Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard: A Comprehensive Review

By | December 18, 2021

In this comprehensive review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard. If you’re on the lookout for a high-quality, ergonomic keyboard that’s perfect for both gaming and day-to-day use, this keyboard may just be the perfect fit for you. From its customizable RGB lighting to its durable build, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the Ducky One 3 Mini in this article. So, let’s dive in and discover if this keyboard is right for you!

Ducky dropped the One 3 Mini RGB keyboard 3 years after the massively popular Ducky One 2 Mini from 2018… now refreshed with new colors, dampening materials, AND a hotswap PCB.
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What’s up guys i’m random frank p And today we’re gonna be reviewing the Ducky one three mini rgb keyboard the Very highly anticipated follow-up nearly Three years later from the ducky one-two Mini rgb which really made these 60 Keyboards a lot more popular on the Keyboard market so first up just taking A look at it this definitely isn’t your Ordinary keyboard ducky went with this Bright theme for the daybreak color Version here that’s a real nice deep Blue with this muted yellowish green Legends and accents with your main Keycaps being this cool grayish bluish Pantone and while it may not visually Fit everyone’s desk setup or their Aesthetic it’s a breath of fresh air i Think it looks really unique if you dig These specific colors inside the box get The typical ducky goodies plus a little Extra with your black braided usbc cable Unfortunately not color matched a keycap Puller key switch puller and 11 extra Keycaps with this circular novelty ducky Keycap as well also by the way inside The packaging is always a keyboard cover That 99 of people either just throw out Or leave in the box but legit it’s a Worthy cover to keep on your desktop to Shield your board from dust or pet hair When not in use don’t toss this and just Real quick to point out yes this is my Own braided usbc cable that i added to

It just to fit it visually the stock one That’s black doesn’t look the best so i Just threw in this for the extra visual Flair here now giving our duck some life As we plug in the top left side seated Usb c cable you’ll see the rgb shine Nice and bright with vivid colors and Effects making the keyboard pop more Than it already does with this unique Color way it’s your typical onboard Effects from years past there’s no Software for these boards so all your Rgb control and macro recording is all Done on the board itself could be a pro Could be a con to some i always favor Not having to download extra software Onto my pc so i’m going to side with the Onboard control here while tedious yes Function alt and t controls all your rgb Effects you can cycle between i always Prefer a nice static color on the board Like this especially with the color way Just picking a nice static color i think Is the way to go but yes cycle the Effects of function alt and t and if you Do want to pick a static color from Their spectrum function all in space so Bring up the the rainbow you can sort of Pick from the available pallets which is Just the easiest route to go here Checking out its butt underneath you Have two flip out feet on each side and They are dual feet so they have Different angles and stuff depending on

How you want to elevate the back side And on the bottom left side you have Your cutout for the dip switches which Lets you do things like rearrange the Bottom row or disable the windows keys For like when you’re gaming and stuff And the edges of this keyboard instead Of being rounded or flush with the rest Of the frame have this angular flare to It to accentuate the two-tone body even More matches the keycaps as well and Just ties it all together visually one Quick note about the extra keycaps Inside the box before we move on the Optional arrow cluster is now on the Bottom right side closer to the right Function key if you want to use the Actual arrow keys instead in terms of The novelty escape keys again super nice To see with a few options but i just Can’t for the life of me bring myself to Actually like that circular one just Really breaks up the board and sticks Out that’s just me before the keycaps Here they are a two-toned pbt set you Can see the double shot injection and The mold here is very very tight it Actually took me a little bit extra Force to actually take these off the Switches but definitely good quality Nice feel to them with the slight matte Texture to it and again since it’s a 60 Layout one thing i always have to Reiterate to people who may be new to

Keyboards in general is that you still Have access to other functions and keys That you’re missing out on since we have The smaller layout here you’ll see on The front side printed we have the Functions for things like volume Playback rgb control so just because we Don’t have the physical space those Functions are still here now where it Gets exciting with one of the relatively New features to these ducky keyboards is With under the keycaps first off i’ll Just say that in this unit i have cherry Clear switches which are tactile but Hella scratchy like they are so So bad They’re a bit heavier at 65 grams but They also sell the board with cherry Black brown blue red silent red silver And these clear switches available all The housings to the switches are with The crystal tops which allows the rgb to Shine through nice and bright as it Bounces off the white coated aluminum Plate now i say all that to tell you Despite these sandy ass switches the Saving grace and the main feature to These new releases is the fact they’re Hot swap so at any given time with the Included key switch puller you can Quickly and easily pop these out of the Pcb and replace them with literally any Other option that would be better than These cherry clears hot spot pcbs have

