Looking for the best webcam? Check out the Insta360 Link!

By | August 2, 2022

Are you on the hunt for the ultimate webcam? Look no further than the Insta360 Link! With its top-of-the-line features and cutting-edge technology, this webcam is sure to exceed all your expectations. From crystal-clear video quality to easy setup, the Insta360 Link has it all. Keep reading to learn more about why it’s the best webcam on the market!

The new Insta360 Link webcam is absolutely insane. 4K, AI tracking, a 3-axis gimbal, gesture control, 1080p 60, HDR…the list goes on but the Insta360 Link quality is NUTS! Check it all out in my review. Buy the Insta360 Link webcam here: https://bit.ly/Insta360Link

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00:00 This is the Image Quality?!
00:59 Insta360 Link Overview
02:28 Quality Test & Software Features
13:13 Overhead & Desk View Mode
14:26 NVIDIA Broadcast Test
15:18 Elgato FaceCam vs Insta360 Link
17:15 Overall Insta360 Link Thoughts

What’s up guys i’m random frank p and Today we’re gonna be taking a look at The best webcam i’ve ever seen And this Is the image quality of the insta360 Link webcam Yeah this is not a dslr there’s no Capture card it’s plugged in via usbc This is a webcam and this is by far the Best looking webcam on the market hands Down Yeah as you can tell this is crazy so if You’re in the market for a new webcam Whether you’re a streamer any sort of Content creator uh teaching business Professionals anything like that if you Need a new webcam this is top tier Right now so we’re gonna go through it All for you guys do a deep dive into the Image quality show you how to get it set Up with the software as well as run Through a bunch of the features because Uh there’s a lot so let’s do it So yes meet the insta360 link webcam This just released i’ve been using it For a little bit but this is by far the Most feature packed and most impressive Webcam i’ve ever seen and used it’s got A 4k 30fps half inch sensor although you Can go to 1080p and go to 60fps if you Want there’s built-in features like Gesture control ai tracking just so so Much that we’ll check out and as you can See this is not your traditional webcam

Build or design this is very unique as It’s on this three axis gimbal so that Half inch sensor has a lot of literal Flexibility when it comes to moving Around framing up your shots like i said Before with tracking that’s what’s going To help it keep you in frame on the back Side of the usb c port because it does Come with the usbc cable on the bottom Of the mount you have a fourth inch Thread this could be for using it with a Tripod or a third-party adapter if you Want to mount this somewhere and all Around the top of the webcam as you can See on the mount this will light up Green when it’s powered and ready and Will flash blue and stuff when you Enable different gestures and features Built into the software on the front Side you have dual noise cancelling Microphones and going forward for the Whole video segment during the actual Video test i’m going to use the mic so You could hear how it sounds all right So now we’re going to do a deep dive Into the video quality so you can see it All raw unedited how it looks as well as A preview and a sort of run through of Their software we’re not going to go Through every single feature they have Built in obviously but more so a general Rundown and so you can get a better idea Of how this thing works all right so Checking it out this right now is

Recording of the insta360 link webcam And just the quality i think is Personally mind-blowing it looks so so Good Really crisp as well And for this preview what i’m going to Do is show you guys a mix of the actual Webcam quality as you can see with also A screen recording of the insta360 link Controller software so you can see you Know some of the settings and stuff and How we navigate throughout the webcam Also with a mix of some b-roll so you Can see some actual physical uh changes And features to the webcam itself which You’ll see coming up in a little bit but Yes this quality right now looks so so Good and one thing that really impresses Me is the lack of distortion there’s no Lens distortion or warping at all take a Look at where the ceiling meets the wall Here in the back you can see that is all An even plane which is again a benefit Of having a webcam on a gimbal So so good looking now for the actual um Audio right now this is the built-in Audio from the webcam it has the dual Mics on the front here which are noise Cancelling i think it sounds Really really good so all raw unedited Everything you’re seeing and hearing is The actual webcam doing its best doing Its work all right now diving into the Link controller software on the left

