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By | December 5, 2021

If you’re looking for impressive PC builds, I’ve got you covered! Recently, I had the chance to visit Micro Center and assemble a stunningly clean PC that I can’t wait to share with you. From its powerful components to its sleek design, this build is sure to turn heads. Take a look and see for yourself! 中

So I went to Micro Center and wanted to pick up some hardware for a new build…and man did this turn out niceeeeeeee. Meet the new Mr. Freeze PC with the screen panel mod!
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Intel i9-11900K CPU: https://micro.center/b2cdd1
NZXT Kraken Z53: https://micro.center/04e47b
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What’s up guys i’m random frank p and Today i think i want to take a trip out To micro center and get a nice vlog Going on because i don’t know about you Guys but i’m feeling like it’s time to Upgrade my pc behind me you know so i Originally built that pc back in 2019 And i have changed and evolved the Hardware since then as more stuff’s come Out but i think it’s time for a new case And just you know give it a more modern 2021 to 2022 upgrade And uh no better place to do that than Tech heaven itself micro center so uh Let’s hit the road All right so i’m on my way now it’s About like 45 minutes not too bad but i Stopped at starbucks to fuel my ride and I got their iced apple crisp latte And it tastes like apple pie you can Make fun of me all you want it is Delicious highly recommend Oh yeah that’s too good too good Let’s get back on the road all right so I just pulled up the micro center gonna Go get some components and stuff and i Haven’t been to micro center in six Years it was after i graduated college In 2015. i actually did a vlog back then When i was first like starting the Channel so it got like no views at all But i’m pretty sure it was this location Because there’s not many by me this is The closest one to where i live now and

Six years ago i was living back home and I still think this was the closest one Then but um i don’t know i’m gonna go in Check it all out get some hardware get That pc upgrade going they literally Have it all again tech heaven that’s why It’s coined that and it’s really cool Because literally every single um piece Of hardware and component has its own Like section or aisle so you can start Off you know pick up your power supply Move your way over to you know ram all The motherboards they have your cpus Gpus it’s all in shelves there’s a whole Section for like cooling and stuff Obviously a ton of water cooling Components which is really cool to see Every fitting you can think of a bunch Of tubes different radiators um Everything here tons of stuff from ekwb Which is definitely cool to see you have It on display um and then obviously all Your cases so literally Every piece of hardware you’re gonna Need for your build is all on the one Side of the stores you can go through And uh pick up everything you want and Then you know end it with your case and Then just check right out right there It’s all right here for you Whoops all right so one of the upgrades Is gonna be a new case got a new nvme Ssd because uh my old one that i use for A boot drive just needs more space take

It 256. so i wanted to upgrade now to a Two terabyte 980 pro i got a bunch of These leon leaf fans they’re really nice With their white crazy rgb and they’re Magnetic so it’s going to go perfectly With the new case and since our new case Is also much smaller form factor we need An sfx power supply so i got the newer V850 it’s their uh the cooler master sfx Version and it is the new revised 2021 Model so it’s not going to have those uh The fan ramping issues thankfully and Actually some more stuff on the way okay So just leave a micro center i wanted to Vlog more in there you know but even Though it’s 2021 vlogging is still like Kind of awkward around people there was A pretty good amount of foot traffic in There like there was more people uh than I definitely thought like out of all the Times i’ve gone the best buy in the last Year or so There was way more people at micro Center right now And even though they knew i was there Vlogging like to do this video it was Just so awkward for the people who Didn’t know me or what was going on just The regular customers and they were also Doing some construction in the back kind Of giving i guess like a facelift inside So it was kind of loud at some points But you know got the footage that i Could but i still just wish it wasn’t

Personally awkward to film in front of People Oh hey It’s actually been three months Since i first started this video uh that Was beginning of september when we left Off when i first started the vlog and Micro center it’s now december 1st so I’ll explain we’ll get into the build uh Like i told you as i was talking to the Trunk of my car we had more stuff on the Way obviously with the hardware Shortages things have gotten delayed and Uh everything’s in so we can kick off The build finally okay so first up i’ll Be switching to the leonle 011 dynamic Mini case this is their all-white snow Edition that is compact and super clean Looking especially when we add those Mods coming up in a bit that i’ll show You we’re going to transform this case Into something a little bit more Exciting Nice for our cpu i’m going with the Intel i9 11900k now yes this chip is Older at this point i know we just had The alder lake cpus announced again this Video is a few months in the making and Honestly i’m content with the 11 900k as It is i bought a new motherboard for This and if i were to go alder lake i’d Have to get another motherboard it’s Just not worth it bad timing feels bad Man now real quick just to address it

