Exploring the Impressive Features of Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset: A Comprehensive Review

By | June 17, 2022

In today’s world, where we rely heavily on digital communication and entertainment, having a top-quality headset is a must-have accessory. The Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset is a product that promises an impressive audio experience. From the wireless technology that connects it to your device to the premium sound quality it delivers, this headset seems to have it all. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive deep into the features of this headset and explore how it performs in different scenarios, so you can decide if it’s worth investing in.

Steelseries dropped the brand new Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headset and MAN OH MAN is this something crazy, check it all out in my review!!!
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What’s up guys i’m random frank p and Today we’re gonna be checking out one of The best gaming headsets i think i’ve Ever reviewed and yeah that’s quite the Bold statement there We’re gonna check out the brand new Steel series nova pro wireless and There’s a lot to go over today so sit Tight so this is the first dedicated Headset review i’ve done in a while and Man did i pick one to jump back into There is just so much going on with These so one of the things that i’ve Always thought series did right is the Design of their headsets from the Siberias to the arctis lineup it’s Always been super clean looking and that Stands true now with the new nova series These look really nice they feel premium As well and i can definitely appreciate A nice looking headset even though it’s The sound quality that matters more in The end now included with the nova pro Wireless is the wireless base station Which lets you control pretty much Everything all at an arm’s reach right Here on this hub and don’t worry we’ll Do a deep dive into this as well coming Up then also inside the box taking a Peek inside their glory hole you have Included a 3.5 to 3.5 millimeter cable For using these wired two usbc cables For connecting them to your sources the Mic foam tip a second extra battery a

Carrying case and all your documentation But taking a closer look at the nova pro Wireless and the physical controls on The left ear cup is your power button it Also acts as an active noise cancelling And transparency mode toggle as well Beneath that is your volume wheel which Has these nice tactile steps it can also Be actuated in for controlling the base Station all through your headset and Built into the ear cup is the Retractable microphone with the Gooseneck design so you can flex it and Angle it in front of your mouth then Over to the right side the only actual Button here is the dedicated bluetooth Button if you want to use these with Bluetooth instead of the native 2.4 Gigahertz connection through the Wireless space station and that’s it for The controls although you can note on The top of each earcup is a microphone This is for the noise canceling and Transparency mode features i touched on But we’ll go more into that in a minute Now the actual earcups themselves have Removable magnetic plates these are like A brushed aluminum design even though It’s all primarily plastic you can just Pop these off and i’ve already seen them Selling different colored covers and Stuff but also it hides the removable Battery inside the right ear cups where The battery sits you can easily swap

Them out when one of them dies it fits Nice and snug as well so don’t worry About it like popping out or anything or Falling off during use but as i showed You inside the box they include that Second battery this is so you can always Have a second battery charging inside The base station at all times so when Your headset dies you just swap the Batteries replace the dead one then now Into the base station and always have a Fresh battery for when you need it and That is clutch now one of the admittedly Odd design choices here is when you pop Off the other earcup plate you have a Usbc port this is for physically Charging these wired or for installing Hardware updates but yeah definitely an Odd spot for it since it’s not on the Bottom of the ear cups like where it Usually is this is a very apple move you Can use them while it’s charging but You’ll look insane but again it’s why They give you two batteries to begin With so you don’t have to do this the Expected battery is an average around 20 Hours per so you can you know figure 40 Hours on a single use because you can Switch out the batteries easily which Really isn’t too bad although a 15-minute quick charge with usb-c can Get you three hours of use so you Shouldn’t have any problems you know not Being able to use these although like i

Said you can use them wired as well and You could also use the 3.5 millimeter Plug on the bottom and use these wired With that instead so you have a lot of Connectivity options Now in terms of comfort one of the Things again i always like about the Design is with the free floating sort of Headband here which takes any pressure Off of your actual head so very Comfortable overall they’re not the Lightest but i really don’t have any Pressure points the balance is really Nice as well definitely feels good and Also i know you guys always appreciate a Good glasses test every now and then Because i realize a lot of you wear Glasses and exactly nothing’s changed at All does not make a difference the ear Cups are 40 millimeters and they are Over the ear with these nice leatherette Cushion ear pads so just all Very very comfy now one of the things With this is on the actual headband you Do have the ear cups that revolve 90 Degrees so you can you know get the best Fit possible and also lay them flat Which is nice and the actual hinge is Plastic which i’m not a really big fan Of to be honest plastic hinges are Usually not a good thing for longevity And there’s no actual physical steps When you adjust the actual height of the Headband it just smoothly goes up and

