Returning from Hiatus: An Update on My Journey

By | February 4, 2022

After a brief hiatus, I am thrilled to be back and ready to share an update on my journey. During my time away, I have taken the opportunity to reflect, recharge, and refocus. I am excited to share with you the lessons I’ve learned and the progress I’ve made on my personal and professional development. So, welcome back to my journey – I hope you’ll join me as I continue to grow and navigate through life’s twists and turns.

What’s up guys I’m randomfrankp, did you miss me???
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What’s up guys i’m random frank p did You miss me [Music] [Applause] Man it’s been 45 days since i last uploaded a video Which is by far the longest streak that I’ve gone without uploading on youtube Since i started back in 2014 I didn’t start doing youtube full time Until 2015 but even then like throughout College and stuff i would still upload Like Once every few weeks once a month at Least over 45 days And i’ll tell you what it’s been Refreshing it’s been great But i’m back So i’ve seen it all did i get covered And die Am i dead did i quit youtube all that Stuff no no to all of it What happened was and i’m sure obviously If you don’t follow me on social media And stuff you’re probably you know not Aware but my son was born december 21st 2021 little callum came into the world Changed our life for the better and i’ve Been on a mini you know personal Paternity leave if you can think of it That way so since i haven’t uploaded in Such a long time like i said people just Didn’t know what was going on but i’ve Been pretty active on social media you

Know i’ve been posting about it on Twitter on instagram i’m even uploaded To posts here on youtube in the Community posts so it’s not like you Know i’m been dead you could still check To see they’ve been active but i’ve seen All the crazy conspiracy theories and to Answer all of them no Just been taking a little time off and It’s been super super refreshing it’s Been so nice don’t have to worry about Uploading i’ve always had this weird Fear of not uploading you know every Like few weeks or so at most because Like i figured the algorithm would just Kill the channel but there’s plenty of Channels out there who upload once a Month or so sometimes longer and they’re Still fine so i figured you know i can Afford to take a month off and still be Fine but we’re back we’ve had a bunch of Stuff delivered so many products have Piled up there’s a lot to get to coming Up so don’t worry we’re back in the full Swing of things but yes I’m alive and the family gained one so For today we do a little q a video take It nice and chill and we’re gonna start Off with sean who asked my body count Um so There’s your mom Now but for real now uh a good question From brayden do you have any tech that You weren’t excited about at first but

Now has become something you use pretty Frequently and one thing about this that I can think of off the backs you know What i thought about these before i Picked them for the video was uh i think The best thing i can describe would be The iquinix og 80. now i can see you Know it might be kind of blown out for You guys but i quinnix is you know a Growing keyboard company and at first They started setting their keyboards out It’s one of those things like you said That i wasn’t too excited about because On this channel i just review so much Stuff we i got tons of different Keyboards in and when i saw this was This and the previous iconic keyboards Were arriving i was like ah you know It’s gonna be another keyboard but they Have blown me away and i love this og 80 Wormhole keyboard i’m gonna have a video On this very very soon but this is one Keyboard that 100 percent uh surprised Me in every way shape and form i love it It is a great great pre-built keyboard And even show it off their cosmic Traveler keyboard in the best keyboards Of 2021 so iquinix doing some really Really great stuff like i said i’ll have A video on this keyboard coming out but Then on the other end of the spectrum Silent soundwave asked is there anything As of reason that you have buyers Remorse for so i’m liking uh both the

Contrast of the questions here And the one thing that i can think of And i’ve got a lot of questions about This for the q a I’m gonna say battlefield 2042 Like a dummy i paid 80 bucks for it so i Can get you know some of the incentives And add-on dlc crap And that game is just a horrendous Horrendous mess right now it’s terrible At launch i played maybe three or four Hours in the first like few weeks and Haven’t touched it probably since like Thanksgiving so yeah i think battlefield 24 is definitely a good case of buyer’s Remorse it’s been out it launched like The second week of november and just now They’re addressing a lot of the Controversy and putting out a big fix to All the problems and stuff but um Yeah that we’ll say battlefield 2042 for That even though it’s not like a tech Thing you know Now from sneaky this is a good question As well he asked did you end up choosing Which electric car to get Very good question sneaky so like i Mentioned this is a vlog So uh Let’s answer that All right so um Gonna head out and Go to the ford dealership okay i wanna Check out the ford mustang mock e