Been around for a few years now they’re Not new but other than ducky zero the Rat keyboard this is the first Mainstream release from then that we Actually have this option which is long Overdue but better late than never the Pcb is a north facing 5-pin but with it Being north facing there could be some Keycap interference when using other Cherry profile keycaps on these North-facing switches keycaps can hit The tops of the switches which would Prevent it from proper bottoming out Whereas that does not happen on South-facing pcbs but i will admit here That i doubt it’s going to be much of an Issue since these keycaps are already Color matched to the board to fit the Theme so i don’t think people are going To be buying this keyboard and switching Out keycaps necessarily another thing I’ll point out that’s pretty common with These white plates is you’ll pretty Easily scuff up the top and bottom of The cutout when you’re moving your Switches with the puller just due to the Metal on metal contact it’ll scratch the Plate very easily but it’s hidden Underneath the switch in the keycap as It is so it won’t be visible during use Now for the stabilizers inside ducky’s Using their own v2 plate mount stabs That have this yellow orange stem and They do apply a very light factory lube

On the bar to help eliminate like ping And rattle i would still recommend Adding a little bit more because it is a Very very light lube Still it’s good to see we at least have Some for people who don’t want to Actually go that next step and mod their Keyboard but speaking of which let’s Crack this open doing so is extremely Easy there’s just four screws holding Down the top plate which i think is the Least amount of screws i’ve ever seen in A keyboard modding the razer huntsman Mini had like 12 screws the gmmk pro has Near 20. this just four so once they’re Removed you can pop out the pcb and You’ll see underneath installed is a Thin layer of sound dampening foam and Again in case you’re new to keyboards This helps cut down on any high-pitched Resonance under the pcb from when you’re Typing or gaming this will just help Absorb that since our case is all Plastic it’ll also help absorb that Plasticy hollow sound we’re taking a Closer look at our pcb i really like how Ducky color matched their kale hotspot Sockets underneath this will literally Never be visible during regular use but As a big aesthetic guy myself i can Definitely appreciate that extra effort Here now what i’m most impressed by is The inclusion of the sandwich layer so Between our pcb and the plate we have a

Nice yet again color matching silicone Dampener yes it’s silicone not foam Having this sandwich between the layers Is gonna give your switch another factor Just of improving the sound profile and Silicone is naturally more dense than Foam it’s also nice and thick at 3.5 Millimeters this is definitely going to Help with acoustics overall giving it Just a more deepened sound profile now I’m sorry to do this to you but we’re Going to do the sound test with these Cherry clear switches Yeah These cherry clears are just horrible And you probably heard a pretty decent Audible amount of pinging but that’s not From the board that’s from the switches So imagine if you had an actual you know Decent switch in here it would sound so So much better in fact just real quick Side by side i’m going to let you hear a Proper nice smooth tactile switch versus These cherry clear tactiles which are Dude So yeah literally night and day if you Put some proper nice switches in this Keyboard it’ll feel and sound so much Better than these cherry clears um and It’ll also definitely be helped out even More by the silicone dampener as well as The foam dampener inside it’s just not Doing these switches justice but again Thank god it’s hot swap

Stable address also felt pretty good not The best but definitely better than most Stabilizers out there and again they are Lightly factory lubed so that’s good to See well here you know so during gaming With this i’ve had no issues you know no Input lag or latency i know on the one Two mini it had like 23 milliseconds of Input lag i never noticed it it never Bothered me or never you know interfered With my gameplay i didn’t notice any Issues here felt fine no problems at all And for a pre-built you know pre-made 60 Keyboard this just stomps all over other Gaming keyboards out there from hyper x Razer corsair this is pretty much right Now the king of pre-built 60 keyboards The one thing that really bothers me not Necessarily bothers me but i would have Loved to have seen changed and different Is the case with it being all plastic it Is super super lightweight at just 146 Grams and for a really nice board like This i just don’t like the choice of Going plastic so it does mean i’m Probably gonna have to hold out for Hopes of them releasing a ducky one Three mecha mini with the all aluminum Metal case to it again not a massive Deal it’s just It’s just not doing the board justice With it being all plastic but recapping Some of the highlights real quick Finally the saving grace is that it’s