Side as you can see we have the preview Window with the right side being more of These settings and stuff so first up for The gimbal controller this is pretty Much a joystick where you can go in and Just again use that three axis gimbal Here and move the webcam around and say You want to have preset positions you Can see i’m not in frame over here you Can easily make those so i have my Sitting main which automatically warps Right back to me sitting right in front Of the webcam Over the shoulder got the camera here That’s a preset position how about the Opposing wall other side of the studio Again right back to me sitting main it Does it all instantly like literally Just warps to you even have something Like the tv other side of the studio and How about an overhead shot just really Showing you what this webcam is capable Of with utilizing the three axis gimbal Here like really just flexing its Muscles and showing you how versatile This thing really is so that’s the Gimbal control tab next up you have your Image setting which lets you dial in and Sort of you know configure how you want The actual quality to look and this is All stock auto like i didn’t change Anything auto exposure auto white Balance and that looks perfect to me White balance is always one of the

Trickiest things when it comes to Webcams and it’s always the one thing i Have the most complaints about because Nailing that white balance is so so hard On a small webcam a lot of times but Here this is perfect so again if you Want to just slightly adjust the Exposure you have a little slider here You can turn it down turn it up or just Going and disable auto exposure now you Have iso control shutter speed as well As an actual exposure curve here which Lets you you know really fine tune it And dial it in but we’re going to reset All that because again just i think the Auto exposure is what works best it’s Getting kind of wonky right now because I have it back up to plus uh 75 so we’ll Turn it back down you hit a reset button Here and it’ll make it all stock again And one of the good things about the Audio exposure is it exposes the image To your face not really the background Because obviously with a webcam you want Your face to be exposed properly so it’s Good to see that they sort of prioritize Your face to make sure that has the best Even lighting as opposed to making sure Your background is evenly lit no one Cares about that it’s all about the face Um again white balance not gonna touch It it looks fine um it you don’t have Tint control which would be a nice thing To see but again it doesn’t really need

It because the stock auto white balance Is look looks really good it’s just you Know it goes all the way down from let’s See 2 000 kelvin really really cool all The way up to 10 000 kelvin really Really warm reset it auto boom perfect Then you have things again brightness Control uh contrast you want a more of a Flat image real crunchy you got your Saturation and uh brightness or Sharpness control if you want to make it A really crisp 4k image or you know blur It down a little bit but again reset Boom stock quality here Now into the more settings which is what Lets you take advantage of the ai smart Tracking and gesture controls So as you’ll see right here on the left Side or on the right side we have palm Which is going to enable your auto Tracking just to show you real quick uh What this does is if i put my hand next To my face You’ll see now not only did the webcam Blink blue let me know that was enabled But now on the bottom of the screen we Have the tracking enabled so i can move All around you know physically in my Seat and the webcam head on the gimbal Will move and track me as well like i Can try to get real out of the frame Here like underneath the laptop and it’s Still keeping me in frame i could even You know stand up and stuff and it’s

It’s doing all of that Speaking of which While i’m standing up real quick ai zoom Say i want to start moving around my Room with the tracking enabled it’ll Keep i have half body on right now but It’s going to zoom to me and keep my Half body in frame you can do other Things like keep your head in frame if You want to be moving around and just Have it really you know focused on my Head if you’re in like a professional Setting and you’re actually you know Moving around the room it has that half Body whole body so i’m gonna turn that Back off come back over here and sit Down for you guys but again just showing You uh what the actual tracking does Another thing as you can see with Gestures is Zoom so if i’m going to put you know i’m Going to move back a little bit to show You how it looks better I’m going to put an l next to my face Webcam blinks blue if i move that l up And gesture upward with the l it zooms In for me again so if i’m not like you Know right at my webcam and i don’t i Still want to get in frame but um i just You know don’t have time or the ability To actually manually control it i can do This now all with gestures so Definitely cool to see i’m gonna turn uh The tracking off and again i’m gonna go

