Discover the Top 5 Electric Skateboards to Look Out for in 2023

By | March 26, 2023

Looking for the latest trends in electric skateboards? You’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 electric skateboards that are sure to make waves in 2023. From cutting-edge features to sleek designs, these boards are sure to meet the needs of even the most discerning riders. Follow along as we dive into the key features of each board and unveil the top contenders for the electric skateboard crown in 2023.

Top 5 BEST Electric Skateboards of [2023]

➜ Links to the best Electric Skateboards 2023 we listed in this video:

â–ºUS Linksâ—„
âžœ 5. Backfire G2 –
âžœ 4. Wowgo 2S Max –
âžœ 3. Meepo Mini 2S –
âžœ 2. Meepo Voyager X –
âžœ 1. Meepo Hurricane –
â–ºUK Linksâ—„
âžœ 5. Backfire G2 –
âžœ 4. Wowgo 2S Max –
âžœ 3. Meepo Mini 2S –
âžœ 2. Meepo Voyager X –
âžœ 1. Meepo Hurricane –
â–ºCA Linksâ—„
âžœ 5. Backfire G2 –
âžœ 4. Wowgo 2S Max –
âžœ 3. Meepo Mini 2S –
âžœ 2. Meepo Voyager X –
âžœ 1. Meepo Hurricane –

We have just laid out the top 5 best Electric Skateboards 2023. In 5th place is the Backfire G2, our pick for the best affordable electric skateboard. In 4th place is the Wowgo 2S Max, our pick for the best value electric skateboard. In 3rd place is the Meepo Mini 2S, our pick for the best mid-range electric skateboard. In 2nd place is the Meepo Voyager X, our pick for the best runner-up electric skateboard. In 1st place is the Meepo Hurricane, our pick for the best overall electric skateboard.

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What’s up guys today’s video is on the Top 5 best electric skateboards in 2023 Through extensive research and testing I’ve put together a list of options that Will meet the needs of different types Of buyers so whether it’s price Performance or its particular use we’ve Got you covered for more information on The products I’ve included links in the Description box down below which are Updated for the best prices like the Video comment and don’t forget to Subscribe now let’s get started if You’re looking for an electric Skateboard that won’t break the bank Then the backfire G2 is one of the best Options available in 2023 this board is Specially designed for beginners and Offers some great features at an Affordable price the battery powering This board is a 5ah 180 VH Samsung 25r That ensures top speeds of up to 24 Miles per hour or 39 kilometers per hour It also has a range of 12 miles 19 Kilometers on one charge so you can go On long trips without having to worry About running out of juice furthermore It comes with 96 millimeter are 83a Wheels that provide better grip and Vibration damping on roads as compared To regular entry-level boards that come With 90 millimeter Wheels as standard The trucks provided also use proprietary Bushings for improved agility while

Navigating sharp turns this provides Additional control when riding at higher Speeds additionally standard hobby Wing Brakes provide added safety and Stability when stopping they are smooth Gentle and tame which makes them ideal For beginners who might not be familiar Operating larger boards under the hood The backfire G2 black has 350 volt Motors made by hobbywing that are Stronger and quieter than before so you Can get more power without making a lot Of noise the 180 VH battery also keeps Track of how much power is left so that It slows down shortly before discharge All these features make the board stand Out as an amazing Choice amongst Beginner skateboards it offers quality Components as well as good Specifications at an accessible price Point for the listed price we are Thoroughly impressed if you’re looking For an electric skateboard that offers Unbeatable value for money then the wow Go 2s Max is your best bet this Affordable board has been hailed as the Best value electric skateboard of 2023 And it’s easy to see why perfect for Beginners and immediate Riders the wow Go 2s Max makes commuting or casual Weekend drives a breeze the throttle is Easy to control and the ride is smooth And stable despite its hard material Build there is some slight Flex that

