Top 10 Must-Have Tech Gadgets Under $50 for the Month of August

By | August 6, 2022

Looking to upgrade your tech game without breaking the bank? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll be diving into the top 10 must-have tech gadgets under $50 for the month of August. From nifty charging solutions to smart home devices, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the latest and greatest in budget-friendly tech. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover some awesome gadgets that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Get ready for a crazy packed episode of Cool Tech Under $50! Hope you enjoy!
• Gaming LED Chair Wheels:
• (No LED) Chair Wheels Upgrade:
• Desktop Speaker Night Light:
• Carpio G2.0 Wrist Rest:
• PC Sensor Panel Display:
• Tilted Nation Gaming Sound bar:
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So if your chair is needing a fresh upgrading, ditch your stock caster wheels go for these cool RGB LED light wheels for your gaming chair. How about a nifty lamp/speaker combo? This bluetooth speaker and warm desktop lamp is a cool pickup. Still reading this? Comment exactly what you ate today for breakfast. Next up, the new Deltahub Carpio G2.0 wrist rest is a way to keep your wrist from strains or fatigue while gaming over time. Speaking of which, this Turing mini PC smart display is a great option for keeping an eye on your temps or system usage. Plus it’s USB-C! Then lastly from Tilted Nation is their RGB gaming soundbar, giving you a compact option of adding audio to your setup with an added RGB accent light strip. Coo coo coo, tech under $50. I need to sleep.

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00:42 RGB Chair Wheels
1:59 Desk Lamp/Speaker
3:11 DeltaHub Carpio G2.0 Wrist Rest
5:00 Turing PC Smart Screen
6:19 Tilted Nation Gaming Soundbar

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What’s up guys i’m random frank p Back with another episode of cool tech Under 50 dollars for august the series Will show off some of the best tech you Can find under that price point and if You see anything you like to i’ll have It all listed for you in the description Down below so you can check it out but Also shout out to last month’s winners I’ve been in contact with you and you’ve Already received your tech from last Month’s episode and if you want to win Today all you have to do is drop a Thumbs up down below leave a comment on What your favorite item is and why you Like it and third make sure you’re Subscribed i’m obviously only going to Pick subscribers to the channel now First up today we have a replacement for Those horrible wheels that odds are are On your chair right now yeah i know they Suck these now are not only more mobile But they have a little trick up their Sleeve they actually have leds inside The wheel that glow red green and blue When you move around and there’s no Batteries inside there’s no charging These no cables i’m sure someone out There can explain how this works but With the universal mounting stem you can Pretty much put these on any gaming or Office chair you may have and then once You start to roll around again the Movement will activate the leds inside

And for any rgb lover out there who Thought their setup was more than Complete well i bet you didn’t see this Coming did you my dog certainly didn’t Either they were not having it these are Just so much smoother on carpet and Hardwood floor especially but also Depending on what kind of carpet you Have it could vary but these just let You fly around they are such a major Upgrade over stock chair wheels if you Don’t care for the leds you can find These without them obviously and they Sell them in a bunch of different colors And finishes to the wheels and the pack Of five that i picked up is just 25 And by the way all the cool tech under 50 products that i’ve showed off the Last three plus years are all organized Over on my lustre profile which by the Way they rebranded and they renamed to Vetted so if you want to check out three Plus years of cool tech 150 products It’s all there for you i’ll drop my Vetted profile in the description as Well Next up is a pretty cool desktop gadget You know i love these two and ones this Is a portable sort of candlelight slash Cool looking lamp as well as an actual Bluetooth speaker so built into the lamp Is a speaker it’s all adjustable as well You can adjust the brightness of the Lamp as well as enabling that candle

Light flicker mode you can skip tracks And stuff with the buttons on the back I’m just really digging the way it looks It’s very like industrial looking but Also modern at the same time and the Fact you can just put this you know Wherever you want bring it with you on The go if you’re going like the beach or Something or like i said have it as a Nice little warm tone lamp on your desk Setup you can do both since it’s Wireless it’s rated for about 15 hours But if you are just gonna use it as a Desk solution you can just leave it Plugged in with the usb-c port in the Back pairing it to your phone just takes Seconds it’s not gonna blow you away in Terms of quality but for listening to Like podcasts or playing spotify around Your room it’ll get the job done and Also for its size it gets decently loud I’ll just demo it for you real quick [Music] See what i’m saying So this comes in just around thirty Dollars and even though we’re a few Months away hear me out this could be a Really cool gift idea for the holidays Or like a birthday gift for a friend Definitely a cool little pick up Next we have a brand new version of the Delta hub carpio wrist rest that i Showed off a few years ago at this point So this is a wrist rest for your gaming

