plate really Sticks out has a nice like shimmer to it Then you just have like a a matte Lighter baby pink uh right underneath it And it’s still visible from all the Sides and stuff so i’m not the biggest Fan of that but yeah a great compact 65 Option i know with their original gmk Keyboards we had the compact which was 60 then they had a 75 and a full size so Introducing a 65 Still compact keyboard here let me just You know double check with the Accessories yes you do get a color Matching pink cable which is always nice To see and like i said before we do have That pink escape key because that well It looks cool i like the new logo uh It’s just it doesn’t go really you know And a key switch and key cap puller in There so now we will hop over to their Full size 96 Which does have a smaller footprint Definitely noticeable right away than a Traditional full-size keyboard you still Have your numpad here on the right side Your arrow keys but yeah it’s more Compact i do like this footprint man This is a this is pretty nice and yet Again i assume we have the Fox linear switches Yes and i want to do want to check on The box to see if these are pre-lubed or

Not um obviously on the more expensive Premium option with the gmmk pro you Would assume they’re pre-lubed and uh Let’s say i want to check let me close This up real quick if it tells us on the Back so yes switches pre-lubed fox Linears we have pre-looped glorious Clip-on stabilizers didn’t even think to Check the stabilizers so these are also Pre-lubed Very very interesting i’m not gonna lie I you know i’m not a full-size keyboard Guy i’m definitely a more compact you Know my my go to really is a 75 But also um when you have something like This this is also like this is probably My ideal this and a tkl are my go-to’s You know uh and this really in terms of Footprint like i’ll just show you guys Not that different there’s what two Extra rows here you’re looking at them Side by side like that so the footprint Is really compact even on a full-size Option definitely cool to see this is Taking me by surprise Do a little stabilizer test real quick Yeah these also feel and sound really Good Okay definitely an improvement from Their previous lube stabilizers All right glorious so this The Gm mk 2 obviously not a full uh review Or anything more so just an unboxing but

Again to recap besides the new jim mk2 We have the pre-built gmmk pro really Liking that uh Can’t say what it is That other thing that’s coming out in a Month or so that i’m super pumped for That you don’t know about just yet And the colored accents and stuff with Their Prism pink aqua blue and forest green Rotary knobs as well as the color Matching forest green aqua blue prism Pink Top plate for the gmmk pro i’ll have to Do a swap and see how it like it looks On here and uh just like you know how it Looks in the contrast with the black top Or the black bottom and the uh new Colored top As well as some pixel pink Aura keycaps as well as a pink glorious Cable so now my question is and again i Don’t look any stuff up beforehand are They gonna also have a forest green Or a pudding key cap as well as a aqua Blue putting keycap option out there huh Yeah that’ll be something to keep an eye On do a check and stuff but that should Do it guys this little unboxing of a Mass glorious hardware accessory and new Release box of all the goodies hope you Enjoyed you know these little unboxing Videos and i switch up from content i Don’t gotta do much work roll three

Cameras talk to you guys Very very chill and unformal unformal Informal you get the idea so hope you Enjoyed if you’re pumped for the reviews Of the stuff coming up let me know by Giving the video a big thumbs up to show Your support feel free to follow me on Twitter at randomfrankp at last if you Haven’t already hit that subscribe Button Hope you enjoyed have a good day


The world of mechanical keyboards has blown up in recent years, with enthusiasts swearing by their preferred switches, keycaps, and other accessories. The GMMK 2 from Glorious PC Gaming Race is one of the most popular customizable keyboards on the market, and for good reason. In this article, we’ll unbox the massive GMMK 2 keyboard and explore a plethora of keyboard accessories that will make your typing experience even better.

Unboxing the GMMK 2 Keyboard:

The GMMK 2 keyboard comes in a large box that features the Glorious PC Gaming Race branding. Upon opening the box, you’ll find the keyboard wrapped in a protective sleeve, along with a quick start guide and a keycap puller. The keyboard itself is quite large, with a full-sized layout that includes a number pad and function keys.

The keyboard is hot-swappable, meaning you can easily remove and replace the switches without any soldering required. This allows you to customize your typing experience by swapping out switches, whether you prefer a tactile bump, linear switches, or even clicky switches.

Accessories for Customization:

In addition to the hot-swappable switches, there are a plethora of other accessories you can use to customize your GMMK 2 keyboard. Here are just a few:

  1. Keycaps: Keycaps are the plastic caps that go on top of the switches, which are usually gray or black. But with custom keycaps, you can add a pop of color or a unique design to your keyboard. There are many options available, from keycaps made out of different materials like metal or wood to different styles like sculptured keycaps.

  2. Switches: As mentioned earlier, the switches are hot-swappable, so you can easily swap them out according to your preference. Some popular switch brands include Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh.

  3. Wrist Rests: Wrist rests provide a comfortable place to rest your wrists while typing. Glorious PC Gaming Race offers a variety of wrist rests in different materials, from foam to wood.

  4. Cable: Customize the cable of your keyboard by choosing a different color or pattern. There are many options available online, including braided cables or even coiled cables.

  5. Sound Dampening: If you’re looking to reduce the sound of your keyboard while typing, you can use sound dampening foam or O-rings. These accessories will absorb the sound of the switches, making your keyboard typing quieter.


The GMMK 2 keyboard is an excellent choice for those looking for a customizable mechanical keyboard. With its hot-swappable switches and a plethora of accessories, you can truly make this keyboard your own. From keycaps and switches to wrist rests and cables, there are endless options to customize your typing experience.


  1. Can I use any switch with the GMMK 2 keyboard?
    Yes, the GMMK 2 keyboard is hot-swappable, meaning you can use any switch that is compatible with Cherry MX-style keycaps.

  2. Do I need to solder switches onto the GMMK 2 keyboard?
    No, you do not need to solder switches onto the GMMK 2 keyboard. The switches are hot-swappable, meaning you can easily remove and replace them without any soldering required.

  3. Can I use different keycap sets on the GMMK 2 keyboard?
    Yes, you can use different keycap sets on the GMMK 2 keyboard as long as they are compatible with Cherry MX-style keycaps.

  4. Can I use the GMMK 2 keyboard for gaming?
    Yes, the GMMK 2 keyboard is a great option for gaming. You can choose from a variety of switches to find the perfect amount of tactile feedback or actuation force for your gaming needs.

  5. Does the GMMK 2 keyboard come with a wrist rest?
    No, the GMMK 2 keyboard does not come with a wrist rest. However, you can purchase a variety of wrist rests directly from Glorious PC Gaming Race or from third-party retailers.

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