Glorious Model O 2 Wireless: A Comprehensive Review of the Latest Gaming Mouse

By | March 17, 2023

Are you a gaming enthusiast in search of the perfect wireless mouse? Look no further than the Glorious Model O 2 Wireless. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into every detail of this latest addition to the Glorious line of gaming mice. From design and comfort to performance and customization options, we’ll leave no stone unturned in determining if the Model O 2 Wireless is worth the hype. Stay tuned for a detailed analysis that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Glorious just released the new Model O 2 Wireless mouse, leaving me 2 confused.
• Model O 2 Wireless Mouse:

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Hmm Yeah this is a confusing one what’s up Guys I’m random Frank p and today we’re Gonna be reviewing the brand new Glorious model 02 wireless gaming mouse So this just dropped I’ve had it for a Few weeks now I’ve been put into the Test gaming with it now while this is The first release from glorious in the Year 2023 this is not the second model o We’ve seen it from glorious within the Last six months we’ll go over it all in This review so the first thing you’ll Notice when you get this in an unboxed Is the new O2 Wireless is a complete Redesign pretty much not in terms of Shape but for the physical features we Still have holes in the top and bottom Of the shell unfortunately but the left And right clicks are their own separate Paddles these redesigned main buttons Are part of like a three piece to the Top shell where you have your left Paddle a separate piece in the middle For the DPI and scroll wheel and then The right paddle on the original Monologue it was just split into two This also features much deeper grooves Than left and right clicks so your Fingers can sit in there nicely very Similar to like the Viper design that’s Like one of the first things that I Noticed right away with those nice Grooves now for your fingertips and the

Coating we have now to the mouse is Slightly more textured and grippy versus On the original model oh it felt a lot More smooth and there was pretty much no Texture Inside the Box you get nothing Special braided cable your dongle and The attachment for that stickers and Documentation sure but no additional Feat unfortunately no grips either Glorious also moved their massive Branding we no longer have the Glorious Bearded Odin on the left side that’s now Right below the scroll wheel and DPI Button so it’s not as big but it’s on The top of the mouse now we do have more Text on the right side not big deals but Figure out still bring it up so well Personally I don’t really like the Design of the O2 I don’t know it just Looks outdated to me I will say though It feels a lot better in the hand when You’re using it and holding it and Obviously how it feels is way more Important than how it looks speaking of How it looks Let’s uh trip you out a bit With these holes in the Shell so we no Longer have the honeycomb cutouts they Are now just numerous round puncture Wounds ranging in different sizes to the Contour of the mouse and man if the Honeycomb triggered you I think this is Personally worse these holes are like The definition of trypophobia but in Terms of shape and dimensions it’s

Practically the same it’s that super Friendly ambient design with the left Side buttons but yes compared to the Original model o it is about one Millimeter wider in the middle of the Body two millimeters shorter overall and The scroll wheel does sit about six Millimeters higher now but it’s that Same familiar Ambi shape in the hand That you’re used to with this Modelo Design and as you can see we still do Have the RGB light strips on each side But there’s no longer RGB in the scroll Wheel but I feel like we don’t even need RGB at all which could have helped cut Down on some of the weight which is my Next topic moving on this mouse is Advertised at an ultra light they say 68 Grams it does tip my scale at 67 and a Half but hmm wouldn’t call that ultra Light so what I still consider that Lightweight yes Does it make any sense whatsoever no not At all the original model o Wireless was What 69 70 grams then a few months ago We had the model o Pro come out or they Had a left field that was 55 grams and Even though it’s technically not the Same shape we had the series one pro Which was 4950 grams They didn’t have holes in their shell This does and you’re telling me now it’s Over 15 grams heavier it’s just super Confusing now granted the pro in series

O Pro is from their one-off custom forge Lineup so they’re limited drops which is A bummer because I didn’t even get to Check out the series one unfortunately I Was looking forward to that but it’s Like we know you can make a lighter Mouse you already did so why isn’t this And we do have brand new switches which Are an upgrade from the kale 8.0 they’ve Been using they are their custom Glorious switches unfortunately there’s No like specs out there on these custom Switches with the ra collaboration with Kale maybe like an updated Bend Recolored kale 8.0 but yeah no official Specs or anything unfortunately we will Do a sound test you could hear how this Mouse sounds [Music] So sure nice crisp clicks nothing too Groundbreaking really uh stability wise No squeaking all feels good however one Of the things I noticed is there is a Fair bit of play to the left and right Clicks that slight horizontal wobble now You don’t notice this while you’re Gaming you only really notice if you Purposely sort of pinch in like I was Doing that’s how you notice the paddle Shift there did it negatively impact my Gaming no did I notice it while gaming No did I notice it while testing it Because that’s what people do in the Mouse Community they put it through all

These different you know flex and push Tests yeah but honestly during gaming That shift was not noticeable so let’s Talk about gaming and they’re using a Brand new sensor here their Banff 2.0 Which is an upgrade from their previous Bamf sensor this Now features a 650 IPS Tracking rating over the typical 450 IPS It ranges from 100 to 26 000 DPI still Just a thousand Hertz pulling rate Though no 4K yet so for testing and Gaming this was plugged in with their 2.4 gigahertz dongle I did not use it With Bluetooth because I simply just Have no use or need for Bluetooth but One of the advantages now the sensor Brings is the massively increased Battery life they claim 210 hours on a Single charge over Bluetooth with the 2.4 gigahertz dongle you can get around 110 hours they say battery life will Obviously vary them depending on your RGB but that is definitely the biggest Upgrade to the sensor is that increased And improved with power consumption and For its overall performance I personally Had no issues I know there have been Some reports out there I guess of like The current software for people who got Like review units early and stuff that Was causing some like lag or stutter but My unit felt just fine we also still Have their same 100 pure PTFE feet so Nice and smooth I usually game at around

