Exciting May Finds: Discover the Coolest Tech Gadgets under $50

By | May 7, 2022

Looking for the hottest tech gadgets that won’t break the bank? Look no further than our latest blog post where we’ve rounded up the most exciting finds of the month. From nifty gadgets to must-have accessories, we’ve got you covered for your tech fix under $50. Discover the coolest gadgets for every need and budget right here!

Get pumped for another sick episode yet of Cool Tech Under $50!
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• ASUS ROG Portable M.2: https://amzn.to/3KSIUyr
• Steam Deck dbrand Skins: https://dbrand.com/shop/steam-deck-skins
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Steam Deck Steam Deck Steam Deck

What’s up guys i’m random frank p back With another episode of cool tech under Fifty dollars for may the series we show Off some of the best tech you can find Under that price point and if you see Anything you like today i’ll have it all Listed for you in the description down Below so you can check it out but first Shout out to last month’s winners i Commented on your comment from last Month’s episode so you can claim your Tech and if you want to win today all You have to do is hit that thumbs up Button down below drop a comment on what Your favorite item is and why you like It and also make sure you’re subscribed Because i’m only gonna pick subscribers Now last month you guys killed it and i Knew you would you were loving our Sponsor luster i told you guys you’d Find it useful luster is a free shopping Tool in chrome extension that does Extensive product research for you from Compiling reviews to prices so you can Always get the best product for your Money so now instead of spending hours Comparing prices for different products Across different websites looking for Similar products luster does it all for You right on amazon what i like is they Even show me summaries of reviews they Evaluated so i know i can trust these Recommendations from reviews on places Like wire cutter reddit youtube and

Other popular blogs and a tool i always Use to see if even getting the best deal Possible is the price history chart Which is built right in start shopping Smarter today and save time and money With lesser have a link for you in the Description down below first up today Whenever i show off stuff like this in This series always does really really Well This is a six in one desktop or Nightstand docking station that is just Jam-packed with features First has a built-in lamp with three Different color temperatures and Adjustable brightness with a touch Sensitive button on the front it then Has this nifty removable charging pod That doubles as an airpods charger works With any generation as well plus on the Front is the magnetic charger for an Apple watch then you have the wireless Charging pad on the top base of the Stand that works both with and without a Phone case by the way which is always Nice this is all in addition obviously To it being a digital clock and alarm so Six total use cases here it’s a nice and Compact build as well that all runs and Powers off of one cable so all of this Without the need of having five Different cables running out of it like I said use this on your desktop or what I think is the best fit for it a

Nightstand there is just nothing more Convenient than having one station Charge all your devices at once at the End of the day come home instead of Charging each device individually dock Them up here and it’ll be all fully Charged in the morning these are Available in a white and a green color As well but i picked it up in black Since it’s more neutral for the Nightstand and i think it makes the Clock and the lamp pop a bit more as for The pricing more than fare i picked it Up for 40 bucks listed down below like Everything else today a great buy for Not only yourself but a good gift idea For someone may i add by the way as i Said before everything today will be Listed for you in the description but Also i’m gonna have a link to my luster Profile which has archived every single Product that i showed off on the series For the past three years now so you can All have it there right in front of you Check out all the previous cool tech Products Now for a pretty cool desktop gadget This is a glass whiteboard wedge and Sort of a shelf this can sit on your Desk you can easily jot down some quick Notes or ideas or whatever and use it Also then for storage it comes with a Dry erase marker an eraser and a notepad As well which is pretty nice on the top

