Review of the Razer Audio Mixer: Exploring the GoXLR Mini by Razer

By | March 14, 2022

In this article, we will delve into the world of Razer’s latest addition to its line of audio mixers – The GoXLR Mini. As an avid user of Razer’s products and someone with a passion for high-quality sound production, I was thrilled to explore and review this product. In this comprehensive review, we will analyze its features, performance, and usability. Join me as we take a closer look at the GoXLR Mini and discover if it’s worth the investment for content creators and streamers.

Razer dropped their answer to the GoXLR Mini…the Razer Audio Mixer! It has XLR and phantom power, 4 channel sliders, 6 dedicated buttons and ton of flexibility in the software. But, big BUT, is it worth it?
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[Music] What’s up guys i’m random frank p and Today we’re gonna be checking out and Reviewing the brand new razer mixer this All-in-one compact mixer for your Streaming setup with faders buttons tons Of sources inputs outputs all that stuff So today we’ll run through it all for You guys talk about the physical Features the setup software my thoughts And opinions of the brand new razer Mixer so for aspiring streamers out There or even current ones possibly Looking to upgrade your current gear This gives you a four channel interface With sliders six buttons and a built-in Preamp with an xlr input that also Allows for phantom power if your mic Needs it once you get it unboxed you’ll See it’s actually pretty compact and Lightweight in the hands and you’ll see Right there in front of you the four Faders for each channel with a dedicated Mute button for each a bleep button and Also a solo mic mute button for the face Controls on the bottom front is a 3.5 Mic and headphone port for headsets then On the back side is all your main Connections with the xlr input port a Button to toggle the 48 volt phantom Power a line in and line out port for Which can also be used for like a dual Pc streaming setup or something an Optical import if you want to use this

With last gen consoles and the type c Port which can be used with current gen Consoles as well as to your pc obviously To give it power so for me just the two Cables here to get it up and running Then real quick before you move on Inside the box with the mixer you get a Carrying pouch two ground loop isolators With two 3.5 millimeter cables for each And a long usbc braided cable now if You’re curious like me about what those Ground loop isolators are this connects To either the front or the back side With the line out along with something Like a headset that gets plugged into Either end and these pretty much Eliminate unwanted noise or humming you Sometimes hear as feedback in your Headphones and i’ll be honest i never Knew these were even a thing to begin With because i can say i never really Had that issue with my setup but here You are you get two of them and they do Help eliminate that feedback i googled It and it’s legit so once you have it All powered on you’ll see the rgb Lighting glow which is all configurable By the way we’ll talk about that in a Minute and yes i’ll address the elephant In the room your mom No i’m just kidding but i made it this Far without stating the obvious this Looks nearly identical to the go xlr Mini in almost every way from the layout

Button placement Yeah razer pretty much copied their Homework taking a look at them side by Side pretty sus the razer did manage to Cut down on the footprint to make it Around 10 smaller and lighter so really On your desktop not that the go xlr mini Was large by any means the mini version Was already a smaller model of the Original go xlr as it is but you can see It’s definitely compact fits nicely Right next to my keyboard on my desktop And it’s all at an arm’s reach which is Obviously ideal for when you are Streaming so it’s all relatively you Know a clean setup without adding too Much clutter the faders are nice and Smooth and they are analog so they’re Not digital which means if you adjust These in the software it will not do it Automatically on the slider itself They’re analog so you have to manually Adjust the sliders and the rubber Buttons are those typical mushy rubber Buttons we’ve seen over years past Although in the longer ones they do Actuate no matter where on the button You press which is nice but i mean come On it is razer they should have Implemented a mechanical switch here am I right or am i right okay so before we Head back to the pc and check out Software i do want to point out that I’ve been using the mixer this entire

