Discover the Best Desk and Gaming Setups in Room Tour Project 264

By | April 17, 2022

Are you on the hunt for the perfect desk and gaming setup? Look no further than Room Tour Project 264! This amazing room tour series showcases some of the best and most creative desk and gaming setups you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Get ready to be inspired by the incredible displays of technology, organization, and style as you discover the ultimate in setup inspiration. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just someone looking to improve your workspace, Room Tour Project 264 is sure to have something to suit your needs.

It’s been a minute RTF fans, but we’re back with some crazy cool gaming setups!
— Foulplay —
LG 38” Monitor:
LG UltraGear27” Monitor:
Monitor Light Bar:
Rama M60-A Keyboard
MX Master 3 Mouse:
Hifiman Sundara Headphones:
Magnius / Modius Schiit stack
Adam Audio T7v’s Speakers:
Lian L1 O11 Dynamic Case:
Ryzen 9 5900x CPU:
MSI B550 Unify:
Daughter Setup:
Samsun G5 monitors:
Monitor Light Bar:
Tofu65 Keyboard:
Razer Viper Ultimate:
JDS Labs Adom Stack:
Sennheiser HD58x Headphones: Senn58XJubilee
Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini:
Intel i7 10700k CPU:
ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240:
G.Skill TridentZ RGB RAM:
MSI Z490 Unify Mobo:
EVGA RTX 3070ti GPU:
RGB Light Strip:

— White In Revery —

— Moritz W —
BenQ ZOWIE 144Hz 24“ Monitor:
BenQ 24“ Monitor:
Razer BlackWidow Chroma Keyboard:
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum:
Razer Goliath Mercury Mousepad:
Yamaha HS 7 Studio Monitors:
Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones:
ATH-M50x Studio:
Astro A40 TR White Headset:
Nanoleaf Light Panels:
NZXT H510 Elite Case:
Intel i7 4790K CPU:
be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 Cooler:
Gigabyte RTX 3090 VISION OC:
RGB Light Strip:

— Getdownkid —
Dell 32” 165hz Monitor:
Dell G15 Laptop:
GameSir GK300 Wireless Keyboard:
MX Master 3 Mouse:
Edifier R1010BT Speakers:
RGB Light Strip:

— Sergio —
Monitor AOC 34” Monitor:
Acer Nitro 27” Monitor:
TCL 55” 4K TV:
Razer BlackWidow Elite Keyboard:
Razer Mamba Wireless Mouse:
Corsair Virtuoso XT Headset:
Sonos Beam Soud Bar:
Stream Deck:
Lian L1 O11 Dynamic Case:
Ryzen 7 3700x CPU:
Cooler Master 360MM RGB AIO:
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM:
Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons:
Nanoleaf Lines:
RGB Light Strip:

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** If you want to submit your setup **
1. Upload 10-15 photos of your setup, PC (open & closed), and all gear/peripherals to an Imgur album (use IMGUR ONLY, nothing else). Please only submit horizontal photos with no extreme close-ups of 1 product. Vertical pictures will be rejected.
2. Include in the email your entire PC specs and all gear/peripherals you have shown, in a format exactly as I have it above, but please do not submit your own Amazon links – it’ll end up in spam. Again, PLEASE submit your gear list in the EXACT format to how I have above.
3. Send the IMGUR link in an email to
Failure to do any of these steps will result in an automatic rejection to your setup.

