Top 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Gaming PC: A Comprehensive Guide

By | May 27, 2022

If you’re a gamer, having a high-performance PC is crucial for an optimal gaming experience. However, simply having the latest hardware or software doesn’t guarantee smooth gameplay. To truly optimize your gaming PC, there are several tips and tricks you should know. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve compiled the top 5 tips to help you get the most out of your gaming PC. From optimizing graphics settings to configuring your system, read on to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Today we’ll go over 5 gaming PC tips to properly optimize your setup to get the best possible gameplay experience! Things like better FPS, reduced input lag, audio enhancements and MORE!
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What’s up guys i’m random frank p and Today we’re gonna be checking out five Tips and tricks on how to optimize your Gaming pc to get the best possible Gameplay experience in this video Sponsored by corsair and nvidia in my Build over at this setup we have a nice Rtx 3080 ti inside our corsair one i300 Build so like i said five tips and Tricks to get your gaming pc fully Optimized first up is going to be nvidia Reflex and nvidia reflex is all the rage Right now amongst the esports community It supports games like valerian fortnite Apex legends just to name a few and Reflex is the most effective method at Reducing system latency while giving you Better responsiveness in your game That means you can aim better and be More effective essentially since reflex Is going to show you a more accurate Rendering of your opponent’s location so Obviously there’s numerous factors at Play when it comes to your system Latency when you’re gaming your cpu will Then cue up frames and a render queue so Your gpu could immediately push it out And display those frames and with reflex On it helps reduce any of that frame Cueing so it’s eliminating that whole Extra step and helps your cpu and gpu Stay in sync and as a result cuts down Latency you can check for the compatible Games to see if the ones you play have

This but you’ll see the nvidia reflex Setting in the game menu where you can Enable it reflex is available with Geforce 900 series gpus and newer you Can also measure system latency with Reflex compatible displays and mice and Say your favorite game isn’t reflex Enabled there is an alternative method You could use it’s low latency mode and This can be enabled in the nvidia Control panel now this is not as Effective as reflex but it will still Help reduce latency by up to 33 which is Obviously better than not having it Enabled at all to turn this on just Right click on your desktop and click Nvidia control panel or search for it in The menu on the left side navigate to Manage 3d settings then scroll down Through the global settings and find low Latency mode then select ultra from the Drop down menu and there you go now Kicking off tip number two today is for Your physical display settings there’s a Few things we’re going to go over here But first up you would not believe how Many times i hear stories about people Buying a 144 hertz or a 240 hertz Monitor for example and they think They’re playing at that refresh rate but This entire time they’re playing at 60 Because they don’t know Out of the box you have to actually Change it manually to be 144 or 240

Hertz whatever the maximum refresh rate Is for your monitor so if you’re one of Those people and your heart just sank to Your stomach because you didn’t know how To change it manually i’ll show you how It’s very very simple as well on your Desktop just right click and enter the Display settings menu from there scroll Down to advanced display settings which Will get you into your individual Monitor settings from there just hit the Drop down menu for choose refresh rate And pick the highest possible refresh Rate that your monitor is capable of It’s that simple now if you are gaming At a higher refresh rate the next tip I’m gonna give you here again to get the Best possible experience while you’re Gaming is to cap your maximum frame rate This is gonna help reduce input lag While gaming so i recommend capping your Frame rate in the nvidia control panel You can also do this separately as some Games have it built in or you can use Any of the multiple third-party software Offerings out there that do this as well But i’m just going to show you how to do It natively in the video control panel Enter the manage 3d settings tab then Under global settings menu yet again You’ll see maximum frame rate settings The rule of thumb has always been to cap It at around 3 fps below your monitor’s Maximum refresh rate so if it’s you know

144 do 141 if it’s 240 do 237 and so on Another benefit of this is so that You’re not just rendering unnecessary Frames causing your gpu not only run Harder than it needs to but if you’re Gaming at 144hz but your gpu is getting You you know around 200 fps in game You’re going to start to then introduce Screen tearing so you definitely want to Eliminate that so now with just those Two quick adjustments not only can you Now game at a higher fps but you’re Going to have the slight edge in terms Of reduced input lag tip number three Today is gonna be to optimize your sound Settings when gaming sound is extremely Important when gaming and in fact i’d Argue that it’s one of the most Important aspects that could directly Affect your gameplay performance because If you don’t have that situational Awareness you know if you can’t pinpoint Where gunshots are coming from or where Footsteps are coming from odds are You’re dead so first up i always Recommend checking your in-game audio Settings because not a lot of people Know this but some games actually have Different sound settings built in to Fine-tune to your setup scenario uh just For example real quick i know like in Battlefield 5 they have settings whether You’re using headphones or speakers Surround sound or a night mode all

