Discover the Best Desk and Gaming Setups in Room Tour Project 260!

By | November 21, 2021

Are you looking for inspiration to spruce up your workspace or gaming area? Look no further than Room Tour Project 260! In this post, we will showcase some of the best desk and gaming setups featured in the project, giving you plenty of ideas to elevate your own setup. So, get ready to be inspired and let’s dive into the world of Room Tour Project 260.

Get that weekly hit of dope…gaming setups! This episode is sponsored by the new Corsair Xeneon Monitor:
– MJ –
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JBL Tune 660NC Wireless:
YUNTAB V5000 Headset:
Intel i7-4790 CPU:
GALAX GTX 970 Black GPU:
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– Mangosteen –
Hbada Office Chair:
Asus TUF 23.8” Monitor:
Royal Kludge RK87 Keyboard:
Roccat Kain 200 Mouse:
Logitech Z207 Speakers:
NZXT H510 Elite Case:
NZXT Kraken M22:
G.Skill TridentZ RAM:
MSI x570 Motherboard:
Gigabyte RTX 3080 GPU:
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– Alan P –
Samsung CRG9 Monitor:
BenQ 27” Monitor:
LG 4k 55: TV:
Hbada Office Chair:
Razer Blackwidow Lite:
Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse
Razer Goliathus Stormtrooper Pad:
Bose Companion 3 Speakers:
Intel i5-10600K CPU:
Corsair Hydro H115i AIO:
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO RAM:
Gigabyte Z590 VISION G:
GIGABYTE Radeon RX 6900 XT:
Corsair Crystal Series 680X:
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– Kaysoh –
Alienware 25” Gaming Monitor:
LG ULtraGear27” Monitor:
Final Mouse Starlight 12:
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro:
Elgato Stream Deck:
Nanoleaf Light Panels:
Intel I9-11900k CPU:
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO RAM:
Nzxt Kraken Z73 AIO:
Asus STRIX Z590-E Gaming:
Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini:
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– David M –
Samsung Odyssey Neo G9:
Monitor Light Bar:
GMMK Pro Keyboard:
Glorious Model D Wireless:
Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless:
Audioengine HD3 Speakers:
LaMetric Clock:
Elgato Stream Deck:
Lian Li PC O11 Dynamic XL:
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU:
ASUS Formula Crosshair VIII:
G.Skill TridentZ Neo RGB RAM:
RGB Light Strip: RGB Light Strip:

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2. Include in the email your entire PC specs and all gear/peripherals you have shown, in a format exactly as I have it above, but please do not submit your own Amazon links – it’ll end up in spam. Again, PLEASE submit your gear list in the EXACT format to how I have above.
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What’s up guys i’m random frank p back With episode 260 of room tour project This series will show off some of the Best setups to give you some ideas and Inspiration for your own setup you see Anything you like today i’ll have it all Listed for you in the description down Below so you can check it out but first I’m gonna hop in here real quick and Remind you guys this episode is Sponsored by the corsair xenion gaming Monitor at an ultra slim 32 inches 2560 By 1440p you’re getting a silky smooth 165hz refresh rate one millisecond Response time all on a gorgeous quantum Dot ips display with a 100 srgb rating As well as 100 adobe rgb for bright Vivid but natural colors if you want to Check it out have a link for the xenion Gaming monitor listed for you in the Description down below First up today we have mj coming with a Really nice and cozy setup here Really digging the way he has us all put Together dimensions seem tight that desk Is pretty much butting up against both Walls but as you can see he did a great Job of really just doing what he can With the space he has and making a Really nice looking setup with what he’s Got so for the two displays his primary Is an a vision 34 inch it is 144 hertz 1440p with the top being a bezel 24 inch Monitor he did know he’s from the

Philippines so i assume these two brands I’ve only heard of here in the states Are more popular over there and up top He also has a monitor light bars for That extra added glow shining down the Peripherals now one thing i really like Is this hadaba habara office chair here And i haven’t heard of them before but i Checked them up on amazon and they got Some really great ergonomic office Chairs a bunch of different models all For under 200 so i was definitely Impressed and i think it looks really Cool now checking out his keyboards he Has the red dragon k588 broadsword but He went to the full extent and Customized it he painted it a flat black With acrylic paint and inside he lubed The switches with crytox 206 he filmed Them with tx films keycaps are a virtual War set and he’s using gadaron purple Switches that are lubed and he also put Up a custom coil cable so again really Great job taking a red dragon keyboard To the next level and his mouse is an Hxsjt66 Seems to follow the shape in the shell Something like the uh glorious model o For example then for audio two different Options here with the jbl tune wireless Headphones and his headset is the Untapped v5000 now unfortunately for the Pc mj only gave us a few shots kind of Hidden behind a plant here looking like