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What’s up guys i’m random push and p Back episode 264 room tour project the Series we show off some of the best Setups to give you some ideas and Inspiration for your own setup if you See anything you’d like today i’ll have It all listed for you in the description Down below so you can check it out but We’ll kick it off now episode 264. First up today we have foul play with a Dual setup here this is he and his Daughters really liking the way it came Out nice and warm and cozy in the Daytime and the night time with the rgb Or the natural lighting making that Brick look nice since there’s two setups We’ll run through the specs and hardware For each relatively quickly so we’re not Wasting too much time here but for his Main setup we have the dual stacked Monitors with an lg 38 inch ultra wide As the primary with a 27 inch as the Overhead there got rgb behind the Monitor as well to give it that extra Pop and separation from the wall and Also for some other hardware and stuff You can see on each side of the display Are his studio monitor speakers they’re The atom audio t7vs they’re on a nice Desktop isolation stand and you can see The whole streaming setup as well with The camera on the arm now down to his Main peripherals his main keyboard is The rama m60a with aqua king switches

Inside with gmk wob white on black with The logitech mx master 3 mouse and also For audio he has the hi-fi man sundara Headphones plugged into the magnus and Modius stack then for his pc in the Corner is the lanley 011 dynamic case With the ryzen 9 5900x cpu not too sure What the cooler is but the aio looks Pretty dope got 32 gigs of crucial Ballistics ram on an msi b550 unified Motherboard with an msi rtx 3090 Graphics card and actually right above That is his daughter’s pc because like i Said they have a dual setup here and Both pcs mounted on top of each other With the lee only 011 dynamic mini case With a 10 700 k cpu cooled by the arctic Liquid freezer 2 240 aio 32 gigs of G-skull trident z rgb ram on an msi z490 Unified motherboard with an evga rtx 3070 ti she also has the dual stacked Monitors with two 32-inch samsung g5 Monitors with the razer viper ultimate As the mouse and a tofu 65 as the Keyboard also for audio over here with The sennheiser hd58x powered by the jds Labs atom stack now on the specs that Were provided to me there were a lot of Different pieces of hardware and stuff That weren’t all shown in the photos so A lot of things might not have made Sense when i was showing them to you but A lot of really great gear and hardware In this really great father and daughter

Dual setup you gotta love it Next is the studio space from white in Reverie which is a youtuber i found this Set up absolutely loved it and it is all Diy so shout out to him i’ll have his Channel down below Check out that insanely cool rgb slat Wall with the just you see it like that Is crazy impressive the fact that it’s Diy that looks this good Is something to really just be an awe at Because this is like a multi-thousand Dollar installation job if you pay Someone to do this And here the fact that it is all diy it Makes it more personal in the end it Really just takes that whole you know Setup factor to the next level so Really awesome stuff and as you can see A really great desk setup as well so Primary monitor is a 5k 27 inch ultra Fine from lg with the vertical monitor On the left side being a 27 inch 4k from Lg got the nice warm wallpaper there Both literally on the wall and the Actual monitors there so just the colors And stuff it all mix and matches so so Well now as a wedding photographer and Videographer and also a content creator Making this space for them was really You know a priority to this Multi-faceted content creation job so For streaming and stuff the setup here Is very modular in the center he could

Move this setup around the room which is Really cool with this sit and stand desk And obviously that means cable Management has to be on point to avoid Getting things tangled up ripped out the Wall and definitely accomplished here For the rest of the desktop gear we have The sonos audio beam for the sound bar As well as the shirt mb7 microphone the Keyboard and trackpad as you saw on the Desktop were from apple and this is all Powered by his 2018 mac mini which he Has mounted underneath the desk also Hooked up to a razer core x to have an External gpu for that extra power again For video editing and all that stuff Definitely useful then again it’s all Kept under the desk nice and tidy i’m Also a really big fan of just the Overall setup aesthetic and the way they Have a lot of other things in the room To make it feel complete things like a Really nice shelving unit this really Unique way to mount and show off the Lenses and stuff to have them on display Really really great stuff from white and Revery again definitely check them out Down below i absolutely love all diy Setups like this so when i saw this Crazy unique rgb slat wall with a Beautiful setup as well i knew he wanted To show it off and i figured you guys Would definitely appreciate it Next up is a return submission from