Different settings that will directly Change how the audio actually sounds to You same thing goes for like modern Warfare that has a ton of audio settings Like a home theater setup a midnight Mode they have modes for boosting highs Boosting lows so i definitely recommend Just checking out whatever your favorite Game that usually play is go to the Sound settings which you probably Haven’t done and see if they have these Sort of preset audio effects built in Now another thing i want to talk about That i think is absolutely fantastic for Audio and something that i personally Use and just cannot get enough of it That’s actually going to be steel series Sonar which is a free program you can Download and is extremely powerful it’s Probably worthy of its own video Honestly but inside it has a 10 band Parametric eq you can apply it to your Entire system meaning you can now eq Your games eq your favorite music movies Literally anything and like i said it’s All free which is insane Inside sonar you have a really nicely Detailed and easy to use sound spectrum That you can adjust and mess with to Tailor how your game sounds to you and How you want it to sound really this Lets you do things like reduce certain Frequencies in game so you can hear Footsteps better or amplify certain

Sounds to get that immersion like you Know bumping the sub bass for enhanced Explosions they also have a spatial Surround sound mode you could mess with And built-in they also have presets for Certain games as well if you don’t want To mess around and stuff with the eqs You can just choose one of those Pre-made ones that are configured for Specific titles so you’re getting the Best possible competitive edge in terms Of audio in that game the crazy thing is It’s not just limited to your system Settings they have the same thing for Your chat audio your microphone audio They have an entire built-in mixer so if You’re a streamer you can obviously see The benefits this now provides to you But even if you’re not like i said if You’re strictly watching movies on here For like a home theater pc or something Like that whether you do game you use This for listening to music and stuff Sonar is incredibly powerful as you see There is so much in there Free to use i absolutely love it i’ve Used it for like two months now and it Is great highly highly recommend again Sound is so important when you’re gaming Rolling on over now to tip number four Is gonna be for your mouse optimization So while we just talked about sound Being one of the more important aspect Of your overall game play

Now the mouse is probably the most Important peripheral to your setup and It’s obvious that the thing acting as an Extension of your hand pretty much is Going to directly relate to your Performance in games you’re going to Want to optimize your mouse to fine tune It and make it the most comfortable and Natural to you so first depending on What mouse you use obviously the process To go about this will then vary but you Will need to use your mouse’s software To adjust the dpi and things like that But before all that the first thing you Should do is go to your pc mouse Settings and click additional mouse Properties then go to pointer options And make sure the enhanced pointer Precision is turned off i believe by Default it’s turned on this is just a Really dumb setting it tries to adjust The speed of your mouse for you which Doesn’t give you a true one-to-one aim And with this it’s never gonna let you Be consistent with your aim because the Pc is quote enhancing the speed for you So yeah definitely turn this off but now The most important aspect of dialing in Your mouse settings is finding the Perfect dpi for you the dots per inch You set your mouse speed to move in Relation to how much you physically are Moving the mouse itself now again with Most modern mice think of it like a

Camera if you will you know how most Cameras have a native iso well so does Your mouse in an abstract kind of way When it comes to finding the best dpi to Give you a lower input lag and 1600 dpi Seems to be that native iso that sweet Spot with increasing your dpi in your Software you lower the input latency 5 To 10 milliseconds as it’s being Reported to your pc the key here is to Adjust and counteract that 1600 dpi by Adjusting your in-game sensitivity so For example say you typically game at 800 dpi and now you’re hearing that you Should be gaming at 1600 dpi well that’s Twice as fast and maybe you don’t want a Game twice as fast it’s going to throw You off a lot right but in your in-game Settings lowering the sensitivity to 50 Is the same thing as 800 dpi in game you Get what i mean by this you’re still Getting the same speed in game but now Making this adjustments gonna get you Less overall latency when it comes to Competitive gaming online anything to Give you that edge is gonna help then Our fifth tip for today is gonna be Enabling windows game mode so on your Settings just search game you’ll see Game mode and toggle it on Game mode essentially kills any Intensive background tasks or programs That’s taking up valuable system Resources that you could otherwise be

