The Ultimate Keyboard for Gundam Lovers: An Honest Review

By | January 28, 2023

Are you a passionate Gundam fan looking for the perfect keyboard to enhance your gaming experience? Look no further than the Ultimate Keyboard for Gundam Lovers! In this honest review, we’ll dive into the features, performance, and overall quality of this keyboard specifically designed for fans of the popular anime series. Get ready to level up your gaming with the Ultimate Keyboard for Gundam Lovers.

Meet the Gundam x Higround Summit 65 01W Keyboard, a Gundam lovers dream gaming keyboard. Blending the line between a pre-built and a custom, Higround does some great stuff here, but is it enough?
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What’s up guys I’m random Frank p and Today we’re gonna be checking out the Brand new keyboard from high ground this Is the high grounding Gundam Summit 65 01w build and this is super clean let’s Check it out First up taking a look at it this isn’t Your ordinary pre-built keyboard both in Terms of Aesthetics and materials High Ground still using their Summit 65 Footprint for the zero one W Gundam Build which they have used on previous Drops and personally I think it’s really Nice with the smooth and rounded edges To the all-cnc aluminum white case then To tie their Gundam collaboration Together you have this really aggressive And eye-catching keycap set here with The zero one Gundam where the keycaps Are a five-sided die sub print with the Characters printed on the front side to The top remains consistent with the Graphical printing it’s bold for sure Definitely that’s exactly what high Ground’s going for here now you can buy These keycaps in other keycap sets Separately through High Ground as well But they’re sold only in the 65 layout I’ll swap them out in a bit so you can See the other set that I picked up also To complement the 01w underneath is a Brass weight the medallions etched to The zero ones helmet and is just the Cherry on top or bottom to bring the

Whole theme together now when with the Basic introduction of the keyboard out Of the way let’s take a step back real Quick and take it from the beginning Inside the nicely themed box you get a USBC cable so just to note the red coil The one that I’m using for my b-roll is My own a key switch puller and a keycap Puller that also doubles as a hex and Phillips head screwdriver pretty cool And it also means the Frosted wrist rest That I’ve been using also isn’t included Obviously I’m just using this during the B-roll to build the set for you guys While filming but I really do wish they Had a really nice you know custom themed Gundam themed coil cable included as Well instead of just the you know Traditional generic black cable speaking Of which plugging in the cable to the Cutout on the back side will illuminate The integrated RGB Lighting on both the Sides of the board there’s this window There for some extra glow on your desk And each key is individually backlit as Well this is where it starts to get Interesting let’s pop off these keycaps Inside the 01w they’re using their very Own unique graphic switch and they cling These the world’s first and as you can See each switch has a topographic Pattern printed onto the top shell which Looks incredible you guys know I’m all About it this is their thin ice Geo

Switch they call it it’s a Prelude Linear switch with a four millimeter Travel distance actuates at two Millimeters under 33 grams and you can See it has a rounded stem versus the Squared stem that you’re probably Familiar with now taking these apart the Construction on these is very Interesting the stem is made up of two Separate pieces with the clear plastic Top for the keycap mounts then the Bottom section of the stem seems to be Like a self-lubricating palm material And just right out of the box I’d say They’re d decently smooth but these are Just barely and I mean barely lubed like They claim there’s practically zero Residue anywhere to be found on the Switch I took a few of them apart and It’s like that everywhere no remaining Residue on the inside of the bottom Shell and the rails on the side it’s Just the tiniest imaginable bit of lube Now that’s a bummer for sure because When you have such a unique looking Switch like this it would have made it So much better if they were properly Looped to complement the entire switch As a whole but they just put the tiniest Imaginable grain of sand Speck of Lube On here that they’re practically not Lubed so uh super inconsistent here Duroc V2 stabilizers though are properly Lubed and they don’t have any of that

