Top 5 Must-Have Cool Tech Gadgets Under $50 for July

By | July 2, 2022

Are you a tech enthusiast looking for the latest gadgets without breaking the bank? Look no further! In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top five must-have cool tech gadgets under $50 for July. From portable phone chargers to smart home accessories, these gadgets are not only affordable but also practical and cutting-edge. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a tech-savvy friend, these gadgets are bound to make your life easier and more fun. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our top picks!

Get ready for 5 unique gadgets under $30, $40 and $50!
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• Womier Phantom Keyboard:
• PO-24 Office Pocket Operator:
• PO-20 Arcade Pocket Operator:
• PO-12 Rhythm Pocket Operator:
• Behringer UM-2 Audio Interface:
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5 Unique Gadgets Under $30 5 Unique Gadgets Under $30 5 Unique Gadgets Under $30

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What’s up guys i’m random frank p Back with another episode of cool tech Under 50 For july the series will show off some Of the best tech you can find under that Price if you see anything you like today I’ll have it all listed for you in the Description down below so you can check It out but also shout out to last Month’s winners i’ve been in contact With you i commented on your comment so You can claim your tech If you want to win anything for today All you have to do is hit that thumbs up Button down below Leave a comment on what your favorite Item is and why you like it and third Make sure you’re subscribed i’m only Gonna pick subscribers to the channel Now as we kick this one off a fan Favorite this episode’s sponsored by Luster luster is a free chrome extension That does extensive product research for You from compiling reviews prices and Features so you’re always getting the Best products for your money so instead Of spending hours comparing products Across different websites luster does it All for you right on amazon just filter By your specific needs and budget it’ll Tell you which products are most Recommended by wirecutter reddit and Other expert blogs what i like is they Even show me summaries of reviews i

Evaluated so i know i could always trust These recommendations in a tool i always Use to see if i’m getting a good deal is The price history chart which is Directly built in Shop smarter save time and money with Luster i’ll have the link for you in the Description below first up is an led Message panel it’s this 16 by 64 Flexible sign lets you display messages Graphics and text and it’s all Customizable in the app there’s 1024 Leds that are super bright and vibrant Which really lets your graphic or Important messages shine vividly on Display Built into the usb cable is not only a Power switch but a button which lets you Toggle between different animations for Your graphics or attacks that you can Have on display in numerous different Ways and options the app admittedly Isn’t the best here you can go in and Pick from the preset effects or create Your own text or animations also just Use their drawing grid to create your Own sort of look and then through Bluetooth send it to the panel i just Think something like this could be cool For your business or having it on the Window of your car you know someone’s Riding your ass or say you’re a streamer You know you want to have this in the Background of your live stream to remind

People to follow or like something like That because it’s so customizable Definitely a cool gadget to add to your Room or your setup for just under 50 Now also as a reminder all the cool tech Under 50 products i’ve done on this Series the last three plus years are Archived over on my lustre profile so if You want to check out previous tech Things from literally three plus years Go over there i’ve got it all nicely Laid out for you now next up today is a Gadget for your desktop that is for the Current gen console or pc gamer that’s This nifty little hdmi switcher that Allows for 8k and 4k hdmi 2.1 This lano hdmi switcher is going to be Great for those who have multiple Consoles at one entertainment setup or At your desk so when it comes to Convenience having both plugged into Here without having to constantly unplug Something every time you want to play is Great on the top side of the device is Your output and on the front side you Have your two inputs for your consoles Or whatever hdmi source you want to plug Into here now the reason this in Particular is useful is because most Switchers are just hdmi 2.0 and with the Current gen consoles that run at higher Refresh rates and resolutions over hdmi 2.1 having that supported here in this Tiny compact device is clutch

