Discover the Top 5 Microphones for Gaming and Streaming in 2021

By | November 28, 2021

Looking for the perfect microphone for your gaming or streaming setup? Look no further! In this article, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 microphones that will take your audio quality to the next level in 2021. From crystal-clear voice recordings to immersive gaming soundscapes, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover the best microphones to help you up your game!

Today we’ve got the best gaming & streaming USB mics of the year! These are some of the best microphones I’ve tested all in 2021.
• EPOS B20:
• NZXT Capsule:
• Roccat Torch:
• Fifine K658 RGB:
• Razer Seiren V2 X:

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What’s up guys i’m random frank p and Today got another top five video for you Guys we’ve already showed off the top Five gaming keyboards of 2021 top five Gaming mice top five headsets today top Five gaming and streaming microphones For you the best of the best that came Out this year now for all of them by the Way they are all usb and plug-and-play Which means no software required some of Them use it but we’ll go over those as Well none of them require software to be Used that also means no xlr and no extra Audio interface needed as well plug and Play mics for you guys they all have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack as well so If you want you can plug in your Headphones directly into the mic hear Yourself real time as well as your pc Audio And for each of these we’re going to do Obviously an in-depth sound test that’s The most important part you want to hear How these microphones sound right so Make sure you got headphones on so you Can hear all the clarity we’ll do a Feature rundown talk about the build all That stuff i’ll have them all listed for You in the description down below so you Can check them out let’s head back to The pc do the mic tests Okay so first up today is going to be The epos b20 and this is also the most Expensive one on the list at two hundred

Dollars so just know the prices Definitely go down from here as we move Our way down to number one and also Since this is number five i think Quality is also going to improve as we Go along but who knows the features in This it could be the right mic for you So first things first you get it out of The box and all set up and it looks Really really nice and sleek and minimal You have your volume control for your Headphones like i said before all five Of these microphones have a 3.5 Millimeter headphone jack on the bottom So you have your headphone volume Control right on the front and a mic Mute button this is the side you talk Into on the back side you also have your Gain control for controlling the overall Volume of your actual microphone and Four pickup patterns so this has four Different patterns you could cycle Between and they’re gonna be cardioid Bi-directional omni and stereo and right Now i am on the cardioid pickup pattern Which is you know designed to be picking Up pretty much everything right here uh Best for you know your your vocals and Stuff you can also note that i have it On its stock stand which is on the Slightly smaller side because i have it Propped up here on the box so it is Closer to my mouth uh but the microphone Is actually attached to this little arm

Here the base is what comes apart so This is going to be great for putting it On like a secondary boom arm because you Still have this arm you can rotate it to Pick up your vocal pattern the best but Again still kind of on the shorter side But that’s kind of the normal thing with These desktop microphones so a boom arm I think here would definitely be Necessary now we’re going to do for all Of these mic tests is do a quick little Typing and talking test so in the Background you can see how it does at Eliminating that background noise again Great for a gaining achieving microphone You want to see how it does in the Emulated setting we are going to be Typing and stuff so just real quick uh This is a gmk pro and i have lube Tactile switches with their glorious Panda switches so not sharp and clicky Like you know blue switches not linear And quiet like red switches but more so In between which is why i picked them to Get to see how they sound now again this Is the cardioid pickup pattern so i’m Going to swap over now so you can hear How the uh omnidirectional sounds Because they’re all sort of scattered on The back okay we are now on the on the Directional pickup pattern which should Be picking up pretty much everything Going on uh in the near vicinity of this Microphone so it’s only going to be a

Lot louder and it’s going to again pick Up on a lot of just ambient you know Noise and stuff in your room pc fans you Can see my pc is right here if you have A loud family and they’re yelling you Know it’s going to pick that up that’s What omnidirectional does okay switching Again we are now on bi-directional which Is going to be picking up everything Going on right here and right behind it So in front of the capsule and directly Behind the capsule uh this is going to Be best for like if you’re talking to Someone like an interview setting or Maybe like a podcast setting if you’re You know you’re looking at each other That’s what that’s going to be for but Again this is definitely picking up a Lot of that noise going on directly Behind it not ideal for gaming and Streaming And then lastly we have stereo which the Primary focus is picking up to the left And the right side of the microphone so It shouldn’t sound too too different From maybe like the cardioid in terms of The background noise um it should be you Know mostly eliminating that but also my Vocals probably aren’t as precise as They were with cardioid because again That’s the the best for your vocals so I’m going to switch back to cardio real Quick and we’ll wrap up this quick Portion and tell you guys my quick

