Discover the Top 5 Gaming Headsets of 2021 for an Amazing Gaming Experience

By | November 26, 2021

Looking for the perfect gaming headset can be a daunting task with the plethora of options available in the market today. However, fret not, as we’ve curated a list of the top 5 gaming headsets for an unparalleled gaming experience in 2021. Whether you’re a professional gamer or a casual player, our list has something for everyone. So, sit back, relax and read on to find out which gaming headset will take your gaming experience to the next level!

Today we’ll check out some of the best gaming headsets that came out this year! From sound quality, comfort to microphone tests, we cover it all in the Top 5 Gaming Headsets of 2021 roundup!
🎧 Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless:
🎧 Razer Kraken V3 Hypersense:
🎧 Sennheiser PC38X Blackout:
🎧 EPOS H6Pro Open:
🎧 EPOS H6 Pro Closed:
🎧 Beyerdynamic MMX 150:
🎧 Beyerdynamic MMX 100:
Honorable Mentions:
🥉 Logitech G435 Lightspeed:
🥉 Razer Barracuda X:
🥉 Steelseries Arctis 7P+:

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What’s up guys i’m random frank p and Today we’re gonna be showing off the top Five gaming headsets from 2021 showing You some of the best of the best that Came out this year Now obviously in front of me there’s More than five so what we’re going to be Doing is showing off my top five Personal favorites plus a few runner-ups Just to give you the best of the best From 2021. lots of options for you guys They’ll all be listed for you in the Description down below so you can check Them out but a few quick things to go Over please listen up really quickly This is not going to be a full dedicated Review of each and every headset this Would be a six hour long video instead It’s gonna be a general you know feature Wrap up talk about my thoughts and Opinions about them do a sound test a Mic test a small synopsis of each Headset i’m going to be doing the mic Test during each segment as well but Also at the end of this video we’re Going to have them all stacked back to Back to back so you can hear how they Sound uh you know side by side directly For you guys instead of broken up into Segments as well so two different mic Tests for you and also most importantly Audio and headsets you know is probably One of the most subjective things when It comes to analyzing and getting a

Review out for you guys so what sounds Good to me might not sound good to you What i look for in sound frequencies you Know from music and gaming might not be What you look for so again audio very Very subjective please Keep that in mind like i said top five Plus a few runner-ups all listed for you In the description down below so you can Check it out But now after the long intro let’s kick It off number five is the corsair hs 80 Rgb wireless headset this is a really Nice product that i think combines the Best of their older hs series with their Newer design of the void lineup so this Is the new love child construction wise This is solid the yolks are aluminum and Definitely add some weight to it overall The headband up top naturally adjusts With this floating elastic strap on the Inside and i’d say overall it does a Good job of just automatically adjusting To the shape and size of your head but They are pretty bulky on the heavier Side ear pads are super soft with this Cloth like material kind of feel like Corduroy but they definitely got hot After around two hours or so of gaming Some other physical notes about the hs80 Is i love how the ear cups rotate in 90 Degrees to lay flat great for travel or Just laying around your neck And also in terms of construction what

We have in addition to the aluminum yoke Is aluminum volume wheel on the side and An aluminum power button and the volume Wheel itself can actually be pressed in To toggle between the different eqs if You want to download their iq software You can save different eqs on here and Toggle between them that way it’s not Necessary at all you don’t need it to Use the headset but it’s an extra bonus Now for the mic this is the mic quality Test right now that you’re hearing i Think it sounds okay you know pretty Good overall sort of middle of the pack If you will and like i said at the end They’ll have a whole wrap up of all the Mics you can hear how they all sound but Yeah a decent mic and one of the designs Of the mic itself is a quick and easy Mute function if you want to flip it up Like this you’ll hear a little alert let You know it’s muted the little ring Around the actual mic will be red as Well and then when it’s down you’ll do Another alert that you know is unmuted And the little Light around the mic will turn white It’s not like a bright light or anything You just kind of see in your peripheral View to let you know that it’s not muted And also for you guys i know a pretty Important factor is going to be how they Feel with glasses these definitely pass The glasses test no real force on the

