Discover the Truth: Logitech’s Deception Unveiled

By | September 30, 2022

Are you a fan of technology and gadgets? Then, you must have heard about Logitech, the well-known brand that produces computer peripherals and accessories. However, what if we told you that there’s more to Logitech than meets the eye? In this blog post, we will be uncovering the truth behind Logitech’s marketing tactics and revealing their deceptive practices. Get ready for some eye-opening revelations that will change the way you perceive this tech brand forever.

Logitech just released the new Brio 500 webcam…and I am not happy with what they’re attempting to do. Instead, buy the Insta360 Link webcam here:

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What’s up guys I’m random Frank p and Logitech is scamming us Don’t worry I’ll back that claim up in a Minute but this is their brand new Brio 500 webcam We need to talk about this so Logitech 4 Creators which is one of their Subdivisions specifically geared towards Content creators I guess just released The Brio 500 it’s a 1080p webcam Retailing for 130 available in three Different colors has a privacy cover Dual noise reduction mics yada yada yada The issue is they are greatly misleading You with this what do I mean by that Well let’s check out their product Trailer together buckle up or okay let’s Check put out a 45 second trailer Showing it off great this will give me a Really good idea of how the camera looks Right wrong first up what they’re doing Right off the bat is showing you pretty Much comparison to your typical laptop Webcam issue number one this POV style What they’re doing here with the camera Is automatically leading you to believe This is the webcam footage and it’s not Not at all wow look how that just Greatly adjusted automatically from this Really weird definitely not edited in Post greenish tint super contrast to now A beautiful image wow look how great That looks really nice soft skin tones Really nice natural bokeh with the

Background blur this webcam is surely Gonna be amazing right guys now very Next scene the guy’s adjusting the Webcam straight down here’s the issue With that fake BS he’s literally Reaching up to adjust the camera while On the actual screen you can very easily Tell that that is edited in he’s still Just talking in this made up Zoom call Because the webcam doesn’t turn down He’s still just talking I’m not even Gonna mention the fact he’s using a White pen on the screen and then the B-roll shot is using a black pen oh wait I just did okay they show the overhead Shot once he manually adjusts down and The same exact story here he’s walking In frame while his character on screen Is still just staying still the movement Is not matching because it’s fake I’ll Move more freely right sight which is Going to be a a feature where you know It crops in and zooms to you it doesn’t Move the camera is not moved moving this Is you know whatever you can do this in A lot of programs as it is with the Whole fake zooming and stuff well it’s Not fake zooming it’s just zooming in But here it’s still a False Image again Look at that natural background blur the Bokeh on the banister there this is not How this webcam looks I’m going to show You guys in just a second so put your Best self forward Logitech Telling You

By scamming the audience this very very Clearly is not the Brio 500 if I had to Guess I would say it’s a pretty Expensive Sony camera I’d put my money On the fx6 possibly which is a really Nice Cinema Camera judging by again just A soft roll off of the highlights the Magenta cast and her skin tones Especially I’m definitely thinking an Fx6 that background blur cannot be Accomplished on a sensor this small in This webcam they are very clearly using Very high expensive glass a really nice Lens paired with a pretty expensive Camera not a 130 dollar webcam now What’s even worse about this is this is The first time Logitech has lied and Showed you fake images trying to you Know play it off as their webcam quality It’s not even the second time it’s the Third time let’s rewind it a little bit To 2016 with the c922 pro see that Really nice quality of this woman here Which they’re showing you on Screen c922 Pro yeah no you know why that’s fake Because in 2022 they used the same exact Footage and just edit it out c922 Pro And put in to pass it off as their Logitech stream cam wow they couldn’t Even shoot new footage they had to use The same stuff twice the same lady the Same background the same outfit and they Got a lot of crap for this a few years Ago with the stream cam because none of

The imagery that they used on their Website to promote it was actual quality From the actual stream cam webcam it was All this other camera they used to make It seem like it was a stream cam which Is exactly what they’re doing here now So again if they’re using that same Exact video the same lady with just the Edited name out from c922 Pro from 2016 To the stream cam to now showing you What they’re doing with the Brio 500 Three times they are false advertising To get you guys to buy webcam which will Look nothing nothing like that footage So speaking of which I’m gonna show you Guys right now how this webcam looks From the second I hooked it up okay okay No I have to pull up that that trailer Again Feels like a joke Look no this looks like every Logitech Webcam that’s been out for the last 12 Years Right Like does this look any different The background’s not blurred it’s Focus Hunting when I’m just moving my hands a Little bit that’s not ideal for video Conferencing sure the the image itself You know kind of flat which you can add I assume like filters and stuff too or Bump the contrast or saturation to make It look how you want that’s okay but the

