Discover the Insane World of Ceramic Keycaps: Enhance Your Typing Experience!

By | May 21, 2022

Welcome to the fascinating world of Ceramic Keycaps, where beauty meets functionality! As a keyboard enthusiast, you know the importance of having a good typing experience. But have you ever thought of adding a touch of sophistication to your desktop setup? Ceramic Keycaps are the perfect way to take your typing game to the next level. In this article, we will explore the insane world of Ceramic Keycaps and how they help improve your typing experience. Are you ready to discover the charm of Ceramic Keycaps? Let’s dive in!

Cerakey just made a full ceramic keycap set, so it’s time to build the thockiest of thocky keyboards.
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Nice What’s up guys i’m random frank p and Today we have one of my thockiest Keyboard builds yet with this resin and Ceramic beauty so kicking this off we’ll Go through the whole build process take It pretty chill for you guys today but i Am definitely pumped for this because I’ve never worked with such unique Materials in a keyboard before i saw These ceramic keycaps on instagram i hit Up the maker syrah keys they sent out Their brand new ceramic keycap set so i Knew i wanted to build this one to be Unlike anything i’ve done before i think The end result really does accomplish That now the case i’ll be using i picked Up from drop for just 45 This is a resin 60 case from npkc they Make them in a bunch of different colors But i’m really digging this deep navy Color way almost like an indigo color in Real life and as you can see with a mix Of resin and whatever that sort of Glittery swirl stuff is mixed in it just Looks really cool and since it’s resin Not only will provide our build with a Really nice sound profile but the Material also allows for some external Glow that’ll be provided from the rgb Pcb that we’ll be using coming up in Just a bit but man such a nice look i Think so when it came towards finalizing What key switch i wanted to use i was

Very undecided because i’ve never worked With anything like these two materials Before with the resin and ceramics i Really wanted to find the perfect key Switch here i personally narrowed it Down to three that i thought would be The best that’s the gazoo boba lts or The linear thock versions these are Lubed by lube switches shout out to them And also from loop switches they supply Their Sangria switches which are a really nice Linear switch and then also since i have A bunch of them i wanted to try out aqua King switches i loaded the keyboard up Divided it into thirds and it sort of Narrowed it down on its own the aqua Kings didn’t have a really nice sound Profile here don’t worry i’ll do a sound Comparison later on in the video but Since i was then torn between the bobas And the sangrias i decided you know what I’ll toss it to our discord channel they Can then vote on which they think sounds The best and as you can see overwhelming Response was a which was the boba lts so We’re going to go with those again You’ll hear a sound test and a full Comparison coming up soon so with that Out of the way now it’s time for some Mods and as a tray mount unit like this I wanted to give it more of a softer Gasket mount feel so i went with the O-ring mod i stacked three little

O-rings on each of the mounts i did just Keep two on both the left and right-most Side screws because it butts right up Against the side of the case and also Again just because of the unique Materials here i didn’t want to deaden Any of the sound profile so instead of Using something like foam or silicone i Went with the trusty polyfill method i Ripped it up sparingly just to fill some Of the gaps in this area underneath our Pcb because again i don’t want to dead In the sound now for our pcb i’m just Going to be reusing the dz60 rgb that i Used a few years ago for my grade 600 Build it’s you know a simple 60 pcb got Rgb i’ve already modded it in a sense Where i have the band-aid mod and the Stabilizers to quiet it and for the Stabilizers i’ll be using the everglide V2 screw-ins these are also from our Previous builds they’re already Pre-lubed and i have applied the holy Mod on the inside as well so these are Practically going to make zero extra Noise or rattling they don’t want to Take away the overall acoustics of the Ceramic and resin now with assembly Pretty much wrapping up there are a few Other things i wanted to mention here With the o-ring mod since i have the Three on more of the center post that’s Just gonna give it an extra sort of Bouncing layer again to sort of emulate