Spaghett but inside we have an intel i7 4790 cpu with a Ygtdf 240 rgb aio let’s just make the Whole alphabet a cooler why don’t we With the asus with an aces motherboard Kingston ram and a galax gtx 970 black Exoc gpu so definitely an older build at This point but it doesn’t really matter As long as it gets the job done for him That’s really all we care about really Liking the way though he has the room Designed some great knick-knacks and Stuff to really build some character With the pegboard and check out this Custom like cloud rgb ceiling looks Really really nice gives the room just That extra you know a dynamic to it Really very creative and that’s the key Here mj a very creative setup like i Said before there’s not too much space But you pulled it off perfectly Constructed a really nice cozy stacked Monitor setup very well done Next up is a iron man lovers dream setup Right here you see the helmet you see The collectibles and the figures this is A crazy cool setup here mangosteen going With the more simplified setup single Monitor tv right next to it but tons of Rgb Lots of vibrant lighting going on here Making the room pop and check it out Another habbata office chair haven’t Seen them before two in a row they’re

Stealing the episode so forest display Is an asus tough 23.8 inch monitor Pretty much a 24 inch you know always Confuse me why companies do that like go The extra 0.2 inches that’s what she Said anyways for this glorious overhead Shot checking out some of the Peripherals here he has the royal clutch Arcade 87 keyboard with a rock at kane 200 mouse both in whites the rgb shines Really nicely outward got an rgb mouse Pad even and on the desktop for those Speakers the logitech z207 now for the Pc it’s the nzxt h510 elite case Inside the amd ryzen 9 3900 xt cpu with The and xd kraken m22 aio got 32 gigs of G-skill trident z rgb ram on an msi mpg X570 motherboard with a gigabyte rtx 3080 graphics card again the rgb inside With the aio as well as the ram also Matching to that pink and light blue Teal colorway i do want to say though i Hope that aio is keeping it you know Efficiently cool so how about some more Looks around the room again i’m loving That shelf above the tv having all those Collectibles and figures lined up there Even down onto the desk you got the full Ironman helmet right next to the switch So it’s just really cool to see you you Know collect all this stuff and bring The room to life even more Speaking of which you get a wide shot of The bedroom here got those nice 3d

Geometric panels lining to one side of The wall around the bed more rgb even up On the ceiling and check out the little Projector he has mounted up top as well Pretty much acting as a third giant Display right off to the side of the bed Up top definitely pretty creative Really really cool all together man Again i’m loving the creativity i’ve Been seeing lately from you guys and This one with the crazy rgb the iron man The wall projector all good stuff All right next up is allen p and i just Want to say this i swear to you guys i Have never heard or seen these habbata Office chairs before and it just so Happened to line up the first three Today Each have one i promise i didn’t plan This this video is not sponsored by Hadaba or habada or ciabatta it’s Sponsored by corsair anyways back to Allen’s setup now going with the triple Monitor setup rather unorthodox Orientation with the massive overhead And a vertical monitor on the left side There but we’ll check it all out now Because he has the samsung 49-inch with The crg-9 as his main the vertical one On to the left is a benq 27-inch with a 55 inch 4k lg tv As that overhead Holy pixels Now down to the peripherals he’s rocking

A razer black widow light keyboard got a Mix and match with some black and white Keycaps on here the mouse the razer Deathadder essential also in white on a Razer goliath extended speed Stormtrooper edition and then also on The desktop for his speakers the bose Companion 3. Now instead of moving on to the pc right Now i need to show you the rest of this Room real quick because holy Look at that is insane okay we thought Iron man you know the mangosteen setup Was crazy this guy’s got ever i just Look at this I don’t even know It’s i just want to show you guys this Now because Yeah this is hands down one of the most Impressive displays and really Collections i’ve seen when it comes to These you know figures i just i’m Literally mind blown right now in the Presentation the way they’re organized All very nice Now as we pick our jaws up off the floor We’re gonna go back over to the pc we Have the corsair crystal 680x case Inside the intel i5 10 600k cpu with the Corsair h115i aio 32 gigs of course of Engines rgb pro ram on a gigabyte z590 Vision g motherboard with a gigabyte Radeon rx 6900 xt gaming oc gpu Definitely nice and clean on the inside

But man Alan like i said one of the craziest Setups i’ve seen in terms of making just A you know gaming room with all those Collectibles i’m sure that is worth a Ton uh but it’s not about the money it’s About how it makes you feel right you Know you’ve got that that fandom going On hardcore and i love to see it Now we’ve got queso not to be confused With the spanish translation of cheese All right all right he’s rocking a ford Display it’s got the triple monitor set Up right in front of him with a tv Mounted right out to the side on the Left the nano leaf royal light panels The rgb light strips bordering the setup As well as the ceiling let’s check it Out So lots of monitors like i just said his Primary is a alienware 25-inch the Aw2518h He also has two of the lg 27 inches and No info on that tv off the left but like I said it’s safe to assume that’s what It is now down to the peripherals uh we Have a custom keyboard here but Unfortunately there’s no information Whatsoever on what it is uh looking like Either like a resin or some sort of Acrylic case here sa gmk laser or some Sort of you know alternative to that i Wish we had more information about who We don’t he does have the final mouse