Thoughts Okay so for the b20 it is a 24 bit 48 000 hertz sample rate so that’s sort of Like your average nowadays but again you Do have the all the extra control as Well as the four pickup patterns now one Thing you’ve probably noticed throughout This you know mic test so far is there’s A pretty good amount of white noise in The background You can probably hear that right and It’s not necessarily uh the biggest deal If you’re going to be using this and you Know like voice over work for like Post-production you can very easily edit That out But again it is sort of annoying Especially when you use the 3.5 Millimeter headphone jack and have Headphones plugged in you can still hear That um just to note i i don’t really do That because i have an amp and dac where I plug in there so i never really Monitor my voice real time through the Actual microphone but yes the white Noise is i would say it’s a problem but It’s also why i have it at number five Because ultimately 200.00 is just too Too pricey right but again it’s built Nice it looks nice doesn’t really matter It sounds good if you can sort of you Know fine tune it and depending on what Pickup pattern you need the fact that it Has all four is great i also do want to

Point out there’s software for this Which again not necessary but that gives You a little bit more flexibility when It comes to eq’ing your mic and getting Some different uh just sound quality out Of your mic so i’ll show you that real Quick okay so now we’re inside the epos Gaming suite and again this is where you Could really go in and start to Fine-tune some of the things like we Have some vocal enhancers if you want a More warm sound signature clear is going To be more crisp on the high end or Custom you can just very much go in and Create your own if you like all good Things but again not necessary i like The warmer sound here you can easily Control gain control side tone which is You know hearing your own voice real Time in your headphones you have that Control here a noise gate percentage Noise cancellation as well and i figured This would be more useful in eliminating That sort of you know background white Noise but it didn’t really do much even At 50 so kind of interesting that you Can also go in through here and change Your pickup pattern you can also go in And put a high pass filter if you like And mute the mic if you’d like so again Not necessary software but they do have It Okay next up for number four is going to Be the nzxd capsule i did a full

Dedicated review on this when it came Out so check the channel if you want to Find out you know more about it rather Than just sort of wrap up here but it’s Also 70 bucks cheaper than the epos b20 At 130 again with black friday and cyber Monday sales maybe you can find it for Cheaper hopefully but also it’s not as In-depth feature-wise as the epos b20 Was either because you only have one Pickup pattern which is cardioid so you Can’t control all that and there’s just Very two simple dials here right on the Front with your headphone uh button on The bottom for again monitoring your Actual headphone audio and then the gain Dial right up front so again when it Comes to simplicity it’s very narrowed Down but i kind of like that it is a More simple looking mic that definitely Follows their design language from the Other nzxt products they make so really A big fan of that Also this one is on a relatively larger Stand as well it’s a taller mic but Again Not ideal really for just the desktop Scenario here so that’s why i have it Elevated on the box again could probably Also benefit from its own boom arm if You do want to take it off this stand And put it on like your own boom arm There is no washers no screws needed There’s a simple quick release button on

The back there’s a simple there’s a Simple quick release button on the back And the whole arm just pretty much pops Off the mic and now you have a little Cover you can put on and just pop it on Your own boom arm so a really clean and Elegant way of doing that which thought Was really cool now one of the things That separates this from not only the B20 but every other mic that’s going to Be on this list is the fact that this is A 24 bit 96 000 kilohertz sample rate Microphone so the average is either like 16 or 24 bit but 48 000 kilohertz this Is double that sample rate at 96 000. And again you can think of that in terms Of like the equivalent of being video Resolution um yeah it’s gonna be you Know double and you’re getting just a Lot more when it comes to post Production more flexibility with your Waveforms and editing more room to push It pretty much now not every program or Software right now is even capable of Going up to 96 000 so like you know Stream labs obs even like adobe premiere Is capped at 48 000. uh we are in adobe Audition right now so we can take Advantage of the 96 000 hertz uh but Keep that in mind so you’re getting more Out of it again if you want to push it Now in terms of the actual microphone Quality the thing that can pinpoint this Is that it’s like it’s very crisp

