Razer Integrates Elgato Stream Deck into a Keyboard – A Revolutionary Gaming Experience

By | April 9, 2022

Experience gaming like never before with Razer’s latest innovation – the integration of Elgato Stream Deck into its keyboard. This revolutionary move elevates the gaming experience to new heights and sets a benchmark for future gaming technology. Get ready to take control with customizable keys and advanced streaming tools, as Razer and Elgato come together to create the ultimate gaming setup. Get all the details on this game-changing advancement in our blog post.

So Razer has a keyboard with 8 LCD screen buttons and a 4” LCD screen touchpad…and it was released 10 years ago?! Let’s revisit the Razer Deathstalker Ultimate, the 2012 gaming keyboard with an Elgato Stream Deck built in before it’s time!

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Could you imagine how cool it would be If we had a keyboard with an elgato Stream deck actually built in Oh yeah razer actually did that 10 years ago with the razer death Stalker ultimate What’s up guys i’m random frank p and Today we’ll be revisiting this very cool And kind of forgotten keyboard that Razer released in 2012 which gave us 10 Lcd screen buttons plus this little Track pad here which also acted as a Screen itself so when this released in 2012 it came at a premium price tag at 250 Which even by today’s standards is a lot Of money now imagine that 10 years ago When keyboards were nowhere near where They are now so went over to ebay and Found a brand new unit for just 150 Bucks Picked it up because i figured it would Make for a pretty cool video for you Guys today and i did this because i Remember when elgato released the stream Deck in 2017 then just a few months Later elgato merged with corsair i Figured okay it’ll be no time before we Get an actual keyboard with this Technology built in but here we are Still doesn’t exist and that’s why i Figured why not revisit this really cool Keyboard from 10 years ago and believe It or not when this was released it was

Actually received pretty poorly and Didn’t get glowing reviews at all so That’s why we’re going to take a look at It find out why it’s still cool and kind Of why it failed now the first thing That stuck up to me when i got it Unboxed opened up was this is actually Very lightweight and very thin their Whole desktop or lineup back and they Followed this design language this is Also because these more low profile Chiclet keys were more popular back in The day but obviously the big selling Point to this was the new switchblade Technology razer called it with those 10 Lcd screens that were customizable and The 4 inch lcd screen below it which was Not only a full track pad but a screen And also if you want to get a good laugh This was one of the first chroma Keyboards and we’ll touch on that in a Minute so quick overview the death Stalker ultimate is a full sized full Layout keyboard five macro keys on the Left side features the grippiest Built-in wrist wraps i’ve ever seen in My life like this material is bizarre The second i got it out of the box and You probably saw during the unboxing it Just immediately started collecting Smudges and dust and anything in the air This material is like glossy but also Super tacky at the same time and Regardless of how you try to clean it

You’re only gonna make it worse a Microfiber cloth made it 10 times worse This is the grippiest wrist rest in the World and then the death stalker Ultimate also has wait for it rubber Dome switches Yeah so back in 2012 you know mechanical Keyboards obviously still existed and They were very popular that’s actually One of the reasons why this keyboard Wasn’t received so well was because for That premium 250 price tag this still Featured rubber dome switches as you’d Assume they suck it’s like sticking your Finger in a bowl of mashed potatoes as a Result the rgb lighting as well is very Very dull because it gets diffused Through the rubber dome layer and then That little light tube on the actual key Switch and again at this time it just Would have made more sense for this Price if we had mechanical switches and I laughed before about the rgb lighting Because this was before the rise of rgb And this does not feature per key rgb You can either set the keyboard to one Static color or have the spectrum Cycling effect which just you know does That very slow gradient rainbow across But as you can see very very dull and uh Barely serving a point at all but chroma Doesn’t serve a point anyways ever Looking nice but here it really doesn’t Even do that