Sides but i will say in terms of the Actual headband i like how it is more Narrow with that free floating design With a strap up top however if you have A very wide head i feel like these might Be just a little bit too small for you But in terms of glasses definitely no Issues there So inside you have 50 millimeter drivers With their slipstream technology and They have a very full sound overall i’d Say a bit on the warmer side a great Resolution all around a pretty Impressive sound stage for being a Closed back headset so when you’re Gaming you know watching movies Listening to music it’s all gonna sound Like i said just very full which is Always a good thing it’s also compatible Adobe atmos natively through your pc Sound settings as well as xbox even you Get dolby atmos on your xbox and with The usb dongle it’s plug and play plug Into your pc your ps5 anything with a Usb port and as i mentioned there’s iq If you want to sort of mess around with Some of the eqs and quality settings and Stuff like that you can also use iq to Adjust the rgb lighting on here because It does have the little illuminated Corsair sales logo on each ear cup you Know adjust the side tone like eqs like I said uh but honestly the rgb on here Is just not worth it without rgb it’s

Got 20 hours of battery life so odds are With rgb you’ll be looking at between 12 To 14 Max regardless at the end of the night You’re going to charge these daily so They’re recharged the next day for you 20 hours isn’t the best uh so just keep Rgb off not worth it on the headset at All so all together i think my general Wrap up of hs80 for the number five spot Is it’s very full sounding like i said It gives you that satisfying fullness Like you just had thanksgiving dinner Right before you tried these on so Pretty good for the price they do come In at 150 msrp but they’ve been on sale For 120 recently again check up on the Sales for black friday and cyber monday Hopefully you can find them cheaper if Not you know even more on sale who knows Next for number four is going to be the Razer kraken v3 hypersense and Hypersense is their new and improved Haptic feedback system inside the Drivers let me tell you these are fun I’ve talked about it before i showed off Similar products that feature haptic Feedback but man it really does take Gaming to the next level so when you’re Gaming you obviously want to be as Immersed as possible right immersion Really is the number one thing that Takes you in or out of your gaming Experience that’s why i’ve always loved

Physical haptic feedback from headsets With haptics you can feel pops when you Fire your gun explosions near you it’s Not even just a matter of it happening With lower end frequencies they tune These drivers and the new feedback System to be more realistic rather than Just giving you that same repeated pulse At a certain frequency each pulse and Punch is now tuned real time to what’s Going on in your game or movie or even Music so in the new kraken v3 hyper Sense the haptics here are just so Improved that in years past it would be Anything at you know this lower end Frequency we get that same pulse now They’re more dynamic each gunshot’s Going to sound and feel different Explosions are going to feel different Depending on your audio in game and also If you want to adjust it there’s a Button on the bottom of the left ear cup It’s the hyper sense button and there’s Three different levels with like a you Know low medium and high feedback i like To keep it at the medium setting and i Feel it is perfect for gaming really Takes immersion to the next level now on Your head they feel extremely Comfortable nice and lightweight great Padding overall to leatherette earcups Themselves and up top definitely ample Padding on the headband but you know Design wise feel wise very similar to

The cracking lineup of the past not too Much changes physically as you can see But comfort wise very very good i know You guys like when i do it Yes Yes All good Very little pressure on the actual sides Here but yeah nothing nothing bad so the Microphone they’re using on the v3 hyper Sense is a removable hyper clear Cardioid mic it’s unidirectional it’s on This gooseneck so you can you know Adjust it move it around in front of Your mouth all that good stuff inside of The 50 millimeter triforce drivers with The new haptic feedback system has thx Spatial surround sound so you combine That with the haptics and it’s just Crazy good three different haptic modes Rgb lighting if you want it again it’s Wired so you don’t have to worry about You know battery life anything like that You plug it in usb you’re good to go and A pretty good mic i’d say if you’re Paying attention sounds pretty good and I would say during my time testing all My headsets i probably gained with these The most just kept coming back because Again i love haptic feedback if you’ve Never gamed with haptic feedback in a Headset you never tried it you’ll 100 Want to check these out now these do Retail for 130 bucks you can get a