Because i really want to get a new car It’s just one of the things i’m wanting To do i currently have a ford focus Hatchback it’s a 2014 model and it’s Great but as a you know a hatchback it Is kind of you know small in the back And with the growing family and stuff Just kind of want to get a bigger car And that’s a really good crossover Between a hatchback and an suv on the Smaller side but the machi gt Performance model i want is definitely On a sportier side of the zero to 60 i Believe is 3.5 maybe a little bit under There it’s got the extended battery as Well so some of them have over 300 mile Range there’s a lot of different specs And different models I live right on the pa in delaware Border And there are a bunch of ford Dealerships near me i called the closest Six and only one has one on the lot but It’s currently not operable they’re Waiting for some sort of um i guess like A software update for it to be able to Go on the road so i’m gonna go there and Sit in it to kind of you know just check It out but yeah i’m currently between The tesla model y And the ford mustang mock e i was Thinking about possibly the hyundai Ioniq but every time i look at it like It looks cool at first then i’m like oh

It’s ugly then i’m like oh it’s actually You know i like this then i’m like nah It’s not going to age well it’s one of Those cars where i’m very torn on i was Also looking at the the kia ev6 that One’s more so not too much my style i Really wanted a porsche macan but they Are not electric yet next year’s model Is supposed to be But the thing with those is is first off They are very expensive you can spec Them out pretty much any way you want You can only do that and get it Delivered to atlanta georgia I live in you know pennsylvania so uh That’s not really accessible to me i can Go to a porsche dealership and buy one There but if i’m gonna spend over a Hundred thousand dollars i won’t expect That to the way i want so like that’s Really not an option right now so i’m Really leaning between the model y And the mustang mock e so i’m gonna go To ford and sit in the car and just Check it out I do want to say real quick i love the Uh the shadow of my air freshener right Now It’s just It’s just frank Hanging If you’re a fan of it’s always sunny You’ll know you’ll know All right i just pulled up it’s right

There in front of me and this is their Gt performance model but it’s like that Cyber Yellow or orange i definitely like their Blue so uh don’t hate it because of the Color But let’s go check it out so here’s the Thing it’s definitely sportier and more Compact than it looks online like i Thought this was going to be as big as Like my my wife’s suv which is the Uh what is it the ford Escape explorer maybe the explorer yeah The larger explorer but this honestly Isn’t i feel like that much bigger Than My uh My hatchback just sitting there i don’t Know i i’m liking it in person a lot More than i thought i would Again i’m not gonna get it in this color But uh All right go inside and see if we could Pop this open All right Change of plans so The problem with this was something Software related Put my mask down so you guys can hear me Better so this has some sort of critical Software update which is definitely Concerning and with that being said This is the door unlock and this is the Handle so you press this and it opens up

But with the software not working uh They can’t even get into the car So i’m not able to actually check this Performance Gt model out which again is the model i Want just in a different color However what i just did which i wasn’t Able to show you guys because i would Have felt super awkward is The main like the the head of salesman Who works here actually owns one and he Has one in the garage back there their Service center currently charging it’s His own personal vehicle which he let me Sit inside and check it out i didn’t Feel like whipping out the camera and Putting it on inside of his personal car You know But at least i got to drive here and sit In it it was much more spacious inside Than i thought it was going to be which Is good And um Yeah my main concern i don’t know if you Guys could even see in my main concert Was my knee hitting The uh the massive 15 inch display but There was plenty of room and like i said It’s really not that much bigger than My uh my hatchback it looks massive Online But i’m happy to see that that’s not the Case it’s a really nice crossover Well