Down and also for the physical headband Inside with the strap that actually pops Off and there’s different height Adjustments there as well kind of like The back of a hat you know so if you Want a tighter fit a more loose fit you Can adjust the headband but no Complaints in terms of comfort here now Back to the base station real quick to Give you an overview it’s very simple You have the oled screen and a big old Volume knob on the right side and you Can access the menus by holding in that Volume dial and from here you can Navigate and select everything from your Wireless connection mode your mic volume The side tone the gain fine tune the Transparency levels and the active noise Cancelling you can back out of all the Menus by that little touch sensitive Button on the face as well and you have All your preset eqs you can adjust the Custom levels as as well so a very Detailed base station On the back side you have the line in And the line out and you also have the Two usb-c ports for connecting these to Two sources at once so a pc in your ps5 Or users with your pc and a laptop Nintendo switch even apple products this Works with a macbook pro and a mac Natively i will note this is the Wireless pc and ps5 version they do also Have a separate xbox model since

Microsoft uses their own proprietary Wireless tech so you cannot use these With a ps5 and an xbox now as you heard Me mention this has active noise Canceling and a transparency mode and if You’re familiar with you know any of the Sony bose airpods products for example You’re probably familiar with those Terms and what they are so as i showed You those two little microphones on the Top of the ear cups that is what’s Listening to the ambient noise in your Room and then pumping in negative or Inverted sound frequencies to cancel That out for the active noise cancelling And interestingly inside the ear cup is A tiny little speaker this is what will Help with that noise cancelling as well As the transparency mode when it uses a Microphone to emulate that transparent Effect so with noise cancelling on i Will say it’s decent good it doesn’t Compare to the other more audiophile Companies out there obviously Just for an example over on my left side In the closet is the hvac so when the Air conditioning is on there’s a very Low but sort of you know loud hum i’m Sure you’re familiar with that and also When i’m at my pc i’m like two or three Feet away from it and the fans in there Um just when i’m sitting over there i Would say it completely eliminates the Air conditioning sound which is good and

It tunes down the fans for my pc about 75 Again that’s good but i could still hear Things going on obviously i can hear my Dogs upstairs barking for example so It’s good it’s decent it’s not great i Will say um and also then with that Transparency mode they have that so if You have active noise cancelling on you Could still you know hear things in the Doorbell ringing the problem is with Those the microphone up top and it Pumping in sound from your room into the Ear cups it’s louder than just having All that turned off so everything is More amplified because it’s pushing in The ambient noise in my room into my Ears and again there’s different levels You can adjust that transparency mode Too but i don’t think it’s necessary at All i would never use it i think just The natural seal of these being over the Ear is pretty damn good that you don’t Even really need the active noise Cancelling turned on if i’m being honest Okay now let’s talk about the microphone As i showed you before with the mic mute Button on the ear cup the mic will glow Red let you know when it is muted which Is definitely a welcome feature so you Actually know when you are muted and You’re not just talking to yourself in Game for an hour let’s do a test now so You could hear how the mic sounds

Okay this is the stock microphone test Now for the nova pro wireless notice i Said stock More on that in a minute but as you Could hear to me it sounds like that Typical wireless gaming headset sound Because with it being wireless you are Losing some of that actual clarity Versus raw so overall i’m not too Impressed right now hold on just a Second This is a bi-directional noise canceling Mic you can see i have it extended in Front of my mouth now maybe like an inch Or so away with being on a gooseneck you Can you know flex it however you want And real quick This is how it sounds now with the mic Fully inside the ear cup unfortunately It sounds terrible i was hoping would Have still sounded pretty decent or Usable if you want that more flush look Here but it’s not And you can also notice i do not have The foam tip on here because when you do Retract it and put it back into the ear Cup it will just fall off so not really Necessary but again this is how it Sounds raw unedited But now i’m going to show you how you Can make it sound better Now one of the things you could also do Is go into steel series gigi which is Their software and enable sonar i’ve

