Holiday Edition: Top 10 Tech Gadgets Under $50 in 2021 You Need to Know About

By | December 11, 2021

As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect tech gift for your loved ones (or even yourself) can be a tricky task, especially when on a budget. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tech gadgets under $50 that are worth considering in 2021. From portable chargers to smart home devices, this holiday edition guide has got you covered with affordable and practical options for every tech enthusiast. So, let’s dive into the world of tech and discover some amazing gadgets that won’t break the bank!

As 2021 comes to an end, let’s check out the top 10 Cool Tech Under $50 products we showed off this year! Whether you want to add them to your wishlist or they give you gift ideas for someone else, I got your back this Holiday 👍🏼
🎁 #10. Vaydeer Multimedia Controller:
🎁 #9. Razer Strider Mousepad:
🎁 #8. 360 Phone Tripod:
🎁 #7. Dorothy Cold Brewer:
🎁 Windows 10 Key with 30% coupon code: VIPrandom
🎁 Windows 10 Pro Key ($15):
🎁 Office 2019 Pro key ($44):
🎁 #6. PurePort Cleaner Kit:
🎁 #5. Govee Flow RGB Bars:
🎁 #4. Razer Seiren Mini:
🎁 #3. SofaBaton U1:
🎁 Broadlink RM4 Mini:
🎁 #2. GSkill Crystal Keycaps:
🎁 #1. Razer BlackShark V2 X:
🎁 Runner up – CPL Filter:

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What’s up guys i’m random frank p and Today we’re gonna be showing off the top 10 cool tech under 50 dollars from all Of 2021 in a special holiday edition Episode meaning out of all the cool tech Under 50 episodes we’ve done in 2021 These are the most popular top selling Highly related products from every Episode we made this year if you see Anything you like today i’ll have them All listed for you in the description Down below so you can check him out this Would make a great you know wishlist Idea or give you some gift ideas to buy Someone else and also down below i’m Just gonna put every single episode of Cool tech under 50 we’ve done in 2021 Now first up today at the number 10 spot From june’s episode is this aluminum Multimedia controller from vader and What separates this from the rest out There is first the build quality it’s Also usbc and you can control not only Volume but you have full media playback Control as well so depending on your Setup if your keyboard doesn’t have Dedicated media keys or if you just want That external controller like this and An arm’s reach for that extra Convenience to quickly mute the audio Skip tracks and all that this will be Clutch now taking a look at it one of The more interesting things this has is The button above the volume wheel

Correlating to the blue led light this Gives you control of your volume level Adjustment so for example the first Setting adjusts your volume in steps of Two the middle setting adjusts your Volume in steps of four then the third Setting adjusts your audio in steps of 10. i don’t know how useful that Actually is but hey if you need it then It’s got it for you it is a bit pricier Than most media controllers out there as It comes in at 40 bucks but again the Build quality is better than most of Plastic ones you’ll find on amazon and Having those dedicated media keys is a No-brainer if you’re looking for Something like this to add to your setup Number nine for september’s episode is The razer strider mouse pad while not The first thing you think of when you Think of technology this mouse pad sold Like hotcakes and rightfully so now what I really like about the strider is the Surface it’s a hybrid mouse pad so it’s Going to give you sort of different Properties than your standard cloth pad When you take a look at it with the Braiding and stuff and the strider’s Surface you’ll see an even xy axis which Is going to give you a nice smooth glide That provides speed and very low Friction for your mouse you take a look At this macro shot but that even braid Means no matter how you glide your mouse

Up and down left and right figure eights 360s whatever you do it’s going to be a Smooth consistent glide across the Entire surface another benefit to the Surface is the fact that it’s warp Resistant and water repellent so if You’re clumsy you knock over some water You’ll see here the water just beat up And not fully absorbed into the material And actually left this shot running for Two hours during the time lapse and you Can see how well it does at just keeping The water out a pad like this is also Great for people who live in a humid Climate this is supposed to not absorb Any humidity either i can’t really test It it’s not humid where i live so i Can’t really speak to that but we’ll Take their word for it for me though the One thing that i like about this that Other mousepads don’t really have is the Added control with this hybrid surface With the low friction surface here it’s Just a really nice changeup and upgrade If you’re using a standard cloth pad the Changeup will be worth it i guarantee You it’s available in two sizes with Large and extended with the extended Version coming in at 50. now for number Eight from april’s episode is this 360 Face tracking phone mount and while There’s been a lot of these you know More recently on amazon in the market And stuff the reason i pick this and