There’s that All right Sup Is this even usable i don’t know All right so that was kind of a fail Kind of not really like i said couldn’t Get footage of inside the actual car for You guys but at least i got to sit in it And check it out now i know i’m going to See Obviously there’s a lot more tesla Fanboys than there are ford fanboys and There’s the whole you know uh because The the mock e is called the mustang Maki and there’s a ton of people who are Just Raging about that i couldn’t give two Shits i don’t care if it’s called the Mustard maki it doesn’t matter the name To me what matters is the car the Performance and how it drives so that’s Why that’s currently the leader for me And you know i really do like the model Y as well it still has that hatchback Type feel i believe it’s only like an Inch or two smaller than the maki or Maybe two inches bigger i don’t know They’re relatively the same size it Comes down to two inches And the thing with the the the model y That i don’t love Is i sat in it because it’s my the Christiana mall has that man there’s a Tesla like shop in the mall

And It’s very Plasticky in open which is good that It’s open but the materials it’s there’s A lot of plastic inside and there’s a Lot of glass you know it has a huge like Unibody sunroof up top and everything is Just Louder and reverberates in the car it’s Very weird it’s very sterile Uh and it doesn’t feel like cozy i don’t Know i think the plastic was really was Throwing me off because when i sat in The model y That had you know really nice um quality Of upholstery and stuff and it’s gonna Be different in the performance gt model That i get but Um it didn’t have that plasticky Resonance that was just so echoey that i Really didn’t like in the model y the Model y is also about fifteen thousand Dollars cheaper however it’s not subject To the seventy five hundred dollar tax Rebate because for whatever reason um i Don’t know but if i get the mustang Machi i can get 7 500 Back because it’s electric and you also Get a rebate when you install the uh the Home charger and stuff so It’s it’s potato potato it’s up in the Air they each have their own advantages And disadvantages but right now i think I’m really leaning towards the mach e

And getting to sit in it uh definitely Sold me a bit more before i commit 100 i Will have to find one that has it Actually in stock so i can drive it First Um but yeah That was that was that for today let’s Head back home because my my voice is Just dying right now it’s that cold that It’s hard to talk On my way home now stop the cvs real Quick uh i bought one thing and just the Amount of receipts that they always give You is ridiculous Um all they bought was this uh Strawberry nestle milk one of my weird Guilty pleasures i am a sucker for some Strawberry milk do you have a odd guilty Pleasure as well Comment down below all right now i’m Switching real quick instead of the vlog Camera to this insta 360 camera i got With testing this out i love it so i Figured real quick why not just uh Answer a question here so if the audio Is different obviously because i’m using Different cameras as we go and next up From zip zash would it be possible to Get a behind the scenes on your workflow Editing recording space you have just in General things we’ll get to see in Normal videos so just a general behind The scenes sort of video i know a lot of Youtubers do that kind of thing um i

Don’t think i’ve ever done a full behind The scenes video like a day in the life Type thing um i could if you want to see That also let me know down below if you Would like that kind of from like you Know the process from when i wake up to Going to bed at night in the whole you Know process of completing a video but In terms of like the workspace and stuff I’ve definitely done studio tours before Yes i’m gonna be doing one for this year As well uh but yeah like i said if you Want to see more of these uh behind the Scenes type videos of a day in the life Of a youtuber Let me know all right hopping back in Some questions dustin asked what Happened to the stuffy review i know There’s giveaways and all that but Surely you got more things sent you know What to do with And yes dustin um i actually did a vlog Last april on reorganizing my Storage room pretty much where This was a mess it still is kind of a Mess right now But i went through and definitely had it More organized when i did that video so Again at this point back in april what Eight months ago uh and yeah it all goes Here in this storage room organized by Pc hardware peripherals All that stuff that back there’s like The cool tech under 50 closet most of