Nasty rattle or inconsistency to them Which is definitely nice but yes for Your backspace your enter the shift the Space bar your traditional stabilizers Here are properly lubed which is good to See 10 taking the board apart to get a Deeper look thankfully you can use the Included hex tool which they give you Which is super nice and it’s very simple To get inside using the hex tool on the Bottom of the keyboard just remove the Four screws that’s literally it that’s All you have to do this is by far the Easiest and most mod accessible keyboard That I’ve ever seen because typically There’s bottom screws screws in the top Plate to hold it down but nope High Ground’s got it figured out here once The top frame is removed then the plate And PCB can be lifted up and you’ll see It’s gasket mounted with these rubber Strips around the outside of the PCB This is what gets sandwiched between the Frame and the board to give it that sort Of free-floating design on the inside And speaking of sandwich there is a Layer of silicone sandwiched between the PCB and the top aluminum frame and a Foam dampening layer on the bottom of The keyboard laying there as well to Help absorb any of those micro Reverberations inside to give it a Deeper sound to complement the linear Switches although this foam strip is

Very very very very very thin I’d argue It’s not doing too much so again super Easy to get into if you want to consider Modding it but really you shouldn’t need To unless you want to do something like Super specific now like I mentioned Before they are selling other themed Keycap sets for this Gundam collab so I Do have an extra set of their white Admiral caps I personally really dig These These are made specifically for This build again it’s just the 68 key Set so you don’t get like you know other Additional keycaps if you want to use This on your own tkl keyboard for Example but I think this white Admiral Set it’s just much more subtle and it’s A mirror design of the brass weight Underneath so I’m personally a really Big fan of that symmetry I think this That just complements the board more it Also has these slight silver like Shimmery characters on the set here it’s A really nice addition then the red coil Cable I had wasn’t doing too much so I Swapped that out with a white one and Now the facelift we have to the zero one W and the summit 65 is looking Phenomenal honestly any Gundam lover out There is going to be a huge fan of this Final result I think you know in terms Of visual Aesthetics it’s just super Clean all right so now we’ll do the Sound test with the summit 6501w

Keyboard using their ice Geo switches So a lot to unpack there real quick Because as you heard they didn’t sound Lubed for a linear switch right I will Admit they felt better than they sound And the stabilizers and stuff they all Felt really even and consistent which Was good not a lot of physical rattle or Pinging to him so I’m happy with that But just the fact that there is such a Little Lube like I mentioned really Stuck out here Um it would have done so much better for This if they were properly lubed Also one thing I want to point out is For a gasket build it is pretty stiff Which is you know one of the advantages Of having a gasket keyboard built is That it’s a bit more loose and flexible That’s you know what you want out of it But here you don’t really get that with This keyboard which is a bummer and I Think if they would have reversed their Internal materials it would have given More of a softer gasket feel so for Example for their gaskets they are using That silicone material if they would Have used something you know like a Traditional poron switch which had more Give versus the stiffer rubber it would Have you know provided a more flexible Build so unfortunately High ground’s Doing some great stuff with visuals and Aesthetics but just the overall typing

Experience does leave a lot to be Desired now while I was gaming and using This you know I had no tangible physical Problems obviously nothing in terms of Like you know it cutting out obviously Anything groundbreaking like that which Would make this an automatic no-go for Me so everything was pleasant on that Front yes the linear switch is also Going to be good for gaming they’re Relatively light as well like I said Linear actually at 33 grams at two Millimeters so while using this for Gaming I had no issues and obviously for The Gundam lovers out there if you have A Gundam theme setup or something like That add this to your setup and it is Hands down the nicest looking Gundam Theme keyboard out there I know Asus had One maybe a year or two ago that was Eh This is Gundam done right and that’s Really where High Ground has been Shining recently with their collabs with Like Dreamcast Sonic and stuff they know How to do these theme collabs right So for the visuals the Aesthetics and Stuff everything in terms of design this Is what you want out of a really nice Gundam themed build with the summit 6501w now to recap yes all that’s good All that’s great the biggest downside Here I think are those switches I want To love them because they look so nice But it’s just not an overall really

