Discover the Best 5 Gaming Headsets for 2022

By | November 27, 2022

Looking for a high-quality gaming experience? Look no further than these top 5 gaming headsets for 2022. These headsets have everything you need to immerse yourself in your favorite games, with crystal-clear sound, comfortable fit, and advanced features that take your gaming to the next level. Whether you’re a serious gamer or just starting out, these headsets are sure to enhance your experience and help you get the most out of your gaming sessions. So strap on your gaming headset and get ready for an incredible journey into the world of gaming!

Today we’ll check out some of the best gaming headsets that came out this year! From sound quality, comfort to microphone tests, we cover it all in the Top 5 Gaming Headsets of 2022 roundup!
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0:00 5. Steelseries Arctis Nova 1
4:32 4. Corsair HS65 Surround
8:00 3. Drop & EPOS H3X
11:36 2. Sony InZone H9
14:25 1. Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro
21:49 All Mic Tests

Today we have the Top 5 gaming headsets of 2022, which are the best headsets that came out in 2022. For PC gaming, PS5 headsets, Xbox headsets, and Nintendo switch headsets, these are the top 5 headsets of 2022. These are both wired headsets and wireless headsets. Yes, this pointless paragraph is to enhance search hits. Best headsets of 2022, cha dig?

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What’s up guys I’m random Frank p and Continuing our end of the year wrap ups Today we have the top five gaming Headsets from 2022 showcasing the best Of the best that came out this year Admittedly this year didn’t have a lot Of great audio products in terms of Headsets and stuff like that however Still picked out the top five for you if You say anything you’d like I’ll have it All listed for you in the description Down below sit back get comfy man if You’re not comfortable that’s where Today’s sponsor comes in because this Video is sponsored by the habata E3 Ergonomic office chair as a content Creator who is constantly sitting down Editing and scripting comfort and Support is always a must and that’s Where the E3 shines to give yourself the Best posture and positioning at your Desk of course the entire chair is Height adjustable but you can adjust the Seat depth four centimeters for your Hips the back support also gets an Upgrade here with 2.8 centimeters of Height adjustment as well to align with Your spine then the 3D adaptive lumbar Support takes over as it naturally Adapts to your sitting posture without Any manual adjustment the breathable Mesh material throughout not only looks Nice but provides ample cushioning and Comfort during those long sessions

Sitting down you also have an adjustable Neck grass plus 3D armrest to relax your Muscles and posture the entire time and It doesn’t end there you’ve got a fold Out foot rest so you can kick back and Relax take a load off or fold it up and Put it back when you don’t need it this Truly has it all if you want to check Out this E3 for the holiday season I’ll Have a discount code listed for you in The description down below so first off Today from steel series we have the Arctis Nova one this is actually their Budget entry level headset that I Couldn’t leave off this list because the Price to Performance here for just 50 Bucks is unreal as you can see they’re Very simple looking they come in both Black and white color options and it Follows their previous steelseries Design language still as a wired headset Over the 3.5 millimeter cable you can Use these with an array of different Devices I mainly tested these over at my PC in terms of construction I do like How the ear cups still rotate to lay Flat while sitting on your desk or Around your neck now in terms of comfort Personally I think the seal series ones Are always very well designed and stuff And this actually features their comfort Max system in terms of the adjustable Headband and it’s super lightweight at Just 236 grams so having that headband

Up top being separate from the actual Top of the headset gives it so it kind Of adjusts on its own and it has Different levels of the strap but I mean You set it down on your head kind of Auto adjusts very very comfortable uh Good even clamping force and in terms of The glasses test which I always like to Do because I know I’ve worked glasses For most of my life uh yes barely Touches still no pressure definitely all Good on the Comfort front so The one have an overall neutral but warm Sound profile I’d say you do get some Extra bass that contributes to that Warmth Um and also helps with certain sound Effects and games like footsteps you Know those deeper sounds and the higher End you know The Trebles they do take a Bit of a hit in Clarity I’d say where It’s most noticeable in the details of Like vocals for example but that’s kind Of that trade-off however that can all Be fixed and enhanced with their sonar Software I’ve talked about this in the Past but sonar is my go-to software for All eq’ing and that’s why out of the box They are pretty neutral because they Kind of you know encourage you to go Into sonar to fine-tune them to how you Like or what game you’re playing by the Way instead of doing a mic test for each Headset during their segment I’m gonna

