Top 10 Coolest Tech Products under $50 You Should Check Out This March!

By | March 4, 2023

Looking for some affordable yet cool tech products to add to your collection this March? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tech products that won’t break the bank, but will definitely elevate your tech game. From handy accessories to innovative gadgets, we’ve got everything covered. So, sit back and scroll through our selection to find your next favorite tech product!

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What’s up guys I’m random Frank P back With another episode of Cool Tech under 50 for March already the series we show Off some of the best tech you can find Under that price if you see anything You’d like to have it all listed for you In the description down below so you can Check it out but also shout out to last Month’s winners I’ve been in contact With you and commented on your post from Last month’s episode and if you want to Win today all you got to do is drop a Big Thumbs Up Down Below leave a comment On what your favorite item is and why You like it and then third make sure you Subscribed because obviously I’m only Gonna pick subscribers to the channel Now first up today believe it or not Would you know that one of the most Popular product genres on this series Are smart lamps this wooden touch Control lamp not only looks super nice With the walnut wood and the black Iron Accents but built-in has a touch control Button to turn it on plus the entire Base of the lamp is also a wireless Charger for your phone making this a Really great addition to your desk setup In the office your dorm even just on the Nightstand there’s also a bonus USB slot On the side for an additional device to Charge as well the neck of the lamp is Adjustable to angle the light you do Have to build this out of the box but it

Takes like two minutes and using those Screws you can adjust it and lock the Swing arms into place I just really like The overall aesthetic and the build Quality here sure you know there’s Plenty of lamps out there on Amazon that Do have touch controls and wireless Charging but this mechanical design Coupled with the real wood really makes It stand out from the rest I think the Price of this does fluctuate I’ve seen It for 50 bucks recently it’s been 55 But this is well worth worth it again Not the most mind-blowing product I know But the build quality here the Functionality definitely a good addition To your room your desk really anywhere You put it up next I have two slim Minimal wallets the Dango d03 light and The fox tackle leather bifold each are Unique to the particular user but are Both cool enough to be shown off since I Couldn’t pick just one more the merrier But first we’ll check out the Dango Because I’ve got a feeling this is going To be a big hit this as you can see is Super minimal with just this All-aluminum 10 millimeter frame to its Construction and can fit up to 10 cards Plus cash if needed now when I first got It in my main concern was is everything Is going to come out on me and as you Can see that’s a no they have this Really clever rail system design where

Once you slide in your cards the top of The integrated rail system has a curved Lip to keep everything securely in place So you can shake it throw it whatever You want everything will stay put the D03 also comes with a rubber band as you Can see to hold cash if needed and Around the frame are four anchor points So we’re attaching to like a lanyard or Even their included braided strap it has A quick pocket test you can see slides In nice and easy with no bulk You can also get this in a raw silver Aluminum finish if you prefer that to The black this is just super clean for Under thirty dollars So there’s definitely more that Minimalist EDC aesthetic while next we Have the fox Hackle leather bifold this Is more for that modern professional Checking it out this is more your Traditional design to a wallet I’d say But still stay slim also at just 10 Millimeters with the outer sides down to Around five millimeters then it’ll Obviously get thicker depending on how Many cards you add to it but this rich Brown cowhide leather looks so nice on The outside you have a pocket for quick Access with five more pockets on the Inside of the wallet for six total Including the room for storing cash in The bifold this could store up to around 12 to 14 cards for my testing now you’ll

See what the material of this cowhide Leather it does show natural wear and Tear more easily just due to that Material but that’s part of the appeal To this leather the more you use it the More that leather starts to break in and Become more rich in color and texture I Actually use this as my main wallet for A little over a month and you can see Just ages nicely like Jillian Anderson And also for a quick pocket test yes Slim slides in and out cleanly In the link below you’ll see Fox tackle Has his wallet in six different colors And finishes this is the Olive brown Leather and for the price also just Around 25 this wallet is a really great Pickup you can’t go wrong with either One here now if you want to save some Money on some cool Tech that’s where Today’s sponsor comes in what not what Not it’s an online social marketplace Where you can discover some of your Favorite products like sports cards Pokemon cards Electronics pop figures And tons of other things all with these Rapid fire auctionings happening real Time you can grab things like Bose Headphones air pods PC components I’ve Seen a bunch of CPUs on sale as well I’ve been fueling my vintage Pokemon Collection because there are a ton of Auctions where everything starts at just One dollar you heard that right I hit on

Some absolute seals as well and paid way Under the market value and that’s the Beauty of it speaking of a dollar Everything we show off in today’s Episode will be up for grabs starting at Just one dollar next week Friday March 10th 7 P.M Eastern on the what not app We’ll be doing a live stream come by bit On a bunch of cool Tech and more Starting at just one Buck he even got Some pretty big giveaways going on that You’re not going to want to miss out on So don’t forget download whatnot link to The description down below and also you Get 10 free bucks and by the way I know I’m gonna see comments about the hoodie I’ll put a link down below so you can Check it out next up is something really Cool for those who love some retro Gaming this is the GB operator from Epilogue this connects to your PC via The single USBC plug of the device and Lets you play your physical Game Boy Games right on your PC no actual Game Boy handheld required it’s compatible With your original Game Boy cartridges Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance and Yes this even works with cartridges like The Game Boy camera and Pokemon pinball So if you’re like me and you love The Nostalgia hit of playing some of those Older games every now and then you can Do so with now a more modern fashion the Actual operator itself is super Compact