It also does auto switching so whichever Console you turn on first it’ll Automatically switch to that on your tv Or your monitor or you can manually just Press the button on top of the switcher And that’ll do it for you as well i use This at my entertainment center so Having that auto switching saves me from Getting up every time either way i’m Sure some of you out there can Definitely utilize something like this To your setup and it’s just under 30 Next up is this 60 hot swap keyboard From warmer it’s the wk61 and this is The phantom black version with an all Smoky transparent housing and keycaps And as you can see the rgb shining Through the case it’s definitely a Unique look with this phantom black Edition that is if you’re looking for Something like this with the rgb Capabilities What i also like is say you’re not a big Rgb fan you can either have the rgb Static or just turn it off completely And you’ll now have this really stealthy Looking transparent keyboard that looks Equally as good i think and the letters And the characters have this slight Gloss to it so you could still see what You’re typing despite the leds being off The keycaps are similar to the razer Phantom keycaps that i showed off on the Channel but now you just get them with

The entire keyboard as well they also Include some extra neon orange keycaps If you want to spice up the looks just a Little bit a welcomed addition inside The box and just telling you right now It’s probably gonna sell out quick this Is all only 38 And i think just for the looks and Features that’s a hell of a deal another Major selling point here is the fact That it is hot swap Stock it does come with their linear Otemu red switches but using the Included keycap and keyswitch puller you Can fully change them out and customize The board to your liking if you want to Start to dabble into the realm of Customs a good budget starter option Here with the included puller you just Pinch the top and the bottom of the Switch that’ll let it easily pop out of The hotspot pcb then you’ll see Underneath is a 5 pin socket meaning you Can use pretty much any mechanical Switch you want now just for the sake of The video letting the rgb go wild i’m Putting in some aqua king switches just For ultimate brightness then just like That you can completely have a new Feeling and sounding keyboard also worth Noting the stabilizers are factory lubed Which is a welcome sight at this price Then built into the board are 19 onboard Effects you can control the speed and

Brightness for each effect as well as Well as making each effect a just static Color if you don’t want the full rgb Rainbow wave going on So is it perfect no but for under forty Dollars given all the features and the Phantom black look this could definitely Be a nice upgrade without breaking the Bank if you’re rocking some cheap Membrane keyboard So again if you’re digging the layout The hot top ability and the stealthy Translucent smoky phantom look this in Warmer is definitely a pretty cool Pickup for the price loving the Customization here Now next up are also some pretty cool Little gadgets from teenage engineering These are called pocket operators and These if you’re into music or anything Like that are dope I could do like a half hour video Talking about this so even though it Seems relatively simple there is so much Going on with this so this is a tiny Battery-operated sequencer and built-in Are a bunch of unique sound effects that Are different for each pocket operator Which could really let you channel your Inner mf doom when it comes to getting This going and just making beats or Tracks or whatever you want with this I for one love the look of it like it’s Kind of got this like 80s retro vibe you

Know there’s no software you don’t have To log in anywhere sign up with an email You put in batteries and you can just Have hours of fun so like i said each Pocket operator has their own unique Sounds teenage engineering makes about 12 of these i believe and they’re all Different price points the yellow Version is the po20 it’s the office Version this one in particular is 50 Bucks and built in it has a bunch of Like office setting like sound effects Keyboard sounds mouse sounds it’s Labeled as a noise synthesizer actually But each pocket operator has 16 buttons That act as sequence steps and different Effects and patterns you also then have Seven function buttons with this you can Do things like change the bpm adjust the Volume use the parameter knobs to adjust Things like pitch decay swing all of That so if you’re the creative type you Can make some really really interesting Cool stuff check some of this out i’ll Demo it for you real quick [Music] Then three of my favorites sync together [Music] So the pocket operators are just crazy Crazy cool highly recommend doing some Research so you know all the ins and Outs if you buy one and like i said they Make about 12 prices vary and all three Of my units the office arcade and the