Provides shock absorption when Encountering bumps in the road to ensure Even greater stability at maximum speeds It also comes equipped with 8-inch 50 Degree truck combined with 85a bushings As for Wheels you can choose between 90 Millimeter 78a polyurethane Street Wheels or 105 millimeter 78a honeycomb City terrain Wheels depending on your Riding surface both of these wheel Options come with just enough tread from Their honeycomb feature while still Providing you with a superbly sticky Experience when cornering a high speeds The motor powering this electric Skateboard is two 550 volt Hub motors Which can reach top speeds of up to 45 Kilometers per hour or 28 miles per hour And climb Hills with gradients up to 30 Percent 90 millimeter wheels or 25 105 Millimeter Wheels paired with drives a 12 s2p 5ah216vh battery giving you a range of 13.6 miles 22 kilometers with 90 Millimeter wheels or 10 miles 16 Kilometers with 105 millimeter Wheels While taking full advantage of Regenerative braking to extend your Range even further the ESC supplied by Hobby Wing ensures acceleration and Braking are smooth perfect for beginners And intermediate Riders who want Confidence inspiring performance without Being thrown off unexpectedly

Additionally it contains useful Information such as battery levels Speedometer mode Etc plus automatic on Slash off function that pairs the board When remote control turns on so getting Up and going couldn’t be simpler when All things considered if you’re after an Affordable electric skateboard that Provides enough performance for both Beginner and intermediate skaters alike Look no further than the wow go 2s Max Up next we present to you meepo mini 2s The best mid-range electric skateboard In 2023 a mini electric skateboard on The outside with huge performance on the Inside this is a silent electric Skateboard and is small enough to be Easily transported while being fast Enough to give you an adrenaline rush After opening the box you’re greeted With a nice looking conventional plank Deck the meepo mini 2s is about 30 Inches long and 9 inches wide although It is called mini the meepo mini 2s is Not that small compared to the average Length and width of a normal skateboard However it is small compared to most Electric longboards the deck itself is Made of eight layers of Canadian solid Maple wood which prevents any warping on The surface this is exactly what you Want on a shorter deck as bending would Make it really unstable to ride battery Capacity on the base mini 2s is 11 miles

Or 17 kilometers which is good for short Trips and tearing around your Neighborhood not ideal for long drives But would be perfect for commuting Between home and the train plus its Small form factor means you can fit it Under your seat without getting in the Way Hub motors have a reputation for Having low torque which somewhat reduces The acceleration of the motor however The mini 2s still kicks when you first Accelerate it’s important to remember This when you jump and hit the wheel Because if you’re not ready you’re going To be on your ass the meepo mini 2s has An excellent truck and bushing Combination that has been standard in All of meepo’s electric skateboards Reversible Shredder trucks which allow For much better control during turns Providing sharper turns plus 100a Bushings both at rear and front trucks That add stability at high speeds Control over acceleration slash braking Comes via remote control with dials or Screen plus two multi-function buttons Placed at the bottom requiring two hand Hands when making changes display shows Battery levels board and remote control Slash speed slash trip distance or total Odometer 42 volt 1.58 charger provides Quick three to four hour charge time Once plugged in the meatball Voyager X Is up next as the runner-up best

Electric skateboard around today and It’s no surprise considering its Impressive specs the board boasts a Bamboo and Fiberglass Deck that only Bends in the middle providing a wide Concavity for foot placement while Remaining stiff and stable during high Speed driving under the deck is a custom Langley ESC with four speed modes and Four braking modes as well as a pack of High quality 21700 Samsung 40 T cells in A 12s 3p configuration this provides 518 Watt hours for a range of 36 miles or 58 Kilometers an impressive distance for Any electric skateboard the 2775 volt 6358 dual belt motor system pushes the Voyager to an astonishing top speed of 66 kilometers per hour making it ideal For experienced Riders looking for an Intense performance from their board the Meepo Voyager X also comes with 90 Millimeter 78a Street wheels or 110 Millimeter Cyclone rubber wheels for Extra grip and vibration dampening Acceleration at top speed mode is strong So new drivers should be careful when Handling the throttle or start out at Lower speed modes which are much gentler To get used to the board’s power first The meepo Voyager has made waves in the Electric skateboarding Community due to Its impressive specs and performance Capabilities standing out among other Boards in terms of strength and power it

Offers great features at an affordable Price point definitely worth checking Out if you’re looking for your next Eastgate quality stuff altogether Finally we present to you the gold medal And the title of best overall electric Skateboard in 2023 the meepo hurricane This model has a t700 double drop carbon Fiber Deck with a built-in Electronics Compartment for top access this type of Carbon fiber reduces the likelihood of Cracks and is wide and has full Concavity meaning there is no flex on The board the tough carbon fiber used Has wavy lines that add to its military Theme while also looking Sleek inside The carbon fiber deck you’ll find a huge Battery with a 12 s4p configuration Using molassell p42a cells which adds up To an impressive 725.8 Watt hours the third largest Battery pack you’ll find on any two in One board giving it a market range of 31 Miles or 50 kilometers on all terrain Wheels and 44 miles or 70 kilometers on Street Wheels whilst having plenty of Juice left over for those long rides it Also has a Langley foc70 belt with a Push to start function installed Allowing for four speed modes as well as Four individually adjustable braking Modes double Kingpin trucks provide Optimal control over your board powered By two 3500 W belt motors which gives