Cause i always see comments about this When i do an intel build people ask why Not amd And uh it’s not like i have a preference Or a bias in fact if you’ve watched the Channel for a while i would say like the Last probably three or four builds that I’ve done have all been amd it’s just Over the years i’ve usually kept my main Workstation as intel for you know Editing and gaming and when i do Dedicated gaming builds those are always Just pretty much amd so amd for gaming Intel off my main workstation um no real Reason honestly in fact if you compare The 11900k versus what i was going to Use the 5900x which i did use in a Fantast build over the summer which is i Think the last one we did They’re pretty much neck and neck so Honestly no real reason it’s just what We’re going with here that’ll all be Going on the gigabyte z590 vision g There is just not enough white pc Hardware on the market but gigabyte is One company that does and does it right This motherboard is gonna look glorious Inside the build and has all the Features i’ll need going forward keeping The build nice and frosty is the nzxd Kraken z53 rgb this is their newer All-white aio see what i did there Frosty white Cool hello but yeah again a nice aio

With an all-white radiator and tubing It’s got the oled screen for monitoring Temps we’re showing gifs all that good Stuff now going along with that Throughout the build i’m going to be Using the leonle uni fans these are the Al-120 rgb models aesthetically they’re Going to fit the build perfectly and Highlight it with some crazy cool rgb That’s all synced throughout and against Our cases leon lee it’s just the perfect Match these have a really cool mounting Method with pogo pins and a daisy chain So you only need one cable instead of One cable for each fan they’re gonna Make the case really really pop and also Be great for cable management for some Extra white hardware and rgb goodness That’ll most likely just keep white so You don’t have a seizure from t-force i Picked up 128 gigs of their extreme argb Ram with the all-white stick and the rgb Dim it’s gonna look crazy and all white And obviously 128 gigs it’s gonna be a Nice bump for sure over my current 64 Gigs but also from t-force is their Delta max ssd that i’ll be adding just For some extra additional storage a nice Complement to my two terabyte nvme n.2 Ssd that i picked up from micro center This is the samsung 2 terabyte 980 pro That i’ll use as a boot drive and i’ll Most likely also carry over my current Nvme drive that i have in my build right

Now again for extra storage that i have Like game saved to and stuff and then Again the reason this video has been Delayed because of those damn hardware Shortages my gigabyte rtx 3080 ti vision Gpu has finally arrived uh last december I did a 3080 build and this one here is A decent upgrade for sure still couldn’t Find division 3090 unfortunately but Again it’s an upgrade at that for my Current build and easily one of the Nicest looking gpus on the market Powering everything in our o11 dynamic Mini case since we need an sfx psu is The v850 from cooler master like i told You in the microcenter parking lot this Is the updated model without the fan Ramping issues and 850 watts will Definitely give us enough power to Efficiently run the build it’s small and Compact enough to get tucked away behind The case’s back panel and since it’s Fully modular you already know i’m gonna Top off the all white hardware with some White braided cables these are from Antec and it’s their fully sleeve cable Kit for that extra matching factor and Goodness all right so finally we can Begin the build now and kick off the new Workstation for the channel [Music] [Music] Oh [Music]

So [Music] [Applause] All right so our mr freeze pc build and The leon lee 011 dynamic mini snow Edition case is finally done it’s Actually the following day at night Because you know how it is when you First you know get a pc up and running There’s drivers there’s updates the Whole process of installing windows It takes forever but it’s done and as You can see behind me looking pretty Nice now as much as i love the crazy rgb And stuff odds are i’m gonna keep it Either all white so it’s super nice and Clean or like a light blue again to kind Of feed into that mr freeze sort of Build i have going on now you may have Noticed and as you probably saw when i Said before i’m gonna spice it up a bit I’m gonna be adding a display to the Front of the case and actually that Front right now Is already a screen I know it’s out of focus but you get the Idea you can see it going in the Background So that front glass panel on the case is Literally the perfect dimensions to fit A 14-inch portable display and that’s Exactly what we did here i picked up This one from wimaxit that’s a name for You and i cannot take credit for this