Done a video with this before but it’s Extremely powerful software that gives You full eq controls of pretty much Everything it’s a mixer as well and they Also have those same exact controls and Stuff if you want to enhance your Microphone so right now i have it on the Less nasal preset there is a bunch Already pre-made inside of sonar but i Think right now unless nasal with the ai Noise canceling turned on to eliminate Some of that background hissing i think This sounds a lot better than the stock Microphone does and again it’s just a Matter of enabling sonar and going in And mixing with the mic a little bit to Make it sound better i think it does but You could be the judge how this sounds Versus the stock microphone setting Okay so over at the main gaming setup For my testing with pc gaming let’s dive Into even more in terms of sound quality Out of the box i would say it’s very Neutral it’s that flat curve but the Preset and custom eqs to really bring This headset to life One of the things i noticed right away And it’s actually one of the things that I talk most about when i do my wireless Headset reviews the one point i always Bring up is i wish those headsets were a Bit louder thankfully with these they Get more than loud enough that was Definitely a nice thing to see and hear

Because it didn’t make me want to push Them more it’s good to see these can Actually be loud and still have good Enough battery where it can power these Efficiently now like i just said with Those eqs and stuff it’s hard for me to Give you a fine you know detailed sort Of breakdown of how these sounds since The eqs are really what can change the Sound of these but one of the things That stuck out to me was directional Audio which is fantastic to show you a Clip real time in battlefield when i was Playing the other day like i heard an Enemy approaching i knew there was Someone around but i could actually Pinpoint someone was below me so really The way these drivers are tuned it Allowed me to differentiate that x and y Axis and be able to pinpoint where the Enemy was everything just sound true to Life in game again it gets loud enough Definitely happy to hear but base was Also nice and punchy as well there was Still enough clarity in the highs and The trebles the mids didn’t get drowned Out anywhere it wasn’t muddy these sound Phenomenal now you heard me talk about The custom eqs and stuff but i’m going To tell you guys right now Out of the box like i said neutral Pretty flat because they really want you To customize it a bit to bring the Headset to life and in order to do that

You can pretty much avoid the Steelseries engine like that native Software i’m going to say is pretty much Useless like you heard me talk about With seals 3 sonar during the mic test That is the key i’m going to be very Direct with you guys if you buy these And you do not download and use sonar You are completely wasting the full Potential here sonar 100 Unlocks the full capability and Potential of this headset and it is a Necessity because now with sonar you Have more detailed eq where you could Really go in and fine tune how these Sound sonar is extremely powerful it’s Hands down and i’m being honest the best Audio software i’ve ever seen from a Gaming company like this they’ve a bunch Of preset eqs ones for specific games Even there’s a full mixer as well and Sonar is even portrayed on the base Station so when you are using it like it Knows that and again sonar unlocks more Things so if you use this with like game And discord instead of having the Headset selected in your pc sound Settings if you configure the mixer with The sonar game setting say you’re Talking your friends while you’re gaming You can now on the base station balance Between game audio and chat audio and Obviously as you saw me show off you Have full eq of your microphone as well

But just the immersion the even the Emulated surround sound it is all so so Good and that’s all thanks to one sonar But two how good the drivers are and how Flexible flexible meaning you know how They can be pushed with these different Frequencies without getting distorted or Muddy or sounding crappy then let’s Switch gears for a second and talk about Testing these with my ps5 if you wanted To use these for a console or Entertainment setup again it’s all plug And play instantly connected and you can Control the base station like i said Before physically through the headset’s Volume wheel to navigate the menus so if This is further away from where you’re Sitting you can still control it all and Your eq’s that you made at your pc will Be saved you can use them on the base Station and still have the eq at your Ps5 i’ve been on a ride as republic kick Lately just exploring the nice open World and these did a fantastic job of Letting me hear that just natural Ambience in the world all the sounds That go with it so regardless really of The game of the genre you’re playing you Will not be dis you will not be Disappointed these take all the boxes Now so far everything in this review has Been glowing right and that’s really the Case here so i’m not going to rehash the Pros for this segment so i’m just going