Mouse but with this new release it’s the G 2.0 and g stands for gaming available In black or white this new model lets You physically strap it to your hand During use construction wise it’s Relatively the same shape as the first Model but now for where your wrist sits It has these vented cutouts there which Makes it lighter overall and still Comfortable at the same time and Obviously you have the new built-in Magnetic strap on the bottom of the g2 The material they use is very similar to Something like mouse skates where it’s This glossy teflon-like filling material That slides very smoothly on your Mousepad so you want to worry about it Like interfering with your movement or Aiming now i know at first using this is Going to be possibly daunting because Any time you add something new to your Main peripheral setup or to your just Your usual gameplay routine it could Potentially interfere with what you’re Used to when it comes to like muscle Memory and stuff but i will say it’s Gonna take some time to adjust to this Obviously however after maybe like two Days or so of actually using it it just Feels natural and you won’t even notice It but i do understand this won’t be for Everybody but i’m telling you if you Just take the time to try it out and use It you’ll adjust really quick and your

Wrist will thank you it’s all about the Ergonomics the added support feels great And i immediately noticed less stress And fatigue in my wrists after a full Days of editing or gaming and that goes Without saying because you can obviously Use this with whatever you want not just Gaming obviously your usual routine and Desk setup activities all in all i’m Really digging it like i said we checked Out the original version a few years ago So when i saw this new version with the Wrist strap i definitely wanted to give It a go they come in two different Colors black or white and get them in Small or large sizes and they have Models for lefties as well and it Retails for forty dollars Now moving right along i know this one’s Definitely gonna be a hit this is a Three and a half inch secondary pc Center panel to monitor things like your Temps and usage it can do other things Like show a bunch of other pc info there Is a required download that goes along With this that’s how you can go in and Configure all the different themes so You can load them up onto the screen Itself each team can also be customized There’s options to create and add your Own custom ones if you really want to Sync in some time to this and make it Your very own the themes can also be Visually flipped inside so depending on

How you want to mount this it’ll always Be in the proper orientation and there Is a usb c port on both the top and the Sides you can power it from either for You to this with landscape or portrait Themes and that’s one of the cool things About this is the fact that it’s not Hdmi reliant it runs off of just the one Usbc cable so it’s super easy to use and It comes with a modular stand if you Want to prop this up on your desktop I’ve seen these used in a bunch of People’s actual pc builds if you wanted To do something like that as well it’s All up to you i just think the Versatility of something like this is Really useful having all your temps System usage network data hard drive Info all just in front of you on this Nifty little customizable device is Really what powers this series finding Cool stuff like this is why i do the Show it comes in at just 40 bucks as Well and if you ask me that’s an Absolute seal for this then lastly for Today is this rgb gaming sound bar from Tilted nation but what i like about this Is the overall versatility and how Compact it is for the everyday desk Setup taking a look at it right on the Front you have the adjustable volume Knob to access at an arm’s reach Underneath the soundbar running along is The rgb light strip with a bunch of

Different built-in effects then on the Top side you have two touch sensitive Buttons one is for controlling the rgb And the other is for switching between Modes where you can use this wirelessly Over bluetooth or going wired with the Included 3.5 millimeter auxiliary jack It does need to be powered via usb but Then from there you choose your Connection whether bluetooth or wired The soundbar itself is just around 15 Inches long with it being a stereo Soundbar you have your two built-in Drivers on each side behind the front Grille now the rgb can obviously be Disabled if you want but there are six Different built-in modes including one That pulses to your audio like a Visualizer and the popular rgd rainbow Wave if you’re all about that it’s not The brightest light strips won’t be Distracting or anything to annoy you It’s just acting as an accent piece Really again for the price point of Under 50 bucks don’t expect your world To be rocked but i thought the sound Quality overall was definitely pretty Decent my only complaint was that i wish I could push it like 20 Louder but again for the desktop Scenario where it’s literally just right In front of you odds are it’ll be fine For most people So at the end of the day a nice compact

And convenient sound bar for your desk Setup that also won’t break the bank Coming in at just 40 bucks from tilted Nation So guys that’ll wrap it up for this Episode of cool tech 150 For august hope you all enjoyed like i Said before all the tech you saw today Be listed for you in the description Down below so you can check it out if You’re interested if you like this Episode give it a big thumbs up to show Your support feel free to follow me on Twitter at randomfrankp at last you Haven’t already hit that subscribe Button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day [Music] Bye


In the world of technology, change is ever-constant, with the latest tech gadgets constantly being introduced to the market. With the rapidly advancing technological world, it can be hard to keep up with the latest tech gadgets without breaking the bank. However, fret not, as this article will introduce you to the Top 10 Must-Have Tech Gadgets under $50 for the month of August, to ensure you stay ahead in the tech game.

