Discover the Top 5 Best Smart Locks for 2023 That Will Change Your Home Security Game

By | April 2, 2023

Are you looking to improve the security of your home and enhance your peace of mind in 2023? Smart locks may be just what you need! With their advanced features and convenience, smart locks offer a revolutionary way to secure your home. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 best smart locks for 2023 that you should consider investing in. Keep reading to discover how these smart locks can change your home security game!

Top 5 BEST Smart Locks of [2023]

➜ Links to the best Smart Locks 2023 we listed in this video:

â–ºUS Linksâ—„
âžœ 5. Wyze Smart Lock –
âžœ 4. Level Lock –
âžœ 3. Schlage Encode Wifi –
âžœ 2. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock –
âžœ 1. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wifi –
â–ºUK Linksâ—„
âžœ 5. Wyze Smart Lock –
âžœ 4. Level Lock –
âžœ 3. Schlage Encode Wifi –
âžœ 2. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock –
âžœ 1. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wifi –
â–ºCA Linksâ—„
âžœ 5. Wyze Smart Lock –
âžœ 4. Level Lock –
âžœ 3. Schlage Encode Wifi –
âžœ 2. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock –
âžœ 1. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wifi –

We have just laid out the top 5 best Smart Locks 2023. In 5th place is the Wyze Smart Lock, our pick for the best affordable smart lock. In 4th place is the Level Lock, our pick for the best value smart lock. In 3rd place is theSchlage Encode Wifi, our pick for the best premium smart lock. In 2nd place is the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, our pick for the best runner-up smart lock. In 1st place is the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wifi, our pick for the best overall smart lock.

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What’s up guys today’s video was on the Top 5 best smart locks in 2023 through Extensive research and testing I’ve put Together a list of options that’ll meet The needs of different types of buyers So whether it’s price performance or its Particular use we’ve got you covered for More information on the products I’ve Included links in the description box Down below which are updated for the Best prices like the video comment and Don’t forget to subscribe now let’s get Started if you want to save money we Especially single out for you the wise Smart Lock the best affordable Smart Lock on the market in 2023 wise is known For their cheap wisecam security camera Their intuitive wise boom and their Smart wise scale all of which offer a Range of functions the wise lock fits Onto the back of the door and replaces The latch of your existing single Cylinder deadbolt lock this means that It does not replace the lock cylinder or Mechanism but instead replaces the thumb Locking handle on the back of your Existing lock it’s a gray metal case About the size of an iPhone XS I on its Back there’s a manual thumb lock as well As one small LED status light to access Its power source four double a batteries Simply lift up its back panel which Stays in place thanks to magnets no Screws required this lock does not

Connect directly to your Wi-Fi network But rather connects through Bluetooth to An included Wi-Fi Gateway that must be Plugged in somewhere nearby with a 2.4 Gigahertz connection 5 gigahertz Networks are not supported the Installation process was quite simple First remove the two screws securing Your existing latch to your door before Replacing it with the included carrier Plate that came with your wise lock You’ll then have to choose one of three Spindle adapters the part that rotates And moves the latch fortunately one of These three should match most locks Regardless of manufacturer next attach The smart lock mechanism using two Screws and make sure that everything Else fits into place properly once this Is done plug in your Wi-Fi Gateway and Go through a short wizard in the yzab Which will help be connected both to Your wireless network and then finally To your new Smart Lock all this should Take less than 20 minutes from start to Finish convenient for added convenience Wise also plans on offering an optional Keyboard for their locks as well the Wise app available for IOS and Android Supports a range of various Smart Home Products from Wise so you can use one App across many devices such as cameras Lights and locks alike it’s a neat Little program with a clean user

Interface that allows you access to all Functions quickly and easily whether Through tapping or swiping you can open Or close doors just by touching them it Even notifies you when another user is Open them all things considered if You’re looking for an affordable yet Reliable Smart Lock option the wise lock Won’t let you down if you want the most Value for your money we highlight level Lock also known as the best value Smart Lock in 2023 level smart locks look like Traditional locks you’d be hard-pressed To even tell the difference which is What many users find appealing the level Lock consists of three main components The strike plate the motor and the key Cylinder housing installation is fairly Simple and shouldn’t take more than 15 Minutes for the average person to finish It differs from the original level both Smart Lock and that it’s a complete Lacking solution that replaces your Existing lock this means that you’ll Have to start carrying a new set of Physical Keys level continues to impress With its Sleek designs and this latest One is no exception they claim it’s the Smallest Smart Lock ever made it doesn’t Attract attention with bulky fingerprint Sensors or keypads on the outside thus Deterring potential hackers connecting To your home WiFi network can be done Through the level app which is available

