Top 2022 Back to School Tech Under $100 to Elevate Your Learning Experience

By | August 13, 2022

Are you ready to kick off the upcoming school year with a bang? Whether you’re a student, teacher, or a lifelong learner, having the right tech tools can help you stay organized, focused, and successful throughout the academic year. And the best part is, you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on some impressive tech gadgets. In this blog post, we have rounded up the top 2022 back-to-school tech under $100 that are guaranteed to elevate your learning experience. From smart notebooks and wireless earbuds, to portable chargers and productivity apps, we’ve got you covered. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and discover the must-have tech tools for the upcoming school year.

With school approaching, here are 12 Cool Back to School Tech gadgets for the classroom, bedroom setup and dorm room for this 2022 school year! Also, everything is under $100 as well 👌🏼 This video is sponsored by Vetted:
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What’s up guys i’m random frank p here With our yearly back-to-school tech Video showing off 12 really cool tech Items that could definitely help you out If you’re a student regardless of your Age middle school high school college University we got you covered today if You see anything you’d like i’ll have it All listed for you in the description Down below so you can check it out and Hopefully you find some of this stuff Useful Speaking of useful got a really useful Plug-in from today’s sponsor vetted if You’re a student on a budget you want to Get the best bang for your buck and Let’s be real who doesn’t you gotta try Out vetted formerly known as luster People who see me show this off Previously vetted is a free browser Extension that does all the product Research for you so you can always get The best products at their lowest price Let’s say you’re looking for a mini Fridge for your new dorm room betta will Show you which one’s the cheapest worth Buying all the way to what’s actually Worth the splurge what i like about Vetted is their price history chart That’s built in and it’s perfect for Anyone looking to get the best deals out There shop smarter save time and money With vetted i’ll have the link for you In the description down below

First up today is its adjustable folding Laptop stand this is going to be perfect For the online student or the dorm room Setup this foldable tray gives you a ton Of flexibility for getting work done Wherever you are it also has ergonomics In mind with the tray being able to Rotate as well as height adjustment for The legs so it can accommodate any Scenario the table also has a convenient Little drawer on the left side for Storing things like a mouse flash drives Pens pencils anything like that to keep The clutter on your desktop to a minimum Since it’s designed to be used at an Angle built in are these two rubberized Lips on the bottom so your laptop mouse Textbook whatever you’re using doesn’t Just fall off you could also obviously Just ditch the tech and use it with a Notebook for taking down notes and stuff As well the overall size is 23.5 inches Wide and stands 13 inches tall when the Legs fold in it’s just an inch and a Half tall but the overall tray can fit Up to a 17 inch or larger laptop but Still enough space for a mouse and hey Since you’re having a lazy day you’re Sick but deciding to get some work done It’s the perfect breakfast and bed tray Or for still getting work done in the Comfort of your own bed at least it Comes in black or white colors Definitely something i think people out

There could use overall and it’s just Around 45 Next up is something that i always get a Ton of people asking me for and oddly Enough that’s usb c hubs but i get that With the majority of laptops out there Lacking common io these hubs are a hit And this one’s pretty cool so i figured I’d show it off today this seven in one Hub from miaboo not weeaboo has Everything you’ll need for convenience And then some checking it all out built In right to the side is a lip for Holding your phone i thought that was Pretty cool for the actual ports we have A 65 watt usbc charging port which also Can be used as a pass through for Charging your laptop by the way two usb 2.0s a usb 3.0 slot an sd and micro sd Card slots and then on the side is a 4k Hdmi output for hooking this up to a Monitor or a tv as a secondary display So obviously the ports here are the most Important thing but i’m just really Digging the fact that it can double as a Desktop phone stand when you’re getting Some work done you can just see it there And get alerts at a quick glance also it Won’t break the bank either cousin just Around 25 for this seven in one hub Again people are always asking for my Usbc hub recommendations so i figured This dongle covers a lot of bases for The average student’s needs