Sounding you know very sibilant uh Definitely enhances the treble i’d say Uh with their capsule they’re using it Kind of gives you like a you know this Sort of high area voice that’s very Sharp to the ears Again with post-production you can Definitely edit that add some more bass To it but that’s my initial sort of you Know response to hearing how it sounds And again doing a typing test with the Cardioid pickup pattern to see how it Does in terms of eliminating any Background noise hopefully this gives You an idea on that um i know from when I reviewed it when i tested it Definitely pretty good at eliminating What’s going on behind the mic and Around it another thing i will say in Terms of design that i don’t like is the Fact that we have these uh the buttons On the front they’re very like wobbly And there’s no hard stops so just a Minor annoyance to me uh again one of The things that i don’t like as a whole For the price you have a nice light ring Let you know when it’s um powered and Plugged in when you mute it that will go Red so visual indicators it has the the Basic essentials for a gaming achieving Microphone again cardioid always the way To go not bad overall for 130. Now number three on our list is going to Be a very interesting one especially for

The gamer and streamer out there this is The 99 Rock at torch which has its own sort of Mixer panel Built into the mic um 99 bucks but i’ve Definitely seen it on sale for as low as 75 bucks very frequently which i think Is a very very good price Now this in terms of design you know Very gamer looking you’ve got the rgb Very massive logo there right in the Middle uh but again that on board mixer Is definitely pretty cool so we’ll talk About that in a minute this is a Bit 48 000 kilohertz sample rate so Again on par with your standard Microphone out there uh and there are Actually three different pickup patterns Here right now we are currently on the Cardioid one so we’ll talk about that Right now on the bottom of the mixer Itself you have a pattern control a Volume control and a gain dial or slider Not dial you know what i mean the Pattern dial is for cycling between Those three patterns obviously with the Rightmost setting being the off button If you just want to quickly turn it off The volume dial in the middle again is Not for your microphone volume but for Your headphones if you have it plugged In and you are monitoring your audio There then the gain dial is what Controls the overall volume of your mic

So when i turn it down You couldn’t hear me but i said i can do That real time and you’ll also note as i Turn up the gain it reflects on the uh The microphone because it has these Built-in rgb strips on each side in Addition to the rgb Rock at logo there if i want to mute the Mic i can also do so by prep by pressing The volume dial the center one You’ll see the lights go off and that Goes red and there’s also a pretty Interesting feature up top with this uh Touch not not even touch sensitive but a Gesture Sensitive strip where if you wave your Hand over it it’s another way to mute The mic so real quick i’ll show you that Again you can see just by waving my hand Over it everything goes red and that Means it’s muted Pretty cool don’t know how useful that Would be you know in the heat of the Moment if you need to just like mute Your mic real quick i feel like just Pressing the button would be a lot Simpler uh but yes a cool built-in Feature nonetheless and also for the rgb Lighting you can just turn it off Completely if you want there is software For rgb and a button on the back which Controls brightness and last thing Before we move on On the bottom side here there’s a little

Screen which just tells you when you’re Live or when you’re recording it’ll just Say live when your mic is muted that Screen will also have a little mute mic Logo so again just some cool you know Integrations here now we’ve been doing Cardioid this whole time so as i’ve been Saying we’re going to do that now pick Up some of the background typing noise You let me know how you think it is i’ve Heard it um definitely on the you know i Would say a little bit louder side for The background noise uh but still pretty Good altogether Next up is going to be stereo mode for Again the left and right channels Specifically uh good for like asmr and Stuff if you’re putting this microphone In between you and a buddy while you’re Streaming anything Like that And then the rightmost setting when we Turn the gain down a bit this is called Uh whisper mode which is for when you Need to be quiet you know it’s late in The night you don’t want to wake up your Family or your parents you put this on Whisper mode and it enhances uh very Much pretty much the gain overall so This would be good for like this if You’re just talking a little chill you Don’t want to be super super loud but You want to still pick up your voice Yeah you get the idea you get the idea