Wireless version for a bit more and you Can also get the kraken v3 without hyper Sense for 100 bucks but again you got to Try the haptics i’m telling you guys It’s awesome now the one weird thing the One little con i’ll mention is it does Have the equivalent to white noise when There’s nothing playing you can kind of Hear What i would assume is like the Haptic system calibrating to the sound Of nothing it’s very very minor but it’s It’s a weird thing to hear like Electronics when there’s no audio very Very minor not going to take you out the Experience and still definitely worthy Of being in the top five Now for number three is actually a Headset that i had on the 2020 video Last year with my favorite headsets last Year however they just released it and Gave it a bit of a facelift so we’re Going to toss it over to brian from bad Seed tech hey what’s up frank what’s up Everybody brian here from bad seed tech So one of my top favorite gaming Headphones of 2021 isn’t a headphone at All it’s a headset and it technically Was released in 2020 so clearly i didn’t Understand the assignment this is the Pc38x which is a drop in sennheiser Collab you’d be hard-pressed to find Somebody that didn’t review these well Because there’s just some magic in here

Between the overall tonal balance and The detail and separation they are open Backs and while they don’t have a crazy Wide sound stage they make it really Easy to pick out directional stuff in Game and you can even tell when somebody Is above or below you the thing that Everybody didn’t like is the yellow Which is why they just released an all Black version for 2021 now who didn’t Understand the assignment this move Pretty much solves the chief complaint About this headset which should Hopefully open this up to a much bigger Market because these are super good Especially if you need a mic attached to Your head this is one of the easiest Recommendations i can make even if you Don’t always need a mic these sound Really good for music listening as well And they’re super easy to drive so you Don’t need any kind of big fancy dac amp Setup to take advantage the mic is Really easy to toggle by just raising it Up and down to mute or go live the mics Not detachable which is something to be Aware of but in addition to the sounding Really good the mic sounds really good As well you’re hearing this plugged Directly into my motherboard at like 90 Mic volume no processing or correction Of any sort these actually sound so good They’re trying to recommend a sennheiser Headphone that sounds similar but

Without a mic is actually pretty tough The hd560s gets close but it’s still not It these have a base warmth that’s just The right amount they somehow ride the Line perfectly between the high end You’d look for for competitive gaming While still providing the base you’d Want for more immersive casual gaming You will notice this new version has the Epos branding now which is formerly Sennheiser’s gaming division but there’s No difference at all in terms of the Physical build or the performance they Include a carry bag a long split cable For pc use and a short single cable for Console controllers you also get two Different types of pads included so you Can’t experiment with the sound but i Prefer the stock pads over the velour Pads it is important to mention again That these are open back so you will Hear the world around you when other People can hear what you’re listening to In my opinion this provides a better Gaming experience but if you’re in a Noisy environment or you really need Isolation you should probably look at a Closed back set instead the frame here Adjusts really large to accommodate even The most massive domes out there and it Breaks in really fast like it molds to Your head so after you wear them for a Bit they are super comfortable these Should be available right now and

They’re currently 30 off for black Friday making the total cost of these 149. this is one of the easiest Recommendations i can make all right Frank back to you So thanks again to brian for showing Those off and again an all-around Amazing headset that combines the best Of the audiophile world with sennheiser Now in a brand new 2021 re-release in an All-black version for those who didn’t Like last year’s black and yellow Variant definitely still worthy of being Shown off this year because again They’re technically brand new Now for the number two spot is a headset That i am in love with they’re Relatively new just got them in october And what i love about this is they give You the best of both worlds picking Between open back as well as closed back And six total variants These are the epos h6 pro and you have Six total options between their midnight Blue color white in this really nice Like hunter green with gold accents but Each color comes either open back or Closed back so giving you six options to Pick from here so what i like about These is pretty much everything okay you May remember epos and sennheiser headset Some years past and they were always Okay but i was never really blown away By them and it’s funny how now they went

Solo apart from sennheiser and they Ditched that super you know gamer Aesthetic look slimmed down the Construction so now it’s not super bulky Anymore and pretty much improved Everything now as for comfort one of the Things i love about these is super Wide and flexible to accommodate all Sorts of noggins ear cups swivel and Rotate just a little bit to get that Best fit possible and the balance on These is what’s really impressive like When they’re on it’s a really good job Of just feeling like there’s no real Pressure points anywhere and one of the Things that’s going to also vary between Open back and closed back is the actual Ear pads on the open back they’re a bit More breathable here versus on the Closed version they’re more of a memory Foam like pleather so here they’re Thicker uh they’re both memory foam this Is just more breathable versus the sort Of pleather design here so this is gonna Be you know trapping more of the audio In versus on the open back letting more Audio out Also let me just get them queued up real Quick for you guys you know glasses test All that good stuff Tried them already Yeah feels great feels great and looks Great i mean come on especially this Hunter green version like matching my