Maurice w This one man i feel like it’s been Forever now since we’ve had him on i Don’t remember i want to say like maybe 2018 2017 i could be wrong but it’ll be Nice to see the setup progression here As you can see a nice triple monitor Setup nice natural lighting here rgb Let’s check it all out the primary Display is a benq Xl2411 it’s 144 hertz at 24 inches with Two benq 24 inch monitors on each side Not the best job in terms of you know Making them all align properly it seems That could be worked out a little bit Down to the peripherals you have a razor Black widow chroma with logitech g502 on A razer goliath mercury mouse pad and For audio we have a lot of options going On here with the yamaha hs7 studio Monitors on each side of the actual Monitors again some speakers are also Known as studio monitors so you don’t Have to try to correct me for that again With the bare dynamic dt 990 pro Headphones the ath m50x as well as the Astro a40 tr so you got your fun Listening headphones your studio Monitoring headphones and then your Gaming headset and then to the pc the Nzxt h510 elite inside’s an intel i7 4790k cpu with a be quiet dark rock pro 4 cooler 32 gigs of hyper x savage ram And an msi

Z97s sli crate motherboard with a Gigabyte rtx 3090 vision gpu so again You bring it all together it is a really Nice and clean space digging the way it All looks with the rgb really just being Accented by the white desk white walls Really good stuff maurice Now we’ve got the get down kid and this Setup is entirely themed he said by the Tv show the expanse again i always Appreciate when a setup can really go The extra mile and dedicate itself to a Theme you love to see it so for his Display is a dell 32 inch 1440p 165hz Monitor you can see the contrast and Shots here of daytime versus nighttime And like i said before with the setup Being themed off of the tv show the Expanse you can see they have a custom 3d printed model of the ship as well Right above the actual setup to kind of You know bring it all together for the Peripherals we have a gameser gk300 Wireless keyboard with the logitech mx Master 3 and for audio on each side of The desk you can see the speakers from Edifier the R1010bt Now as a laptop setup this is all Powered by the dell g15 special edition Model it’s got a 165 hertz display an i7 11 H cpu with an rtx 3060 graphics card Definitely digging this overall corner

Space for this setup again it’s really Nice and minimal not a lot of clutter Really digging the overall vibes the Angular sort of paint job with the Accent wall there having this like Triangular gray sort of cut out to Highlight the setup in the corner really Looks great and then last but not least We have sergio with the crazy gaming Display here at the triple monitor setup The massive overhead tv there tons of Pixels tons of rgb with the rgb hexagon Panels geometric wall panels there is a Lot of just gamer going on so checking It all out his primary monitor is an aoc 34 inch ultra wide with two 27 inch acer Monitors on each side with a 55 inch tcl Tv as the overhead and i will say the tv Is not lined up you know properly with The center monitor it’s definitely Bugging me and now that you sell it it’s Probably bugging lots of you sorry we Have the razer black widow elite Keyboard with the razer mambo wireless Mouse got an elgato stream deck in the Back which is definitely a go-to Accessory and then also for audio on the Desktop is the sonos beam sound bar with The corsair virtuoso xt wireless gaming Headset you can see that mounted on the Wall next to the pc Speaking of which we have a leon lee 011 Dynamic case again with the ryzen 7 3700x cpu got a cooler master 360 rgb

Aio 32 gigs of corser vengeance rgb pro Ram inside with the gigabyte x570 aorus Elite motherboard and an evga rtx 3080 For the graphics card definitely a Colorful build to highlight a colorful Setup like i said we have those nano Leaf lines like the light strip things Banana leaf hexagon panels nana leafs Always make a new crazy rgb stuff in Sergio’s Got it All right guys so that’ll wrap it up for Episode 264 of room tour project hope You all enjoyed don’t forget all the Gear and hardware you saw will be listed For you in the description down below if You want to check it out as well as some Very simple instructions on how to Submit your setup if you like this video Give it a big thumbs up show your Support feel free to follow me on Twitter at randomfrankp and last if you Haven’t already hit that subscribe Button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day