Would still choose this over others out There is because this does not require You to download their own proprietary Fishy software or app on your phone you Can use your very own camera app that You have on your phone right now so this Little gadget is going to be great for Face timing zoom calls or just recording Yourself where you want to keep yourself In frame but maybe you’re moving around You’re not able to physically control The camera this will do it all for you The built-in lens on the front locks Onto you and it spins around always Making sure you’re in the shot this is Also gonna be great if you’re live Streaming or making you know tic tocs Youtube videos instagram videos anything Like that you’ll now have the freedom to Move around without having to worry if You’re actually you know out of the Frame it’s still gonna track you here There’s also no manual calibration and Like i said before no random fishy apps You have to download it works with Whatever camera app you use on your Phone the built-in phone holder does Rotate up and down if you want to angle It at a certain degree it can also be Mounted vertically or horizontally so Whatever orientation you’re filming in You’ll be good to go at this mount now For my testing works best where at least Half of your body is in the frame that

Way it has something substantial to Track but really whether you’re locking Onto your face or just a body movement You shouldn’t have issues setting this Up to work with whatever sort of Scenario you’re gonna be using it for And it comes in at forty dollars Now number seven from our march episode You all know i love me some coffee this Is the dorothy rapid cold brewer which Makes you cold brew coffee in just a few Minutes versus the 12 to 24 hours you Would usually wait to make it this makes This little mini tornado right in your Home and lets you brew in just 15 Minutes it’s a really simple process too Once you have your water in the glass Carafe and the dorothy is on and Spinning you then just add your coffee Grinds or whatever blend you use to make Your coffee a hint you can use this for Iced teas or protein shakes as well in The circulation and the spinning really Enhances the steeping process and just Speeds up the whole brew after it brews For 15 minutes or longer if you want a Deeper brew you can just let it sit for A minute then you use the included Plunger and the lid to sift through the Grounds it’ll push it onto this metal Can on the bottom so it’s not actually You know floating in your coffee and Then just like that you have 22 ounces Of instant cold brew that didn’t take

Over a day to make again the longer you Let it brew deeper your blend will be i Just made a pretty quick batch for the Video this comes in just under 50 bucks I’ve seen it on sale for 35 to 40 with The holidays definitely worth it i love It if you’re a coffee head i’m sure You’ll appreciate it Now taking a quick break i’m also going To throw in something that i’m sure a Lot of you would definitely find useful And that is a windows 10 activation key From where you could save 30 And get windows 10 for just 13 So over at vip you’ll see The windows 10 pro key typically around 18 We can bring that down 30 To just 13 bucks on the bottom of the Page you put in the coupon code vip Random and now you can pick up a new key Finally activate that pc for just 13 Once you check out and redeem your key If you’re curious how to activate Windows they actually have a little link Which describes it for you but you can Just go down to your search bar and type In activation it’ll pretty much just Bring you right to the activate settings I already have my pc activated so it’s Not there for me but it’s very very Simple to do and again they have the Little tutorial for you and the 30 vip

Random code also works for windows 11 Pro from 27 it’ll bring you down to just 19 bucks if you want to pick up windows 11 pro So again i’ve used these keys for years Never had a problem i always get people Asking me if these are like legit yes They work no problems so if you finally Want to activate your pc with windows 10 Pro for just 13 bucks vip random as well As possibly if you want to upgrade to Windows 11 we got you covered links and Coupon code in the description down Below of course now picking back up at Number six from our august episode is The pure port phone cleaning kit and at 30 bucks the bit too pricey i’d say for A stocking stuffer but it’ll definitely Be a nifty gift for someone i guarantee They’ll find this useful so this bizarre Looking all-in-one multi-cleaner kit can Definitely help you out cleaning up the Dust and just nasty bits from your phone Odds are your phone laptop tablet the Ports on all your devices probably Haven’t been cleaned recently right you Know you don’t think about it but tons Of just dust and build up over time Stays in those ports and could cause Interference problems when you connect Usbs or just plug it in cables i mean Come on think about your belly button It’s probably got lint in it right now Right now imagine all the lint in your

Phone’s charging port or speaker grilles Which is in your pocket every single day Yeah you’re probably checking right now Aren’t you so tools one through three Are for cleaning said ports whether it Be charging ports the speakers earpiece It’ll scrub that dust and the lint buff It right out then the ports four and Five on the kit are for polishing and Cleaning the pins on your charging cable So with the iphone lightning cables the Pins on the cable could actually get Corroded over time and cause issues with Charging and the kit does come with a Microfiber cloth as well as this special Cleaning solution to help with that and Clean it all up so maybe you’re thinking Your cable’s faulty you know if it’s not Charging right away or it won’t be Recognized by your phone you get those Constant error messages if it’s the Actual pins themselves on the cable Keeping it from having that standard Charge this will surely help it’ll Polish that right up toss this in your Daily travel bag your backpack your Purse just having one of these on you is Definitely a good idea if you’re out and About a lot it’ll surely come in hand Over time again think it’s a solid solid Gift idea i’ve never heard someone say Nah i prefer having a dusty dirty phone Thanks now coming in at number five for May’s episode are the govi flow rgb