And has this cool looking transparent Shell which plays into that whole retro Design I feel and honestly the execution And overall idea of something like this Is genius there is software you download To get this all rolling but it’s a super Simple Plug and Play solution honestly And once you get the game Buddha you’ll Immediately notice how crisp the Gameplay is even upscale to whatever Monitor you’re playing on you can resize The window but upscaling to even playing At 4K looks Flawless if built into the Software there are different options to Like colorize the older games or ways to Add like a color filter kinda so it has More pop they’re also going to be making The keys are bindable on your keyboard Since obviously that’s how you play but You also have the option to use Something like a Gamepad or controller If you really want to get fancy with it Keyboard while awkward at first since You’re more used to the old Game Boy Layout will be fine for most people out There though I’ll show you the dashboard In a second but you can see just the Overall quality really does modernize These 20 something year old games sure There’s other options out there to play These games today but there’s just Something that’s still having those Cartridges that hold a special place in People’s heart alright so real quick I

Won’t go too in depth with the software But I want to show you something that Could be a game changer to a lot of you Out there that’s this data tab which Lets you physically download your actual Game from the cartridge to your PC for Use with like your favorite emulator for Example so you don’t have to worry about Finding a reliable ROM of the game or The legality around ROMs it’s your game Just now onto the PC through the Operator software you can also just Download saves from your game and upload Saves so again if you’re really far in Pokemon you can rip your save and then Use that again with an emulator really Really cool then once you go to the play Tab once you plug it in it’ll show you What the game is there’s this little Thing here which tells you if it’s an Official cartridge or not so if you Bought a game from eBay for example Maybe it was not genuine this will tell You and all you have to do is hit launch And you’ll see literally just within a Second your game pops up and you’re now Ready to go so the GB operator can be Yours for a super fair price of 49.99 Which is a steal I think someone on Twitter actually recommended this to me To show off in the series and I was Blown away that it still fits the price Point here and while it’s a more Niche Product this holds a special place and

It’s one of my more favorite pickups in A while then perfectly following that up Literally going right along with the Theme of that no not an actual Game Boy Advance but this is the Megalodon Nendoyo macro pad inspired by the Advancing Design This 21 function macro Pad is super cool looking I customized Mine directly to mimic the Indigo purple Nintendo colorway to match my original Advance but this black unit is stock how It comes it’s a fully aluminum top plate With an acrylic base for RGB shine Through and we have nine physical keys Six individual buttons on the left side And then two Rotary encoders on the Right again you all know I love me a Quality macro pad for productivity and This one really takes a cake for not Only functionality but design so with Those 21 total functions it’s all Customizable and programmable with the Via software and out of the box you can Use those dials for like media playback And volume control on the Fly you’ll see The little LED light above that that’s Your layer light so in the Game Boy this Was your power LED but this lets you Know what layer you’re on because you Can store four different layers in the Via program so you can quickly switch Between them all and have 44 different Functions all at your fingertips all on This then doyo macro pad and again

Underneath you have that acrylic base Let the RGB shine and glow for that Extra pop on your desktop that’s all Configurable as well now stock yes it is Black like I’ve shown you can buy this In black white like a yellowish and a Blue I think Um however what I did was I grade out All the buttons and I color matched it To the Indigo Game Boy Advance like I Said also I swapped the switches inside Because stock it comes with these otemu Ocean silence which is which you know Sure is fine for a macro Pad but you Know me if I’m gonna go the lengths to Mod mine and customize it I’m going to Swap the switches as well so I went with The purple Gazoo bobas to give it a Popular sound check this out Foreign So if you love macro pads maybe you’re Like me you have an unhealthy addiction And you just can’t get enough this one For gaming productivity anything is a Really unique addition to your setup and Hey who knows maybe once epilogue adds The addition to rebind the keys for the GB operator you could use this to play Your Game Boy games now this is on drop For sixty dollars but you can sign up And get ten dollars in credit with the Link to bring it down to just 50 bucks To fit today’s episode boom and if you Already have an account just make a new

One to get those ten dollars Then lastly today we have two different Echo switches that are loved in the Community and are a really great value We have the echo cream yellows and the Cream Blue switches the yellows are Linear the blues are tactile now as the Name implies with cream these are super Super smooth even stock out of the box And they only get better if you decide To properly Lube them so for the linear Cream yellows with a 50 gram operating Floor so the 3.5 millimeter travel Distance and actuates at 1.9 millimeters So nothing too special in terms of the Specs it is a shorter travel distance Than most mechanical switches out there We have a longer pull to the stem but It’s the feel to these that matters they Have very little scratch to them Practically zero pinging and the Tolerance is nice and tight these put Most linears to shame like no joke fit For the tactile cream Blue switches These are a lighter switch at 38 grams With a similar travel distance at 3.5 Millimeters and actually at two Millimeters tolerance is here also nice And tight and they give real creamy pop To its tactility again stock both of These just feel so good out of the box But if you want to lube them feel free Now we’re going to do a sound test Obviously you can hear how they sound