Quality the background depth no No I okay I did not think if I’m being 100 honest I knew it wasn’t gonna look Like the fake advertising but I did not Think it would be this bad and just Typical it’s just a typical Image that’s all it is Let’s see how’s the color looking at Least can we get some good colors here Perhaps I don’t have any issues with the With the colors as it is But just the quality It’s not sharp it’s Focus hunting for no Reason I haven’t moved it’s still just focus Hunting it’s not good Logitech not a Good look literally and both in terms of The fake advertising again Wow Okay and if we’re just being fair and Talking 2022 modern webcams that have Just been released Is this even a Fair competition The brand new Logitech Brio 500 versus The insta 360 link webcam granted the Link is you know 300 versus the what 120 130 uh that I paid for the Brio 500. but You look at the Quality you look at what You have here and it is a hundred Percent night and day the visual Difference here is almost as drastic as The actual webcam of the Brio 500 versus The fake advertising material they put Out for it and I mean just look at this

The insta 360 Just wipes the Brio across The floor hands down the picture’s so Much more natural higher quality more Crisp more natural colors it is a Gorgeous gorgeous quality not even Mentioning the features you get with it Being on a three axis Gimbal and all That that goes into it I did a whole Review on this webcam already if you Want to check it out Um obviously the Brio is just a fixed Webcam so that’s probably why you know The the insta360 is a lot more money as Well because there’s more Tech going Into it versus what is seemingly just a Recycled sensor and you know camera here With the Brio like this is insane the Quality difference is it’s sad it’s sad Is what it is from logitech’s part to Really try to go all out and sell us Something with their fake marketing when You can just prove it right here with a Quick a B test of an actual good webcam Versus the Brio 500 and I mean even Talking like you know getting real up Close to the camera uh how good it looks Up close with the focus hunting and the Lack thereof with the focus hunting with The insta 360 Link versus the uh the Brio which really has a hard time Finding focus and then getting a nice Crisp shot especially when it’s starting To come back out now it’s just it is Insane it’s insane just a quick little

Color test for you That’s not even necessary it’s not even Necessary because this right here tells More of a story than the video as a Whole could probably do now again both Webcams that came out within the last Two months and like I said in the video The insta360 link is more expensive it’s Pretty much double the price but you see The quality difference and all the Features that packs in and it really is A non-comparison But like I said before with the whole Fake advertising with the c922 pro from 2016 let’s check out how that looks Today now just to add to the fire a bit This is six years old now right and let Me ask you does this look like six years Of innovation to you No the quality if I’m being 100 honest Not that different now I’m sure if I Look side by side you just have to pick You know and pinpoint a little bit of a Difference sure but I mean off the bat This does not look that much different If anything the quality here seems a bit More sharp right maybe you know just Kind of looking at it and judging from What I remember a few minutes ago it Might be a little bit cropped in I Really can’t tell this does not look Like six years of Logitech webcam Innovation Whatsoever it is mind-blowing

Wow Logitech Now I know how this looks right it’s Just me for whatever reason tearing Logitech apart and I even at first gave Him the benefit of the doubt I said Maybe my webcam is faulty it has to be Right it can’t possibly look this Terrible so I went out and bought a Second one just so I can cover my bases And say okay if it is faulty well then I’ll get a second comparison here so I Can see how it really looks But no but no despite having two webcams They’re exactly the same again I got Home hooked it up and yeah uh as a Matter of fact as this video rolls on of The new webcam I would argue this one’s Worse because it cannot detect proper Color temperature to save his life I Mean look at this it goes from warm to Cool warm to cool just so so bad now I Will say the only really area in which Their fake advertising holds up is what They claim where you know in any sort of Lighting it’ll look decent right Um I had it angled down on my desk Trying to replicate the angle they had In their video you know aiming up and Even with the light above me the window In the background the harsh LED lighting Behind me on the wall as well turning The lights on and off it still kept my Face uh pretty well exposed so I was Happy to see that but that’s literally

