Discover the Coolest Tech Gadgets You Can Buy for Under $50 this December!

By | December 4, 2021

Are you looking for some affordable tech gadgets to add to your collection this December? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we have curated the coolest tech gadgets that you can buy for under $50. From smart home devices to wireless headphones and beyond, get ready to discover some amazing tech deals that won’t break the bank. So, let’s dive in and find out what’s on offer!

With the Holidays here, check out some cool tech under $50!
🎁 Blink Doorbell:
🎁 Lian Li UNI AL120 RGB:
🎁 (3-Pack) Lian Li AL120 RGB:
🎁 MICA Soundbar:
🎁 AKKO Custom Aviator Cables:
🎁 TaiHao Translucent Keycaps:

The Blink Doorbell is a great gift idea for someone looking to keep an eye on the door when someone arrives, and can be mounted wirelessly! As for the Lian Li UNI AL120 RGB fans, those are enough to make any PC gamer drool…How about the MICA Soundbar? Well for it’s size, this desktop bluetooth speak will be a great pick-up for the average listener who wants something other than headphones. Then for all my keyboard lovers, the AKKO custom aviator cables are a great braided cable alternative that add some color and pop to your desk setup. Pair that with the TaiHao translucent keycap set and you’ve just elevated your keyboard game from boring to looking killer on a budget! Everything picked here today is a great gift idea for your wishlist, or for you to buy someone else for the Holidays!

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What’s up guys i’m random frank p back With another episode of cool tech under 50 for december the series will show off Some of the best tech you can find under That price point and this is great Timing for the holidays coming up maybe Some things you can add to your wish List or gift ideas to buy someone else If you see anything you’d like to i’ll Have it all listed for you in the Description down below so you can check It out but also shout out to last Month’s winners i’ve been in contact With you so you can claim your tech from November’s episode and if you want to Win today all you have to do is hit that Thumbs up button down below make sure You’re subscribed obviously i’m only Picking subscribers and comment your Favorite item and why you like it Now kicking us off today is actually a Very affordable 35 smart video doorbell Boom So first up at this price this is Definitely going to be a great pickup For someone who has a stock doorbell or If you finally just want to get an Upgraded video doorbell like this for When you receive deliveries you know Keep count of those packages you get Have to sign for some things and also Obviously that extra added layer of Security now but one of the biggest Selling points to me is the fact you can

Use this wirelessly you don’t have to Use it hardwired to your house’s Electrical although you can but now with It being wireless you can stick it Really wherever you want it’s got a very Wide frame of view of 1080p video night Vision as well so if someone’s you know Ringing the door at midnight you can see Who it is or what it is got two-way Audio video quality i think is also Pretty damn good you know for 1080p Looks nice and crisp outside if you’re Seeing like you know direct sunlight it Might be a little blown out and Overexposed at some times but you’re not Gonna have any problems really Identifying a face or facial features if Someone does you know ring the bell i Personally use this at my side door on The house where for whatever reason some Companies leave a lot of packages even Though we have a covered front porch so There i have this there so when i get Deliveries they can ring the doorbell And it’ll let me know so they’re not Sitting at that side door for like two Three days i think this is personally a Great pickup if you live in an apartment You know for example a lot of times you Can’t just you know hardwire a smart Doorbell to the hallway of your Apartment’s complex with this wirelessly Stick it all up monitor all from your Phone or again someone who doesn’t you

Know have a smart doorbell with a video On it um grandparents your parents a Great 35 gift idea and with this you Don’t actually even need you know the Subscription you don’t need an extra Sort of module to have it sync it’s all Done to your phone there are Subscription tiers and stuff you can pay For but it’s not necessary you can still Save videos for 14 days or 30 days onto Your phone only thing is you don’t get With the live subscription is like a Live video feed 24 7. you only get that Feed when someone rings the doorbell and It alerts you on your phone and then Like during the two-way talk and stuff You can monitor video and such but yes It’s free subscription not required an Altogether impressive solution for that Price of 35 bucks it’s typically 50. i Saw it on sale recently for 35. Definitely a good upgrade or a gift idea Next we have the leon lee uni al-120 rgb Fans and what i love about this is the Simplicity and how they make connecting These hooking them up just a breeze so They use this pretty much daisy chaining System each fan has these sort of Magnetic pogo pins where they snap and Lock into each other you can daisy chain Up to four fans at once and instead of Having one cable for each fan it only Uses one cable for that fan output and Then an extra cable for the rgb and for