Shirt right now Tell me Tell me this isn’t what’s up you know it Is so in terms of physical features on The right ear cup is the built-in volume Dial for the quick and easy volume Adjustment then on the left side it’s Actually your completely redesigned Microphone which mutes when you pull it Up vertically you’ll hear a little click But you can also just completely remove The mic it detaches with the little Magnetic pogo pins and it’s done so Really well but they also include a Color matching sort of replacement puck For the ear cup so it’s going to look Flush and clean you can now wear these Out without the microphone and you won’t Just have this weird looking ugly hole On the ear cuffs so Build wise design construction Everything here is just miles better now Than their older models and as you can Hear by the way the microphone i think It sounds really really good it’s the Same mic with the open back and close Back and i’d say just sounds pretty damn Good okay so for sound since we have the Two different models i’ve said it before But i’m definitely more partial to open Back pairs because when gaming it just Feels and sounds more realistic open Back means your the actual ear cups are Literally you know open they’re exposed

Hence that sort of grill design and it Opens the sound stage now so it sounds Like you’re literally in the middle of The action this is fantastic for you Know open world games lively fps really Any game where the audio is mixed well And you just have this living world that You’re playing it’s gonna now sound Crazy i always use the concert analogy Instead of it sounding like you have Headphones on now it sounds like you’re Actually there in the middle of the Concert both versions use the same 42 Millimeter drivers and i will say these Deliver some powerful bass across both Models which usually isn’t the case with A lot of open back pairs but these Deliver directional audio 100 on point These just sounds like ideal like at the End of the day no complaints whatsoever In terms of sound quality and i did Mainly test these with open back because That’s my personal preference but man They did it right so with the h6 pro They’re analog meaning it’s no usb it Comes with two different cables as well You have this four pin one plus a Breakout headphone and microphone jack Cable so no software needed nothing like That all plug and play and it just Sounds So so good And one of the cons i will bring up and It’s really not even with the close back

But with the open back since there is Some sound leakage because just the do The nature of them being open back i Wish these would get like 10 louder They’re definitely loud enough they’re Going to be just fine for 95 of you i Wish i could push them just a little bit More Voice almost cracked kind of weird Whatever these come in at 180 bucks for Both and again six different options Loving The h6 pro Now for number one this is actually Where it gets pretty interesting because Recently the epos h6 pro was my number One until last week a company put out a Brand new headset that i tested out and Just it changed this entire list i had To re-script 95 of this video because The number one spot flips everything The brand new bear dynamic mmx 150 Holy so obviously with the Audiophile company like bear dynamic They definitely have a good reputation And design wise it follows similar Design language to their other Headphones and headsets from years past This definitely has that pair dynamic Look and taking a look at them embedded Onto each of the sides of the ear cup is This little orange strips and here You’ll see two tiny microphones these Are for the augmented open world mode

That emulates sort of an open-back Headset they said this is for getting a Sort of balance of your game audio as Well as the outside world so you can Hear like the doorbell for example or Someone talking to you you enable this By holding in the volume wheel on the Bottom for two seconds the ring will Change from orange to teal when the Augmented mode is enabled you can also Press in the wheel just once you want to Quickly mute your mic it’ll glow then Red so this little wheel on the bottom Of the left ear cup cups where you have All your control but also check this out The wheel itself is super super tactile And satisfying Now the whole augmented mode may sound You know sort of gimmicky to you but Honestly it’s done well and you may not Even need to use it but the thing about This is it’s not even like it’s using Like side tone from your mic with these Two microphones on each side it’s just You know balancing in the ambient noise In your room so you could hear what’s Going on so it does sort of increase the Sound stage in the literal sense like That but one of the things about it is i Didn’t even know it was enabled when i First turned it on um like i didn’t know That it was on already it wasn’t until i Turned it off that i noticed a huge Difference because the seal is just