That gasket mount feel but also when it Comes to screws i didn’t want to over Tighten it at all so i screwed it just So it would start to secure again it’s Just going to give it more of a bouncing Feel and i also left these center two Posts unscrewed i always prefer that Softer feel like gasket mount has so This really does a good job of emulating That like i said i’m also going with a White palm plate because again the palm Material is really gonna give a nice Sound profile to complement not only our Switches but the keycaps and the resin Case but for our gazu boba lts this Batch is from one of their first Production runs so we do have the purple Stem to compliment our case in pcb even Though the color is useless here the Stem also has a longer center post which Is going to give it that thalkier Profile they’re a 5 pin switch with a 65 Gram spring so again a bit heavier for a Linear switch but that’s going to be to Combat the overall heavier keycaps and These are actually very slightly factory Lubed but like i said i sent these out To loop switches and they hooked me up With a proper lube job here and now for The real star of the show the ceramic Keycaps from syrah key i have never used Anything like this with this material And the best way i can describe it is it Kind of feels like dice if you have like

Multiple dice in your hands you know Just that overall feel where it’s just So unique it’s glassy it’s on the Heavier side it’s such a different feel And texture than anything i’ve used in The past I went with the blank white set here as You can see which does have this you Know glossy reflection naturally on the Ceramic finish i think it makes the navy Resin case pop even more but what’s Really cool is on their site they’re Selling these not only blank or with the Characters printed on them but in a ton Of different colors and glazes as well So you could really customize these and Get them to how you want to look for Your final keyboard build which is Really cool to see i figured they would Have very limited production on what the Colors would be but they’ve got a ton so Definitely pretty cool now obviously the Keys are also heavier than a plastic Keycap They weigh 3.5 grams each then each Modifier key weighs an increased weight As well however the space bar on this Unit weighs 32 grams so obviously with a Lighter switch uh they’re gonna bottom Out a lot easier and faster just because Of the weight however they did say on The final production units they cut down The space bar nearly in half to just 17 Grams but do keep in mind mine is the

First edition here so it is going to be Heavier that’ll be reflected in the Sound test then once it’s plugged in With our pcb having the rgb you can see The subtle glow around and through the Keycap because even though these are Ceramic you know it’s like an opaque Glass pretty much i always keep rgb at a Static color but the pcb has a ton of Different rgb effects but i like keeping It a static deep blue almost purple Color to highlight that deep navy resin Case it makes it just pop a bit more Visually especially when all the lights In the room are turned off it has this Really nice blue glow overall and Honestly as a final result i just love How the resin and ceramic complement Each other here with such a nice pop of Color and contrast now we’re gonna do The sound test with our boba lts but Right after that i’m also gonna do a key Switch comparison so you could hear how They all sound with different switches But we have some tactiles in the pulsar Black hole switches as well as tactile Mint chocolate chips we also then have Gatteron black ink these are the Original v1s as well as the novel keys Cream switches then some aqua king Switches as well as the newer sangria Switches just so you can hear a Difference in all the sound profiles so Now we’ll do a sound test with our lubed

Gazoo boba lts again a resin case palm Plate and ceramic keycaps and keep in Mind that know what i said about the Heavier spacebar You All right so personally i am loving how Deep this keyboard sounds and again with The ceramic keycaps resin case in those Gazoo lt boba switches it does provide a Very deep thock i feel and the sound Tests are always hard to fully portray How it sounds in real life but Very very deep and marbly huge huge fan Of the overall sound here but as you Heard The space bar is rather interesting Because it is so large and on the Heavier side it doesn’t give that full Satisfying thought that i was hoping it Would but again since this is a Pre-production unit and this is pretty Much double the weight of what the final Space bar would be that’s a bit more Understandable because it is so heavy It’s just having you know less room to Fully go down and bounce back up since It’s on the heavier side it’s gonna Actuate the second you start to press it Because that’s just gravity you know but Overall with the stabilizers no rattle Whatsoever super smooth a crazy unique Sound now the pricing here i think is Really really fair especially once you Consider the price of plastic keycaps

And the crazy price from gmk keycaps Prices are ranging from 110 to 150 Depending on when you buy them but again That’s a very very fair price Considering these are ceramic versus Plastic can’t emphasize that enough so i Would love to hear your thoughts down Below how do you think this keyboard Sounds again it’s a mix of a bunch of Different materials that really in the End i think sounds super deep and Satisfying with the resin case palm Plate ceramic keycaps from syracuse and Our lube switches from loop switches Which are the Boba lts so a really really nice Complimentary combo here unlike anything I’ve done Super super thocky and satisfying hope You all enjoyed this one if you did give This video a big thumbs up show your Support feel free to follow me on Twitter at randomfrankp at last if you Haven’t already hit that subscribe Button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day


