How to Clean Your PC Perfectly and Eliminate Cables Hassle-Free!

By | September 17, 2022

Are you tired of your computer running slowly and being weighed down by tangled cords and cables? Fear not! In this post, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of cleaning your PC to perfection and eliminating the hassle of cables. Get ready to say goodbye to frustration and hello to a clean and organized workspace!

The Gigabyte Aorus Project Stealth PC is truly something I’ve wanted to see in the PC building space for years now! This fully modular stealth build has ZERO CABLES in sight and is super clean 🤤
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What’s up guys I’m random Frank p and in Today’s video we have a very unique PC Build right next to me it’s something That I’ve always wanted to come to Market for years now it’s something I Always dreamed about where the PC market Would eventually have to shift to but it Never really happened until today I’m Sure a lot of you are gonna love this We’re gonna be checking out the gigabyte Aorus project stealth PC and as you can See now you’ll probably start to notice There are no visible cables minus the AIO of course but in today’s video that Almost fell let’s not pull a Linus in The intro in today’s video we’re going To go through the project stealth PC Show it all off show what gigabytes Doing here that makes it so stealthy and Obviously it sort of change it up a bit Do some mods mix up with a vlog style Get ready All right so before we begin I already Picked up a new CPU Cooler this is from Deep cool and instead of an AIO I wanted To go more traditional you know air Cooler and stuff because this just is I Think it’s gonna look so much cleaner on The inside to complement the whole Stealth build but now let’s bring it Over to the other side of the setup Because I really want to take it apart And see what they’re doing on the inside So this is a look at their project

Stealth DIY PC kit in this unit here Inside the c300g stealth case we have Their z690 Oris Elite ddr5 stealth Motherboard an Intel I9 12900k 32 gigs With their aorus RGB RAM and their RTX 3070 gaming OC stealth GPU with the Proprietary stealth case the stealth Motherboard and the stealth 3070 those Three are what work together as the Project stealth and are all proprietary Components really for this build but Taking off the back panel I want to get A good look first at how they have this Saw all you know routed and stuff behind It so we could see where all the magic Is happening because really it all Starts behind here this back panel is Really going to tell us and show us a Lot about how they pulled this off all Right so this is super interesting and Not what I expected at all given it’s a Whole proprietary system pretty much With this stealth motherboard and the Case the way it’s all cut out on the Back is super unique and honestly like Would make PC Building Cable Management In the future for all builds so so much Easier like even the f-panel pins take a Look at where this is it’s just right There Exposed on the bottom no longer Would you have to like really try to Figure out what you’re doing with a Flashlight and because it’s those those Suck those are the worst to do because

It’s such a cool small cramped area but Here open exposed the little motherboard Battery also on the back side usually Hidden behind the graphics card or crowd Here easily accessible all your fan Headers your RGB headers all the cables Just like it should be easy to access on The back open space this is just Absolutely wild like in the best of ways I don’t really know what I was expecting You know I did zero research going into It they just pitched me the idea what They were making and I was like yeah I Definitely want to check it out this is What I’ve been hoping for for years now But I didn’t think it would be this Intuitive and like just Easy All right so just to show you real quick I pulled out the GPU that process is no Different than uninstalling any other Graphics card but on this cell 3070 You’ll see in the front there’s Obviously no connectors here for the Cables to power this they instead are on The back side since that’s how it routes Out the back of the motherboard shroud And back to the case so again given the Stealth theme that makes complete sense But it’s still just mind-blowing that Like why haven’t other graphics cards Done this before to make the whole cable Routing process still that much easier Like it seems just so obvious at this

Point I assume going forward more Companies will do this because there’s No real reason not to right as you can See here the cables still lead to the Back cutout of the case and more gpus Could do that in the future I really Don’t see a reason why not to Considering all cases in motherboards Pretty much have a gap there anyways Which leads to the back of the case so Another thing I want to do as I Mentioned in the beginning is swap out The AEO that came with this case from Gigabyte it’s their aorus water force X240 and for a stealth build that Emphasizes stealth and invisible cables The AIO is just not doing it for me I Want the cleanest possible appearance And ditching those two large braided Tubes will definitely do that one thing I want to do just to you know keep the Airflow going is since I’m swapping the AIO it came with I’m gonna take both of The fans that were on here they were Both uh 120 mil and they had RGB so I’m Gonna put them back on that front panel Again to continue that airflow and stuff But I’m not going to hook up the RGB Cables and stuff because I don’t need The RGB so I’ll be repurposing this in a Way or just using the fans but the new Cooler we have also has two fans as well So think of it as addition by Subtraction right now as I mentioned