Insane like with this headset they’re Not you know like active noise canceling But the seal and clamp is so good Without the augmented mode on you can’t Hear anything else going out going on Outside in your room which now makes Sense why this augmented mode even you Know exists okay so now for the other Microphone as you’ve been hearing this Is the cardioid 9.9 millimeter removable Mic there’s also gooseneck design to it So it’s nice and flexible and they call It like studio level grade and i’d say It is this is by far the best most Natural sounding microphone i’ve ever Heard and i’d even say you know it’s True broadcast grid so you can be the Judge of how you think this sounds but Again i think it’s hands down one of the Best most natural and full sounding mics I’ve heard on a gaming headset Ever In terms of comfort and design again It’s that same bare dynamic look i’ve Said they perfected over the years for Sure you get um you know the the padding Up top on the headband nice and Adjustable to fit very you know large And wide heads ear cups also rotate a Little bit on the yoke but with this in The glasses test it definitely still Passes i haven’t had any issues in terms Of discomfort but since the ear cups Themselves are round and not oval

They will be sitting you know still over The ear for me they’re not on the ear But you will feel the just a little arm Right here a little bit it’s not Pressing in but i can feel where that Contact point is again because they’re Round and not oval small thing to point Out for you guys so inside they’re using 40 millimeter drivers and even though 40 Is sort of like you know the norm it’s The average they deliver sound that Sounds like they’re coming from larger 50 millimeter drivers the sound quality Here is probably as close to perfection As you can find in a gaming headset and I don’t say that lightly the high ends Have a nice clear crisp sparkle middle And low end sounds strong and punchy Without getting muddy directional audio Is perfection the sound coming from These is just truly remarkable Nice and full and just yes and the Overall quality doesn’t even worsen when You have the augmented mode enabled but Keep in mind it is just going to now Introduce other sounds mixed in with Your game audio from your room so really It’s up to you whether you even need That feature or not now i say that Because this mmx 150 is 150 dollars However better dynamic also released an Mmx 100 for 100 Which is the same exact headset same mic Same driver same design same

Construction same everything But it does not feature the augmented Mode so for a hundred bucks that is a Steal for a hundred and fifty this is a Steal Hands down those two reasons are what Make this the best headset on the market Right now i think not even for 2021 but Just as a whole if you want to spend 150 On this and get the augmented mode great You’re not gonna be disappointed if you Don’t need it for a hundred bucks you Can have this without that and you’ll be Smiling ear to ear like i said this Video was pretty much done wrapped up Last week and it wasn’t until these just Got pretty much announced and released Last week that i got him in and i was Like oh my god these are so good i have To redo this video now and put these at Number one So So good Now like i said before three runner-ups For you guys today first is gonna be the Logitech g435 Which is a super lightweight 165 gram Headset which is like the average weight Of a gaming mouse a few years ago it’s Light but very durable it’s crazy how With the construction they can make a Headset This lightweight and one of the things I’ll say about this is as you can see

It’s not that large this is the farthest It expands it expands wide yes but not Too you know large and long to say This is going to be a great headset for A younger sibling nephew cousin anything Like that a good headset for people like 16 and under i’d say so a great gift Idea it does have their lightspeed Wireless technology as well as bluetooth You can use it with your laptop your pc Over the usb dongle as well as a ps4 or A ps5 even your volume control the Pairing and power button and the mic Mute button on the left ear cup it’s Very easy to use and the overall sound Quality i’d say it’s natural it won’t Blow you away with you know bass or the High-end clarity it’s a you know neutral Natural neutral natural sound okay But if anything i’d say it’s a little Bit on the warmer side it sounds good For what it is the embedded microphone Though as you’ll hear coming up uh not Too good picks up a lot of your room Battery life in here is 18 hours which Is a little bit on the lower side yes But again given the constructions and The lightweight form factor seeing that They even fit an 18 hour battery into Here that’s usable i think is really Really cool it’s just insane how Lightweight these are so that’s why i Said you know a great gift for a cousin A nephew smaller sibling the younger