Wait till the end and do all five in Order back to back to back to back to Back so you can hear how they sound Closely you know right after each other Instead of having it all spread out to Where you’d kind of forget how each one Sounds so wait till the end for the mic Test so the number one is using their Clear cast Gen 2 mic which retracts back Into the ear cup when you’re not using It and you can mute the mic by the mute Toggle button on the back of the ear cup There is unfortunately no light on the Microphone to let you know when it’s Muted but really for a headset in this Price range I believe they launched at 60 they’ve been 50 for the past month That is wild these are overall a really Great headset for Just Around 50 bucks Super hard to complain and at that price Which is why they kind of were a No-brainer to hit the number five spot For me today Next up the number four spot we have the Corsair hs65 surround these dropped Earlier in the year and really impressed Me right out of the gate so taking a Look at it and one of the things that I Immediately liked was the Simplicity They have a very simple minimal and Professional looking design to them and They do not scream like gamer headset by Any means and honestly if it wasn’t for The big old boom arm you probably

Wouldn’t think they’re an actual headset Either but I really do dig the mix of Materials they use and despite the Almost grill-like design on the side They are not open back they’re closed Now for comfort with hs65 these are Deceivingly lightweight which is always A good thing and these have a damn near Perfect clamp Force the ear cuffs are More on the oval side than round but They do fit perfectly around my ears Where they’re not touching so amazingly Over the ear uh one of the best like Feeling ear cups and ear pads I would Say um adjustable headband as well to Fit larger heads and I like how it kind Of bows out here like right near the Temples in a way so it just has more of That discreet uniform look overall and Again for you guys of course we will do A glasses test for all of these and yes Perfect no pressure no added Force here Um on the temples all good so the Microphone on the hs65 surround is Omnidirectional and the whole boom arm Itself is all rubberized so you can bend It however you want in front of your Mouth there is no physical mute button On any of the ear cups or on the headset Itself you just lift the actual boom arm To mute it the hs65 do terminate a 3.5 Millimeter connector for you know using Them on your PC Mac PS5 Xbox the switch And so on but it is really meant to be

Used with a PC and then plugged into the Included USB adapter so that little tiny Sound card is what’s going to let the Headset really shine and allow you to Take advantage of the surround sound Capabilities you can activate that Through like the windows Dolby Surround Sound or through corsair’s IQ software For like certain EQ control and stuff But it does a really good job at Emulating that surround sound experience That most surround sound headsets sort Of fail to do and emulate and it all Does so without sacrificing the overall Sound quality which odds are are the Downfall of the other surround sound Headsets usually when headsets try to Emulate surround sound the mids and the Clarity take a bit of a hit because it’s Kind of like stretching out the overall Sound Stage but these still kept their Sound Integrity inside of their 50 Millimeter neodymium custom tuned Drivers which stock I would say sound a Bit lackluster and empty now this is a Top headsets video so you’re probably You know scratching your head wondering Why I would even say that and include Them but again once you start to sort of Tune the drivers with the EQ settings And you enable that surround sound then It does come to life I prefer the Traditional Smiley EQ to add some punch To the base and Sparkle in the high ends

And then I too was smiling directional Audio was also on point with enough Separation in the surround sound and I Could easily tell front from back left From right in the open world I’m playing In so the hs65 launched at 80 bucks and I do currently have an active Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal that bring These down to just 50 which is wild and All the more justifies this being one of The top bang for your buck headsets of 2022. taking the number three spot is The drop in epos h3x this collaboration Gives us a really premium feeling and Sounding headset without the premium Price tag as this is a sub 100 headset Taking a look at it it does look similar To the previous epos headsets for sure And I’m really digging this meteorite Colorway it’s Sleek very simple looking Overall with minimal controls on the Headset and as a wired headset Terminating a 3.5 millimeter headphone Jack it is a 4-pole jack so you can use This one cable for both your audio and Your mic as well the mic by the way Sounds really impressive like I said Before you’ll hear that at the end Though in terms of construction it is a Mix of plastic and aluminum but there is No creaking or any weak spots in the Headset’s design which is a plus Obviously so while the ear cups don’t Rotate to lay flat they do have a pretty

Good swivel arm here kind of like on This three axis band where it does sort Of just auto adjust uh once they’re on With very uh minor like manual Adjustments where with that sort of Pivoting arm here it just naturally fits Uh as you can see pretty good they are a Bit on the bulkier side like I wouldn’t Wear these out by any means but they are Very comfortable uh there’s minor Padding I’d say up top for the headband But it since they’re not heavy it’s not Like weighing itself down I can barely Feel it up there at all and the ear cups Are very very soft so definitely on the Comfortable side I’d say no complaints On my end and when I was using these uh With the glasses test before actually Filming yes uh they do sort of it it’s Not pushing it in by any means but since The ear cups are a bit bigger uh I could Feel it more on the actual side of the Glasses but again it’s not like pushing Them into my temple so it’s a bit more Noticeable when I’m wearing glasses uh Versus not wearing glasses in terms of Sound quality with the h3x’s 40 Millimeter drivers I’d say it’s most Definitely tuned for clarity and Detail In your audio most noticeably with Pronounced highs and less punch in the Low end however for gaming I mainly play FPS games or shooters for those who Think FPS only means frames per second