In the age of digital technology, typing has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. From sending emails to creating documents, typing is an essential skill that we all must possess. However, the traditional keyboard layout can be dull and uninspiring, leading to a lack of motivation and an unexciting typing experience. But what if we told you that there is a way to enhance your typing experience and add a touch of creativity to your keyboard? Introducing the world of ceramic keycaps!

Ceramic keycaps are a new and exciting way to customize your keyboard and take your typing experience to the next level. These artisanal keycaps are not only functional but also visually appealing, adding a touch of personality to your keyboard. In this article, we will take a closer look at ceramic keycaps, their benefits, and how you can get your hands on them.

What are Ceramic Keycaps?

Ceramic keycaps are artisanally crafted keycaps that are made from a ceramic material. These keycaps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, making them a popular choice amongst computer enthusiasts, gamers, and designers. Ceramic keycaps are made by molding and shaping the ceramic material into the desired keycap shape, which is then subjected to high temperatures to ensure they are robust and durable.

Benefits of Ceramic Keycaps

Ceramic keycaps offer many benefits that traditional keycaps cannot match. Here are some of the significant advantages of switching to ceramic keycaps:

  • Enhanced Typing Experience: Ceramic keycaps offer a better typing experience than traditional keycaps. Due to their ceramic material, they provide a uniquely satisfying typing sound and feel, making typing more enjoyable.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Ceramic keycaps come in a wide range of visually appealing designs and colors, allowing you to choose a color scheme or theme that matches your personality or computer setup.

  • Durable: Ceramic keycaps are more durable than traditional keycaps, promising long-lasting and robust usage. Unlike plastic keycaps, ceramic keycaps do not degrade over time due to heat, sunlight, or humidity.

  • Customizable: Ceramic keycaps can be customized to fit your style and preference, adding a personal touch to your keyboard.

Adding Ceramic Keycaps to Your Keyboard

Adding ceramic keycaps to your keyboard is easier than you might think. Here is a simple guide to help you get started:

  1. Choose your desired design: With the wide range of ceramic keycaps available, you can choose a design that fits your style or theme.

  2. Determine compatibility: Before purchasing, make sure the keycaps are compatible with your keyboard by checking the compatibility list or inquiring the seller.

  3. Remove the existing keycaps: To replace the existing keycaps, gently pry them off using a keycap puller, which can be purchased online.

  4. Install the ceramic keycaps: Next, place the ceramic keycaps onto the switch stems carefully. Press them down until you hear a clicking sound, indicating that they are correctly installed.

  5. Enjoy: Finally, enjoy a new and exciting typing experience with your customized keyboard.


Ceramic keycaps offer a creative way to enhance your typing experience and personalized your keyboard. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also offer a more enjoyable typing experience and are long-lasting than traditional keycaps. So, why not try out ceramic keycaps for yourself and see what all the fuss is about?

5 Unique FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. Are ceramic keycaps compatible with all keyboard types?
    Answer: No, ceramic keycaps are not compatible with all keyboard types. Check the compatibility list before purchasing or reaching out to the seller.

  2. How long do ceramic keycaps last?
    Answer: Due to their durable ceramic material, ceramic keycaps promise long-lasting use, potentially lasting for many years.

  3. Is it easy to remove and replace ceramic keycaps?
    Answer: Yes, removing and replacing ceramic keycaps is easy and can be done with a keycap puller.

  4. Can I customize my ceramic keycaps?
    Answer: Yes, ceramic keycaps can be customized with various designs and colors, allowing you to create a keyboard that is uniquely yours.

  5. Are ceramic keycaps worth the investment?
    Answer: If you spend a lot of time typing or use your keyboard for work or gaming, ceramic keycaps are worth the investment. They offer enhanced durability, an enjoyable typing experience, and a personalized touch to your keyboard.

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