The only thing that I was happy about With this webcam so why am I making this Video because as somebody who has a Degree in public relations as somebody Who has a YouTube channel with over 2.1 Million subscribers focused in Technology especially you know on the Gaming side even covering you know Webcams streaming that’s all the same Genre right I did a bunch of marketing Stuff in college as well this is a Hundred percent fake advertising they Are directly leading you to believe with The way all their advertising is set up With the POV shop showing the image of The person on the screen with the webcam Facing them directly that is meant to Lead you into thinking that’s the Quality of the camera when it’s not Whatsoever it’s not the first time not The second time the third time But it should damn be the last because This is some horseshit Logitech this Should not be legal this should not be Allowed do not buy this webcam they need To seriously get their act together Because if they want to be considered This whole Logitech for Creator sping if They want to be considered a serious Competitor in the webcam Market uh Faking their way there isn’t gonna cut It and that’s why I’m making this video To hopefully cut that out for them So a bit of a different video right I

Don’t usually do stuff like this but hey Why not Logitech out for their BS with the Brio 500 hope you all enjoyed if you Appreciate it give this video a big Thumbs up to show your support feel free To follow me on Twitter at randomfrankp And last if you haven’t already hit that Subscribe button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day


In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people depending on technology for their day-to-day activities. One of the leading brands catering to this market is Logitech, a Swiss-based manufacturer that specializes in developing computer peripherals and software. Known for its innovative design and user-friendly products, Logitech holds a significant market share in the tech industry. However, despite its positive reputation, there have been some murmurs of deception amongst its extensive customer base. Through this article, we aim to discover the truth by delving into the controversies surrounding Logitech and the company’s history.

The Truth Behind Logitech’s Deception

A History of Deception

Logitech’s history has been tainted by numerous allegations of deception, most notably their controversial decision to remove the Harmony Express remote from the market in 2019. The move left many customers infuriated, especially since it appeared that Logitech had not been truthful about the reasons behind the recall. Many speculated that the remote was infested with bugs and malfunction, but Logitech cited poor sales instead. The decision was widely criticized, leaving a trail of bad press for the company.

Overpriced Products

Another source of deception is the price of Logitech’s products. Looking at the biggest online marketplaces, it is clear that Logitech’s products are often priced significantly higher than similar products offered by competing brands. Despite the elevated price tag, there is no real difference in the quality of the product. Thus, it seems that Logitech is exploiting their brand recognition to overcharge consumers.

The Truth About Logitech’s Marketing

Logitech’s marketing strategy can also be misleading. The company heavily markets its products as being environmentally friendly, stating that they use recycled materials in their products and packaging. However, upon closer inspection, this claim is not entirely true. Even though some products are made from recycled materials, the majority of them still rely heavily on non-renewable materials, contributing significantly to environmental degradation.

Customer Support

A significant issue with Logitech is their customer support. Their support lines are often congested, and customers have reported lengthy wait times before being attended to. In some instances, customers claim that their technical support team is not adequately trained or doesn’t possess sufficient knowledge of the particular product they support.


In conclusion, Logitech’s deception is an open secret amongst its customers and those in the tech industry. The company has a history of misrepresentation and has been beset with allegations of overcharging customers for their products. Furthermore, their marketing strategy appears to mislead consumers through deceptive environmental claims. In light of all of this, Logitech’s reputation suffers, and customers are left disappointed and disillusioned.

FAQs About Logitech’s Deception

  1. What led to Logitech’s downfall?
    Logitech’s history has been marked by several controversies, including removing the Harmony Express remote from the market in 2019 and overcharging customers for their products.

  2. How has Logitech’s marketing been misleading?
    Logitech’s marketing strategy is heavily skewed towards environmental-friendliness, but upon inspection, it is apparent that this claim is not wholly true.

  3. Is Logitech’s customer support adequate?
    Several customers have reported lengthy wait times and inadequate technical support from Logitech’s customer support team.

  4. Are Logitech’s products worth their price?
    Logitech’s products are often priced significantly higher than similar products offered by competing brands, leading many to believe that they are overpriced.

  5. Is Logitech’s reputation recoverable?
    Logitech’s reputation may recover with sufficient corrective steps. The company may need to be more transparent, improve their customer support, and ensure that their marketing claims are genuine.

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