And detail definitely helped in terms of Positional audio cues which is always Important for your in-game awareness in Terms of like Sound Stage given it is a Closed back design that means it’s Obviously not going to be as open or Spacious sounding so it’s on the tight Around I’d say but again that’s also Going to help contribute to the level of Detail on things like directional audio Footsteps gunshots are all going to Benefit now the microphone they use is An electric condenser mic and if you Want to mute it they have a super Satisfying click when you lift the boom Arm to mute the mic So there’s no actual physical buttons on The right ear cup you do have a volume Wheel which is seated directly on the Side of the ear cup It’s Not underneath Or anything and that has hard stops for Zero and 100 volume which is nice So really over the last year or two I Think epos has done some really great Stuff in the gaming headset market last Year I believe they were number two on My list this year a more budget friendly Option for just under 80 bucks so if You’re looking for a headset and that’s Sub 100 price range for 80 this is a Fantastic headset Um it is one of the few that you do have To unfortunately uh sign up to drop to Get like this isn’t on Amazon right now

So you will have to get these through Drop I should also point out these are Not the epos H3 model that have been out These are the h3x now for the number two Spot I feel like it’s a very underrated Headset out there that’s gonna be the Sony in zone H9 these were primarily Made for the PlayStation 5 but they’re a Wireless headset that can also be used With your PC these are kind of the top Of the line for their PS5 audio options And we’re going to toss it to Brian from Bad City tech for his take on these yo What’s up Frank what’s up everybody Brian here from Bad Seed Tech and one of My favorites this year was the very Unexpected Endzone H9 from Sony so Understandably they’re making Frank’s Top five they’re not cheap even at their New markdown price of just under 280 but They’re very light really comfortable For extended sessions they weigh Under 12 ounces they’re right around 340 grams And they fit a huge range of head sizes And the ear cups are really big and oval Shaped no pressure points anywhere no Clamping Force they just really nailed The Comfort here these move seamlessly From the PC to the PS5 they have Bluetooth sound mixing and a chat mix Driver that sounds as good as the main Driver the sound quality in tuning here Is solid and versus a lot of gaming Headsets where you just get a lot of

High mids and treble these sound right At home for casual gaming Competitive Gaming and music listening which is rare For a gaming product but is exactly what You’d expect from a Sony audio product I’ve heard people describe these as a Headset version of their 1000xm series And that’s honestly a pretty good take These do have active noise canceling Which works great if you’re in the Market for that feature but sadly these Really aren’t something I would want to Wear outside my house because of that Noise canceling they also use these faux Leather ear pads which do get pretty Toasty pretty fast if noise canceling Isn’t a big thing for you the cheaper H7 At 199 may be the better move because You get the sport mesh ear pads which Definitely breathe better the mic is Probably the low point of the whole Thing it’s passable but it doesn’t stand Up to offerings from epos or the new Arctis Nova models you’ll get about 28 Hours of battery with the noise Canceling on and about 40 hours with it Off what really sets these apart from me Is the Comfort the dead easy Bluetooth Audio mixing and the sound quality bonus Points if you’re a fan of that clean White PS5 aesthetic I’m excited to see What Sony continues to do in the space Hope everybody out there has a great Holiday season this year thanks so much

For having me on back to you Frank so Shout out to Brian he nailed the feature Spot for these but yes the endzone H9 Coming at number two on my list Phenomenal sounding kind of that All-encompassing best for if you’re a PS5 user and PC if you want just that Mindless going back and forth ease of Connection and use these are definitely Going to be a favorite for you they are Kind of on the bulkier side yeah again I Also wouldn’t wear these out if you’re Kicking back gaming having a good time These are going to be a great pickup at The number two spot kind of pricey for Sure at the premium Flagship option for Sony they launched at uh 300 which yeah Kind of Bonkers they’ve been on set Recently for around 275 to 80. so the Endzone H9 at the number two spot And coming in at number one for my top Spot of the best gaming headsets of 2022 Has got to be without a doubt from Steelseries they’re arctis Nova Pro this Shouldn’t be a shock to anyone who’s Been paying attention this year either These are number one almost everywhere You look the these look really nice they Feel premium as well even though it’s The sound quality that matters the most In the end but taking a look at them Most of your controls are going to be on The left ear cup here including your Power button the mic mute and the volume

Controls the mic is also seated inside The left ear cup as well with just the Bluetooth button left to its Lonesome on The right ear cup so yes you can use These Wireless over the 2.4 gigahertz Connection over Bluetooth or wired if You prefer so giving you a ton of use Cases and flexibility with all your Devices and speaking of flexibility the Ear cups do rotate to lay flat on your Desk or around your neck and you may Notice on top of the ear cups we also Have these two ports these are actually Integrated microphones with a noise Canceling feature that we will touch on Just in a little bit now the actual ear Cups themselves have movable magnetic Plates but also it hides the removable Battery inside the right ear cup is Where the battery sits you can easily Swap them out when one of them dies it Fits nice and snug as well so you don’t Have to worry about these plates you Know falling out but they also include a Second battery for you and this is so You can always have a second battery Charging inside the base station at all Times so when your headset dies you can Just swap batteries replace a dead Battery in the base station and then Always have a fresh battery ready for When you need it and that’s clutch Battery life though is also 20 hours per Battery so you’re getting 40 hours total