Now we’re gonna cover two things to Prevent theft and i know in schools and On college campuses everywhere this is a Very real issue so i got you covered First is this air bolt which is Something that i’ve personally owned and Used for years when traveling this Compact little lock has a built-in Braided stainless steel cable that can Only be unlocked by you with a touch Personalized pattern this lets you keep Your gym locker your bike your backpack Anything on lockdown including those Secret personal goods Yeah that’s the stuff So just to show you real quick when you Lock it up you can bring the cable Around the body of the lock there’s These built-in grooves so the cable has Less wiggle room to be messed with and It’ll let you know it’s locked but the Blinking red lights on the touchpad then When you want to unlock it you just Enter your touch pattern and it’ll glow Green when it is unlocked but what i Like about this is that it can literally Be used on anything since the braided Stainless steel cable is flexible and it Also just can’t be cut off it does have A tsa lock as well so when you’re Traveling it’s tsa approved but what’s Interesting is this is the only lock in The world where you can disable the tsa Key which is pretty interesting i didn’t

Even know that was allowed talk about Security so not only do you have the Touch pattern but in the app you can Download you can lock and unlock it via Bluetooth as well and there’s also a Built-in gps so if you lose your luggage Or something gets stolen with this on it You can immediately track down where it Is on the map the battery lasts up to a Year can be charged via the built-in Micro usb port but again i’m just a big Fan of this i’ve used it personally for A while it’s been great but i can 100 Recommend it for students who want to Keep their bag secured when you’re at The gym anything like that and it comes In just around 45 But then going right along with that is This raptic link this is a nifty Carabiner style lock with a three-digit Combo code and this also has a built-in Tinker-proof air tag holder if you own One of those and you find this style More convenient for you so this one’s More self-explanatory obviously you have Your personal three-digit combo to Unlock the carabiner but now having that Built-in air tag lets you really easily Track down to find lost or stolen items Since the whole find my app with iphones Is just so accurate and easy to use but What makes it extra secure is the air Tag can only be removed from having the Lock open first when it’s locked it

Keeps it firmly in place then once Opened you can just slide it out from The slot but there’s more the air tag Itself is kept in this locking housing Unit so if you ever need to replace it Or swap batteries you can but again it Can’t be removed from the actual wrap Tank itself when closed due to the Grooves in the housing and the secret Little peg on the bottom of the Carabiner which fits right into the slot Of the air tag holder so it has these Three different locking points at all Times so just two different options here For you guys wanted to you know show Them off and recommend both in case Anyone had like a certain feature or use Case that’s best fit for you but both Are absolutely going to get the job done For theft prevention the raptic link Comes in just under 40 bucks but amazon Always has sales and like active coupon Codes and stuff so you can get it much Cheaper Okay next up is something where You gotta bear with me This odd but cool looking gadget is Actually an odor eliminator now before You skip this part just hold on for a Second because this is actually pretty Dope so say you’re in your dorm room Right it gets a bit musty in there you Know your laundry hasn’t been done in a Few weeks your your roommate hasn’t

Changed your sheets in like three months You can smell the bad decisions This little guy ionizes the air and Kills odors starting in just a few Minutes but i’d say give it like a half Hour to fully start to kick in the power And mode selections with the touch panel On the top and then it’ll immediately Start working its magic you can like put This on your desk setup for a fresh Smelling workspace or put this in your Closet near the hamper so your clothes Don’t smell drop this in your gym bag You can really put this wherever you Want and it’s super small and compact It’s literally like the same size as Like an eight ounce red bull and funny Enough this is actually advertised and Intended as a refrigerator deodorizer to Keep food fresh like i’ll be honest when I first bought it i was skeptical but Then i left it on overnight came down The next morning in the studio and it Smelled just really fresh in here it’s Like Like a brisk fall afternoon it’s not Like scented or anything it just has That natural Like brisk fresh air smell so again for The dorm room this will be clutch if Your mom’s always coming in your room Saying it smells funky pick one of these Up you’ll be good to go for just around Thirty dollars