Now one of the things i’ll say about This Is you can probably tell you can use This if you’d like without the actual Base if you want to put this on a boom Arm you can however as you’ve noticed There’s two cables in the back one is Connecting the actual microphone to the Base itself and the other cable Connecting the base to your pc so there Are two cables to get this fully powered Which means if you want to put the mic On a boom arm you still have to have a Cable running separately to the base and The base still to your pc so keep that In mind you’re going to need a long Enough cable then to connect both Especially if you’re keeping this you Know like a bit away from your overall Uh you know vicinity because the cable They include to connect the base station To the actual mic is like i don’t know Six inches long very very short And another thing which kind of has me Uh scratching my head a bit is even Though these are usbc mics you know There’s the two usb plugs uh for this Microphone they’re They’re kind of like a proprietary usbc Where all these slots and ports have These little plastic rails on the side And then on the cables there’s a cutout For those rails so it has a nice snug Fit which is i guess you know so it

Doesn’t come out over time but again uh With the fact that you can use these Separately you’re going to need to use Possibly your own cables if you want to Like i said put these on different parts Of your desktop the fact that usb-c is The most you know universal cable out There and they’re sort of making it Proprietary is annoying i tested about Five different cables it worked with Like two out of the five so you need to Have a really really thin usbc connector To uh you know be able to use this if You’re not using their own usbc cables Which i think is just a very weird quirk Again with the most universal cable out There usbc So yes all together for 99 bucks not too Bad for 75 dollars very very good if you Need something with all these extra Bells and whistles like this in the most Gamer sense that doesn’t have i think The the best uh microphone quality out There but definitely so good definitely Still usable uh but yeah for 75 bucks Not bad at all Okay coming at number two for me is Going to be a budget option from company Fifine i’m sure you’ve heard of them Before they make great Budget microphones and this is no Exception at number two it’s the K658 rgb which is usually a hundred Bucks i mean i’m 120 but again i’ve seen

It on sale very frequently down to a Hundred dollars And i think this mic sounds super Super good and as you can see uh builds And visuals wise there’s a lot going on So you do want to speak directly into The top of the microphone not you know On the side or on the back side like you Would see on other mics this is designed To be talked directly into the top of The capsule that way you have a quick And easy Volume adjustment right here which is Not for your headphone audio but for the Actual gain on the mic and then embedded Into that ring is a touch sensitive mute Button which will shine green when it’s Not muted and it will shine red then When it is muted so just in terms of you Know what you need out of it i think Those are the two things that are most Important Also it is a dynamic cardioid mic It does have the lesser bitrate at 16 Bit versus 24 bit um which all the other Four are but it’s still 48 000 kilohertz Sample rate Now another thing you can see built in Here is they have this on its own shock Mount you do like a a windscreen here And there is some rgb illuminating the Bottom of it which looks cool there’s no Real way to you know control the Lighting effects and stuff it’s just

This sort of rainbow wave again not bad Some extra flair but with the way this Is again designed to be talked into One of the things about this is it gives You a very small tripod And again i have this propped up on a Box i would recommend a boom arm Especially with this The tripod here i just don’t think is Going to cut it because you want this as Close to your mouth as possible and Unless you’re going to be doing what i’m Doing propping it up on a box which is Not ideal you’re going to want more of That you know verticality so it’s Picking up your vocal pattern the best As a cardioid microphone so again real Nice quick and easy adjustments if i Want to adjust the gain on the fly very Very useful you have the pass through on The bottom all good stuff so we’ll be Typing in the background so you can see How it sounds with again obviously i’m Just like cramming buttons right now Because i have the box in the way but Tactile switches how do you think it’s Doing at eliminating that and since We’re talking to the top of the capsule This is probably the farthest away that A microphone or the keyboard would be Because What’s going on is right here and this Is all back behind it so the ideal Situation for a cardioid mic like this

Talking into the top And honestly for a hundred bucks i think It sounds very very good it’s a full Sounding mic maybe a little bit on like The i said there’s more treble than a Deeper bass to the overall sibilance of My voice But i just i think it sounds really Really good from again a budget company Like fi fine a hundred bucks built-in Shock mount Maybe you want to spend an extra 20 or 30 bucks on a boom arm very very good Windscreen the essentials here cardioid Gain Mute you’re good to go uh definitely Definitely impressive And then for the number one spot on our Best gimme mic of 2021 is gonna be the Razer siren v2 x and if you’re someone Who just hates on razer for no reason You’re a fan boy another brand and you Just hate razer because you have no Friends Listen get out of here because there’s No denying Since the start of 2020 end of 2019 Their products have improved so much the Microphones on the black shark headsets Are incredible last year’s siren mini Which was that tiny little 40 capsule of A mic sound incredible this following That up with some pretty good Improvements that gamers and streamers