Light bars these sold just like crazy When i showed these off over the summer So it’s no wonder they made the list Here yet again so built into the cable Of both light bars is this dedicated Module where you can manually control The lights and the effects but obviously With their govi app that’s where you can Really go in and customize the colors And all the effects to get the most Visually out of these flow rgb lights They have a bunch of preset scenes to Pick from you can probably choose from Like at least 50 pre-made ones already You can have it like pulse to go along To music on your phone or on that Built-in module there’s a little tiny Mic so it’ll go along or react to the Audio or music playing in your room if You choose or wherever you have these Positioned now obviously with the Majority of you guys being gamers i Think it’s pretty safe to say given how You probably found my channel these will Be a killer addition to your desk setup And you can configure them in a few Different ways which really let you take Your setup to the next level inside the Box it has two different types of stands And mounts one pair is for mounting them Vertically so you can just reflect the Rgb lights sort of off your wall bounce It there for that overall desktop glow This way the light will blend together

Nicely behind the monitor you can have Them spaced out it’ll just give your Eyes that nice ease of contrast from the Bright display at night versus just the Dark wall behind it now the rgb will Glow and fill that void if you’re a Cycle you could always just take them Off the stands and have them shining Directly at you if you desire that for Whatever reason or again turn them Around face the wall add that Illumination if you don’t dig the Vertical mounts but the most popular use Case that i’ve seen these used with is Mounting them on the back side of your Monitor because the other mounts they Include for you is just that a 3m Adhesive monitor mount this way now you Can still have that rgb glow on your Wall behind it but also free up that Desktop space without physically having Them anywhere on your desk now you’ll Have this super nice ambient backlight Glow from your monitor that i think can Just really elevate any setup match them To a game you’re playing a certain theme Or aesthetic whatever you want they Definitely look cool they’re going to Add a lot to your room and they’re just 50 bucks Now for number four from last december Yes meaning this sold so well in 2021 That it still made the top 10 list this Year even though we showed it off in

2020 that is this razer siren mini Microphone It sounds absolutely fantastic superb Quality for being so small and compact This thing has some serious punch to it For the price and i’ll cut to the mic Test now so you could hear how it sounds For this segment so inside they have a 14 millimeter capsule that has a super Cardioid pickup pattern which is really Going to be good for focusing on picking Up your vocals right in front of you it Comes with the included stand and base It can swivel around if you want to sort Of angle it in a certain direction to Where you’re gonna be sitting in front Of it and it’s just super tiny and Simple looking with just the led light On the front so you can know that it’s On but there is no volume adjustment or Headphone pass-through it’s just a tiny Mic here with a 5 8 inch thread so you Can put this on a mic stand or a mic Boom arm you might already have So as you heard this thing just sounds Crazy crazy good whether you’re talking Your friends over discord you’re Frequently on zoom calls for whatever This will seriously be a major upgrade For you if you don’t already have you Know a really good microphone as it is But the thing is with this it only costs 35 dollars which is mind-blowing from The quality of this razer siren mini

Now for number three is going to be a Shared spot of similar products but two Different options that accomplish the Same thing in a way that’s the broad Link rm4 mini from november’s episode Then the sofa baton u1 from march and These guys pretty much let you take all The remotes you have around your house For your rgb light strips your tv cable Box speaker sound bar fans pretty much Anything that needs a remote to use you Can now have all those functions Configured and synced to the sofa baton This is now your all-in-one smart remote In the house admittedly it will take Some time for you to manually set this All up and have it learn all those Devices and functions but once you do You’re now only gonna need this instead Of all your six other remotes on the Coffee table in the episode we showed This off i even have it set up to work With the rgb lights in the upstairs Office where i can just quickly change It on the fly turn them on and off Definitely a cool and useful item with The sofa baton and it’s just under 50. However the more recent pickup with the Broadlink rm4 mini from last month’s Episode it’s pretty much the same thing But instead of having an actual you know Tangible remote you can have a digital Remote now on your phone and it lets you Use your phone to control everything