Time for all the audio in this video Along with my overhead mounted Microphone which is the sennheiser Mkh416 it’s mounted right here as you Can see fed into the back of that razor Mixer and as you can hear it sounds Pretty good it’s a powerful mic it does Require phantom power so that’s turned On currently i have no additional gain On the software as well and the mixer is Powerful enough to drive most of your Higher end streaming microphones as well Out there like the popular Re20 the shirt sm7b powerful enough Sounds good to me as you could hear Right now at this mic uh the preamps Inside very low noise floor not a lot of Like you know of like a hiss or a hum or Anything so for me all sounds good very Happy with that another thing to point Out is before i started filming this Video i tried for like an hour to get Hooked up to my macbook pro so i can Just record audio on there on the side Instead of my pc behind me uh but Couldn’t figure it out couldn’t Understand why it wasn’t being Recognized on my macbook pro and turns Out it’s just not mac compatible but i Mean odds are you’re not gonna be Streaming from your mac anyways it’s Probably gonna be more for the gaming Setup and stuff uh like you see behind Me so speaking of which we’re gonna head

Back Check out the full in-depth run-through Of razer synapse in my setup which i’m Using the shure uh mb7 mic with so yeah We’ll go do that now Okay so now we’re in synapse and i’ll Show you real time how to get everything Set up and also as you’ll see on my Desktop here on the left side of my Keyboard is the razer mixer very simple Setup just have two things in the back As you can see with the xlr cable going Into my shure mb7 microphone and the usb Cable on the left side uh the usbc going To my pc to give it power there’s no Actual wall adapter which is really nice To see cuts down that cable clutter and The usb-c is obviously going to have it Be recognized in synapse we can get it All set up but yes nothing in the front Nothing else out the back a nice simple Setup at an arm’s reach so first up in The customize tab this is the foreplay For the razer mixer right this is how You’re just getting warmed up into it And deciding what each of the four Channels are going gonna be so you’ll See illuminated channel one two three Four you can change that audio source so By default one is microphone but if i Wanted it to be my game audio i could do That if i wanted my uh channel two to be My microphone instead you could switch It all up nice and easy really quick and

Easy to do instead of having it be uh Tied automatically like channel one just Being your microphone channel two just Being game it’s nice you have the Flexibility here to actually change that Up Then underneath it are the mute buttons You can also decide what those mute Buttons do for each of those channels Then on the bottom here is the Microphone mute button and doing a long Press will bring up a different menu of Things you can change that long press to Toggle right now by default it’s the Voice changer which we’ll show you in a Minute and then here on the left side uh Just nice little window sound settings Uh pretty much a link to bring it up so You can configure it really easily for Your output and your input same thing For the advanced setup so what all your Channels are going to be in your system Sound settings so for example i have i Have a premiere pro up right now but say This was i don’t know spotify i can go In and change that to Chat No Music say this nvidia container was Discord then you would you would select Chat if origin was you know i was Playing a game right now then i’ll make That game so that’s would automatically Just tie everything uh in your sound

Settings to make it easier to be set up Okay now we are in the mixer tab which Is where most of your configuration is Gonna be um you know done and you’re Gonna spend the bulk of your time here And you’ll see for all your outputs and Stuff with your output mixer your Playback mix voice chat line out and Stream mix you have the ability to Toggle between uh decibels for each one Or percentages i like decibels but again You can have that control for each one Decibels just a better idea of you know What the current volume level is going To be instead of a percentage you don’t Really you know i just feel like Decibels is more accurate so i like the Ability you have to change that up on The fly And again you have all that control for All the different things line out Optical game system all controllable Right here for your overall outputs in These little Mini sub mixes it’s not quite like a Customizable submix like we saw on the Elgato wavelink software or even with The newer razer siren microphones it’s Like a sort of dumbed down version but Still pretty easy to use because you’ll See for each of the mixes you have these Routing boxes and here for each of these Channels you can decide what you’re Hearing versus what chat is hearing for