That rgb it is absolutely crazy there’s A ton of preset effects and stuff on Their software to make these things Really shine because with the white Version you know the fan itself sort of Translucent the rgb light is in the Middle so it just shines super super Bright with this unit they do make an sl Fan model which just has the rgb um like On the bezel of the fans but here i like The al model better because the whole Interior just shines crazy i recently Added eight of these to my new build Don’t worry i’ll see this video very Very soon probably tomorrow if i have Enough time to finish editing this so Again the point of connectivity here in The daisy chaining makes these really Easy to hook up and mount once you have A bunch of them synced and going onto The rgb your pc will look nuts and cable Management will be so so much easier While the rgb looks nice for sure i like To keep it a static color for my new mr Freeze build i’m keeping it nice and White sometimes like a light blue but They just look very very vibrant and Crazy now for a single fan they’re Usually around like 30 or 35 However you can get a pack of three Which comes with their fan controller Then for a hundred bucks so that’s the Better value but again since one is Still under 50 you can add one to your

Build it still fits the series and it’s Definitely cool so i want to show it off For you guys if you need new fans that Are powerful and quiet and look insane These could definitely be your next Pickup they sell them in both black and White so again depending on your build Theme your colors and stuff pick between Whichever one fits your build the best Now we have this mica sound bar what i Love about this is first the visuals it Looks nice and modern and sleek with That nice dark black wooden veneer i saw They also have like a lighter one that Wooden color as well again just buy Whatever color fits your setup aesthetic The best but looks wise very nice you Have the grille right there in the front With dual five watt speakers inside for That true stereo audio playback there is A volume dial on the right side with This illuminated scroll wheel and on the Back you have both an aux port and usb-c For power but also built-in is bluetooth You can choose to you know just wire Them with the aux port or connect Wirelessly you got both options now is This sound bar going to change your life And blow you away no it’s just around 40 Bucks don’t expect some sono soundbar Quality coming out of this but for a Desktop solution you know at this Affordable price point if you’re looking For something just to you know play

Music you know put it right into your Monitor if you’re watching movies or Videos it’ll be just fine it’ll be fine For gaming as well but keep in mind it’s Not gonna blow you away it does get Decently loud at full volume which is Nice to see a lot of times these cheaper Sound bars sort of get muffled and they Don’t really you know put out a high Tone of audio definitely gets loud Enough i’d say so again if you’re Looking for a on your desktop under your Monitor sort of soundbar solution that Looks nice sounds good and it has Bluetooth for just 40 bucks definitely Nice pickup on a budget now next up i Get asked all the time about custom coil Cables for your keyboard builds Obviously ones that aren’t going to be Like above 80 bucks as well These from ecco are just 20 bucks each Now these really nice sort of dual tone Rubber cables that have obviously the Coil and aviator connector in the middle And with the color combos you can mix And match and then match them to your Keyboard or your keycap set again at Just around 20 bucks here very hard to Complain it’s obviously gonna be usb-c So if your keyboard has removable usb-c You’ll be in luck i know the metal Aviator connector in the middle is Definitely a nice you know stylish Preference amongst the community so here

You’ve got that but what i really like Is the two tones here they have a bunch Of different colors you can pick from From amazon and with those two tones It’ll just give you a more of an Accented color piece to your keyboard or To your desktop and then that way like i Said say you want to buy maybe two and Then mix and match those two different Cables to have different color ways you Can the cable is five feet long in total Like i said it is not braided is that Rubber cable all throughout but the Quality is really nice you know it’s Good enough to make me want to show it Off for you guys today and recommend it So again without breaking the bank for a Custom coil cable for your keyboard or Your setup you can use this with Whatever it doesn’t have to just be your Keyboard obviously these echo custom Aviator cables for 20 bucks i think is Pretty damn nice and then speaking of Which to go right along with that are These really nice cubic translucent Keycaps from tai hao absolutely love These you can see here had the actual Cable with this sort of christmas theme Built but also This just Smoky quartz on the charcoal icky 68 Aurora Man and the keycaps are more than Affordable so tai hao’s been making some