It’s that same setup you have to Manually teach the device everything you Want your products and devices to do but Now you don’t have to look for a Physical remote anymore it’s all just on Your phone in the app it’s also cheaper At just 30 bucks but both are awesome I’m sure you could definitely take Advantage of either one depending on how You want to use these and now you have That whole extra level of this extra Smart home functionality so again Whether you want to use a physical Remote to control all your smart home Stuff or you just want to use this Little module set it up and then control Everything from your phone you have both Options which is why i showed them both Off for you today at this number three Spot Now coming in at number two for my Keyboard fam out there we have the g Skill crystal crown keycaps in white and Black so if you got an rgb keyboard These will make it shine like no other Keycaps head out there each set in the Box comes with 104 keys for your Standard layout it’ll obviously fit a Full size keyboard 75 and 60 depending On what you own if you’re not too Familiar with keyboards yes odds are It’ll fit your traditional mechanical Switch like cherry gadaron kale or temu You should be fine taking a look at them

There are minor visual differences Between the black and white crystal set For example you’ll see on the black Keycaps you have this shine through Outline strip around the key so you just Have that additional layer now of rgb to Shine through whereas that’s not present On the white set since it wouldn’t Really add much but yes as you can see Regardless of what type of keyboard you Have as long as there’s rgb lights or Leds inside it’s gonna look crazy now And just for a visual comparison side by Side to a pudding keycap you can see the Crystal set it’s completely see-through Instead of being more opaque like on the Pudding caps which now is going to allow For a complete light show underneath and In between the keys even if you’re not An rgb fan you just want to keep your Keyboard a static single color the light Now will just pop even more now that Does mean you’re also going to see part Of the stem from the actual switch Underneath just due to the nature of These keycaps being completely See-through but it’s not a big deal at All i think i just pointed out that it Wasn’t already obvious to you for the Price these come in at 20 bucks which is Definitely pretty good out there if You’re looking to you know take your Keyboard to that next level visually and Just add more life to your desk setup

These will definitely accomplish that And then coming in at the number one Spot taking the crown for the top Selling most popular product from all of 2021 our cool tech under 50 series Is the razer black shark v2x headset This is an absolutely insane value it Sounds so good it’s nice and comfortable A fantastic microphone as well which I’ll use for the segment so you can hear How the mic sounds But just a hundred percent deserves the Number one spot this headset is insane So this released last summer and Honestly sounds as good if not better Than headsets two to three times this Price and if you don’t believe me check Reviews of your other favorite youtubers Out there they all repeat the same thing The value of this headset is absolutely Insane Inside it uses their very own razer Triforce drivers they’re 50 millimeters Each and in terms of design i really Like the simplicity to it it goes for That like pilot headset design it’s very Minimal looking you just have a mic mute Button on the back of the ear cup and The left side is a built-in volume dial For controlling your audio what really Stood out to me was the really good Sounding spatial and directional audio For you know this stock stereo Experience identifying footprints very

Very good with these for fps your Competitive gaming bass impacts sound Really nice but also inside the box they Include a free codes you can go in and Enable the 7.1 razer surround sound so You had that included here and also for Being emulated also sounds phenomenal It’s just crazy what razer is doing here With this the microphone is their hyper Clear cardioid it’s on a nice flexible Gooseneck so you can move it around Position it in front of your mouth and Stuff i’ll cut back the actual camera Mic so i’m not interfering with it here But just overall i think everything About this makes an amazing amazing Value in the headset as a whole i’d say Hands down competes with headsets out There that are two three times the price And you’re wondering you know what do These come in for they originally Launched msrp for 60 bucks these have Been on sale recently for as low as 35 Over the holiday season which to me is Just mind blowing i guarantee you this Upgrade will be huge if you just have a Crappy headset out there right now the Sound quality the mic everything about This headset Definitely makes it number one all of Cool tech 150 For 2021 Now well that’ll do it for the top 10 i Do have a runner-up for you guys because

Even though it’s not the most exciting Product it sold pretty well the number 11 spot still wanted to shout it out That is gonna be this k f cpl filter so The circular polarizing lens could be a Nifty trick for any photographer or Videographer in your life as it pretty Much gives them like an extra level of Magic to their shots what it does is it Cuts down on reflections greatly so i’ll Show you real quick as you can see this Is the side panel of my tempered glass Pc you can see there’s that reflection From my desk once you actually turn the Filter itself that reflection completely Goes away letting you now just see Through the glass i use these all the Time for my product reviews so for Example on my wooden desktop with all The lights i have in the studio you can See just that reflection and the sheen On the keyboard and my wooden desktop Surface however once you turn the cpl Filter to eliminate that it now just Looks so much more rich and saturated With the natural colors allowing to Actually be seen and shine without Having that reflection pretty much just Taking it all away so you can see how it Looks with the cpl on and then disabled This will also be great for like car Photography or videography with seeing Through windshields as well as stuff With water and like landscape shots