Example like if i’m streaming and stuff And i want to play you know a brand new Album that just came out i could have Music on but turn off music for my Stream mix so chat doesn’t hear that if I just want to play you know some Copyright free music for chat i could Have that turned on for them and if i Don’t want to hear i would turn that off So then i can’t hear it and you would See it would not be them playing in my Playback so you have that for all the Different inputs and stuff here as you Can see for those routing tables but Yeah pretty pretty simple i’d say now One of the more confusing things i’ll Show you right now is with the actual Decibel and you know just volume output For your microphone so right now you’ll See it’s at 26 That’s because in the next tab under the Microphone tab that’s what i have the Current mic gain set to so this is where You can decide whether you’re going to Use an xlr in which i am or a if you’re Using like a headset you have the Microphone plugged in here for the mic In if you if you would require phantom Power you can toggle that here as well i Don’t have that so this is just my Current settings but you’ll see the mic Gain right now is at 26 And back on the mixer tab i could only Push the xlr in as high as 26

That’s kind of weird right so if i Wanted to again push this down to 12 Or 12 decibels it changes there as well I feel like since this tab is after Mixer it should have been like sort of Reversed or you can still adjust it here And then it would just reflect here as Well a little quirk maybe they’ll change That down the line uh but yeah just one Of the things i noticed that was kind of Throwing me off when i first got this All set up Underneath that is your mic monitor this Lets you you know pretty much dictate Your side tone of how you hear yourself In your headphones if you want so you Can control the volume there You then have noise gate which will cut Off and you like you know background you Know humming or if you have like loud Fans in your pc or just a loud fan in Your room you can cut that out pass a Certain percentage and dictate how Low it cuts that volume out so that’s Your noise gate you then have your mic Equalizer and this is pretty much your You know your eq’s for your voice so Right now i have it on balance which is One of the preset ones By default it’s set to default where Everything is at zero from 30 hertz all The way up to 16 000 hertz there is the Radio voice setting with the more of an Emphasis and the highs

Balance again with that more smiley Sound signature so you get some warmth And some crisp in the vocals i like this One the best mid focus again more of a Focus on just the mids and then a crazy Custom one we can go in and just really Decide how you want your voice to sound Mess up the eq’s but yeah for now i’m Going to leave it at balanced And then a compressor if you want to Turn this on as well you have there the Ratio the gain the attack time release Time all this configurable right here in The software which is nice Now back to the effects tab as i talked About earlier with the toggling this Button in the microphone mute button so I’m going to hold this down for two Seconds and you’ll see in the software It brings up the voice changer which now Is set to cartoons There’s also a monster effect A low pitch effect which really isn’t That different and a high pitch effect Which isn’t that different from the Cartoon version so again i can either Turn it off or on by pressing it in the Software or by holding in the mute Button for two seconds so that’s what That does you can change this up but Again having that Just be a two second hold isn’t really Convenient if you want something quick On the fly like that

You also have your echo and reverb from A library sort of echo and reverb sound Effect from like a smaller room to a Chapel which is a larger room with more Echo and reverb and a loud ass arena a Marble room a small concert hall or Again you can customize it change the Size of the room metaphorically decay Time gain delay uh but yeah i’m going to Turn those off and then interestingly This uh line in effects over here with The key shifter does not do anything to Your microphone this is only for the Line in on the razer mixer so again if You have like a dual stream setup going On you can change the key of the uh just The audio of what’s coming in i just Feel like this is really pointless i Don’t know but it’s it’s here if you so Desire and if you need that and then Lastly we’ll head over and show you uh The lighting tab so as you’ll see up top We have the razer logo there that’s Illuminating green you can turn that off Or on change up the effect from spectrum Static and breathing i just have it Green right now Below that is fader bass so you’ll see When i turn channel two three and four Down i have it right now static as pink But it is pink then over on the razer Foreground i have currently it all set To these the wave effect which is that Rainbow wave going right now so you can

Change the foreground and the fader base If you want to do that but where i think This is more interesting Is uh when you change the volume level To input meter so for example now since I have the the base as pink for all These every time i talk you can see your Actual levels in real time i have it Kind of low in the setting so that’s why It’s not like going up too high and Really reflecting that but it is an Option i like you can do that and you Can change up what that color is for Each of the four so for example if i had Like music here in game i could see what Those levels are real time as well with Different colors if i wanted uh but yeah Just for the The sake of everything and showing you Guys on the effects that’s why i just Have it as the spectrum and the wave Effect right now so you can see how it Looks crazy rgb and each of the channels Can be a different color and a different Effect by the way you have your channel Numbers which literally the channel Numbers themselves can be changed and Then you have your channel mute so these Colors what they are when it’s active And Red As you can see when it is muted and Turned on then you have the bleep button And this is interesting okay this in the