Crowd here it also comes in three Different colors there’s like a lilac One and uh i don’t know different colors This is the black and yellow which looks Pretty nice i think and it’s 80 bucks Not too bad the next runner up is going To be the razer barracuda x headset i Reviewed this when it came out what i Like about this is the overall Construction it’s pretty compact and Discreet and it resembles their own Razer opus headphones but now this is Pretty much just being reconverted into A wireless gaming headset it’s plug and Play so there’s no razer synapse needed And it comes with the usbc dongle so Again your laptop your pc any usbc phone Your switch the ps5 lots of versatility But there’s no bluetooth which is pretty Strange you would figure this would also Have bluetooth considering it is Wireless they do include a 3.5 Millimeter cable if you want to use this With other wire devices and inside is Their 40 millimeter triforce drivers That definitely shine in the lower end With bass and mid range while the higher End frequencies like vocals i’d say take A slight slight hit but you do have Great directional audio and overall Sounds pretty similar to their razer Black shark lineup with those 50 Millimeter triforce drivers so here They’re the same pretty much design and

Everything to scale back in size ever so Slightly they provide 20 hours of Continuous use again not that bad which Is why it’s still getting the runner-up Spot ultimately because uh the mic here Also not too good but the price for Around 90 bucks it’s been recently on Sale for 70. again good runner-up Suggestion and then lastly is the steel Series arctis 7p plus which design wise Is still going to be very similar and Look just like the arctis lineup that we Saw when this d7 launched back in 2018 At this point so same construction for Three years now but the main upgrade Here is the compatibility with ps5 and The ps5 3d audio so the dongle is going To be usb-c so again connect these with Whatever usb-c device you may need with That ps5 console compatibility is what Really separates them from the pack on The pc you can also choose to like eq Them with their steel series software But the drivers themselves are the 40 Millimeters and it’s that same exact Sound signature same design same comfort That we’ve seen for three plus years now The microphone is this retractable clear Cast bi-directional mic it’s definitely On the louder side in terms of gains You’re gonna have a pretty high noise Floor so it’s gonna pick up a lot of Background noise battery though is Pretty good you get 30 hours of

Continuous use and with the usbc port on It you get a 15 minute quick charge Worth three hours of additional use Altogether the new ps5 compatibility With their 3d audio makes these pretty Much a winner for that console so again Which is why it’s going to be on this List as a runner-up for 150 bucks which Is definitely still up there but again It’s not top five it’s the runner-up Because it is kind of pricey and it’s The same sort of rehash design and Construction from 2018. Okay now like i said before we’re gonna Do the mass sound test of all them side By side I never really knew she could dance like This hey She makes a man want to speak spanish Shakira shakira Oh baby when you talk like that you make A woman go mad So be wise c and keep on c Reading the signs of my body uno dos I’m on tonight you know my hips don’t Lie no fighting and i’m trying to feel It’s right All the attraction The tension don’t you see baby this is Perfection question mark Hey girl i could see your body moving And it’s driving me crazy And i didn’t have the slightest idea Until i saw you dancing yeah and when

You walk up on the dance floor Nobody cannot ignore the way you move Your body girl just move And everything so unexpected the way you Write and left it You can keep on shaking it let’s go i Never really knew if she could dance Like this she makes a man want to speak Spanish Shakira shakira oh baby when you talk Like that you make a woman go mad so be Wise c and keep on c Reading the signs of my body no fighting I’m on tonight you know my hips don’t Lie no fighting and i’m starting to feel You boy Come on Let’s go real slow Don’t you see baby i see us perfecto If they know i’m on tonight my hips Don’t lie and i’m starting to feel it’s Right all the attraction the tension Don’t you see baby this is perfection Shakira shakira Oh boy i could see your body moving Half animal half man I don’t don’t really know what i’m doing Me neither but you seem to have a plan My will and self-restraint have come to Fail now fail now See I’m doing what i can But i can’t so you know That’s a bit too hard to explain yeah