For IOS and Android much like the design Of their devices their app has a simple Straightforward approach allowing access To unlock functions as well as setting Up passes and changing settings Functionally it works just like other Level smart locks with an automatic Unlock feature When approaching your Door with your phone in hand it uses a Geofence around your location so a Nearby it unlocks automatically but also Allows you to self-lock after opening if Desired the mechanism feels smooth and Operates using a single CR2 battery that Comes with purchase level boasts over a Year’s worth of Life on this battery all Things considered good stuff here indeed Including schlag and code Wi-Fi the best Premium Smart Lock in 2023 it’s a Deadbolt that connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and allows you to control it from Afar this replaces your standard latch And features a touch screen numeric Keypad for keyless entry you’ll need Your own screwdriver or drill for the Installation process but the Box Includes all the parts and pieces you Need for ease of installation Furthermore as an extra precaution a Spare physical key is included in case Of any technical issues or empty Batteries so make sure you keep it with You at all times the schlog encode Smart Wi-Fi deadbolt also comes with its very

Own app which can be used to view lock Status lock unlock doors manage Different locks and assign codes as Needed all without needing a physical Key or app the passcode feature is Especially useful as these can be either Permanent or temporary digital keys and Those with the app will be notified each Time a door is unlocked interlocked not Only does this work with the app but it Also syncs with Alexa in Google home Making it easier than ever before to Access your home without ever needing a Physical key speaking of convenience When it comes down to what we like most About this lock its ability to easily Check our homes remotely and monitor Access giving us peace of mind even While away from our living space Additionally its compatibility with both Apple products and Google home makes us Feel secure knowing that we’re using High quality technology when using this Product day to day its auto lock feature Ranges from 15 seconds to 4 minutes Depending on what’s convenient for each Individual user too which is pretty neat All Things Considered we recommend this Is an ideal long-term Smart Lock Solution if you have enough money Available go ahead and give this Beast Of a product its deserved attention Because only then will you appreciate Not having to worry about whether your

Doors are safely secured while away from Home and now we present to you this Silver medal and the title of the best Runner-up Smart Lock in 2023 the August Wi-Fi AI Smart Lock This fourth Generation model is 45 percent smaller Than its predecessors measuring roughly 2.8 inches in diameter and 1.8 inches in Depth it’s easy to install without Replacing your existing deadbolt and is Compatible with Google Assistant apple Homekit and Amazon Alexa download the August app available on iOS or Android For a helpful tutorial with animations To walk you through the installation Process the August system is also the Easiest Smart Lock to install as it Includes clear printed instructions in The box and an in-app guide for simple Setup if compatibility with your Existing dam is a concern August has a Useful page listing compatible models From various Brands this is the first August lock with built-in Wi-Fi so There’s no need for additional Accessories like the August connect Redesigning the Wi-Fi chip technology Allowed designers to make this device More slim while still maintaining top Performance capabilities including Working with Alexa Google and Siri for Voice commands and setting up routines Or notifications is needed plus it comes With door sense sensor so you know if

Someone leaves your door open or if it’s Left unlocked by mistake even when You’re away from home you can also set Auto lack times such as directly after Unlocking or up to 30 minutes later for Added convenience August estimates that Batteries should last three to six Months based on usage habits however Physical access remains possible using a Physical key even if batteries are Depleted completely all in all this Smart Lock has been gaining plenty of Attention and deservedly so finally we Present to you the ultralock u-bolt pro Wi-Fi which deservedly took home the Gold medal and the title of the best Overall Smart Lock in 2023 the Ultralight u-built Pro Wi-Fi offers more Entry methods than any other Smart Lock True to its name Wi-Fi is standard on The new u-bolt a big improvement over Its Bluetooth only predecessor and all This despite the fact that it’s one of The most compact models on the market Suitable for door decoration we loved Almost everything about the u-bolt pro WiFi from its looks to its easy Installation to its lock and unlock Kitchen sink access installing the U-bolt pro Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a simple Process assuming you’re replacing an Existing deadbolt on a fairly standard Door you should find it easy to install It only takes around 20 minutes and you

Can be done the instructions are clear With helpful illustrations to guide you Along additionally there’s a video guide That can be accessed by scanning a QR Code or using provided URL however do Note that like many smart home devices This lock does not support Dual Band Wi-Fi and requires 2.4 gigahertz Internet connection once configured utex App available for IOS and Android took Just a few seconds to connect with the Lock Additionally the lock has an ip65 Rating against dust and water as well as Being able to handle temperatures Ranging from negative 22 degrees Celsius To 149 negative 7 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 Fahrenheit making it highly durable Regardless of conditions outside the Best feature of ultralock might be that It can be used via finger print reader Numeric keypad or even traditional keys If needed giving users six different Locking unlocking methods ranging from Physical inputs to electronic ones like GPS geofence which activates when Leaving an area or Bluetooth which Unlocks When approaching an area in Addition to tapping apps on phones or Apple watches for quick access without Having your phone out of your pocket Also compatible with Amazon Echo and Google home ecosystems allowing users to Integrate Alexa or Google Assistant with Their locks in addition users can engage