Are you tired of your boring desk and gaming setup? Do you want to revamp your workspace into something that’s not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing? Look no further! In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at Room Tour Project 264, where you’ll discover the best desk and gaming setups that will instantly elevate your workspace. From high-end custom-built PCs to minimalist setups, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

High-End Custom-Built PCs

First up on the list are the high-end custom-built PCs. These setups are perfect for gamers and graphic designers who need powerful hardware to run intensive applications smoothly. Here are some of the best setups we’ve found:

Setup 1: The Dream Machine

  • CPU: Intel Core i9-11900K
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage: 2TB SSD & 4TB HDD
  • Peripherals: ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ monitor, Logitech G915 TKL wireless keyboard, and Logitech G Pro X wireless headset.

This setup is perfect for gamers who want to experience the highest graphics settings and run multiple applications without any lag.

Setup 2: The Creator’s Paradise

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080
  • RAM: 128GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage: 2TB NVMe SSD & 4TB HDD
  • Peripherals: LG 27GN950-B monitor, Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro wireless keyboard, and Logitech G Pro X wireless headset.

This setup is perfect for graphic designers and video editors who need a high-quality display and fast processing speeds.

Minimalist Setups

If you’re not a fan of cluttered desks and prefer a more minimalist approach, these setups might be just what you’re looking for.

Setup 3: The Classic Minimalist

  • Desk: IKEA LINNMON table
  • Chair: IKEA Markus office chair
  • PC: HP Envy Desktop
  • Monitor: Dell UltraSharp U2415 monitor
  • Peripherals: Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard and Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse.

This setup is perfect for people who want a clean and simple look without compromising on functionality.

Setup 4: The Zen Garden

  • Desk: Custom-built wooden desk
  • Chair: Herman Miller Aeron chair
  • PC: MacBook Pro
  • Monitor: LG 27GL83A-B monitor
  • Peripherals: Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse.

This setup is perfect for people who want a calming and peaceful environment while working or gaming.

Bonus Setups

Lastly, here are some bonus setups that caught our eye:

Setup 5: The Futuristic Setup

  • Desk: Custom-built acrylic desk
  • Chair: DXRacer Formula Series gaming chair
  • PC: CyberPowerPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool Gaming PC
  • Monitor: Samsung 49-Inch CHG90 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor
  • Peripherals: Razer Tartarus v2 gaming keypad and Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse.

This setup is perfect for gamers who want to feel like they’re in a sci-fi movie.

Setup 6: The Retro Setup

  • Desk: Vintage wooden desk
  • Chair: Retro leather armchair
  • PC: Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Monitor: 12-inch Sony PVM CRT monitor
  • Peripherals: Pimoroni Pirate Audio SHIM and Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad.

This setup is perfect for people who love retro gaming and want to experience the nostalgia of older gaming consoles.


No matter what your style or needs are, there’s a perfect desk and gaming setup for you out there. From high-end custom-built PCs to minimalist setups, the possibilities are endless. We hope this article has given you some inspiration and ideas for your next workspace makeover. Happy gaming!


  1. What’s the best desk size for gaming?
  • The best desk size for gaming depends on the space you have available and your personal preferences. Generally, a desk that’s at least 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep is a good starting point.
  1. Can I use a laptop for gaming?
  • Yes, you can use a laptop for gaming. However, desktop computers generally have more powerful hardware and are better suited for playing intensive games.
  1. Do I need a gaming chair?
  • While a gaming chair isn’t necessary, it can provide better ergonomic support and comfort for long gaming sessions.
  1. What’s the most important aspect of a gaming setup?
  • The most important aspect of a gaming setup is having a powerful and reliable PC with a high-quality monitor.
  1. Is a minimalist setup good for productivity?
  • Yes, a minimalist setup can be good for productivity as it reduces distractions and promotes a more calming and focused environment.

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