Software uh can only be changed in terms Of rgb where i think they really could Have made this cooler and more Interesting is if this was tied to like A sound board or if you can make this Just a single like sound file or an mp3 Or whatever Uh like i said as a sound board instead Of just a comedic Your mother Because it’s that’s all it is it’s a Comedic effect now they say like this is For in the heat of the moment if you get All worked up And bleep yourself right but if you Think about it like wouldn’t i just mute Myself instead of bleeping myself this Is this has got to be purely comedic Effect where this would have been more i Think helpful and probably more Appreciated is if you can tie this to Mute different channels or just the Entire stream audio output So like if i’m playing in a game and Someone in the lobby is just like Screaming cursing maybe like just saying Like crazy ridiculous like racist stuff That you don’t want to hear nor do you Want anyone else to hear that and now It’s on your stream quickly Beep all that but instead it just does Your voice so a bit of a missed Opportunity there with the beep then you Have the rgb for your microphone mute as

Well whether you want it to be green When muted red unmuted all that type of Stuff you get what i’m saying here so Rgb pretty nice configurable lots of Flexibility with customizing your Channels and there’s the main thing i Think with this is like you know the Toggling the the voice changer and stuff Not too useful because it does require Two seconds change the bleep button Possibly that’d be cool to a different Soundboard effect or have this tied to Different channels And uh the mixer and the mic thing like I showed you before Just having the the mic decibels like This being the main factor that controls Your gain after the mixer tab is a bit Confusing so maybe they should change That up but yes that is synapse for your Razer mixer So Bringing it all together here like i Just told you with the software it’s Fine will they you know change it up a Little bit polish it off add some little Features here and there like you know Enhanced submixes and stuff probably yes But very easy to use as is the user Interface here with the mixer itself Being very user friendly all good to see Some things to point out is the entire Face is glossy not a big deal but again When you’re streaming in stuff say

You’re looking at your screen you real Quick want to go adjust something you Might miss a button and you’re this is Gonna be a fingerprint magnet so keep That in mind but again with the the Glossiness as it is that’s what kind of Lets the rgb chroma and stuff glow Real nicely but in terms of like Physical problems and stuff No complaints on my end powerful enough Preamps as you hear it’s powering my mic It can power the re20 sm7b all good on That front the main issue with the razer Mixer Is the price coming in at 250 dollars Now throughout most of this as i’ve said Before this is going to be most closely Compared to the go xlr mini which also Launched for 250 but over the past two Years it’s been down to like 210 on Amazon So Razer is you know marketing this for you Know the newer streamer easy to use plug And play you’re good to go so for Somebody who’s looking to pick up a Mixer they’re going to hop on google Type in you know streaming mixer audio Mixer whatever and they’re going to be Met with two options really the go xlr Mini for 210 or the razer mixer for 250. They’re gonna pick the cheaper one Obviously it just makes more sense right 40 bucks off the go xlr is more

Established as a company when it comes To streaming hardware as it is So i feel like 250 for this is Definitely a bit much because Face value in terms of like features and Stuff it is damn near identical in Almost every single way to the go xlr Mini so that 50 surcharge really for Just like what the extra cartoon effects In the software which i’m never going to Use Not really that worth it and again to Somebody the first time streamer looking To pick up new gear they’re just going To go with the cheaper option so razer Really should have had this down i would Say around 200 if they would have Started at 200 i feel like that Definitely would have been The smarter move here because then People are gonna still see hey a brand New product that’s cheaper than an older Product same features i’ll go with that But no they’re going to go with the go Xlr mini Will this drop in price yes probably Maybe around the holidays Maybe a year from now it’ll eventually Drop in price like all things do but Just the launch price right now It’s not that it’s not worth it because It works fine it works great does Everything it’s supposed to it’s just There’s literally a cheaper option