In Alexa routines as well as adding one Extra layer of security when leaving Entering areas without them needing to Personally interact with their device Every time finally for power source Ultralac runs off four double a Batteries that should last roughly three To six months depending on usage but no Worries if they die out as there’s Always an emergency option via micro USB Port at bottom overall this model Delivers top level performance at the Best possible price quality ratio you Wanted the best you got it so that’s it For the top 5 best smart locks in 20 23 Like comment and subscribe to receive The notifications about our latest video

Discover the Top 5 Best Smart Locks for 2023 That Will Change Your Home Security Game


Home security has taken a new turn with the rise of smart locks. People no longer have to fidget with the traditional key-and-lock system, which can be easily damaged, duplicated, or misplaced. With smart locks, you have the convenience and safety of controlling your home’s door locks via your smartphone, voice assistant or biometrics.

In this article, we’ll delve into the top 5 best smart locks for 2023 that will revolutionize your home security game.

1. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has enabled several users to control access to their homes at their fingertips. This smart lock’s technology provides an effortless process of locking and unlocking options. Installation is easy, as this technology eliminates the need for a bridge or additional adapter. It integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri, making it hands-free to lock and unlock your door. Additional, it enables the power struggle of who can access your home by determining entry privileges for each user, along with providing a user-friendly app interface.

  • Voice assistant integration
  • Quick set up
  • Auto-lock
  • Lock and unlock remotely

2. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Schlage has been a household name for decades, providing high-grade lock products. The Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt is the latest innovation in the brand’s line of products. Integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart home systems, makes it convenient for remote control. It also provides built-in Wi-Fi feature with the state-of-the-art encryption for increased security measures. It comes with an auto-lock and auto-unlock feature which increases the user’s convenience.

  • Easy installation
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Voice activation
  • 3-year battery life

3. Kwikset Halo Smart Lock

If you’re looking for a smart lock with an excellent physical interface and voice controls, the Kwikset Halo Smart Lock is the right choice for you. It has several entry options, including keypad, thumb-turn, fingerprint or traditional key entry, making it one of the most versatile smart locks available. It links to voice commands and can be controlled with the company’s mobile app, ‘Kwikset’. Additionally, with a 128-bit encryption, you are assured of a trustworthy and reliable security system.

  • Fingerprint and keypad entry
  • Voice assistant integration
  • Traditional key access
  • Smart home hub integration

4. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro is an excellent addition to your home’s smart lock repertoire, providing state-of-the-art features that make access control to your home a breeze. What sets this product apart is its five points of entry that make it difficult for unauthorized entry. This smart lock uses a dual data encryption process, thus doubling the security measures for your home. The product also allows one hundred unique user codes, which can be tailored to your specific house guests or family members.

  • Multiple entry methods
  • Dual data encryption
  • 1-year battery life
  • Smart home integration

5. Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen

The Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen smart lock is one of the best advanced security solutions on the market today. It has many features that work together to produce effortless automation and control. This product provides a physical touchpad interface that is very user-friendly. It has cellular and Bluetooth capabilities that integrate with a smartphone or smartwatch with Yale’s “Assure App”. Additionally, with the delivery of virtual keys, homeowners can provide access to their property for specific periods, and this product secures entry logs for added security features.

  • Cellular and Bluetooth integration
  • Touchpad interface
  • Virtual delivery keys
  • Voice assistant integration


Smart locks have revolutionized the world of home security, significantly contributing to a safer and more convenient lifestyle. The models reviewed above provide standout features such as voice assistant integration, multiple entry options, advanced encryption, and convenient remote control. With a myriad of quality features that will provide easy integration within your smart home network for several years to come, investing in any of these smart locks is a no-brainer.


  1. How secure are smart locks?
    Ans: Smart locks are as secure as traditional locks, if not more, due to their advanced encryption features.

  2. Can smart locks be hacked?
    Ans: Smart locks can be hacked, but with the right security measures, this risk is very low.

  3. How long do smart lock batteries last?
    Ans: Most smart locks last one to two years on a single set of batteries.

  4. Can smart locks be integrated with other smart home devices?
    Ans: Yes, most smart locks can be integrated with other smart home devices like Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.

  5. Are smart locks compatible with all door types?
    Ans: Not all smart locks may fit all door types, so it’s essential to check for compatibility before purchasing.

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