800 DPI for my mix of like a palm and Claw grip hybrid sort of like all Depends on what I’m doing in game which Is due to the size and the weight still I wouldn’t recommend this as a fingertip Mouse unless you’ve got some Slenderman Hands and again while I may not like the Way it looks it definitely feels good in The hand to use so it’s been all good But it also brings me to the next point That you know I do feel it is noticeable To use in the hand versus what I’m used To which has been the Pulsar X2 Mini at Around 58 grams and the 49 gram Razer Viper mini signature edition now again While it’s not heavy by any means the Weight here is noticeable over the other Lighter current mice out there end of Story alright wrapping this up bringing It all together bear with me at the end Of the day I am super confused on where This mouse stands in the current Mouse Market and really what glorious is doing With this release okay I’d argue their Very own model o Pro and the series one Pro make this mouse completely Irrelevant Take a look at it you know the big Picture Holes in the Shell nearly 70 grams a Hundred dollars their very own model o Wireless has been fine for the last few Years granted it doesn’t have the you Know the latest and greatest switches

And sensor we have in the new Um O2 but nearly 70 grams holes in the Shell launched for what was 80 or 90 Often can be found for 60. the current Competitors in the market is this gonna Outsell the Razer Viper V2 Pro not at All that’s got Optical switches way Better Tech in their sensor it’s way Lighter than this as well no holes in The Shell the Pulsar X2 mini another Mouse I’ve been loving recently super Super lightweight this just seems like It should have been released Two years ago not in 2023 not after Their very own numerous releases with The Modelo Pro and the series one pro so Yeah for a hundred dollars do I Recommend this mouse no there is just so Many better options out there currently Even from glorious so guys that’ll wrap It up my review of The Glorious model 02 Wireless hope you all enjoyed and drop Your comments down below are you in the Same boat as me am I completely you know Wrong here want to hear your thoughts if You like this video give it a big thumbs Up show your support feel free to follow Me on Twitter at randomfrankp and last You haven’t already hit that subscribe Button hope you all enjoyed have a good Day


Are you on the hunt for the perfect gaming mouse that can cater to all your gaming needs? Look no further because the Glorious Model O 2 Wireless is here to lead the game for all gaming enthusiasts!

In this comprehensive review, we will dive deep into everything that this gaming mouse has to offer. From design and features to performance and price, we will cover everything you need to know before making your decision. So, let’s get started!

The Design

The first thing that catches the eye when you see the Glorious Model O 2 Wireless is its unique design. It has a sleek and sophisticated look with an RGB lighting system that can be customized to over 16.8 million colors.

The mouse is crafted with high-quality materials that make it both durable and lightweight. It weighs only 69 grams, making it one of the lightest wireless gaming mice in the market. It has a honeycomb shell that provides a comfortable grip and reduces sweat buildup during long gaming sessions.


The Glorious Model O 2 Wireless is packed with features that cater to all gaming needs. Here are some of the features that make it stand out from the rest:

  • Wireless Gaming: The wireless feature of this gaming mouse is an excellent addition to its design.

  • Connectivity: This mouse has a USB Type-C port, making it easy to connect and charge.

  • Battery Life: It can last up to 71 hours on a single charge, making it possible to play games and work on projects without frequent recharge.

  • DPI Settings: The Glorious Model O 2 Wireless provides a range of DPI settings that go up to 19,000, ensuring that you can customize it to your gaming needs.


Glorious Model O 2 Wireless delivers excellent performance that makes it stand out from other gaming mice. It is equipped with a high-quality Pixart 3389 sensor that provides accurate and precise tracking, making it ideal for gaming.

The mouse also features Teflon feet that provide smooth gliding, making it easier to control and navigate the gameplay. It is designed to provide an outstanding response time of only 1 millisecond, making it one of the fastest wireless gaming mice.


The Glorious Model O 2 Wireless is priced at $79.99, which is a reasonable price for the features and performance it provides.

Pros and Cons

Before making any purchase decision, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of the product. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Glorious Model O 2 Wireless:


  • Lightweight design
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • High-quality Pixart 3389 sensor


  • No onboard memory
  • Limited DPI settings


The Glorious Model O 2 Wireless is an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts who are looking for advanced features, high performance, and a stylish design. Its customizable RGB lighting, wireless connectivity, and lightweight design make it a top pick among gamers. Its high-quality sensor, smooth Teflon feet, and fast response time ensure a seamless gameplay experience.

This gaming mouse is priced reasonably and offers great value for money. So, go ahead, invest in this masterpiece, and experience the difference yourself!


  1. Is Glorious Model O 2 Wireless an ambidextrous mouse?
  • Yes, this gaming mouse is designed to cater to both left and right-handed users.
  1. Can the RGB lighting be customized?
  • Yes, the RGB lighting of this gaming mouse can be customized to over 16.8 million colors.
  1. What is the battery life of Glorious Model O 2 Wireless?
  • It lasts up to 71 hours on a single charge.
  1. What is the maximum DPI setting offered by this gaming mouse?
  • The maximum DPI setting offered by this gaming mouse goes up to 19,000.
  1. Does Glorious Model O 2 Wireless have onboard memory?
  • No, this gaming mouse does not come with onboard memory.

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