This incredible machine a top speed of 35 miles per hour or 56 kilometers per Hour in smooth acceleration from 0 to 35 Within seconds and thanks to the Supremely advanced Langley ESC each mode Is effortlessly intuitive for any Rider Regardless of skill level of course Buying this incredible piece of Technology also comes with 90 millimeter Street Wheels included if desired However this isn’t just limited to one Set these can be swapped out for other Semi-at Wheels such as Cloud wheels or Meepos 110 Cyclone wheels too making Sure that everyone can get what they Want when riding their meepo hurricane Overall this model delivers top level Performance at the best possible price Quality ratio you wanted the best you Got it so that’s it for the top 5 best Electric skateboards in 2023 like Comment and subscribe to receive the Notifications about our latest video


Electric skateboards have become an increasingly popular mode of transportation in recent years. With advancements in technology, electric skateboards have become faster, more efficient, and more comfortable to ride. As we look towards the future, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest and greatest electric skateboards. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the top 5 electric skateboards to look out for in 2023. So, grab your helmet and let’s dive in!

Top 5 Electric Skateboards to Look Out for in 2023

1. Boosted Rev 2

The Boosted Rev 2 is the latest iteration of the popular electric skateboard manufacturer’s line of scooters. With a top speed of 24 mph, a range of 22 miles, and a weight of just 46 pounds, the Rev 2 is ideal for commuting or just cruising around town. The Rev 2 also features a convenient foldable design, making it easy to store and transport.

2. Evolve Bamboo GTR Series

The Evolve Bamboo GTR Series combines power and performance, making it an excellent choice for thrill-seekers. With a top speed of 26 mph and a range of up to 31 miles, this electric skateboard is built for speed and distance. The Bamboo GTR Series also features a sleek design, with a 3D contoured deck made from bamboo and fiberglass.

3. Meepo NLS Pro

The Meepo NLS Pro is a high-performance electric skateboard that won’t break the bank. With a top speed of 29 mph and a range of up to 20 miles, the NLS Pro is perfect for those who want speed and range without breaking the bank. The NLS Pro also features a flexible bamboo deck for added comfort and a sleek design that will turn heads.

4. Boosted Stealth

The Boosted Stealth is the top-tier model in the Boosted line of electric skateboards. With a top speed of 24 mph and a range of up to 14 miles, the Stealth is built for speed and maneuverability. The Stealth also features a lightweight design, with a weight of just 17 pounds, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

5. Backfire Ranger X3

The Backfire Ranger X3 is a rugged electric skateboard designed for off-road adventures. With a top speed of 28 mph and a range of up to 15 miles, the Ranger X3 is perfect for exploring the great outdoors. The Ranger X3 also features all-terrain wheels, a waterproof design, and a handy LCD screen that displays a variety of useful information.


Electric skateboards have come a long way in recent years, and the future is looking even brighter. With so many great options available, it can be tough to choose just one. Whether you’re a commuter, a thrill-seeker, or an off-road adventurer, there’s an electric skateboard out there that’s perfect for you. So, grab your board, hit the pavement, and enjoy the ride!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can I ride an electric skateboard in the rain?
  • While some electric skateboards are waterproof, it’s generally not recommended to ride them in the rain due to the increased risk of accidents.
  1. How long does it take to charge an electric skateboard?
  • The time it takes to charge an electric skateboard varies depending on the model and the battery. Most electric skateboards take between 2-4 hours to fully charge.
  1. Are electric skateboards legal?
  • The legality of electric skateboards varies from place to place. It’s important to check your local laws and regulations before riding an electric skateboard.
  1. Can I ride an electric skateboard without any prior experience?
  • It’s generally not recommended to ride an electric skateboard without any prior experience. It’s important to practice and get comfortable with the board before going full speed.
  1. What is the maximum weight limit for electric skateboards?
  • The maximum weight limit for electric skateboards varies depending on the model. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing an electric skateboard to ensure it can support your weight.

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