Of the device there’s also lip for Storing like pens your phone have a Tablet on display there’s a marker Holder as well but considering we show Off numerous stuff on this series Including things your desktop i thought This would be a pretty cool fit i really Like it it’s pretty compact as well for Everything it offers it’s just under 16 Inches long and seven inches in depth This will definitely be great for that Work from home setup where you really Want to jot down those important notes From a call or a meeting maybe even just Your to-do list i don’t have to explain A whiteboard to you you pretty much get The idea by now emphasis on jotting down Important notes so to match it to your Setup’s theme as you’ve seen you can Pick it up neither a black or a white Glass option i also saw it in pink as Well but also this particular model that I’m listening down below is one of the Only ones i’ve seen that doesn’t have Obnoxious branding on it this is all Branding free and it’s just 30 bucks Next is a nifty little find this is an Acrylic stand that has Some spotlights Built in put things on display So when i saw this it’s pretty much Advertised for like putting your model Cars on display but obviously the Keyboard lover in me and as someone who

Has numerous keyboards around the studio This would be a really nice display Piece if you want to hold one of those In terms of size it’s roughly 14 by 6 by 6 so if you have like a 60 or a 65 for Example it’ll fit in here very nicely And having the four led spotlights in Each corner was kind of you know Illuminate it a little bit then you have The acrylic top piece keep it all Protected from dust and stuff this can Be powered by batteries but there is a Micro usb slot if you want you can just Plug in a cable and have it constantly Running that way and the lights just Snap in and out of place so if you don’t Even want them in there you could easily Remove them or pop them back in voila And again even though it advertised all Those model cars and stuff whatever you Want to put on display you can whether It’s certain collectibles you have if You got a bunch of gaming mice or your Custom keyboards so whatever you can Think of whatever you want to keep nice And protected and illuminated have it on Display with this stand i picked it up For just around 39 bucks i believe Next is the asus strix portable m.2 Enclosure this lets you use an m.2 pcie Nvme ssd pretty much as an external hard Drive just send the whole alphabet there So say you have a spare n.2 drive or you Just want to take advantage of the

Speeds and use it to you know bring Along with you on the go for example This will easily let you do so and since It’s from a major gaming company like Asus you know it’s got rgb which isn’t Necessary at all but the logo and the Top piece of acrylic there have rgb Lighting shining so you could just use Their armory crate software to control It if you want but i just let it do its Thing and i don’t have the software it’s Not necessary at all now in terms of Speeds with the enclosure you’ll get Around 900 megabytes a second transfer Which yes is less than if you had the N.2 installed into your motherboard but That is still crazy fast considering if You were to use an ssd for example which Just a few years ago was considered Lightning quick this was typically right Around under 600 megabytes so nearly a Full gig a second here installed i have A two terabyte drive which is pretty Much just acting as my digital library For all my video files and every youtube Video i’ve made backed up onto here in Case i need to use them again in a Future video and with this drive lets me Store it all while looking sleek the Asus rog strix ariane light comes in a Penny under 50. and then lastly today i Know steam decks are still shipping or Maybe you’re hoping to get one in the Future but i’m gonna say this is a

Must-have accessory and it’s so so Simple so you see these two touch pads Right these are admittedly underused in Most games but i like to change the Layout in games i can use these instead Of the joysticks because it just feels Better and more natural to use in your Hand to overall size the steam deck the Problem though is the entire device is All the same plastic material and these Touch pads don’t offer that fine control So solution is going to be adding these Skins from dbrand with the main Highlight being their matrix skins that Has this really nice but subtle textures To them that once applied it gets a Really great necessary feel to the touch Pads in addition to the matrix skins i Also picked up a seafoam green skin for The top of the device here just to give It some color i think the seafoam looks Really nice as you can see i just think It makes it look better in terms of the Aesthetics but the main highlight here Are those matrix skins and like i said For that extra grip and just control on These touch pads these are fantastic i Really feel like valve should have had These touch pads you know just be some Sort of different material or have an Extra texture to them to differentiate It from the rest of the device so for Just five dollars these matrix touchpad Skins from dbrand i think are a