Will love which is why not only i think It sounds super super good for the price Of a hundred dollars but it’s going to Make just make people’s lives so much Easier i’ll show you that in a second so There’s a super cardioid pickup pattern To the mic 24 bit 48 000 kilohertz and Again just do some typing in the Background you could hear how it is with That background elimination as a Cardioid mic or super cardioid as they Call it and again this just in terms of Look and design very very similar to Last year’s siren mini uh the difference Is now is we do have a gain dial on the Front you can control your uh your Actual microphone volume as well as a Quick and easy mic mute button It’ll be red when it’s muted shine green When it’s not Now i do think one of the more limiting Features before we get on to the other Good stuff about this is this is by far Still the smallest mic on this list in Terms of size and the stand it is just Very very still tiny and compact for a Microphone so this you’re gonna need a Boom arm again as i’ve done so far for Everything i have it propped up on the Box and it’s still just very very small I’m struggling not like leaning in fully But it’s a very small mic so you’re Gonna need a boom arm you can slightly Adjust it with the like little revolving

Base to the neck but yeah in terms of The actual microphone quality I think it’s just very Full and like whole bodied Warm Good bass and it’s just a pleasant sound Very natural um and i think this does The best job in terms of you know Representing your true Tone of your voice again for a hundred Bucks Now the reason why i’m giving this Number one spot besides the sound Besides the sound quality Is inside of synapse which again it’s Not necessary at all you don’t need Synapse be able to use this mic But you will be Stupid if you don’t because inside like We saw with the elgato wave microphones With their wave link software you now Have a completely virtual mixer so here Real quick you can obviously just adjust Your headphone audio if you have it Plugged in on the bottom as well as your Actual microphone gain you can change The sampling rate on the fly as well as Put on a uh an analog gain limiter so You’re not like constantly clipping and Stuff which is cool to see but you go Over to the stream mixer tab And now you have four dedicated inputs And outputs for your stream mix your Playback mix your headphones and your

Microphone and why this is so crucial is Because the stream mixer is going to be Great for if you’re streaming you can Adjust these levels real time uh Depending on what your your viewers are Hearing and what you’re hearing so again The reason why i always love to see this And why it’s most useful is you know say You’re playing a game you’re streaming Whatever and you want to listen to a Brand new album from your favorite band Obviously you can’t play that on twitch Or youtube or whatever because it’ll be You know copyright strike so you can Adjust all the levels and you can decide What you hear the volume you hear it and Also the volume chats hearing it you can Play completely you can put up you know Some royalty free music on youtube blast It for them so they can hear it but you Can’t meanwhile you’re jammed to the new Asop rock album and they can’t hear it So a very very useful feature you can See the levels real time it’s done right It’s done well all these mixes can be Tied together you can choose here in Sydney apps if you want to enable Monitoring so you know if you hear it You can link the channels together it’s Just really good to see happy to see it So again not necessary but for gamers And streamers out there that stream Mixer instant apps is gonna be a Lifesaver so you’re not constantly

Fiddling around in obs the way they have It set up in here is going to make Everything so much more simple and one Of the things that we’ll say about this For 100 bucks is they actually just make A um they made a v2 pro version which is 150 bucks and it’s the same it’s the Same microphone it’s just five Millimeters smaller the capsule and they Do give you a real-time um headphone you Know headphones dial on here instead of Just the gain but for me personally i Don’t think that’s really necessary at All because again you can do it in both Synapse your pc settings and the stream Mixer so um i never find the whole Headphone volume dial on a microphone Necessary but also for someone like me I never ever plug into a microphone Because i have my own amp and dac with My own headphones so i’m more you know Plugged into the pc Versus headphones so you’re saving 50 Bucks without that headphone feature Which i think is still um just not worth It for the upgraded v2 pro version when You have this for 100 bucks which sounds So good and you know one of the things i Knocked it for was being so small that You’re going to need a stand for but hey Maybe you don’t have a lot of desktop Space and you like the more small very Literal compact microphone where it’s Not going to be you know just in the way