A cheaper identical option already out There on the market so guys Brought you through everything here Physical features the software how to Configure it all great mixer just not a Great price Come on razer Come on Guys that’ll wrap it up my review of the Razer mixer hope you all enjoyed if you Did you found it useful give this video A big thumbs up show your support feel Free to follow me on twitter at Randomfrankp and last if you haven’t Already hit that subscribe button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day


The world of live streaming and podcasting has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years, with everyone from amateur enthusiasts to professional creators jumping onto the bandwagon. Whether you’re a gamer, musician, or content creator, having the right gear is essential for delivering high-quality content. One such tool that has recently caught the attention of the streaming community is the Razer Audio Mixer – GoXLR Mini.

In this review, we will take a deep dive into the GoXLR Mini, exploring its features, pros, and cons. We’ll help you understand whether this piece of equipment is the right fit for your streaming or podcasting setup.

What is the Razer Audio Mixer – GoXLR Mini?

As the name suggests, the GoXLR Mini is an audio mixer designed for creators who want to level up their streaming, podcasting, or gaming audio. The mixer features a control panel with various buttons and dials that allow you to control your audio sources, balance levels, and add sound effects to your streams. The GoXLR Mini is compatible with both Windows and MacOS, making it an ideal choice for gamers and streamers alike.

Features of the GoXLR Mini

  • Multi-channel mixer: Allows you to control up to four audio sources, so you can manage your mic, music, game audio, and more, all in one place.
  • Voice effects: The mixer comes with a range of voice effects to add fun and personality to your streams, including robot and gender-bending effects.
  • Soundboard: The soundboard feature enables you to assign hotkeys for pre-recorded sounds or jingles, so you can easily trigger them during your stream.
  • Customizable user settings: The GoXLR Mini software allows you to fully customize your audio settings, so you can dial in your audio levels to perfection.
  • Compact design: The compact size of the mixer makes it an excellent choice for creators who want a professional-grade audio mixer without taking up too much space.

Pros of the GoXLR Mini

  • High-quality audio output: The GoXLR Mini delivers crystal clear audio that is sure to take your streams to the next level.
  • Easy to set up: The mixer is easy to set up, and the software makes it easy to fine-tune your audio settings.
  • Built-in voice effects and soundboard: These features add a fun and creative dimension to your streams and podcasts.
  • Compatible with any Broadcast software: The GoXLR Mini can be seamlessly integrated into streaming software like OBS, SLOBS, and XSplit, making it a flexible choice for creators.

Cons of the GoXLR Mini

  • Price: At the time of writing, the GoXLR Mini retails for around $250, which may be too steep for some streamers and podcasters.
  • Limited physical inputs: The mixer only has two XLR inputs and one AUX input, which may not be sufficient for larger setups.
  • Limited voice effects and sound effects: While the GoXLR Mini does come with some fun features, it may not be enough for creators who want more extensive customization options.


The Razer Audio Mixer – GoXLR Mini is an excellent choice for creators who want to elevate their audio game. It comes packed with features that make it easy to control and fine-tune your audio settings, adding an extra dimension of creativity to your streams and podcasts. While it may be pricier than some other audio mixers on the market, its quality and ease of use make it an investment worth considering.


  1. Can the GoXLR Mini be used with consoles?
    No, the GoXLR Mini is designed to be used with a PC or Mac and is not compatible with consoles like Xbox or PlayStation.

  2. How do I connect my GoXLR Mini?
    You can connect the GoXLR Mini to your PC or Mac via USB.

  3. Are there any other voice effects available besides the ones mentioned in the review?
    Yes, the GoXLR Mini software comes with various voice effects that you can apply to your streams and podcasts.

  4. Can I use the GoXLR Mini with other software besides OBS?
    Yes, the GoXLR Mini is compatible with any Broadcast software, including SLOBS and XSplit.

  5. What’s the difference between the GoXLR Mini and the GoXLR?
    The GoXLR is a larger and more expensive version of the GoXLR Mini, with more physical inputs and outputs. The GoXLR Mini is smaller and more affordable, making it an ideal choice for creators who are just starting.

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