Putting towards your game so for example I know a lot of times with me like my Gaming and editing pc is the same so I’ll forget that when i’m gaming i have Like something with adobe running in the Background or wallpaper engines going i Forgot to disable all that and i’ll Notice in game that it’s a little bit More sluggish because i had these Intensive tasks you know taking up ram And stuff in the background now this Won’t make a huge difference for most Modern games like you’re not going to be Getting 30 extra fps or anything most of The time it’ll be like 5 frames but i Mean if you’re prone to heavy background Task usage or you’re just using a low Rand system without much overhead for Games game mode could definitely be Useful so alright guys that’ll wrap it Up for five tips and tricks on how to Optimize your pc to get the best overall Gaming experience sponsored by nvidia if You want to check it out if you want to Learn more about reflex or anything i Showed off today i’ll have a link for You in the description down below if you Like this video you thought it was Useful give it a big thumbs up show your Support feel free to follow me on Twitter at randomfrankp at last if you Haven’t already hit that subscribe Button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day

Top 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Gaming PC: A Comprehensive Guide


If you’re an avid gamer, you know the importance of having a gaming PC that meets the demands of the latest games. However, your PC can only live up to its potential if it’s optimized for gaming. In this article, we will provide you with the top 5 tips to optimize your gaming PC for an immersive gaming experience.

Tip 1: Invest in a High-Quality GPU

One of the most important pieces of hardware for a gaming PC is the graphics processing unit (GPU). To ensure your PC can handle the latest games, it’s crucial to have a high-quality GPU. When selecting a GPU, pay attention to its core clock speed, memory, and bandwidth. A higher core clock speed and memory will ensure your games run smoothly and without lag.

Tip 2: Add More RAM

Another essential component of a gaming PC is its random access memory (RAM). Adding more RAM will improve your PC’s multitasking capabilities, ensuring that it doesn’t lag while running several applications at once. As a general rule of thumb, aim for at least 8GB of RAM, but if your budget allows, 16GB or 32GB is even better.

Tip 3: Use an SSD

While traditional hard disk drives (HDD) are cheaper, they’re much slower compared to solid-state drives (SSD). One of the most significant advantages of an SSD is that your games will load significantly faster, allowing you to get into the game faster. Additionally, storing your games and files on an SSD will lead to faster boot times and performance overall.

Tip 4: Optimize Game Settings

One of the simplest ways to improve your PC’s gaming performance is to optimize the game settings. Graphics settings, such as resolution, texture quality, and anti-aliasing, can have a significant impact on how well your game runs. To get the best performance out of your PC, lower your graphics settings to achieve a higher framerate.

Tip 5: Keep Your System Updated

Keeping your gaming PC up-to-date is one of the simplest and most effective ways to enhance your gaming experience. Regularly updating your system’s drivers, software, and operating system will ensure that your PC is free of bugs that can slow down your gameplay. Plus, keeping your system updated ensures you take advantage of the latest features and security patches.


In conclusion, optimizing your gaming PC is an essential aspect of getting the most out of your gaming experience. Investing in a high-quality GPU, adding more RAM, using an SSD, optimizing game settings, and keeping your system updated are some of the most effective ways to ensure your gaming PC is performing at its fullest potential.


  1. Do I need to invest in an expensive GPU to play the latest games?

    • It’s not always necessary to have the most expensive GPU. However, it’s essential to have a high-quality GPU that meets the game’s requirements.
  2. Can I upgrade my PC’s RAM myself?

    • It’s possible to upgrade your PC’s RAM yourself. However, if you’re not confident in DIY upgrades, it’s best to leave it to a professional.
  3. Is it better to have my games on an SSD or HDD?

    • It’s always better to have your games on an SSD. They load faster, leading to a smoother gaming experience.
  4. How often should I update my system’s drivers and software?

    • It’s best to update your drivers and software as soon as new updates are available. This will ensure you’re keeping your system free of bugs and lag.
  5. Do I need to optimize game settings for every game I play?

    • Yes, it’s always essential to optimize game settings for every new game. Each game has different system requirements, and optimizing your settings will ensure you get the best performance possible.

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