Back here sitting main automatically Warps right to my face again You have other things like uh Anti-flicker your tracking speed if you Want to control it from fast normal to Slow i have it at normal because it Looks great and then the camera focus Settings so The uh closest focus point is i believe It was four inches you can obviously do Manual focus if you want to really Personally dial that in but why do that You got auto focus here And again for like us in the content Creation space when it comes to like Streaming you know keyboard builds and Stuff say i want to show you A keycap or a key switch You have to cover your face with the Most parts it does prioritize your face But yeah i’m around like four or five Inches in front of the lens and you can Now see the autofocus doing really Good job at keeping my uh you know Fingers and the key switch in frame and In focus I zoom back out now and we’re right here At my face i can even get a little bit Closer And man just look at that auto focus Look at the crisp quality you could see All my pores all my blemishes Uh real up and close for you real nice So the camera autofocus is a really

Really good job again goes up to point Or four inches away from the actual Camera sensor itself Streamer mode which i think i’ll show You in a little bit that lets you do Things like uh change the portrait Orientation and like you can get you Know vertical um a Vertical image for you know like Streaming to like instagram or tick tock Whatever but that’s all controlled Through like obs and stuff so i’ll show You that coming up in a little bit Hdr support personally i don’t think hdr Is too too different from the stock Image Hdr is also not supported at 4k which is What i’m filming at so i’ll show you how It looks just in a side-by-side Comparison coming up and it’s also not Supported at 1080p 60. so personally i’m Not a big fan of the hdr image i think It looks sort of too flat in some spots Especially in the face like it doesn’t Compensate well for the highlights i Don’t think i just prefer the natural Stock image honestly and maybe even just Adjust the contrast in the settings Versus having hdr enabled really really Easy to use user-friendly software i Think here with the link controller i Would like to see some other changes Like like i said maybe a tint would be Nice to see inside the color uh the

Color balance and stuff for your actual White balance so adding that would be Nice but again just i don’t think it’s Really even necessary but some other Things like um adding the ability to Maybe adjust your audio because there is No audio at all in the actual software There’s no settings for audio as well as A frame rate picker so over here when I’m when you’re not filming there’s a Drop down of your available resolutions But there’s no ability to actually Change what frame rate you’re recording At so even though 4k is limited to 30 Fps at 1080p you go up to 60fps but There’s no way inside here to control Between 24 30 or 60 that has to be done In third-party software like stream labs Or obs so You know a few changes that could could Be made even though again it’s not Completely necessary because you can do That in other third-party software But uh yeah that’s it for here now on The bottom as you can see we have the You know tracking feature there’s a Whiteboard feature and stuff but this Overhead mode and this desk view mode These are other things that i’m going to Show you now across the room at the pc Because there’s other things we’re going To be able to take advantage of with the Link webcam that can be really cool for Content creators and streamers and stuff

So we’re going to check out that or do a Side-by-side comparison to the elgato Face cam as well as other streaming Benefits like using this with nvidia Broadcast to really take advantage of This great quality okay so now we’re Over at the gaming setup as you can see Obviously a bit of a different Background behind me the next thing i Want to show you which i touched on Earlier is streaming mode which lets you Stream in the vertical orientation on The resolution picker there’s a drop Down menu where you can select 1088 by 1920 and then just like that you now Have the physical sensor and camera Flipped vertically so you can stream in The portrait orientation the reason why This is beneficial versus when you Stream in landscape mode and then you Just crop the image in is because that Way you’re losing like a third of your Overall image you’re losing a lot of the Overall picture where here you still Have the full sensor full image it’s Just flipped vertically so this easily Done at the click of a button Next up is desk view mode which tilts The camera on the gimbal down 45 degrees And then as you can see you do get this Top-down desk view shot pretty much Which would be good for like you know in The work environment if you’re sharing Like notes or your guys are drawing out

