Introducing the NEW Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse: A 2022 Favorite – Detailed Review

By | August 5, 2022

Welcome to our detailed review of the brand new Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse, set to be a fan-favorite in 2022. As we delve into its features and capabilities, you will discover why this mouse is a must-have for any computer user. From its compact design and powerful wireless connectivity to its excellent response time and precision, the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse is a game-changer for those seeking an efficient and intuitive mouse. Join us as we explore all that the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse has to offer in this comprehensive review.

The new Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless gaming mouse is such a great mouse and is my favorite already for 2022. At barely 50 grams, this small, lightweight symmetrical mouse may be your endgame.
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You’ve heard it before but shape is king Finding that perfect mouse complement Your hand size your grip and your play Style is ultimately gonna be the Deciding factor in what makes you a Better gamer or not because let’s face It there is no one mask out that you can Buy that will just automatically make You a better player that’s not how it Works at all it’s building the Repetition the consistency over time the Muscle memory which will improve your Aim and make you a better gamer you want To find the perfect mouse that just Feels like a natural extension of your Hand because after all we’re all looking For that end game mouse and uh today for Me i think i found it what’s up guys i’m Random frank p and we’re gonna be Checking out the brand new pulsar x2 Mini wireless which i think is damn near Perfect for me and uh it’s definitely my Favorite mouse of the year So wireless mouse releases in about a Week i’ve had my unit and tested it for A bit now and i’ve gotta say i am Thoroughly impressed i’ve been a fan of Pulsars from doing the mouse market Lately and they’ve made considerable Improvements and upgrades with this new X2 lineup so first obviously this is Their symmetrical design after releasing Ergo mice at first and in community Terms it’s ambidextrous there are no

Right side buttons just two left side Buttons it does still follow their Design language in a sense or you have The exposed bottom but as you probably Picked up on by now we don’t have any Cutouts or holes in the top shell like They used to now the entire exterior is Solid this is something you may or may Not care about but i can tell you from Seeing feedback on my end you either Don’t mind at all or you absolutely Despise cutouts so here they went Smaller and lighter without triggering Your tripophobia although their cutouts Were lines not holes but anyways for the Shell and the coating it’s nothing too Too special i’ll say it feels like You’re a standard plastic mouse but i Will note it does a really good job of Not picking up on smudges or fingerprint Oils from your hands all right now we’re Going to do a sound test and there’s Actually three different switches in Here which may be normal i don’t know if It is for left and right clicks we have Klgm 8.0 On the left side buttons they are juana White and then our encoder is ttc gold So all together no creaking or loose Components rattling about it all feels Good solid and crisp from the trio Switches inside and i will say Definitely digging the feel and Tactility of the scroll wheel here as

Someone who pretty much spams this in Battlefield feels great on my unit there Was a little bit of post travel and left And right clicks but it’s like a softer Bottom mount against the shell so it Doesn’t feel like a rough plastic on Plastic contact you sometimes see now Underneath like i said earlier we still Do have the exposed cutouts showing the Off-white inspired pcb inside but if Anything i’m sure people much prefer the Cutouts underneath versus the top shell The feet here are 100 pure ptfe skates Although i’m sure down the line they’re Gonna offer glass super glides if you Love those like i do and they make Swapping skates a breeze with designated Cutouts but they’re still just very very Smooth feeling on my mouse pad Definitely no complaints here in the top Right corner of the pcb you can see the Size one text denoting this is the mini As size two is their medium will there Be a size three i don’t know but also Underneath we have the dedicated dpi Button with four dpi presets set on to The mouse coinciding with the led light Right above the side buttons there then On the bottom right side you have your On and off switcher which by the way i Much prefer versus having just one Button that does both power and dpi this Is just much more convenient then smack Dab in the middle is the 16000 dpi

Paw3339 Which is a trusted pixar sensor in both The x2 mini here and the larger x2 as Well as some other mics that were Announced to be released this year as Well it’s rated at 650 ips your typical 50g acceleration and a thousand hertz Pulling absolutely no issues here but I’ll talk about my gaming experience in A minute now getting into the goods size And dimensions on my scale it comes in Just around 53 grams although it’s Advertised at 52 but you give that one Gram variance and it sits 116 Millimeters long it’s 37 millimeters High at its highest point 20 millimeters Tall at the front flare 56 millimeters Wide at the grip width and then 61 Millimeters at the hip width and if you Ask me this is the love child between The end game gear xm1 and the logitech g Pro x super light you know one night in College they had too much red bull and Vodkas then about 16 production months Later we have the baby pulsar x2 mini no But seriously though from the xm1 it’s a Very similar shape in the hand where the Hump sits and it also feels very similar To the g pro x super light it’s just Less eggy overall and obviously this is Much smaller so for those looking for Something between like a smaller Wireless zowie s2c for example or even Really like a wireless endgame gear