Idea whatsoever i actually saw um a Youtuber matthew mora do it and i was Blown away it looks so good and as a Final result i’m digging it so shout out To him for the idea but i’ll show you What i have going on with the Configuration so what i actually did was I filmed how the actual interior would Look so you know just the actual Internals how it would appear without a Display in front of it in premiere then I made a new project in the you know Vertical portrait aspect ratio and then From there i added some sort of like Overlay effects to give the pc front Panel just a really cool dimension Things like you know um acid drops going Over it or like some cool ink effect to Make it look like 3d or something’s you Know physically just coming out of the Case inside just things like that get it All nice and frosted throw in some Visual bubbles and stuff to make it like It’s underwater giving the whole you Know water cooled pc a brand new meaning Here and the final result just really Opens up the pc to a lot of flexibility When it comes to you know visuals and Stuff which i am all for and then Obviously i can create new effects and Create new just animations to put on the Screen so when you guys you know see it You know behind me during these april Shots like this now in terms of how i

Set it up i had to pick up a right angle Mini hdmi adapter and a right angle usb C cable the monitor itself is powered by Usbc and obviously it needs to be Connected to the graphics card to Transfer that video signal so in the Bottom of the case i have both the Cables routed sort of on the back side Out of sight and then it comes up on the Left side behind where our gpu is Vertically mounted up through the Motherboard and then out the back side Of the case so the cables reach the back Io no problem and it’s not visually seen When you’re looking at the pc straight On you can’t see where those cables are Coming out yes it’s not going to be Perfect if you’re viewing this from like The side since i shot it straight on you Can also see some of the bezels and Stuff but those are things i could work On later on down the road and if you’re Wondering how i have it all configured With the monitors to span across all Four i’m using wallpaper engine so i Have that snowy sort of mountain one Spanned across my three ultrawides They’re all grouped up for one wallpaper Then i grouped up a second wallpaper With the vertical display there and have A separate wallpaper running on there so I could again make a bunch of different Presets and a bunch of different effects And animations and have them saved in

Wallpaper engine and that’s what i’m Gonna go to film put a different one up And make it look pretty cool now some Other changes i made that i didn’t just Flat out tell you or show you guys yet Is with our 11 dynamic mini case i did Pick up a vertical mount for our gpu so That bracket inside that whole cage Pretty much is a separate purchase and It is pcie 4.0 for it as well since it’s A larger card and a relatively smaller Case it does take up you know most of The visuals from that side panel since It is just right there right in front of You but that’s okay it still looks nice And just from so far from my tests and Stuff and monitoring uh temps are not a Concern as of right now i’ll still keep An eye on it because the way i have all The fans set up on the bottom is an Intake so it’s taking cool air in Pushing it up through the shroud and the Heatsink of the gpu which is then Blowing the hot air out same with our Aio the fans on the right side are Pushing the hot air out of the radiator And again with those three bottom Mounted fans that i have it’s taking all That hot air and blowing it up and the Three ones that i have mounted on the Top of the case are dispelling and Dispersing that hot air out of the case So attempts so far like i said in my Very limited testing because it takes

Forever to get everything installed and Downloaded and updated you know how it Is you know how it is um so far has been Good and then the last little change i Made is with the uh t4s delta ssd Instead of having it lying flat i just Now have it vertically mounted so i can See it from the side and even though That has rgb and stuff as well i’m still Probably just gonna keep that white man I just love the all white building here It looks so good so guys that’ll wrap it Up now this video spanned three months And i think at this point i can call it A night so again brand new build updated Hardware the little screen modification Again shout out to matthew moore for the Idea i’m absolutely loving it now i Would do more in-depth benchmarks and Stuff like that right now but i just Download way more games only have like Two installed right now so that’s going To take so much more time if you are Interested in that you want to see how It performs let me know down below i’ll Possibly put out a part two of this Video showing you the performance the Upgrades and the benchmarks of our new Mr freeze pc case so that’ll wrap it up Guys hope you enjoyed i’ll have all the Hardware and stuff for you listed in the Description down below in case you want To check it out and add some things to Your pc if you like this video give it a

Big thumbs up and show your support feel Free to follow me on twitter at Randomfrankp and last if you haven’t Already hit that subscribe button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day Hello Welcome to the Dummy index A table of contents Some new dummies out there Now whenever i do these builds i get a Lot of dumb questions From the dummies Things that are obvious things that are Clearly explained to you in the video That you didn’t watch before commenting So we’re going to run through real quick Answer your dumb questions okay Just on time a question for w number one Stupid random frank p You forgot the thermal paste on your cpu Lol It’s funny That you’re laughing at that as i Clearly showed you the thermal paste has Been pre-applied to our aio Wake up welcome to the future where 9 Times out of 10 thermal paste is already Pre-applied which is why i showed you You Dummy and would you look at that dummy Number two strolling right in here with Another dumb question Hello random frank p your gpu fans