Next up something you may need is to Finally activate your pc or your laptop With an official windows 10 pro Activation key and it’s what i always do For all of my pcs and that’s with vip Your cd key so over at vip or Which is a site like i said i’ve used For years activate all the pc built in The channel you can get a windows 10 pro Key for just 15 bucks you’ll see it’s Listed just for around 20 But to save you guys some money code vip Random will knock 25 Off at checkout then you’ll see the Promo code box on the bottom just enter Vip random it’ll take the price down From 20 bucks to 15 which is obviously Cheaper than buying it directly from Microsoft this will also work if you Want to use your new activated windows 10 to then upgrade to windows 11 for Free once you purchase your codes you Can go to your profile and see all your Orders there you’ll see the view keys And code button where you can then find Them to redeem them for your pc and also If you’re confused in the actual Activation process they do have a how to Activate button which will show you and Kind of bring you through a guide on how To do it plus some troubleshooting steps In case you mess up but it’s very very Easy just go to your search bar type in Activation and it’ll bring you right

There automatically so again code vip Random will save you guys 25 off your Windows 10 pro key you can also use it To activate something like you know Office 2019 pro for example as well now Each year if you guys been following for A while i try to find and show off a Really cool and useful like desk lamp Solution because those are always pretty Cool right and this one i definitely Think is a winner so first up one of the Cool things about this is the built-in Digital clock on the rotating lamphead So depending on how you have this angled Or where you’re sitting you know this Could be on your desk or in a nightstand Anything like that you have the clock There at a glance for you but that’s not All on the base of the lamp itself has All your touch controls you the touch Power button there’s a touch slider and This lets you adjust the brightness of The lamp obviously above that then is The color temperature for adjusting Between like a really warm light a cool Glow or a middle daylight color Temperature then on top is this a for Auto mode and this button uses a sensor On the lamp to get an ambient reading of The room then it’ll adjust the lamp Accordingly to your room and your setup Personally i think it’s just really cool As a desktop lamp where you have the Clock facing you and you can have the

Lamp down facing outward throwing the Light onto the wall behind the lamp and Overall i think it gives off a really Nice soft glow it’s not harsh or Anything either on the eyes but i’m Really digging the way they have this Designed there is an app for if you want To control the light remotely but who Needs to do that Overall the sleek look mixed with the Practical and useful features this could Definitely be a solid pickup to add to Your dorm room or your bedroom that’s Currently around 70 on amazon but again I’ve seen it cheaper when they have Active coupon codes so either way i’d Say it’s worth the price Next is something i showed off in an Episode of cool tech under 50 a few Months ago that i thought would be Perfect for students perfect for the Home bedroom or the dorm room again this Is from sharper image it’s a desktop fan And light bar and i figured for the hot And humid months of august and september This could definitely be useful for some So this is the axis 16 light bar and the Built-in fan has three different speeds As well as the light bar that has three Different brightness levels and all the Buttons on the front are touch sensitive As well fan itself has a full 360 degree Pivoting head so you can manually move And position this wherever you want

Angle it so it cools you down and you Know i’ll tell you what for this 16 inch Size it works pretty damn well i’d say It definitely cooled me off pretty Quickly and again i figured for that Stuffy dorm room you know say you’re Doing homework or you’re gaming at your Setup and your hands are getting kind of Sweaty why not have this just perfectly Positioned right in front of you Preventing your hands from getting all Clammy and nasty and then also have a Double as a little light bar pretty cool It’s not loud or distracting either i’d Say overall it’s on the quiet side which I was surprised by and again i just love These multi-use products that serve more Than one purpose that can also be Beneficial to your desk setup also What’s pretty cool is it comes with a Vertical stand so if you don’t want to Have this like physically lying down on Your desktop taking up room you can just Put it off to the side and sand it up Vertically now and it’ll still serve the Same purpose and it’ll get the job done The axis 16 comes in just around 35 Dollars which i think is more than fair For the overall quality and versatility Of a product like this Next while we’re here again i’ll touch On one more product i showcased in an Episode of cool tech under 50. that’s This glass desktop whiteboard wedge that