  1. Tile Slim – The Ultimate Lost and Found Tech Gadget
    If you are anything like me, losing your keys, phone or wallet is a daily occurrence. The Tile Slim – a small, thin and easily attachable Bluetooth device – can ensure you never lose your valuables again by tracking them all on your smartphone. Available for under $30, the Tile Slim is a must-have gadget.

  2. Amazon Fire Stick TV- The Ultimate Streaming Gadget
    For all your binge-watching needs, Amazon Fire Stick TV is a great alternative to cable TV. Allowing you to stream your favorite shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and more, the Amazon Fire Stick TV costs under $40 and is the perfect addition to your entertainment setup.

  3. Anker PowerCore Portable Charger- The Ultimate Power Source
    The worst feeling when it comes to owning a smartphone is running out of battery. The Anker PowerCore Portable Charger can solve that issue, with the capacity to fully charge most smartphones 1-2 times. Priced at under $30, this gadget is a lifesaver for keeping your devices charged on the go.

  4. Echo Dot (3rd Generation) – The Ultimate Personal Assistant
    With an ever-growing reliance on digital assistants, the Echo Dot (3rd Generation) is the perfect addition to your household, acting as your personal assistant for scheduling reminders, playing music, and answering questions. Priced under $50, the Echo Dot offers great value for money.

  5. Sony MDR-ZX110 Stereo Headphones – The Ultimate Listening Experience
    For an unbeatable sound experience for an affordable price, the Sony MDR-ZX110 Stereo Headphones are a must-have gadget – providing quality sound with a comfortable and lightweight design. Available for under $20, these headphones provide an amazing sound experience for a fraction of the cost of high-end headphones.

  6. Anker Wireless Charger – The Ultimate Convenience
    For a hassle-free charging experience, the Anker Wireless Charger offers a wireless charging option for your smartphone at an affordable price – available for under $20. With the convenience of simply placing your smartphone down on the charging pad, this gadget is a no-brainer.

  7. Smart Wi-Fi Mini Outlet – The Ultimate Smart Home Gadget
    For making your home a “smart home”, the Smart Wi-Fi Mini Outlet is the perfect addition to control all your home appliances through your smartphone – from turning off the lights to adjusting the room temperature. Available for under $20, this gadget is a great way to automate your daily routine.

  8. PopSocket – The Ultimate Grip and Stand
    PopSockets are the latest trend in smartphone grips and stands, and provide a comfortable grip while also acting as a stand to support your phone. Available for under $10, PopSockets are a simple yet stylish addition to your smartphone.

  9. Bluetooth FM Transmitter – The Ultimate Driving Gadget
    For those without a Bluetooth-enabled car, the Bluetooth FM Transmitter lets you stream music, take calls and more through your car’s speakers from your smartphone. Available for under $20, this gadget is a game-changer for your driving experience.

  10. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch- The Ultimate Fitness Watch
    Amazfit Bip Smartwatch is a great option for those who want to track their fitness goals and also stay up to date with notifications, receive calls and track their fitness progress. Available for under $50, this gadget provides a great value for its features.


These Top 10 Must-Have Tech Gadgets under $50 for the month of August are the perfect combination of affordability and functionality, ensuring you stay ahead in the tech game without burning a hole in your pocket. From lost-and-found devices to smart home gadgets, these gadgets are your ultimate guide to the world of affordable technology.


  1. Are these gadgets easily accessible for purchase?
    Yes, all the gadgets mentioned are easily accessible for purchase online or in electronic stores.

  2. Will these gadgets work for all smartphone brands?
    Yes, most of these gadgets are universal and work for all smartphone brands.

  3. Is the Tile Slim device waterproof?
    No, the Tile Slim device is not waterproof.

  4. Can I connect multiple devices to the Anker Wireless Charger at the same time?
    No, you can only charge one device at a time with the Anker Wireless Charger.

  5. Can I track my fitness progress with the Amazfit Bip Smartwatch?
    Yes, the Amazfit Bip Smartwatch comes with a fitness tracker to monitor your fitness progress.

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