Starlight 12 though looking real nice in The dynamic dt770 pro headphones with The elgato stream deck for the pc off to The right side of the l-shaped desk we Have the leonle 011 dynamic case in White with an intel i9 1100k cpu the Nzxt z73 cooler 32 gigs of coarser Vengeance rgb pro ram asus z590e Motherboard and an asus rog rtx 3080 ti For the graphics card and also for those Cables by the way it is the leonle Shrimmer which is giving it the the Crazy rgb look on the cables And that’s the plus side as they always Say to rgb because you can go you know Pink and blue and purple to christmas Themed just like we have here green and Red nice and cozy getting us into the Holiday spirit coming up real soon And then last but not least today is David m with the dual setup room here His is over on the right side so we’ll Focus on that for now but definitely a Nice looking gaming room with their Primary display being the samsung Odyssey neo g9 got the massive 49 inch Mounted real nicely there with those Geometric wall panels mounted behind it And again a monitor light bar right up Top for that extra desktop glow it’s the Trend of the year i’ve said it a hundred Times Four The uh the keyboards and the peripherals

Got a gmk pro no information on what is Inside unfortunately with his glorious Model d wireless mouse um also for audio On the desktop he has the audio engine Hd3 speakers two separate headsets with The steelseries arctis pro wireless and The arctis 7p in addition to the elgato Stream deck up on the desktop and the Elemetric smart clock as well Now over to the pc Really nice looking custom hard line Build here this is all inside the leon Lee pc-011 dynamic xl case man those Clear tubes and stuff looks super nice Most of the components inside from ekwb With the blocks the fittings the plates And stuff before the actual specs There’s an amd ryzen 9 5900 x 64 gigs of G-skill trident z neo rgb ram on an asus Formula crosshair 13 motherboard with an Asus tough rtx 3090 for the gpu so Always digging these side-by-side setups Again one for him one for the Significant other or relative or i don’t Know the dynamic here either way good Stuff david all right guys so that’ll Wrap it up for this episode of room tour Project episode 260 sponsored by corsair Hope you enjoyed the link for you listed In the description down below as well as All the gear and hardware we showed off Today i’ll be down in the description if You like this episode give it a big Thumbs up show your support feel free to

Follow me on twitter at randomfrankp at Last if you haven’t already hit that Subscribe button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day


Creating a comfortable and functional workspace is essential for productivity and focus, particularly in the age of remote work. If you’re a gamer, a well-designed gaming setup can enhance your gaming experience, taking it to the next level. Room Tour Project 260 features several impressive desk and gaming setups that are both functional and stylish. In this article, we’ll delve into these setups and explore what makes them stand out.

Desk and Gaming Setups in Room Tour Project 260

Setup 1: The Minimalist

If you prefer a minimalist approach to your workspace without compromising on functionality, this setup is perfect for you. The desk features a sleek, black design, with a minimalist lamp and a MacBook Pro as the centerpiece.

Bullet points:

  • Sleek, black desk design
  • Minimalist lamp
  • MacBook Pro as the centerpiece

Setup 2: The Ultra-Wide Experience

If you’re a gamer or graphic designer who needs a wide desk for your work, this setup is sure to impress. With an ultra-wide monitor and slick peripherals, this setup gives an immersive experience that is unrivaled.

Bullet points:

  • Ultra-wide monitor for an immersive experience
  • Slick peripherals

Setup 3: The Twitch Streamer

If you’re a Twitch streamer, you understand the importance of having a setup that is both impressive and functional. This setup includes a powerful PC, dual monitors, and streaming equipment, all within a sleek and concise design.

Bullet points:

  • Powerful PC
  • Dual monitors
  • Streaming equipment
  • Sleek and concise design

Setup 4: The Ultrawide and Upgraded

If you need a bigger and better setup, this one should suit you perfectly. It features a massive curved ultrawide monitor that is perfect for gaming and working, a new gaming chair, and an impressive PC rig.

Bullet points:

  • Massive curved ultrawide monitor
  • New gaming chair
  • Impressive PC rig


There’s no standard gaming and workspace setup to fit everyone’s need. With the above Room Tour Project 260 desk and gaming setups, however, you should be able to find one that resonates with your work style and living arrangement. Whether you’re a minimalist, creative designer, Twitch streamer, or just an avid gamer, you can find comfort and inspiration in these setups.


  1. What makes an ideal gaming desk setup?
    An ideal gaming desk setup varies from person to person based on individual preferences. Still, it should be ergonomic, have sufficient space, and feature appropriate gaming accessories.

  2. How do I choose a desk that is best for my needs?
    Consider factors such as size, storage, and sturdiness. Your choice of a desk should be based on your daily tasks, the amount of space you have, and the desk’s features.

  3. Are curved ultrawide monitors better for gaming?
    Curved ultrawide monitors offer immersive and dynamic gameplay. They provide an expanded field of view, enabling you to see the entire gaming arena without necessarily moving your head.

  4. Do I need an expensive gaming chair?
    Not necessarily. You need a comfortable chair with good back support. It should be adjustable, sturdy, and breathable.

  5. Can I have a minimalist gaming setup?
    Absolutely. A minimalist gaming setup features only the necessary peripherals, and the design is simple and sleek.

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