Right after the intro I picked up a deep Cool air cooler this is the ak-400 Arc plus and I think the design of this Is just the perfect fit when it comes to You know the stealth goal that I have in Mind we have the 220 millimeter fans so In terms of airflow it’s going to help Keep it all flowing nicely on the inside Keep it on top 100K cool as well and the Cooler is only 45 dollars so super great Price for this then just like that Getting it installed and hooked up yes This is much much more what I had in Mind when it comes to that stealth build It looks so much better now completed Without the AIO tubes you know the Stealth motherboard hides so much as it Is with those shrouds and all the Connectors on the back seeing it Completed it reminds me of the NZXT Motherboards a few years ago you know Those were super clean but this takes it To a whole new level now hot damn all Right it’s been a long day system up and Running super pumped to check it out Gonna probably wait till tomorrow now I’m gonna install a bunch of games I can Benchmark it and stuff but it’s late It’s like midnight right now all that’s Going to take a few hours so I’ll see You guys in the morning all right so It’s the next day now admittedly it’s About 20 something hours later because I Spent all day gaming on this so it’s

Actually night time right now and I’ve Gotta say my day with this has been Nothing short of awesome I’m super Impressed with the whole build of what Project stealth pulls off and I’m sure a Lot of you can agree with me it’s like This all just seems so simple in Execution and just right that it just Leaves me wondering like why has Anything like this existed before Because everything here just makes so Much sense like you know the connectors On the back of the graphics card yeah 100 that’s how it should be so that way There’s no cables dripping down in the Front all the motherboard connectors on The back side so so much easier because Now if you want to swap components you Don’t have to take out your graphics Card because it’s in the way of Something it’s all on the back the Modularity of this is amazing so yes Like I said been gaming all day with This gigabyte also sent out their M32 UC Monitor it’s 32 inches 4K looks stunning And at 144 Hertz when you pair it with The specs of the this PC it’s just all Around killer I spent the majority of my Day playing the new Battlefield update Or the more recent one and even though I’m still very disappointed in the new Battlefield 2042. it’s it’s slowly Getting there you know update by update But yeah looks great on this monitor

This is actually my first time playing The new Battlefield at 4K because I’m Always used to just playing it on my 3440x1440p ultrawides and you know Combining it with like dlss it looks Super good still and runs a lot better Than I thought it would honestly uh but Again the specs of this build especially With that 3070 it handled it just fine So as we round this one out I’m gonna Address a few things that I wanted to Talk about with the whole project Stealth as it is and the first thing is You know obviously I swapped out the Stock AIO with a more I feel like you Know stealthy appropriately themed Cooler here because it just seems to fit The overall theme I think the stock AIO Was found nothing wrong with it but I Just like it just defeats the purpose of This super clean into internal build With the two massive tubes inside you Know like it was immediately an eyesore And takes away of the whole no cables Build so that’s the main reason why I Wanted to swap it out now also with the Name project stealth you know you would Like it to be completely blackout right Stealthy matte black all that and There’s a fair bit of RGB on the case With the ram the cooler given depending On what components you go with that will All sort of vary but to their credit They do have this button up top which

Lets you immediately kill all RGB on the Case so again if you don’t have RGB Components and stuff on the inside you Can have that no RGB look at literally The click of a button so lastly let’s Talk availability because there’s two Different ways you can pretty much you Know configure this and get it in your Hands so first up the project stealth as A whole is available as a bundle with The case the graphics card and the Motherboard that’s the components that They Supply to you through gigabyte and Actually just checked on Amazon right Now it’s literally six hundred dollars Again for the case the motherboard and The GPU so really not too too bad yes Still like kind of pricey but you figure Out you’re getting You know a bulk of the components here And it’s that whole stealth approach With the no cables and with the Proprietary motherboard here and the Case that’s gonna allow you to use any Other components you want Um in addition to you know what they Already Supply you and then have this Real nice stealthy look so it does mean Yes you’re gonna have to buy your own CPU your own Ram your own cooler your Power supply all that but the bundle of The three 600 right now on Amazon really Not too bad overall uh but main gear is Actually a company they are partnering

Up with and they are having a full out You know configuration a pre-built with The project self component that you can Go in and deck it out and build its you Know accordingly to what you want or What you uh play and stuff so that’s all From main gear separately so you do have Those two options but they’re going Through the bundle and then completing It yourself or just getting it all Pre-made through main gear but that’s Why I said before like you know Depending on your RAM and your cooler And stuff the RGB could kind of change Up the stuff look but again you don’t Even need that you could pick your own Components because it’s just the three That comes with the project stealth Bundle I actually wanted to swap out the Ram so it was all black you know no RGB Inside but I didn’t have any non-rgb Ddr5 RAM and I could just turn it off in Software anyways so not a big issue There but all in all this is really Phenomenal and like I said there’s Nothing really like this on the market That does something that I’ve always Wanted to see in the PC market that Never really came to happen until now And seeing the execution it’s just like Yes it all makes so so much sense why Hasn’t the PC Building Market been like This for years now and the plus side is Now that it’s out there you know how it