To talk on the cons and the things that I’m not 100 a fan of First up is there’s no way to quickly Just mute the entire headset like muting The actual audio that’s one thing i Always like to do in case i do hear Maybe the doorbell or if my wife’s Calling for me i can just mute the Headset but right now no button lets you Do that and you can’t reconfigure the Buttons inside of the steelseries engine Software which is why i said it’s kind Of useless sonar is the way to go so i Would like there to be a quick mute Button um on the actual base station i Wish you can just press that touch Sensitive back button and that would Mute it cause that’s what the wired Version lets you do Also i do find that the it’s a bit odd With the usbc port the side of the ear Cup again that’s just sort of asking for Potential you know damage and stuff but Not really a big a big deal there and i Think the microphone overall pretty mid Right although As i said you can unlock it a lot more Make it sound better inside of sonar so Those are the cons i’m gonna lump in the Price because this is not Cheap by any means it is 350 dollars Which makes this the most expensive Headset ever reviewed hands down i think

The astro a 50 tr which was maybe 250 When it launched was probably a second This is a full hundred dollars more than That now granted it’s way better than Anything astro’s ever done and from a Gaming company like i said in the intro This is the best sounding most Feature-packed headset i have ever Reviewed So Man i think it’s worth it in the end if You need a do it all gaming headset That’s wireless Uh this is the way to go you’re just Gonna have to figure out if that hefty Hefty price point is uh worth it to you And if you can justify spending that Much for a gaming headset when there’s Actual you know audiophile grade Headphones out there for around the same Price but you be the judge you factor in All the pros all the features and decide If you can spend that for a wireless Gaming headset but uh Really one of the best i’ve ever tried Big props of steel series And guys that’ll wrap it up my review of The steel series nova pro wireless hope You all enjoyed if you want to check it Out i’ll have it listed for you in the Description down below if you like this Review give it a big thumbs up show your Support feel free to follow me on Twitter at randomfrankp at last if you

Haven’t already hit that subscribe Button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day


Gaming headsets have come a long way in the past few years, and the Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset is at the forefront of this evolution. With its impressive features, it’s no wonder that gamers are raving about its performance. In this article, we’ll give you a comprehensive review of why the Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset is an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts.

Comfort and Design:

The Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset has a sleek and comfortable design that sets it apart from other gaming headsets. Its exterior has a matte black finish, which is stylish and understated. The lightweight design of the headset makes it comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. The ear cups have a soft foam cushioning and a retractable microphone that can be adjusted to find the perfect position.


One of the most impressive features of the Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset is its performance. The headset uses the latest 2.4GHz wireless technology, which offers a lag-free audio experience. The sound quality is superb, with clear and crisp audio that lets you hear every detail of the game. The headset also has DTS Headphone:X 2.0 Surround Sound, which creates a realistic 3D audio experience that immerses you in the game.

Connectivity and Battery Life:

The Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset is incredibly easy to connect to any gaming device. It comes with a USB dongle that connects to your PC or gaming console, and once paired, you’re ready to go. The battery life of the headset is also impressive, offering up to 20 hours of gaming on a single charge. The headset also has a quick charge feature that provides 10 hours of playtime on just 30 minutes of charging.

Other Features:

The Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset has a number of other impressive features that make it a great choice for gamers. It has a built-in microphone that is retractable, which means you can easily switch between gaming and using the headset for music or other activities. The headset also has a ChatMix Dial, which allows you to adjust the balance between your game audio and chat audio. Finally, the Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset comes with a 360-degree RGB lighting system that lets you customize the look of your headset.


In conclusion, the Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a high-performing, comfortable, and stylish gaming headset. Its impressive features make it stand out from the rest of the gaming headsets available in the market. It is a fantastic investment for serious gamers looking for a headset that can take their gaming experience to the next level.


  1. Is the Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset compatible with all gaming devices?
    Yes, it is compatible with all gaming devices that have a USB port.

  2. Can the microphone be detached from the headset?
    No, the microphone is retractable and cannot be detached.

  3. Can the ChatMix Dial be customized?
    Yes, you can customize the ChatMix Dial to find the perfect balance between your game audio and chat audio.

  4. What is the maximum range of the wireless signal?
    The headset has a maximum range of up to 40 feet.

  5. What are the dimensions of the Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset?
    The headset measures 7.8 x 6.9 x 3.4 inches and weighs 12.7 ounces.

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