Aren’t even spinning looks like someone Messed up maybe your gpu is faulty I think your brain’s a little faulty to Be honest because i don’t know the last Seven eight years Most gpu fans don’t spin unless the pc Is under load or you know you’re doing Something other than just running Nothing on your desktop the fans won’t Spin there’s no need to It’s been like that Oh what was that a follow-up question With the gpu you’re laughing about what The gpu sag oh That’s kind of interesting Because no This gpu is shorter than me when i’m Walking out of your mom’s house at three In the morning Tell her i said hi he’s like you have Another question rolling in laugh at him At the cooler master psu being bad at Having issues It’s almost as if you have issues as i Said twice it’s the updated 2021 version Without the fan ramping problem it’s Been fixed you should get fixed Well dummies that about wrap up our Little seminar for today if you found Yourself here and probably a few friends As well You should all go outside and get some Fresh air You need it

You need it


If you are into gaming or heavy-duty work, you know how important it is to have a reliable and efficient personal computer. Recently, I visited Micro Center and assembled a PC that not only looks stunning but also performs incredibly. In this article, I will walk you through my experience and share some tips on building your own customized PC that can meet your specifications.

Choosing the right components

The first step in building a customized PC is choosing the right components that are compatible with each other. At Micro Center, I found a variety of processors, motherboards, graphics cards, RAM, SSD, and power supply units. Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting the components:

  1. Determine your budget: Based on your budget, choose components that offer the best value for money.

  2. Choose the right processor: The processor is the brain of the computer and determines its speed and performance. Intel and AMD offer a variety of processors for different needs and budgets. I went with the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 as it offered the best value for money.

  3. Select the motherboard: The motherboard is the backbone of the computer and connects all the components. Make sure the selected motherboard is compatible with the processor and has the right amount of ports to accommodate the other components.

  4. Choose the graphics card: If you are into gaming or a heavy-duty work, a dedicated graphics card is a must. Nvidia and AMD offer a variety of graphics cards with different specifications. I went with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super as it offered good performance at a reasonable price.

  5. Decide on the storage: SSDs are faster than traditional hard drives and offer a significant boost in performance. I chose a 500 GB SSD for my PC, which is sufficient for my needs.

  6. Select the Power supply unit: The power supply unit (PSU) is responsible for supplying power to all the components. Make sure the selected PSU has sufficient wattage to power all the components and has the right connectors.

Assembling the PC

Once you have all the components, it’s time to put them together. Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Install the processor: Follow the instructions provided with the processor to install it on the motherboard.

  2. Install the RAM: Install the RAM on the slots provided on the motherboard. Make sure the notch on the RAM matches the slot.

  3. Install the motherboard: Carefully place the motherboard inside the computer case and secure it using screws provided with the case.

  4. Install the graphics card: Place the graphics card in the designated PCIe slot and secure it using the screw provided.

  5. Install the power supply unit: Place the power supply unit inside the case and secure it using screws provided.

  6. Connect the cables: Connect the cables from the power supply to the motherboard, graphics card, and storage devices.

  7. Boot the PC: Connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and press the power button to boot the PC.


Building your own PC can be an exciting experience and allows you to have a customized setup that meets your needs and budget. Micro Center offers a variety of components and accessories to help you build your dream PC. With the right components and proper assembly, you can have a stunningly clean and high-performing PC that enhances your gaming or work experience.


  1. Is building a PC difficult?
    Building a PC requires some technical knowledge, but with proper research and guidance, it can be a rewarding experience.

  2. How long does it take to assemble a PC?
    It usually takes a few hours to a day to assemble a PC, depending on the components and the builder’s experience.

  3. Is it more expensive to build a PC than buying a pre-built one?
    Building a PC can be cost-effective as you can choose components that offer the best value for money and avoid paying for unnecessary features.

  4. Will my PC be able to handle the latest games and software?
    That depends on the specifications of the components you choose. Make sure to choose components that meet the recommended requirements of the games or software you plan to use.

  5. Do I need to buy additional tools to assemble a PC?
    Most of the components come with screws and cables required for assembly. However, a screwdriver and cable ties can come in handy.

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