Pleasant experience when typing if they Were properly lubed that possibly could Have been you know different for my Outcome but it’s just the reality they Are not a pleasant linear switch to type On and it left more to be desired sure You can swap them out if you want to Pick up your own you know five pole Switches or three pin switches whatever You want to put them in with here it’s Hot swap you can move them obviously Um but for the price at 300 you kind of Don’t want to get other switches out There and mod it you know because this Is kind of you buy this for how it comes You’re not going to be swapping keycaps With like a gmk set you have no you’re Buying this Gundam keyboard for the Gundam build and the Gundam keycaps the Switches sure you can mod them like I Said but at this price for the everyday You know gamer out there is going to be Buying this they’re probably not going To want to buy switches and mod it even Further so it’s really great for that Person who just wants to get a nice more Premium build that’s kind of blending The line between a custom and a you know Mass-produced gaming keyboard it is that Fine line in the middle because it has The custom aspect of it but it’s not Your just like crappy traditional gaming Keyboard by any means so if you’re their Target audience if you can Fork out the

300 for it then I’m sure you won’t have The same analytical approach like I do This should be more than fine for you so That’ll wrap it up guys hope you enjoyed If you want to check it out I’ll have it Listed for you in the description down Below if you like this review give it a Big thumbs up share your support feel Free to follow me on Twitter at Randomfrankp and last if you haven’t Already hit that subscribe button Hope you enjoyed have a good day

The Ultimate Keyboard for Gundam Lovers: An Honest Review


Are you a hardcore Gundam lover, who spends countless hours enjoying the iconic anime series? Do you also happen to be a tech enthusiast who follows the latest gadgets in the market? If your answer is yes, then you’re in luck because we’ve got the perfect product for you – the ultimate keyboard for Gundam lovers!
In this article, we’re going to provide you with an honest review of this product and tell you why it’s the ideal accessory for any Gundam fan.

What Is the Ultimate Keyboard for Gundam Lovers?

Before we dive into the review, let’s first explain what this keyboard is all about. The ultimate keyboard for Gundam lovers is a customized keyboard that features the iconic Gundam design. The keys are backlit with RGB lighting and have a comfortable tactile feedback, making it a unique and enjoyable typing experience.

Features of the Ultimate Keyboard for Gundam Lovers

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that make this keyboard stand out:

  • Design – As mentioned earlier, the design is inspired by the Gundam series, which makes it a must-have accessory for any Gundam lover. The keyboard is compact and has a solid build quality, which gives it a premium look and feel.
  • Customization – The RGB lighting of this keyboard is fully customizable, which allows the user to personalize every aspect of their typing experience. You can choose from a variety of colors and lighting effects to create the perfect ambiance for your workspace.
  • Mechanical Switches – The ultimate keyboard for Gundam lovers comes with mechanical switches, which make it more responsive and durable compared to traditional keyboards. The switches have a tactile feedback and audible sound, which makes typing more satisfying for the user.
  • Connectivity – This keyboard can be connected to your PC or laptop using a USB cable. It’s plug-and-play, which means you don’t have to install any software or drivers to start using it.

Pros and Cons of the Ultimate Keyboard for Gundam Lovers

Now that we know the features of this keyboard let’s take a look at the pros and cons:


  • Unique and Eye-catching design
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Responsive mechanical switches
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Plug-and-play connectivity


  • Price – The cost of this keyboard may be a bit steep for some users.
  • Availability – Since this is a customized product, it may not be readily available in all markets.


The ultimate keyboard for Gundam lovers is definitely a great addition to any workspace, especially for fans of the Gundam series. With its exceptional design, customizability, and solid build quality, it’s undoubtedly a top-tier keyboard. The only drawback is its cost, which may not be in everyone’s budget, but if you’re looking for a unique typing experience, this keyboard is definitely worth the investment.


Q1. Can I customize the key layout on this keyboard?
A1. No, you cannot customize the key layout on this keyboard. However, you can customize the RGB lighting of each key.

Q2. Is this keyboard waterproof?
A2. No, this keyboard is not waterproof.

Q3. What type of mechanical switches does this keyboard use?
A3. This keyboard uses Cherry MX mechanical switches.

Q4. Is this keyboard compatible with Macs?
A4. Yes, this keyboard is compatible with both Windows and Macs.

Q5. How long is the USB cable that comes with this keyboard?
A5. The USB cable that comes with this keyboard is 1.5 meters long.

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