Must-have accessory that makes it feel Great look great and it’s such a simple Upgrade of course they have different Colors and materials to pick from but i Think the matrix ones are the way to go If you want skins for the rest of your Device they have the front and back for Your steam deck just under forty dollars Total configure it however you like but Man a simple five dollar upgrade for Sure So while skins aren’t the most exciting Thing you know in this case here showing It off today definitely justified looks Nice and really does serve a purpose Like i said for those touch pads and the Extra added grip and control Definitely a killer addition to a steam Deck And guys that’ll wrap it up for this Episode of cool tech under 50 for may Hope you all enjoyed like i said Everything will show it off we listed For you in the description down below if You like this episode give it a big Thumbs up show your support feel free to Follow me on twitter at randomfrankp at Last if you haven’t already hit that Subscribe button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day [Music] [Music] You


Are you a tech lover who is always in search of the latest gadgets to upgrade your collection? Do you want to know what’s new in the tech market that won’t break the bank? If yes, then you’re in luck! In this article, we will introduce you to some of the coolest tech gadgets under $50 that you can buy this May. From wireless chargers to Bluetooth headphones, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover these exciting finds!

1. Wireless Charger:

Are you tired of untangling wires and struggling to charge your phone? Then a wireless charger is the solution you’ve been waiting for. This nifty gadget uses Qi wireless charging technology to charge your phone without any wires. Simply place your phone on the charging pad and watch it come to life. Some of the best wireless chargers under $50 include:

  • Anker Wireless Charger – Ultra-Slim Charging Pad
  • Yootech Wireless Charger – Qi-Certified 10W Max Fast Wireless Charging Pad
  • Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad

2. Bluetooth Headphones:

Cut the cords and go wireless with a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Whether you’re working out or commuting, Bluetooth headphones provide you with the freedom to move around without being tethered to your phone. Here are some of the top Bluetooth headphones under $50:

  • MPOW Flame Bluetooth Headphones Sport IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Sport Earbuds
  • Letsfit Bluetooth Headphones
  • Anker SoundBuds Curve Wireless Headphones

3. Smart Plugs:

Turn your home into a smart home with a smart plug. These gadgets allow you to control your appliances and devices from your phone, even when you’re away from home. Here are some of the best smart plugs under $50:

  • Amazon Smart Plug
  • TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini
  • Wemo Mini Smart Plug

4. Smart LED Bulbs:

If you’re looking to upgrade your home lighting, then smart LED bulbs are the way to go. These bulbs connect to your Wi-Fi and can be controlled with your phone, voice commands, or even a smart assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant. Here are some of the top smart LED bulbs under $50:

  • Philips Hue White A19 LED Smart Bulb
  • Sylvania Smart+ A19 Full Color LED Bulb
  • LIFX Mini White (A19) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

5. Bluetooth Speakers:

Take your music on the go with a portable Bluetooth speaker. These speakers come in all shapes and sizes and provide great sound quality without the need for cables. Here are some of the best Bluetooth speakers under $50:

  • JBL Clip 3 Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • DOSS SoundBox Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker


We hope this article has helped you discover some of the coolest tech gadgets under $50 that you can add to your collection this May. From wireless chargers to Bluetooth headphones, smart plugs, smart LED bulbs, and portable Bluetooth speakers, there’s something for everyone. So, which gadget are you most excited to try out?


  1. Can I trust the wireless chargers under $50?
    Yes, all the wireless chargers mentioned in this article are from reputable brands and have high user ratings.

  2. Are the Bluetooth headphones under $50 suitable for working out?
    Yes, most of the headphones mentioned in this article are specifically designed for sports and outdoor activities.

  3. Can I use smart plugs with any type of device?
    Smart plugs can be used with most devices that have a power cord, including lamps, fans, and appliances.

  4. Are smart LED bulbs easy to install?
    Yes, smart LED bulbs can be installed just like regular light bulbs and do not require any special wiring.

  5. Do portable Bluetooth speakers under $50 have good sound quality?
    Yes, many low-budget portable Bluetooth speakers provide great sound quality and come equipped with features like bass boost, noise reduction, and waterproofing.

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