Rhythm i got amazon refurbished for Literally 50 Then lastly today we have the behringer Euphoria um2 this is a full-fledged Audio interface that is super small and Compact and will not break the bank Either it’s just 45 And the point of this is for you know Audio recording over xlr or you know Recording instruments and stuff podcasts Voiceovers live streaming this has got You covered i’ve actually been using the Um2 this entire video for all of my Audio recording even including the last Segment with the pocket operators that’s How i got the digital audio over to you Guys for the video and you can see it Does have a real-time indicator of my Voice and when i’m talking and stuff so I can see that it is live has phantom Power and all that including a handy Clipping led so you’ll see right above The signal light i’ll turn the audio up But start to talk a bit louder you’ll See a red led every time i talk that’s Letting me know i’m uh clipping i’m too Loud so easily on the fly i can adjust The game with the dial there super super Convenient definitely a useful tool There for streamers as well so checking It out on the left side you have your Mic in and line in one this is for both An xlr and a quarter inch jack the Middle slot is the second quarter inch

Jack for like an instrument and then Your third quarter inch on the right is For like monitoring with headphones you Can see also built into the face you Have the signal and the clipping leds as Well as the power light and the 48 volt Phantom power light the direct monitor Button so you could literally hear what You’re recording or playing up top again You have the three volume knobs two for Your gain one for your output on the Back side you have two outputs if you Want to plug this into like speakers or Something your usb port and the phantom Power toggle but again you hear all About the scarlett 2i2 audio interfaces And stuff right those are over 100 bucks This sounds great looks nice and simple Super sleek and it’s under 50. So all right guys that’ll wrap it up This episode of cool tech under 54 july Hope you all enjoyed like i said all the Tech will be listed for you in the Description down below so you can check It out if you like this episode give it A big thumbs up to show your support Feel free to follow me on twitter Randomfrankp at last if you haven’t Already hit that subscribe button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day


Living in the digital age, we are constantly bombarded with the latest tech gadgets that are both cool and innovative. Unfortunately, these high-tech devices often come with a hefty price tag. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 must-have cool tech gadgets under $50 for July that will keep you up-to-date without breaking the bank.

1. Wireless Earbuds

Are you tired of getting tangled up in your headphones? If so, then the wireless earbuds are the perfect solution for you. They provide excellent sound quality with no cords attached. With a range of up to 30 feet, you can enjoy your music without worrying about losing connection. The best part is that they’re available for under $50.

2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers are a must-have for the summer. They are perfect for picnics, beach trips, and outdoor gatherings. The speakers connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, allowing you to stream your favorite tunes from wherever you are. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors to suit your preference and budget.

3. Smart LED Light Bulbs

Smart LED light bulbs are an innovative way to add some extra fun and convenience to your life. They connect with your smartphone via a dedicated app and offer a wide range of color and brightness settings. You can set them to turn on or off at specific times of the day, or even remotely via Wi-Fi. They are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and perfect for eco-conscious homeowners.

4. Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charging pads are a game-changer for anyone tired of constantly unplugging and plugging in their phone. The charging pad is placed on a desk or tabletop, and the phone is placed on top. The pad uses electromagnetic induction to charge the phone without any cables. They are simple, convenient, and available for under $50.

5. Mini Drone

Looking for some fun and entertainment with your friends and family? Get yourself a mini drone that can be flown indoors and outdoors. They come in different sizes and styles, and are easy to control with a smartphone. They are perfect for capturing aerial footage, learning to fly, and simply having fun. Best of all, they are available for under $50.


These top 5 must-have cool tech gadgets under $50 for July will provide you with convenience, entertainment, and style. From wireless earbuds to mini drones, these gadgets will make your life easier and more enjoyable without burning a hole in your pocket. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some of these gadgets today!


  1. Can I find these gadgets in physical stores?
  • Yes, these gadgets can be found in most electronic stores or online marketplaces.
  1. Are these gadgets durable?
  • Yes, these gadgets are well-built and offer great value for their price.
  1. Do these gadgets require any specific installation process?
  • No, these gadgets are designed to be user-friendly and require minimal setup.
  1. Can I charge my wireless earbuds with a wireless charging pad?
  • Yes, most wireless earbuds are compatible with wireless charging pads.
  1. What should I do if I face any problems with the gadgets?
  • You can always reach out to the manufacturer’s customer service for assistance.

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