The gadgets just go here but this is all The pc hardware and peripherals and Stuff And uh yeah this closet is well not a Closet it’s a full room but yeah this is Where everything goes got a little desk Over here and a ship station because I’ve been sending a lot of Stuff through like ebay and also one of The things i’ve been doing And i think i even mentioned it in April’s vlog video was i’ll put together Like just a box filled with a bunch of Stuff and sell it as like a mystery tech Box because you know i’m just putting a Bunch of things in a box and selling it So i’ve been doing that instead of Selling things individually it’s just so Much easier that way um i’ll put my ebay Down below don’t know if i’ll have any More left at this time i put up like Maybe two or three per month they’ve Been going pretty quick but yeah check Out last april’s vlog Um it’s that’s the title of the videos What happens all the time when i’m done With it if you want to see more of the Process and the whole storage Organization and how that went All right so hop back into it now a few More questions we wrap this up uh Finkers 25 asks we’re all thinking this Frank when’s a 2022 setup tour Ps loved the videos like i said in the

Car you know for one of the previous Questions yes the setup tour is coming Soon Years past i would always make it a Point to get my setup and studio tour Out the first like two or three days of January but As i’ve been in this in a space for over Three years now um there’s less and less Big exciting upgrades to where like a Right on the dot yearly upgrade video is Necessary but yes there’s still gonna be One in the works there’s a few upgrades That i’ve been making some bigger than Others uh but enough upgrades where it’s Worthy enough to put out a new 2022 Youtube studio and gaming setup update So that’ll probably be out i’m gonna aim For like mid february Maybe early march it depends i’m still Waiting on some things to arrive because With chinese new year um a lot of the Stuff that i was waiting to arrive is Kind of on pause right now but yes it’s Coming soon I promise that was always like a staple For the channel so sorry i’m not uh Keeping up with it as much as i should When it comes to those first few days of January Now from instagram we got a question About uh from Pretty alright he asked how are you Feeling about the tonal system still

Working for you and tonal is like the At-home all-in-one gym that i have i did A video i believe it was maybe sometime During the spring where it was my Favorite tech of the month and the Tunnel was in there and yeah it’s this Crazy all-in-one home electric gym Pretty much and it’s awesome um it’s Been working out great for me i i worked Out probably every other day from Last december until august and then one Day in august i remember i was very Tired that day just wasn’t feeling it But i was like all right whatever get a Workout in i was being lazy my form was Off i was doing some benches and i felt Just a little something weird in my Lower abdomen And uh i had to go to like get a Specialist and stuff and it turns out i Had a weird like sort of uh i pulled one Of the muscles in my lower abdomen and That kind of sidelined me for a few Months so just last month or mid-january I was finally able to you know feel Recovered enough where i could hop back Into the home studio gym that i have Upstairs in a little office uh but yeah It’s been great i love the tonal system I’m still approaching a million pounds i Believe i’m at 900 000 pounds right now Since i started and uh it’s been great i Love it if i wouldn’t have injured Myself stupidly in august i would have

Probably been a lot more jacked than i Am now i made some good progress though But yes it feels good to be back And then it looks like the last question For today from dutch horology how many Keyboard builds have you done and what Is your favorite Right now so i do have a shelf it’s out Of frame right now i have the keyboard Shelf behind me um up there i have eight Builds that i’ve done eight customs one You can’t really see right now but That’s just like custom builds like not Including you know the gmk pro the Kikron stuff i’ve done i would say if We’re talking about that probably four Different builds from gmk pro and kikron Um my one grid 600 build i’ve done three Separate times then to the wall next to Me on a shelf i have some other boards That i’m still waiting to build because Of the gmk delay is insane i’ve got a Nice cyber board the jelly epoch which I’m super excited to build i can’t wait Any longer another grid board with the Grid 650 my favorite hmm Probably the con 165 Love that build with the uh botanical Keycaps on there the custom ice cream Switches i made it’s a franken switch With the aqua kings and novel keys cream Switches it is just a beautiful smooth Experience i love the way it looks so i Definitely say the con 165 i did a build

Video on that back in june or july so Check that out if you haven’t already But yes like i said it’s a little vlog To ease back into the whole content Creation um i really wanted to test Drive the machi that was the whole point Of this video pretty much was to make it More you know have more substance to it But oh well oh a little q a for you guys Um anything i talked about today that i Talked that i said you know that i’ll List down below have in the description It feels good to be back i’m not gonna Lie definitely much appreciated to take Some time off for 45 days not to worry About the channel not to worry about Anything else except cuddling and uh Just Being a new father it’s It’s it still hasn’t like fully sunk in Yet but it is Hands down just the most life-changing Awesome Thing and experience it’s very you know It’s cliche to say you know it’s very uh It’s a common thing to say it’s just so Life-changing but it really is It really is and uh that’s why i feel It’s kind of good to be back in a sense In the way that like i feel like a Different mindset just i feel like Different i feel different so it’s good To be back And