Now before we move on to the highlight Of the death stalker ultimate with their Switchblade technology i’m gonna do a Sound test for you guys because that’s What we do with these keyboard reviews So we’re gonna do a sound test of these Rubber dome switches In the death stalker ultimate Prepare yourselves Yeah things that make you go [Music] I also even like tried it out for gaming A little bit and you know it’s usable But it’s just not ideal i think it’s Like 10 key rollover which you know is Still fine i’m not doing more than 10 Inputs at once But again it’s just like i don’t want to Use rubber dome switches considering all The nice lubed linear switches and Tactile switches out there that i’m in Love with all the custom keyboards i’ve Used Using this now ugh All right now we’re going to dive into The switchblade technology with these Screens i’m going to do this real time Over the shoulder so i can show you how It works and how it’s all set up Okay so first up the reason i have it at This awkward over-the-shoulder shot is Because this is the best viewing angle In order to clearly see what’s on these Lcd screens and they do it this way

Because they’re sort of estimating this Is the angle that you’re going to be Looking at these screens from the Average position of where you’re seated At at your desktop which means if you Were to look at this straight on or Overhead these screens become very very Blurry and have this sort of ghosting Effect so they are meant to be seen from An angle again at the average position Of where you’d be seated at your desktop So the actual display is seated at an Angle inside it sounds weird i know and It’s another reason why this was sort of Knocked at release was because of these Weird viewing angles on the screen so We’re gonna run the room real quick i’ll Show you guys how it’s all set up you Have this four inch lcd screen and touch Pad here which as you can see when you Use it as like a mouse and a cursor has A cool little trailing effect your left Click right click you can also left Click and right click on here this also Supports gestures for you know windows 10 windows 11 so Zooming in and out with pinching uh this Actually also can use two and three Finger swipe which is how you switch From the pages and stuff uh not always Dead on but you can see how it works Here and all of the apps they call it Are drag and drop in the software which I’ll show you right after this and how

You get it set up in the software but You do have things like settings right Here which actually lets you change uh Where the sort of graphic is on the key So you can see if you’re looking at it It is very slightly changing It’s just changing you know where the Graphic is displayed so if you want to Turn it all the way to the right and you Know you look at it from an overhead Shot like i said before it’s still going To be blurry this is just sort of Adjusting it so it looks better from Where you’re seated it could have been a Cool fix but unfortunately that does not Work uh every single one You can click on it’ll have you know the Screen right here displaying it you Click back with the little razer logo Here so you know you can go in create Macros and stuff on the on the fly which Is really cool and if you can hear real Quick The actual keys that they used here Actually are more mechanical and tactile Than the actual rubber dome switches That they have um on the keyboard so These are more clicky and tactile i’d Say than even the elgato stream deck Those are a lot more mushy than these You can hear it These have an actual tactility to it There’s also like one of the things you Can do is have a whole browser for your

Media and stuff music videos you can Actually go in listen all right here Watch videos on here Things like you know adding notes real Time on the fly This one’s pretty cool this lets you go In and it shows you like your cpu usage Ram network hard drive usage you have All these real-time stats and display uh Stats and usage you know info on display Right here you can configure it there’s A bunch of different info again really Cool stuff for even 10 years ago That was definitely you know unheard of At the time which is still really cool Now definitely like this little i guess You can call like an app or a widget or Whatever but they have a lot of cool Stuff honestly this little joystick sort Of app lets you actually use this like a Joystick in game you know emulating like A controller and stuff and yes it does All work uh this mirror mode lets you Mirror a screen or like one of your Displays you can have that mirror in Real time on here which would be really Cool for like you know if you’re Streaming and stuff uh you want to use This for like a secondary chat or Whatever uh this kind of like a Pointless sort of trackpad feature again But it just brings up numbers here Because you also have this little numpad Section which does bring up a full