We’ll do a quick side by side comparison Lubed and unlooped you can get an idea Of these cream switches So ball switches feel great they Probably sound kind of similar in the Comparison there but there’s definitely A difference in feeling you get that you Know sort of tactile pop with the Blues Versus just the smooth feeling with the Linears uh price wise they’re only 12.99 For a pack of 45 so odds are you’re Gonna need two packs to complete your Build so that’s 25 bucks for 90 switches Which is a fantastic value for overall What you’re getting here with these Switches really top of the line whether You want the linears with the cream Yellows or the tactiles with the cream Blues you can’t go wrong killer price For these switches so alright guys That’ll wrap it up for this episode of Cool Tech 150 for March hope you all Enjoyed don’t forget everything you saw Will be listed for you in the Description down below so you can check It out plus the sign up link for what Not where you can get ten dollars in Credit for next week’s live stream if You like this episode today give it a Big thumbs up show your support feel Free to follow me on Twitter at Randomfrankp and last if you haven’t Already hit that subscribe button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day

Top 10 Coolest Tech Products under $50 You Should Check Out This March!


Are you looking for some cool tech products that won’t break the bank? If yes, then you’re in luck because we’ve put together a list of the top 10 coolest tech products under $50 that you must check out this March! These affordable products will make your life easier, more productive, and entertaining. So, let’s dive into the list!

1. Tile Mate ($25):

Are you tired of losing your important stuff? Tile Mate has got you covered. It’s a small Bluetooth tracker that attaches easily to your frequently misplaced items like keys, phone, wallet, and more. Once you’ve attached it, you can locate your lost items using the Tile Mate App on your Smartphone. It’s a life-changer for forgetful people.

2. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive ($16):

Do you often struggle with transferring data from your Android phone to your computer, or vice versa? This tiny USB drive will help you transfer files easily between your phone and computer, thanks to its dual USB and USB-C connectors. It’s also lightweight and durable, making it perfect to carry around wherever you go.

3. Nulaxy Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter ($19):

Are you bored with your conventional car audio system? This Bluetooth FM transmitter connects to your phone, playing music on your car’s audio system without the need for any wires. It also features hands-free calling so that you can take or make calls while focusing on your driving.

4. Anker PowerCore Essential 20000mAh Power Bank ($35):

Running out of battery is the worst thing that can happen to your phone. With the Anker PowerCore Essential 20000mAh power bank, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. With its high-capacity battery, you can charge your phone up to 5 times without needing to recharge the power bank itself.

5. Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite ($29):

Streaming content is the current way to watch your favorite shows and movies. Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is one of the most affordable yet useful streaming devices out there. It has a decent processor, a user-friendly interface, and can stream content in Full HD 1080p resolution.

6. Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker ($35):

Are you looking for a smart speaker that won’t burn a hole in your pocket? Google Nest Mini is an affordable yet feature-packed smart speaker that can add voice control over your smart home appliances, play music, set reminders, get weather updates, and more.

7. Anker Wireless Charger ($12):

Are you done with messy wires with your phone charging? Anker Wireless Charger offers you an easy way to charge your phone without wires, thanks to its Qi-based wireless charging technology. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and it also works with most phone cases.

8. RAVPower USB C Charger (45W) ($27):

If you’re looking for a fast, but cheap charger for your laptop, then RAVPower USB C Charger is the one. With a whopping 45 watts of power delivery, you can charge most USB-C enabled laptops and devices.

9. Mpow Flame Earbuds ($18):

Mpow Flame Earbuds are perfect for those who love to jog, run, or exercise. These earbuds are waterproof, comfortable, and sound great for Bluetooth earbuds under $20.

10. SYOSIN Bluetooth Selfie Stick ($14):

Selfie sticks are fun and affordable accessories for casual photography, especially when you’re traveling solo. But not all selfie sticks are created equal. SYOSIN Bluetooth Selfie stick offers a lightweight, compact design, and an easy-to-use Bluetooth remote that works with most smartphones.


We hope that our list of the top 10 coolest tech products under $50 will help you make better choices the next time you go tech shopping. After all, technology doesn’t have to be expensive to be cool and practical. These products will undoubtedly add some flair to your life without having to spend a fortune.


  1. Are these products only available on Amazon?
  • No, these products are available on different online retailers as well.
  1. Do these products come with any warranty?
  • Yes, most of them come with at least one-year limited warranty.
  1. Can you charge laptops with the Anker PowerCore Essential power bank?
  • No, it’s designed to charge smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices.
  1. Do I need to download a separate app to use the SYOSIN Bluetooth Selfie Stick?
  • No, it connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth, and most smartphones support it natively.
  1. Are these products safe to use and comply with safety standards?
  • Yes, all of these products are tested and comply with the safety standards of their respective countries. It’s important to purchase from reputable retailers to ensure the products’ authenticity and credibility.

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