Also doubles as a drawer as well for Holding accessories and desktop Knickknacks This sits on your desktop and lets you Easily jot down notes ideas your to-do List weekly planner all that stuff and Then also use it for storage it comes With its own dry erase marker and eraser For you on the top of the wedge is a lip For storing things like pens your phone You can have a tablet on display again Then there’s a slot for holding the Marker as well but considering the use Case for the average student here i Think this could really be useful when It comes to just general organization Altogether it’s pretty compact for the Size it’s just under 16 inches wide and Is seven inches in depth so it’s not Going to take up much room so if you’ve Got a busy week coming up with tasks Quizzes all that i definitely don’t Miss one bit having the physical Whiteboard to just jot down these things To stay organized and on top of while Also you know keeping your phone your Wallet in pens pencils flash drives all That jazz i definitely would have Utilized this when i was in school There’s a bunch of these on amazon from All different companies uh different Colors as well but the one i’ll link Below is one of the few without a giant Dumb logo on it so it’s nice and clean

Looking and it’s just around forty Dollars now as we start to wind this one Down but don’t close out yet still got a Few more things to go over i know for Students i’m always trying to find a Nice super slim wallet because when You’re walking around campus you don’t Want a fat rock in your back pocket Right no and i know you got to carry Around your student id so this super Slim wallet from keysmart is a pretty Good pickup so the keysmart slim wallet Can hold up to six cards three on each Side it’s got the little thumb window on The bottom as well so you can easily Push them up and take them out when you Need them and also the center opens up And you can store coins or cash or Anything else it has their tech tough Leather exterior it kind of feels like a Fabric version of carbon fiber so it’s Really tough not gonna break down on you Either and it’ll hold up over time again You probably need your student id on you At all times you don’t want a big heavy Bulky wallet something like this that’s Super slim can hold your cards can hold Your cash you can hold whatever you need All with a nice sleek profile i think is Pretty cool you can pick this up in a Black color or a gray color for just Around 20 bucks now coming up next is Something focus oriented okay hear me Out because it could definitely help

Students out who like me have a tough Time focusing and need something to just Keep them from getting distracted Constantly this is a super simple timer Okay it has a rotating knurled ring Right around it so you can adjust and Set the time but this could be a great Method of having a distraction free Window that lets you know focus on that Paper or getting your homework done so My thinking behind this is say you’re at Your desk right and you just have to Finish up a paper or you’re studying Having this physical timer now will let You set a certain time to focus on one Thing and then you could you know take a Quick break for social media or whatever And then right back to study i know for Me when i’m having to get something done I always find myself just like drifting Over to youtube or checking twitter Without even realizing it so having the Timer lets me mentally know like okay i Got 30 minutes to focus on this then I’ll check twitter or say you want to Set a timer so you can a lot like an Hour just for gaming for the night then You have that hard out the timer was up To 99 minutes per session as well and i Know what you’re thinking yes we all Have a timer on our phones but that’s Just the thing having your phone right Next to you still it’s gonna make you That much more likely to check your

Phone or be on your phone so leave your Phone in a different room when you’re Studying and just focus it’s just ten Dollars as well so a nice little desktop Timer to help those who need that extra Little bit of distraction free Motivation Then lastly today for you guys to kind Of blend you know my audience with the Back to school tech audience as well How about a nice wireless super thin Mechanical keyboard you can obviously Bring with you to class and you won’t be Bothersome to anybody This is the newfie air 60 wireless Mechanical keyboard and i think it’s a Perfect solution for needing a keyboard On the go because it is so light slim And portable and the fact it’s wireless Means you don’t have to have a bunch of Cables in your bag as well so checking It out i’m thinking the overall design And the look of it it’s very similar to The design of a 65 keyboard you still Have the aero cluster on the bottom now You can use this wired obviously but With their wireless connection you can Use it with mac or pc it also has Bluetooth 5.0 built in so you really Have three different modes of Connectivity and it can connect to four Devices at once so when it comes to Multitasking this is a pretty damn good Solution and it comes with os specific