Numpad so like i said before it’s a Full-size keyboard even though you don’t Have the actual physical numpad and Stuff like you will you got print screen Home delete all that stuff it is here in The apps Swipe over some more cool things full Browser integration here this is an Actual full browser uh default it does Bring up a Chinese Store for the razer store but you can go In and type in you know let’s just go Real quick Google.com and it’ll bring up i spell Google wrong Google.com and it’ll bring up full Google so you have that if i want to Just you know type in you got to click On it here you can zoom in you can see It is kind of slow and buggy Not the easiest thing so let me just go To a new tab you know create new tabs You have back forward let me just try to Get this going real time so i can show You guys again you can see the uh the Struggles right so it’s a cool Integration but it’s not perfect but it Is so cool you do have a full browser Right here okay whatever you get browser You also have things like facebook at The time you know facebook very cool Very uh a well-known thing you can go on Facebook load up youtube right now it

Can’t be reached same thing with twitter Unsupported browser 10 years old load up Your gmail if you want uh but the Browser feature here is really cool There’s a spotify tie-in a little Snapshot button which lets you take a Actual Screenshot of whatever’s on your display So you know if you’re playing a game you Want to take a screenshot boom Screenshot automatically for you they Have photoshop and premiere tie-ins Where it gives you some commonly used uh Tools and stuff which is cool to have Right there but this display doesn’t do Anything so again it would have been Cool if you could have seen like your Actual um in premiere window here or Something but this doesn’t do anything You have things like a gaming timer and What’s cool with this is these gaming Timers are for uh like different like Cool downs and stuff you can select Different things like you know in Battlefield uh the cooldowns for like When a tank’s gonna spawn a jet’s gonna Spawn stuff like that and speaking of Which they had very limited game Integrations things like at the time uh Counter-strike global offensive you know Cs go world of warcraft and battlefield 3 this is kind of you know obviously Dating itself this just gives you you Know just quick functions and hotkeys on

The fly so say i was you know Engineering game i can click that and Then up here i have things like you know That’s my main gun secondary rocket Launcher all stuff right here quick Going you know kneeling prone very cool Stuff But again uh it just was Still limiting with what you can and Can’t do with it um and there just Wasn’t a lot of integration like i said Very limited games and all together as You can see Just kind of Sluggish like i should be going back to Page one right now am i doing something Wrong Is it frozen You get the idea Now i do want to give razer props real Quick with the way they support their Products with drivers and software and Even back when i reviewed the boomslang Mouse a few years ago which was their First ever mouse from like 1999 that Mouse is still supported with software And this is as well and it’s even Supported in today’s synapse which will Just launch an older sort of window so You can control it all and that’s how You really would configure the actual Switchblade and the lcd screens and Stuff it’s under the apps tab up top you Know because i guess these were sort of

Apps you could launch and they had a Handful of their own apps that razer Built specifically for this keyboard and There was also a little tab you can go In and click you know get more apps Which was just sort of like third-party Apps from game companies and such that They would collab with to put out for This it’s still not a lot at all you can Barely fill the two or three pages on Here and it’s nowhere near the open Source Thousands of different shortcuts and Functions you can use today with Something like the elgato stream deck Where it’s literally unlimited so Bringing this all around like i opened Up with when elgato and corsair merged i Thought for sure a keyboard With a stream deck built in was right Around the corner but here we are 2022 And it doesn’t exist yet now i always Knew like in the back of my head this Keyboard existed but when this released In 20 2012 i was a broke college kid i Wasn’t doing re like youtube and stuff i Wasn’t a youtuber i was mainly a console Gamer back then as well and given how Cool this tech is now Back then at 250 yeah that was still Expensive and i think just the main Killer here is the fact that it’s not Translating to that price given the Overall quality because rubber dome

Switches at 250 Is insane Even for 10 years ago and that’s why Ultimately i think this didn’t really Take off Yeah it has some other little quirks Like i said before with the lcd screens Not being fully visible from like Straight on it’s only really visible From like off to the side at an angle But that’s not what killed it It’s these keys that killed it now i Wouldn’t be surprised if elgato and Corsair are still working on some stream Deck keyboard and i wouldn’t be Surprised if razer was possibly doing Something like this as well i’m not Hinting at anything i don’t know Anything personally if i did i would be Breaking nda by even making this video But i mean they did it back then And they know how popular the stream Deck is so i wouldn’t be surprised if Maybe in the next year or two we had a You know newer more modern razer Mechanical keyboard with their optical Switches and some sort of a newer Switchblade tech built in that’d be Really really cool but again i thought It’d be fun to revisit a 10 year old Keyboard with cool modern technology With the razer death stalker ultimate Guys that’ll wrap it up hope you enjoyed If you did let me know give this video a