Really great stuff recently i love their Keycaps but they’re always making new Sets new selections and designs but this Translucent backlit keycap set i think Is a stunner they’re an abs cubic Profile set the green and red one i have Here that i think makes for like a Perfect christmas themed build that i Showed the total set comes with a few Extra novelty keys and some yellow Accented ones as well for some extra Pops of color and you get some clear Keycaps inside the box as well but the Smoky quartz set on my icky 68 aurora i Just think is nuts it matches that dark Sort of polycarbonate look so so well And man in terms of aesthetics these Translucent caps look sick if you’re Wondering what that sort of like foam Sort of appearance is on the inside of The keycaps um it’s just the way these Keycaps are made i don’t know the entire Name or the process of it but that Variation amongst each key is normal so These vary between 30 to 45 dollars Depending on the color or like the exact Keycap set you’re getting but they have A blue one we have the green one there’s The atomic purple and a purple bloom set As well as a smoky quartz option Available like i said i just have the Smoky quartz and the green but the fact You have different colors is cool i mean Come on

Like You know it looks good if you got a Polycarbonate keyboard or any sort of Translucent shell to your keyboard these Are going to be a great visual upgrade And they don’t break the bank like i Said between 30 to 45 bucks and it beats A gmk set where you have to wait three Years for it to show up at your doorstep After you spent like 250 bucks so Yeah All right guys that’ll wrap it up for This episode of cool tech under 50 for December hope you all enjoyed like i Said everything you saw today be listed For you in the description down below Got the holidays coming up maybe some Things add to your wish list or gift Ideas for someone else but if you like This video give it a big thumbs up to Show your support feel free to follow me On twitter at randomfrankp at last you Haven’t already hit that subscribe Button I hope you all enjoyed have a good day


As December rolls around, many of us are on the hunt for unique and affordable tech gadgets to gift to our loved ones. Fortunately, with technology advancing at a rapid rate, there are plenty of innovative and functional gadgets that you can purchase for under $50. In this article, we will be exploring the coolest tech gadgets you can buy for under $50 this December. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and join us on this journey.

  1. Tile Mate: The Perfect Gadget for the Forgetful

The Tile Mate is perfect for anyone who is forgetful. This small, keychain-sized device can be attached to any item you frequently misplace, like your keys or phone, and can be located using a smartphone app. It runs for up to a year, and even has a feature that can help you find your phone by simply pressing the Tile button.

  1. Google Chromecast: A Streaming Must-Have

The Google Chromecast is a must-have for anyone who loves to stream movies, TV shows, and other media. This device plugs into the HDMI port of your TV and allows you to stream content from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to your TV.

  1. Wireless Earbuds: A Budget-Friendly Alternative

If you’re looking for high-quality earbuds but don’t want to break the bank, wireless earbuds are the perfect solution. They offer the same audio quality as traditional earbuds, but without the hassle of cords and wires. Plus, many models come with a charging case that can keep your earbuds powered for days.

  1. Smart Plugs: Control Your Home with Your Voice

Smart plugs are a game-changer for anyone who likes home automation. These affordable devices allow you to remotely turn on or off any device that’s plugged into them using a smartphone app or a voice-controlled assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

  1. Portable Charger: Power on the Go

A portable charger is a valuable gadget that provides peace of mind when you’re on the go. These devices can charge your smartphone or tablet anywhere, making them perfect for traveling or for emergencies.


These tech gadgets are not only affordable but also highly functional and practical. From the Tile Mate to the portable charger, each device has something unique to offer. Get creative this December and surprise your loved ones with one of these cool tech gadgets!


  1. Can I use the Tile Mate on multiple devices?
    -Yes, the Tile Mate can be attached to multiple devices, and each device can be tracked using the smartphone app.

  2. What devices are compatible with the Google Chromecast?
    -The Google Chromecast is compatible with most modern smartphones, tablets, and computers.

  3. Do wireless earbuds have noise-cancellation features?
    -While not all wireless earbuds have noise-cancellation features, many newer models do offer this functionality.

  4. Can I control my smart plugs with voice commands?
    -Yes, many smart plugs are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice-activated assistants.

  5. How long does a portable charger take to fully charge?
    -The charging time for portable chargers varies depending on the device, but most models fully charge within a few hours.

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