Is with the the league in the market It’s a copycat league with pretty much Everything right give it a few months And we’re gonna see other competitors Other companies hopefully starting to Copy this and transfer form the way Cases and motherboards are built so we Can have this much more clean stealthy Approach that is perfect it’s done so so Well Gotta Give It Up the gigabyte here And the aorus project stealth PC Um I love this thing and like I said I’m Sure a lot of you out there are 100 on Board and can appreciate this build as Well so if you want to check it out have The links for you in the description Down below as well as the gigabyte Monitor sent over because again the M32uc has been a beauty to game on and You bundle these two together like that And you’re gonna have a hell of a Gameplay experience so alright guys That’ll wrap it up for the beautiful Project stealth build I want to hear Your thoughts down below like drop it in The comment section are we on the same Page with this is this not everything we Want and can look forward to potentially In the future from the PC Building Market I mean I I feel like this is a Hundred percent where it’s gonna go so I Want to hear all your thoughts drop them In the comment section down below if you Like this video give it a big thumbs up

Show your support feel free to follow me On Twitter at randomfrankp and last if You haven’t already hit that subscribe Button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day

How to Clean Your PC Perfectly and Eliminate Cables Hassle-Free!


Cleaning your PC is not just about dusting or wiping its screen or casing. It’s also about getting rid of unnecessary files, cleaning the PC’s interior, and ensuring that it runs smoothly for a long time. In this article, we will walk you through the process of thorough PC cleaning and how to eliminate cable clutter in your workspace.

Eliminating Cable Clutter

One of the biggest issues that most people face when cleaning their PC is dealing with the cable clutter that often comes with it. Here are a few simple steps that can help you get rid of those unnecessary cables hugging your workspace:

Organize your cables

First things first, organize the cables that are still essential for your PC’s operation. Think about which ones you need to leave and which ones to dispose of. The easiest way to do this is to label each cable to avoid confusion.

Use cable ties

Cable ties are an affordable and excellent solution to avoid clustering your cables. They are available in different sizes and colors and, thus help you to color code and identify your cables easily. Tying your cables together also helps prevent accidentally pulling them out.

Use a cable management system

Cable management systems are typically strips or boxes that help contain cables and keep them organized. These systems come in different sizes, so you need to find the one that suits your needs. It’s also important to note that some cable management systems even have built-in charging ports, making them a great addition to any workspace.

Perfectly Cleaning Your PC

Now that you have a neat and tidy workspace, it’s time to clean your PC perfectly. Here are some easy steps to follow:

Unplug Everything

Start by unplugging everything from the back of your PC, including cables, keyboard, and mouse.

Take it Apart

Remove the PC’s casing to access its internal parts. Every computer is different, so refer to your computer’s owner’s manual before starting to disassemble. As you take it apart, remember where everything goes, as this will make assembly much easier.

Use a Compressed Air Can to Clean

Take a can of compressed air and spray the parts of your computer that need cleaning. This could be your motherboard, power supply unit, fan, or any other parts with accumulated dust. Remember to hold the can upright and not to spray the liquid.

Clean the Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor

Use a soft cloth to dust your keyboard, mouse, and monitor. An easy trick is to use a little rubbing alcohol – diluted in water – to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Avoid spraying directly on the screens.

Reassemble your PC

Carefully reassemble your PC and all its parts, making sure everything is plugged in correctly.


In conclusion, cleaning your PC is vital to keep it running smoothly and free from dust and grime. By following the steps we’ve suggested, you’ll be well on your way to cleaning your PC correctly. Remember to get rid of any unnecessary cables, organize the rest, and always unplug your PC before attempting any internal cleaning.


  1. How often should I clean my PC?
  • It’s ideal to clean your PC at least every six months or as recommended by the manufacturer.
  1. Is compressed air safe to use on my computer?
  • Yes, compressed air is safe for your computer as long as you hold the canister upright and do not spray any liquid.
  1. Can I use water to clean my monitor or keyboard?
  • It’s best to use rubbing alcohol diluted in water or a special solution to avoid damaging your monitor or keyboard.
  1. Can I leave my PC plugged in while cleaning it?
  • No, it’s best to unplug your PC and all its cords before cleaning to avoid any electrical damage.
  1. How do I know which cable ties or cable management system to use?
  • Consider the number of cables you need to manage and your workspace’s size when choosing cable ties or cable management systems.

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