Of stuff so could be could be the best Option for you and again all things Considered that’s why i have this at Number one All right guys so that’ll wrap it up for The top five gaming and streaming Microphones of 2021 hope you all enjoyed Like i said before they’ll be all listed For you in the description down below so You can check them out and really Depending on what you’re looking for What sort of features you need and all That uh you can’t go wrong with any of These you have to factor in what’s your Use case what’s your budget and really i Think you know these two right here Cream of the crop for the price really Really good stuff all around i hope this Video helped you out hope you enjoyed if You did give it a big thumbs up show Your support feel free to follow me on Twitter at randomfrankp and last you Haven’t already hit that subscribe Button so i have a ton of holiday Content coming up real soon Well i’m random frank p hope you enjoyed Have a good day


If you’re a gamer or streamer, you know how crucial it is to have a good microphone. A high-quality microphone can make all the difference in producing crystal-clear voiceovers, conducting clear conference calls, and improving your overall gaming or streaming experience. With the advanced technology available today, it’s become easier to find the perfect microphone that ticks all the boxes. In this article, we will take you through the top 5 microphones that are perfect for gaming and streaming in 2021.

1. Blue Yeti Microphone

The Blue Yeti is a popular choice among gamers and streamers due to its versatility, high-quality sound, and ease of use. This microphone delivers fantastic sound quality and is incredibly reliable. It comes with four different pickup patterns, including cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo, making it useful for recording a solo podcast, a group discussion, or gaming commentary. The Blue Yeti also has a mute button, headphone jack, and adjustable stand, making it a fantastic all-rounder.

2. HyperX QuadCast Microphone

The HyperX QuadCast is another microphone that’s perfect for gamers and streamers alike. It’s a high-quality USB microphone that delivers crystal-clear audio with minimal background noise. One of the most impressive features of the HyperX QuadCast is the built-in anti-vibration shock mount, which reduces any unwanted distortion caused by external vibrations while gaming or streaming. Furthermore, The HyperX QuadCast also has a pop filter and built-in LED lighting to indicate when the microphone is live.

3. Rode NT-USB Mini Microphone

If you’re short on space, the Rode NT-USB Mini is a fantastic option. It’s incredibly compact, making it the perfect microphone for those who don’t want a big setup on their desk or streaming area. Despite its size, it delivers high-quality sound with a directional cardioid polar pattern, making it ideal for solo gaming or streaming sessions. The Rode NT-USB Mini also has impressive features such as a detachable magnetic desk stand and other useful accessories, including a USB-C port.

4. Audio-Technica ATR2500x-USB Microphone

The Audio-Technica ATR2500x-USB is a top-quality microphone that’s perfect for gamers and streamers. It boasts a cardioid polar pattern that picks up sound only from in front of the microphone while minimizing background noise to deliver crystal-clear audio. The ATR2500x-USB also has a built-in headphone jack that allows you to monitor the audio in real-time, reducing latency issues while streaming or recording.

5. Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone

If you’re looking for a dynamic microphone, the Shure SM7B is a fantastic option that delivers high-quality sound and is known for its smooth, warm tones. It has a directional cardioid polar pattern that eliminates any unwanted background noise, making it ideal for recording podcasts, commentaries, or voice-overs. The Shure SM7B also comes with a movable bracket and a switchable bass-roll-off, making it incredibly versatile.


The right microphone can significantly enhance your gaming or streaming experience. With our list of the top 5 microphones for gaming and streaming in 2021, you can choose one that will perfectly suit your needs. Whether you’re a solo gamer, a multi-player streamer, or a podcaster, there is a microphone on this list that will provide you with the sound quality you desire.


  1. What is the difference between dynamic and condenser microphones?

Dynamic microphones are known for their durability and ability to handle loud sounds, whereas condenser microphones are more sensitive and are best suited to recording and voice-over projects.

  1. Can you use a Bluetooth microphone for streaming and gaming?

While Bluetooth microphones may be used in some applications, their latency can be high, causing a lag in your audio stream or recording.

  1. Are USB microphones better than XLR microphones?

It depends on your intended use. USB microphones are easy to use and are suitable for recording podcasts, voice-overs, and simple gaming and streaming activities. On the other hand, XLR microphones are commonly used in professional recording studios and are better suited to handle loud sounds.

  1. What are the pickup patterns of a microphone?

Pickup patterns refer to the microphone’s ability to collect sound from specific directions. The most common pickup patterns are omnidirectional, bidirectional, and cardioid.

  1. Can you use a microphone with a laptop?

Yes, you can use a microphone with a laptop, provided you have access to compatible ports such as USB or 3.5mm audio jack.

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