That made no sense uno dos tres cuatro All right Let’s end this So that is a lot of headsets eight total With my top five plus the three Runner-ups and the different variant Options we get from the epos h6 with the You know open and closed back and Different colors giving you guys just a General wrap up some of the best Headsets from 2021 hope you all enjoyed If you want to check them out i’ll have Them all listed for you in the Description down below remember black Friday cyber monday it’s right now Hopefully you can keep an eye on some of These and get them on sale or see if They are dropping in price or anything Uh for the holidays so if you like this Video give it a big thumbs up show your Support feel free to follow me on Twitter at randomfrankp and lastly if You haven’t already hit that subscribe Button we still have a ton of holiday Content coming up real soon I’m random frank p hope you enjoyed have A good day


When it comes to gaming, the importance of a quality headset cannot be overstated. Not only can it make the gaming experience more enjoyable, but it also serves as a tool to communicate with other players and immerse oneself in the game. Headsets have come a long way in recent years, and 2021 has seen the release of some impressive options. In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 gaming headsets of 2021 that promise an unforgettable gaming experience.

1. HyperX Cloud II Wireless

HyperX Cloud II Wireless is the perfect combination of comfort and quality sound. Equipped with 7.1 surround sound, its audio quality is unmatched and will help you to pick up on even the slightest sound cues in the game. Its wireless capabilities eliminate the need for tangled wires, and its battery lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge. It also has detachable noise-cancellation microphones with LED mute indicators for clear communication with other players during gameplay.

2. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro is a premium gaming headset that delivers clear audio with its 40mm neodymium drivers. It features various high-tech components such as DTS Headphone:X v2.0 surround sound, hi-res speakers, and a ClearCast bidirectional microphone with noise cancellation feature. The Arctis Pro is also incredibly comfortable with its lightweight aluminum frame, leatherette ear cushions, and headband made with ski goggle suspension.

3. Razer BlackShark V2

The Razer BlackShark V2 features THX Spatial Audio to provide immersive 360-degree sound. It comes with tri-force titanium 50mm drivers giving deep bass and clear crisp sound quality. It’s designed light and durable ensuring a long-lasting experience and has comfort throughout your gaming session. It also has a removable noise-cancelling microphone with audio adjustment feature.

4. Logitech G533 Wireless

The Logitech G533 Wireless delivers clear sound with its 40mm Pro-G audio drivers and offers advanced DTS 7.1 surround sound. It is equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone to allow clear communication with teammates during gameplay. The headset is lightweight, has a soft grip, and overall is well built ,specially designed for gamers to have a comfortable long gaming session.

5. Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE

The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE is the ultimate gaming headset, featuring an impressive maximum battery life of up to 20 hours allowing longer continuous gameplay. It is equipped with high-fidelity audio quality producing 7.1 surround sound delivering a perfect audio experience. It also has a detachable omnidirectional microphone for clear audio communication and a sleek aluminum design that feel solid in hand.


Quality sound is an essential part of any gaming experience, and selecting a perfect headset can significantly enhance the overall experience. All five of the options discussed above offers a unique set of features with their own benefits such as wireless capabilities, high-quality sounds, noise-cancelling microphones, and most crucial of all, comfort throughout long hours of game play. As gamers, there may be times when you may prefer wired headsets, and other times you might prefer wireless headsets that give freedom of movement, not to mention style. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, but guaranteed these headsets are designed to meet and far exceed your gaming needs.

5 Unique FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. How do I connect my wireless gaming headset?
  • Every wireless gaming headset model has their own unique set of procedures. It is recommended to consult the provided manual and follow the steps carefully. Generally, it involves pairing the headset with the console or computer’s Bluetooth functionality.
  1. How do I clean my gaming headset?
  • When it comes to cleaning, avoiding liquids and abrasive materials is generally the best practice. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe any debris or dust off the headset components.
  1. What is the lifespan of a gaming headset?
  • The lifespan of a gaming headset depends on its quality, usage and maintenance. With proper care, wireless gaming headsets have an average lifespan of approximately 2-3 years.
  1. Are gaming headsets comfortable, even during long hours of gaming?
  • Comfort is a crucial factor that determines the longevity of a gaming session. Many of the latest gaming headsets are ergonomically designed with comfort in mind allowing for continuous use of up to 8-10 hours.
  1. Does my gaming headset come with warranty protection?
  • Yes, every gaming headset model comes with product warranty, however, the warranty period varies from manufacturer and model. It’s always best to verify the warranty details before purchasing.

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