Hot swap ditch cherry and put in Literally any other switch you’ll have a Great keyboard you have a nice and very Unique color theme stock sound dampening Foam and that silicone dampener for cons Like i just said i wish the board was Metal instead of plastic cherry switches Are booty but again not really too much Of a con cause you could swap them out Like i said and one thing i will point Out is i know this bluish and yellow Colorway isn’t gonna be for everybody so I wonder if they’re gonna make a black And white version which will be more Universal on most desk setups But good news for those out there who May not be in love with this is they Have a ton of options and different Color ways as well we have the daybreak They have an all yellow version a matcha Version and a fiji colorway and also you Can get it in 60 65 tkl and full size so You really have the full offering four Different color ways and really Depending on what you’re looking for They have an option for you which is Really good prices are also going to Vary depending on the size of your Keyboard that you get and what switch You get this one i believe was 120 which Again given the current market out there Comparing the prices to hyper x razer Corsair and the likes of the other Pre-built gaming companies 120 is on the

Relatively lower end and i would pick This over all those any day of the week So finally three years later the ducky One three mini coming in giving us the More popular you know highly requested Features with hot swap and it being Helped out silicone and foam dampener so Love what they’re doing definitely one Of the highlights of the year so far and Only time will tell if they give us a Black and white version or just a more You know universal colorway down the Line but all thumbs up from me Definitely definitely recommend it and Guys that’ll wrap it up hope you liked My review of the ducky one three mini Rgb if you did give this video a big Thumbs up show your support feel free to Follow me on twitter at randomfrankp at Last if you haven’t already hit that Subscribe button Hope you enjoyed have a good day

Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard: A Comprehensive Review


Are you looking for a compact and efficient mechanical keyboard? Look no further than the Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard. This keyboard packs a punch with its sleek design, customizable RGB lighting, and high-quality Cherry MX switches. In this comprehensive review, we will take a closer look at all the features of this keyboard and determine if it is the right choice for you.

Design and Build Quality

The Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard stands out from the crowd with its minimalist design. The keyboard is only 60% of the size of a standard keyboard and is perfect for people who desire a workspace with more open space. This keyboard is available in various colors such as black, white, and silver.

Apart from its compact size, this keyboard is durable with its strong plastic casing. The exquisite build quality includes a removable USB-C cable, which makes it easy to store or pack the keyboard. The keycaps are made with a double-shot molding technique, which means that the characters are actually molded into the keycap and are not prone to fading over time.

Features and Performance

At the core of the Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard is the high-quality mechanical keyboard switch. This keyboard comes with a choice of Cherry MX switches, including reds, blues, browns, silver, and blacks. Each of these switches offers a distinct typing experience, and you can choose which one suits you best.

This keyboard comes with RGB backlighting that features different effects like breathing, ripple, and reactive typing. These lighting effects can be customized to suit your mood, game, or workspace. The keyboard also includes on-the-fly macro recording, allowing you to customize your keys to your specific use cases.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard is a dream for typists as it features a complete set of functioning keys organized in a compact layout. This small keyboard is perfect for those who have limited desk space, and the extra room also allows for an optimal mouse placement on your desk. The feet of the keyboard are adjustable, allowing you to increase the typing angle and improve your typing posture.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact size saves space on your desk.
  • Numerous color options to choose from.
  • RGB backlighting with customizable effects.
  • Durable build quality.
  • Comes with different Cherry MX switch options.
  • On-the-fly macro recording.


  • No number pad, arrows, or function keys can be a drawback for some users.
  • Some users find the keyboard too small for regular use.
  • Limited customization compared to other gaming keyboards.


In conclusion, the Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard is an excellent choice as a small-sized mechanical keyboard. The build quality, choice of Cherry MX switches, and customizable RGB lighting make it a great option for gamers, typists, coders, and other professionals. However, it may not be suitable for those who require a full-sized keyboard with a numeric keypad and dedicated function keys.


  1. Is the Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating Systems?
  • Yes, it is compatible with both operating systems.
  1. Can I replace the keycaps of the Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard?
  • Yes, the keycaps can be replaced with other Ducky keycaps or any other aftermarket keycaps.
  1. Does the Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard come with any additional accessories?
  • Yes, it comes with a detachable USB-C cable.
  1. Can I use the Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard for gaming?
  • Yes, the Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard is a popular choice among gamers due to its small size, durable build quality, and different Cherry MX switch options.
  1. Is the Ducky One 3 Mini RGB Keyboard loud?
  • The sound of the keyboard will depend on the Cherry MX switch that you choose to install. The blue switch versions will be louder than the other switch options.

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