A plan or something you know for Business streaming anything like that This is the desk view mode however there Is overhead mode and then for overhead Mode as the name implies you get a Really wide overhead shot again like i Was saying before with using this for Streaming you know content creators and Like keyboard build videos having this Mode is really cool and as you can see It works out great now the only caveat With this overhead mode is the fact you Need to actually have the link camera Itself mounted vertically at like a 90 Degree angle upward so it needs to be Facing out so it can have this direct Overhead shot down i’m using their very Own two in one mini tripod to have this Mounted but you could use whatever you Want whatever mount just to get it Mounted on that overhead orientation so It works out the best and again as you Can see these built-in modes it just Works at the click of a button the head Revolves the head moves wherever it Needs to and you have a new shot okay so Next up i want to show you how you could Use the insta360 link with nvidia Broadcast And obviously as you can see not the Best sort of duo right now because the Camera is still in beta technically in Nvidia broadcast but you can get an idea Of how it looks with that background

Elimination the major issue right now is That it’s super super choppy it looks Like it’s going at like 15 fps and it’s About three seconds delayed like i’m Looking at it right now versus when i’m Talking and i’d say it’s on about a Three second delay so probably not Usable for your live streams and stuff You can see i turn off the background Blur this is kind of how it looks right Now inside of stream labs you turn it on And yeah you get that nice smooth sort Of blurred bokeh in the back Again it looks good but right now in Beta not usable and then lastly here Just a quick comparison for you guys so You can see How the insta360 link looks versus a Very popular competitor out there the Elgato face cam Yeah uh if this doesn’t sell it for you Already i don’t know what will and the Funny thing is when the cam when the Facecam came out last year it came out You know mid july 2021 at the time when I reviewed it i gave it a very good Review because the webcam market is Not too advanced there’s really not a Lot of good options out there so when This came out i gave it a good review Because the quality back then a year ago Was pretty decent but you compare it to This now and it’s like what the hell Were you thinking because not only is

The facecam limited to 1080p But you can just see the image looks Like it’s from a webcam not anything Like this Insta360 link another thing is while the Image on the facecam is wider that Really doesn’t do much because i would You know uh prefer having the overall Face tracking and stuff and the Flexibility with the gimbal head on the On the link versus just a wider overall Shot and even like getting a bit closer Like you can see uh that focus really Isn’t doing too too much for the face Cam versus the focus On the link so uh yeah what’s even Funnier about this is when the facecam Launched last year it was 199. Uh now we have the link for 299. so a Hundred dollars more yeah still on the Pricier side for a webcam overall but in Terms of value Three hundred dollars for a webcam with This overall image versus the 200 face Cam Is mind-blowing like this is crazy I mean you guys saw the comparison there There’s no real need for a recap of all The features because the image quality i Think speaks for itself right side by Side the insta360 link versus the elgato Facecam Miles different night and day there’s Only a hundred dollar difference again

Three hundred dollars for this webcam That can look as you guys saw dslr Quality i think is nuts and i say that Because i posted just a little teaser Screenshot on twitter earlier and people Were going crazy asking what it is when They can buy it is it a dslr man no it Was literally just a screenshot from When i was editing so the quality of This is crazy and i think it’s well Worth that 300 price again if you’re in The market for a webcam whether you are A streamer uh you know if you’re in like The teaching aspect for you know Schooling and stuff or a business Professional this is the best webcam I’ve ever used it’s nuts it really is Now with the minor you know issues i had Aside with like the tweaks and stuff With the software um the only complaint I have and it’s very Very minor but it’s a little thing that Could go a long way and i kind of think It’s a missed opportunity is i feel like On the bottom side here so for the mount Now we have the lip in the front so we Can you know properly stay on top of a Monitor or your laptop i feel like they Should have had a lip on the bottom of The backside mount as well so that way When you are doing the overhead shots it Would catch on the lip on the back side Of the monitor or your laptop and you Would then have that nice overhead shot