Again you can see the reflection of just The sky and stuff you turn the cpl Filter and that all goes away you can See right through into the water now Giving you a more beautiful nature shot If this is the kind of style you’re Going for prices will vary depending on The size of your lens thread this one in Particular was 45 dollars so all right Guys that’ll wrap it up for this special Holiday edition episode of the top 10 11 cool tech under 50 From all of 2021 showing you the top Selling things we showed off this year Reminder everything i showed you today Will be listed for you in the Description down below so you can check It out again great wishlist ideas for Yourself or get ideas to buy someone Else if you like this video and it Helped you out give it a big thumbs up To show your support feel free to follow Me on twitter randomfrankp at last if You haven’t already hit that subscribe Button Hope you all enjoyed Happy holidays


Technology has rapidly changed the way we live our lives, and it’s not just the most expensive gadgets that can make our lives easier. In fact, there are many tech gadgets available under $50 that can be incredibly useful in our day-to-day lives. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 tech gadgets that you need to know about this holiday season.

1. Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are a game-changer when it comes to home automation. They allow you to control your appliances remotely using your smartphone or voice commands through virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. You can schedule your appliances to turn on and off, and even set a timer for your lights, coffee maker or fans.

2. Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are a must-have tech gadget. They provide you with the freedom to listen to your favorite music or take phone calls without interfering with wires. Many of these headphones come with noise-canceling technology, making them the perfect companion for those long flights.

3. Smartphone Tripod

Smartphone tripods are great for those who love to take pictures or videos. These inexpensive gadgets provide a stable platform for your smartphone to record videos or take pictures without having to worry about shaking or blurry images. They are compact and easy to carry around with you, making them the perfect travel accessory.

4. Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers can be useful for those who want to monitor their heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned throughout the day. They help you stay motivated by setting daily goals and challenge yourself to achieve them. Many of these gadgets also come with sleep tracking, helping you monitor your sleep patterns and improve your overall health.

5. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers are perfect for those who love to listen to music on the go. Whether you’re at a barbecue, picnic, or camping trip, these speakers provide a high-quality sound that can make any occasion more enjoyable. They are small and easy to carry, making them the perfect gadget to pack on your next adventure.

6. Streaming Stick

Streaming sticks, like Roku or Amazon Firestick, are perfect for those who want to watch their favorite shows and movies on their TV. These sticks allow you to stream content from apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. They are affordable and easy to use, making them a great addition to any entertainment setup.

7. Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charging pads are great for those who are always on the go. They provide a simple and convenient way to charge your smartphone or other Qi-enabled devices without having to worry about cables. These gadgets come in various shapes and sizes, making them easy to fit in your purse or pocket.

8. USB-C Hub

A USB-C hub is essential for those who need to connect multiple devices to their laptop or other USB-C enabled devices. These gadgets provide additional ports for USB-A, HDMI, Ethernet, and SD cards, making it much easier to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

9. Smart Wallet

A smart wallet is perfect for those who want to keep their cards and cash safe while on the go. These wallets come with RFID-blocking technology that prevents hackers from stealing your credit card information. Some of these wallets also come with Bluetooth tracking, so you can always find your wallet, even if you misplace it.

10. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are perfect for those who want to listen to their favorite music without any cables getting in the way. These gadgets are discreet and easy to wear, making them perfect for workouts or commuting. They come with different features like touch controls, active noise-canceling technology, and waterproofing.


These top 10 tech gadgets under $50 are must-have products for anyone looking to upgrade their tech game without breaking their budget. From smart plugs to wireless earbuds, these gadgets will make your life easier and more enjoyable. Don’t wait any longer, add some of these gadgets to your holiday shopping list and make your loved ones happy this season.


  1. What is a USB-C hub, and why is it necessary?

A USB-C hub is a gadget that allows you to connect multiple devices to your laptop at once. It’s necessary when you need to connect devices such as USB-A, HDMI, Ethernet, and SD cards to your laptop.

  1. Can I use a smart plug with any appliance?

You can use a smart plug with any appliance, as long as it can fit the electrical outlet.

  1. Are wireless earbuds better than wired earbuds?

Wireless earbuds offer more convenience and are perfect for workouts or commuting. However, wired earbuds still offer better sound quality.

  1. What is a streaming stick?

A streaming stick is a gadget that connects your TV to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. It allows you to stream your favorite shows and movies directly to your TV.

  1. Can I charge my smartphone wirelessly without a wireless charging pad?

No, you cannot charge your smartphone wirelessly without a wireless charging pad. The charging pad uses electromagnetic induction to charge your device.

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