Keycaps you could swap out as well Speaking of swapping out underneath the Keycaps we’ve got gadaron low profile Switches now the keyboard as a whole is 77 millimeters tall so that’s just super Slim so having the low profile switches Here is going to be a major part of why That is and they’re hot swap they sell The keyboard and gather on low profile Red blue and brown switches we have Browns in here so they’re still on the Quiet side but have that nice sort of Bump so you know when they’re actuated And for the rgb lovers out there yes It’s got full rgb backlighting and all That stuff one little interesting tidbit Is this is like the perfect size that Fits over a macbook pros keyboard so if You want to actually use a mechanical Keyboard with your laptop you can now Just put this over it and use it they Also sell a little carrying case for it Called the new folio so again that’ll Like protect it if you’re putting this In your bag on the go around campus but You can also use that to prop up like Your phone or a tablet and stuff i think Newfie did some really really good Things here with the release of this Lineup and like i said for students this Keyboard is pretty clutch So again nice slim portable wireless Definitely a great little pickup if you Want an actual mechanical keyboard with

You on the go from traveling to the dorm Room the library the classes lectures All that stuff this comes in just around 100 bucks and obviously i like the folio Carrying case and different keycap sets Are extra as well but definitely not bad For the price And guys that’ll wrap it up for our 2022 Back to school tech video genuinely hope You enjoyed and like i said everything We showed off today will be listed for You in the description down below so you Can check it out if you like this video Give it a big thumbs up show your Support feel free to follow me on Twitter at randomfrankp and lastly if You haven’t already give that subscribe Button a nice love tap Well hope you all enjoyed and good luck With this 2022 school year

Top 2022 Back to School Tech Under $100 to Elevate Your Learning Experience


It’s that time of the year again – back to school! And with the pandemic still ongoing, it’s important to equip yourself with the best technology to ensure a successful learning experience, whether you’re attending classes in-person or online. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on some high-tech gadgets. In this article, we’ll be sharing the top 2022 back to school tech under $100 to elevate your learning experience.

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Listening to lectures or attending online meetings can be challenging when there are distractions in the background. A pair of noise-canceling headphones can help you concentrate and focus on the task at hand. Look for headphones like the MPOW H7 Bluetooth Headphones, which offer up to 18 hours of battery life and a foldable design for portability.

2. Portable Laptop Charger

Carrying a laptop around all day can drain its battery quickly, leaving you stranded with no access to your notes or assignments. Avoid this problem by investing in a portable laptop charger like the Anker PowerCore 10000. This device can charge your laptop up to two times and is compact enough to fit in your backpack.

3. External Hard Drive

Running out of storage space on your laptop can be frustrating, especially when you have important documents or projects to save. An external hard drive like the Seagate Expansion Portable External Hard Drive can provide up to 2TB of additional storage space for all your files.

4. Wireless Presenter

If you have to give presentations in class or online, a wireless presenter can make your life easier. With features like laser pointers and remote page control, devices like the Logitech R400 Wireless Presenter can help you deliver your presentations with confidence and professionalism.

5. Smart Fitness Tracker

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for academic success, and a smart fitness tracker like the Letscom Fitness Tracker can help you keep track of your physical activity and health. With features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and notifications, you can stay on top of your health while keeping up with your studies.


With the right technology on your side, you can make the most of your back to school experience. And with these top 2022 back to school tech under $100, you can elevate your learning experience without breaking the bank.

FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. What is the best headphone for online classes?
    The MPOW H7 Bluetooth Headphones are a great option for online classes, offering noise-canceling technology and a foldable design for portability.

  2. Can I charge my laptop with a portable charger?
    Yes, you can charge your laptop with a portable charger like the Anker PowerCore 10000, which offers up to two charges.

  3. How much storage space does the Seagate Expansion Portable External Hard Drive provide?
    The Seagate Expansion Portable External Hard Drive can provide up to 2TB of additional storage space.

  4. What is a wireless presenter?
    A wireless presenter is a device that lets you control your presentations remotely, with features like laser pointers and remote page control.

  5. Can a smart fitness tracker help with academic success?
    Yes, a smart fitness tracker like the Letscom Fitness Tracker can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is crucial for academic success.

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