Mouse i feel pulsar just really nails it Here now for my time gaming with this It’s been nothing short of fantastic It’s funny because for me in the past I’ve always gravitated more towards Medium or larger size mice to fit my Grip which depending on what game i’m Playing or what i’m doing in game it’s Usually like a claw fingertip hybrid but I’ve just absolutely loved using the Smaller mini version here primarily when Say i think in battlefield i played at 16 000 dpi with my in-game sensitivity Turned down 50 so it’s more like 800 dpi In game but as you can see i have a very Small radius of movement again most Likely due to the fact that the majority Of my gameplay is typing in a game that I’ve all but mastered the last four Years or so but the overall point is Like i said in the intro it just feels Like a natural extension of my hand the Way it feels is so natural and just the Less you think about your physical mouse The more you get the focus on your Gameplay in front of you and that’s Exactly what finding the perfect mouse Allows you to do i had zero issues with It no hiccups no latency or anything no Distracting rgb at its core it’s just a Fantastic gaming mouse and i’ve probably Only charged it once since getting this In i believe it’s rated for like 70 Hours of use but just man all around

This really really surprised me i love This thing [Music] Let’s do the rest [Music] Now for the software again since this Hasn’t been released yet we’re still on An older build so you’ll see here the x Light instead but it’s pretty bland Overall but straightforward you have Your key bindings for the five buttons Uh the settings tab then lets you Configure the four on-board dpi stages And pick a color for the led to glow on The left side so you know what dpi You’re at you have your pulling rate Adjustment lift off distance and your Other mouse settings here and then Lastly is the macro tab for creating and Assigning macros to the mouse if you Need this for your mmos and such but Yeah nothing too crazy going on here for The software now one thing i’ll say i Don’t necessarily agree with is the 95 Dollar price point we have here Yes we have a brand new sensor and yes There’s no holes in the shell but the X-lite v2 you know the wireless and Stuff that was only 80 bucks so 15 for That i would have loved to see if they Could honor that 80 price point going Forward as like this pulsar staple and Stuff for their flagship mice 95 though just a little bit

Now yeah i’ll also point out the fact That it’s still 55 dollars cheaper than The industry-leading razer viper v2 pro And the g pro x super light so if this Shape is for you i’m sure you won’t Think twice about a mouse under 100 So at the end of the day the new x2 mini From pulsar is really just one of the Most natural filling mice i’ve ever used Where it does feel like that natural Extension of your hand while you’re Gaming and yeah we’re in august right Now there’s probably going to be a few More releases before the holidays and Stuff for me right now this is the Perfect mouse and it is hands down my Favorite mouse of the year so far so Big big ups to pulsar for really killing It over the last year or so and putting Out New improved mice seemingly every few Months Really loving the new x2 mini wireless And guys that’ll wrap up my review hope You enjoyed if you did give it a big Thumbs up show your support feel free to Follow me on twitter at randomfrankp at Last if you haven’t already hit that Subscribe button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day


As technology advances, the demand for gadgets with extensive features is at an all-time high. One such gadget that has been in high demand is a wireless mouse; this is where the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse comes in. The Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse packs a host of features in its small design, making it a favorite of 2022. In this detailed review, we’ll take a closer look at the features of the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse, what makes it a favorite, and how it can improve your experience.

Design and Build Quality

The Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse has a compact and ergonomic design that is tailored to suit your hand’s natural shape and size. Its small size makes it an ideal portable mouse for people on the go. The mouse is built with a solid interior frame and soft touch materials, which enhances its durability and feels good in your hand.

The mouse runs on a single AA battery that can last up to six months, making it an energy-efficient gadget. The Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse also has a power-saving mode that automatically turns off the mouse when not in use for thirty minutes.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse can connect to your device via a tiny receiver, which can be attached to your device’s USB port. The receiver uses advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology to ensure a stable connection from up to thirty feet away. The mouse is also compatible with several operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux.


The Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse has several features that make it stand out from other wireless mice. Listed below are some of the key features of the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse:

  • Precision Tracking: The mouse uses high-precision optical tracking technology and has an adjustable DPI of up to 1600, which makes it easy to navigate on any surface.
  • Sensitive Scrolling: The scrolling wheel of the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse is designed to be sensitive, thus making scrolling easy and smooth.
  • Plug and Play: The mouse does not require any software installation; it is plug and play, making it easy to use.
  • Button Customization: Users can customize the mouse buttons to their preferences using the software application downloadable from the Pulsar website.
  • Noiseless Clicks: The mouse is built with noiseless click technology, which ensures that your clicks do not disturb those around you.

Price and Availability

The Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse is currently available on several online platforms, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. It has a retail price of $29.99, which is reasonable for a wireless mouse with such features.


The Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse is a favorite of 2022 due to its superior features, solid build, and affordable price. It is an ideal gadget for people looking for a wireless mouse that is compact, portable, and easy to use. With the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse, you are guaranteed a smooth and seamless experience while navigating your device.


  1. How long does the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse battery last?
    Answer: The mouse runs on a single AA battery that can last up to six months.

  2. How far can the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse connect from the device?
    Answer: The mouse’s receiver uses advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology to ensure a stable connection from up to thirty feet away.

  3. Can the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse be used with a Chromebook?
    Answer: Yes, the mouse is compatible with several operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux.

  4. How do I customize the mouse buttons to my preferences?
    Answer: Users can customize the mouse buttons using the software application downloadable from the Pulsar website.

  5. Is the mouse built with noiseless click technology?
    Answer: Yes, the mouse is built with noiseless click technology, which ensures that your clicks do not disturb those around you.

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