Without needing another mount or an Adapter or a tripod again super small Complaint you could rig this up with Like 3m adhesive or something like that But i have zero issues with the price of 300 For the overall quality of the insta360 Link webcam There are no physical cons that i can Really think you know besides the little Thing i just mentioned to you guys Because the quality is so so good This is hands down the best webcam It’s crazy So that’ll wrap it up guys if you want To check it out i’ll have a link for you In the description down below if you Like this if you thought it was just a Crazy webcam like i’m still freaking out About give this video a big thumbs up Show your support feel free to follow me On twitter at randomfrankp at last if You haven’t already hit that subscribe Button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day


Webcams have been essential gadgets in today’s world as the new “normal” demands video calls in every business organisation. With work from home being standard, having a good quality webcam has become more critical than ever. However, not all webcams provide the desired quality, making it a challenge for users to choose the right one. But fret not! In this article, we will present the Insta360 Link, which we believe is one of the best webcams available in the market. Whether it’s for professional use or personal, the Insta360 Link is undoubtedly worth your consideration.

What is Insta360 Link?

The Insta360 Link is a camera that can conveniently be used as a webcam when connected to a PC or a laptop. It’s quite unlike any traditional webcam that may come to mind, as it provides much higher quality and versatility with several unique features. The device comes in a stylish design and has a vast range of benefits that make it stand out from its competitors.

Features of Insta360 Link

The Insta360 Link has a wide range of features that make it one of the best webcams in the market. Some of these features include;

  1. High-Quality Video: Insta360 Link offers high-quality video with a resolution up to 1080p at 30 fps, allowing you to record a clear and precise video. It also has a wide-angle lens, which helps you capture more of the surrounding area, making video conferences more engaging.

  2. Microphone: The in-built microphone in the Insta360 Link is fantastic, offering excellent sound quality, eliminating any external noise, making meetings or interviews more professional and efficient.

  3. User friendly: The device is quite user-friendly. It’s quite easy to set up and use, and it’s compatible with most PCs and laptops. This makes it a perfect choice for individuals who are not tech-savvy.

  4. Versatile: The device is versatile and can be used beyond your laptop or PC. It can act as an action camera, a 360-degree camera, and even a vlogging camera.

  5. Live Streaming – With Insta360 Link, anyone can live-stream in 1080P! The device easily captures high-quality content that can be immediately shared within your team or on social media.

Pros of Insta360 Link

  1. High-quality video
  2. Wide-angle lens captures more area
  3. In-built amazing microphone
  4. User friendly
  5. Versatile
  6. Live streaming capability
  7. Compact and Stylish design
  8. Durable, impact-resistant and water-resistant

Cons of Insta360 Link

  1. Additional software may be needed for set up
  2. Higher price than standard webcams


  1. Q: What types of video can I create using Insta360 Link?
    A: The Insta360 Link can support different types of video recording, including 1080P and 4K.

  2. Q: Is Insta360 Link compatible with Zoom?
    A: Yes! You can use the Insta360 Link with all popular video conferencing software like Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft teams.

  3. Q: Can the Insta360 Link record audio separately?
    A: Yes, it has a built-in microphone perfect for recording audio and can also be attached to an external microphone to record a better sound.

  4. Q: Does the Insta360 Link have a warranty?
    A: Yes, they offer a one year warranty from the date of purchase.

  5. Q: How long is the battery life of the Insta360 Link?
    A: The Insta360 Link can last up to 70 minutes on one full charge.


Choosing the right webcam can be challenging, but with the Insta360 Link, the task becomes more manageable. The device offers everything that one could want in a webcam – high-quality video, fantastic sound quality, user-friendly design, and versatility. The price may be a bit higher than traditional webcams, but the range of features and the quality you get for that price are worth every penny. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality webcam that can deliver lasting and versatile performance, be sure to check out the Insta360 Link.

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