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Razer Integrates Elgato Stream Deck into a Keyboard – A Revolutionary Gaming Experience


Are you tired of toggling between different apps and programs whilst gaming? Razer has the answer to your problem. With the advent of Elgato Stream Deck integration into Razer keyboards, gaming has become a revolutionized experience. The new gaming keyboard is an innovative product blend that integrates two brilliant products to offer a seamless gaming experience.

The partnership between Razer and Elgato has combined the aesthetics and performance of keyboard usage with the convenience and ease of Elgato Stream Deck. Now gamers can efficiently manage their live streaming and video content while browsing through their favorite games. The integration of two successful gaming products in a single device has brought convenience and ease to hardcore gamers.

The New Revolution of Gaming Experience – Razer keyboard with Elgato Stream Deck Integration

The Razer keyboard with Elgato Stream Deck integration is a game-changer for content creators and gamers alike. The new keyboard comes with 15 LCD keys that offer easy access to Stream Deck features. The intuitive keys enable faster streaming, video editing, and social media content sharing. The keys are easy to program, and gamers can assign up to 210 actions from a single keyboard.

Features of Razer Keyboard with Elgato Stream Deck Integration

The Razer Keyboard with Elgato Stream Deck integration has numerous features that make this the go-to gaming setup. Here are features that make this gaming keyboard a class apart:

  • Versatility
    The integration of Elgato Stream Deck into the Razer keyboards has revolutionized gaming. The keys are highly customizable and versatile, enabling users to switch between gaming and editing on the go. The versatility of the Razer keyboard provides an all-in-one solution to gaming and streaming.

  • Seamless Experience
    The integration of Stream Deck features into the Razer keyboard offers gamers a seamless experience. The specialized keys enable users to switch between applications, control audio, and manage video content while gaming.

  • Integration with Elgato Stream Deck
    The seamless integration of Elgato Stream Deck features into the Razer keyboard has made content creation easy. The keys provide gamers with easy access to Stream Deck features, enabling quicker streaming and video editing.

  • Ease of Use
    The specialized keys on the Razer keyboard are easy to use. The intuitive keys make it easier for gamers to switch between applications and content creation. The keyboard is also equipped with a wrist rest for added comfort.


In today’s fast-paced world, the Razer keyboard with Elgato Stream Deck integration is a game-changer. The seamless integration of two brilliant products has revolutionized the gaming experience. The keyboard’s versatility, ease of use, and integration with Elgato Stream Deck features make it the go-to gaming setup for gamers and content creators. Its unique features have made the Razer Keyboard with Elgato Stream Deck integration a class apart.


  1. How many keys does the Razer Keyboard with Elgato Stream Deck integration have?
    Ans: The keyboard has 15 LCD keys.

  2. Can gamers assign actions to the Razer Keyboard with Elgato Stream Deck integration keyboard?
    Ans: Yes, gamers can assign up to 210 actions from a single keyboard.

  3. What makes the Razer Keyboard with Elgato Stream Deck integration standout from other gaming keyboards?
    Ans: The integration of Stream Deck features into the Razer keyboard makes it stand out. The specialized keys enable users to switch between applications and manage video content while gaming.

  4. Can content creators benefit from the Razer Keyboard with Elgato Stream Deck integration?
    Ans: Yes, content creators can benefit from the Razer Keyboard with Elgato Stream Deck integration. The keyboard’s versatile and seamless integration enables content creators to switch between applications while managing video content and livestreaming.

  5. Is the Razer Keyboard with Elgato Stream Deck integration only for gaming?
    Ans: No, the keyboard is not just for gaming, but also for content creation. The specialized keys make it easy to switch between applications, manage video content and livestream.

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