Life is a whole lot different now in Such a better way so Yeah thank you for uh sticking with me The last 45 days with a empty channel And maybe you didn’t even realize that Was gone maybe you’re like no i didn’t Miss you i had no idea you were gone who Are you you know but I’m not dead that’s all that matters Right so i’m random frank p Hope you enjoyed have a good day

Returning From Hiatus: An Update on My Journey


As a writer, taking a hiatus from writing can be both beneficial and challenging. Time off can recharge creativity and offer renewed perspectives, but it also means that getting back into the writing rhythm can be difficult. After taking a break from writing for several months, I am finally returning to my writing journey. In this article, I will share my experience of returning from hiatus and how I overcame the obstacles that I faced.

The Struggle to Return

Returning to writing after a long break felt like an uphill battle. Initially, I found myself struggling to form coherent sentences, and my mind constantly wandered away from writing. However, I refused to let these difficulties derail my journey. With persistence and patience, I gradually started to rebuild my writing confidence and skills.

Actionable Strategies

Whether you are returning to writing after a hiatus or experiencing writer’s block, there are several actionable strategies that can help you get back on track. Here are some of the strategies that worked for me:

  • Take small steps: Instead of trying to write a whole article at once, break it down into smaller tasks like writing a paragraph or even a sentence. This will help you slowly build momentum and avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Set realistic goals: Instead of trying to write for several hours at once, set more achievable goals that will encourage you to keep writing. For example, you could aim to write for 15 minutes each day and gradually increase the time as you build your writing stamina.
  • Eliminate distractions: It’s essential to eliminate any potential distractions while writing. In my case, I found myself getting sidetracked by social media and notifications. Turning off phone notifications and using website blockers to block social media sites helped me stay focused on writing.
  • Find inspiration: When it comes to writing, inspiration is essential. I found inspiration in various forms, including other writers and their work, nature, music, and quotes, to name a few. Find what works for you and use it as a motivator when you feel stuck.

Reflection and Improvement

Each writer’s journey is unique, and returning after a hiatus offers a learning opportunity. For me, my hiatus taught me that it’s essential to take breaks and recharge. However, it’s equally important to keep writing and avoid letting the hiatus turn into a permanent roadblock. I also learned to accept that my writing is a process and could use some improvement.


Returning from hiatus can be challenging, but with the right strategies and mindset, it’s possible to overcome those challenges and pick up where you left off. Small steps and realistic goals can go a long way, and finding inspiration and eliminating distractions can help in the journey. Although my hiatus was a challenging period, I am grateful for the lessons I learned and the opportunity to improve my writing skills.


  1. How long does it take to get back on track after a writing hiatus?
    Ans. The duration for getting back on track after a writing hiatus is subjective and depends on various factors such as the length of the break and the individual’s writing skills. However, taking small steps and setting achievable goals can hasten the process.

  2. Can taking a break from writing be beneficial?
    Ans. Yes. Taking a break from writing can be beneficial as it allows writers to recharge and gain renewed perspectives, which can be advantageous to their writing journey.

  3. Are there any helpful tools to avoid distractions while writing?
    Ans. Yes. There are various website blockers that writers can use to block social media sites and other potential distractions. Additionally, turning off phone notifications can be helpful in minimizing interruptions while writing.

  4. How can a writer overcome writer’s block?
    Ans. A writer can overcome writer’s block by using actionable strategies like taking small steps, finding inspiration, eliminating distractions, and setting realistic goals.

  5. What lessons can be learned from taking a writing hiatus?
    Ans. Taking a writing hiatus offers learning opportunities such as the importance of taking breaks to recharge, the need to keep writing even during tough times, and the opportunity to reflect and improve writing skills.

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