And a 15 minute Quick Charge gives you Over three hours of use so these are Killing it and speaking of the base Station charging the batteries included With the Nova Pro Wireless is your Wireless space station which lets you Control pretty much everything of this Headset at an Arm’s Reach and it’s very Simply of the OLED screen and the big Old volume knob on the right side you Can access the menus by holding in the Volume dial from here you can navigate And select pretty much everything from The connection modes fine tune the Transparency mode and the active noise Canceling there’s also a little touch Sensitive button on the face as well for Backing out of the menus you have a Bunch of eqs that are preset on the Device device you can adjust and make Your own custom eqs as well the base Station is insane on the back side you Also have a line in and a line out and You also have two USBC ports for Connecting this to two different devices At once so your PC and a PS5 or with a PC and a laptop a switch even Apple Products this works with a Mac or a MacBook Pro natively now one of the big Selling points not only the Nova Pro Wireless but a lot of these higher end Wireless headphones or headsets out There is active noise canceling which These have and also a transparency mode

Which I’ll touch on in a second for the Active noise canceling I’d say it does a Really good job of Illuminating those Lower hum sounds like in the summer time When my HVAC is on it eliminated that in The closet down here in the studio it’s Winter now so it also eliminates the Heater when that kicks on when I’m on my PC I’d say it does a decent job at Taking away the overall sound on my fans You know right next to me in the PC but I could still hear you know what’s going On so I would say it does like a 50 50 Job at taking out the ambient noise Obviously the bows and the Sony’s of the World the sennheisers they do a better Job with their noise canceling but this Is still serious and I’d still say like I said it does better with those low ran Hums uh that are just going on around You now what’s interesting about these Like I just talked about is that Transparency mode and that’s so where if You were to have your active noise Canceling turned on you can enable Transparency mode so you can still be Aware of someone’s calling your name or Knock it on the door or something like That the weird thing though that I’m not A big fan of with these is it makes the Ambient noise louder than it would be if You just had it turned off so with these Two microphones at the top of the ear Cups it’s listening and then it’s you

Know pumping into your ears the sound of The ambient sounds in your room and it Just make it just it’s just louder than It needs to be I think you can adjust it In the software sure but you’re just Better off not having it turned on or Not even using the noise cancel link if You want to be able to hear what’s going On it’s again they’re nice features but I would personally disable them both So for the mic we do seemingly have the Same retractable clear cast Gen 2 mic it Is bi-directional and noise canceling And I think it’s the same microphone That they use on the Nova one and the Rest of their Nova series lineup uh but The difference is obviously this is a Wireless headset versus the wired Version so there is going to be just Some of that natural quality loss due to It being Wireless versus wired now in Terms of comfort I’d say the Nova Pro is Sort of in the medium to heavier side in Terms of Weights because of the mix of Premium materials there’s a lot of Aluminum mixed in with this as well Um however just like we saw on the Nova One it has that auto adjusting headband Up top which does alleviate a lot of That pressure from it weighing down That’s going to take most of the weight Off your head so it’s not going to be That noticeable overall you can see like I’m just putting it here and the

Headbands doing most of the work for Adjusting automatically now there have Been some complaints in the community With that in-ear sort of noise can Canceling a microphone touching people’s Ears it wasn’t a problem for me the ear Cups are over the ear Um so they don’t really interfere with My ear but you can get aftermarket ear Cups or ear pads if you want to sort of Take that issue away but like I said no Issues Um in terms of my personal experience And then lastly real quick for you guys A glasses test Um yeah all good Feels great nothing to complain about For me so I tested these both at my PC Obviously and with my PS5 so if you Wanted to have that hybrid use case with A console and a PC at your entertainment Center this lets you do so you can Actually control the base station Through your headset so even if you’re Not sitting right next to the base Station you still have all those Controls all controlled through your Headset they thought through it all here But the ease of use while switching Inputs going from PC to console is Really what makes these great for any One setup gaming just felt alive with These exploring a nice open world did a Fantastic job of letting me hear the

World and all the ambient sounds around On my PC when I was playing Cod and Battlefield everything was immersive now Again out of the box these did sound Pretty neutral but like I said earlier With the Nova one sonar is what takes These to the next level adjusting the Eqs to certain game presets that they Have all saved inside the software or Making your own eqs gives you all the Flexibility push these and the sound Signature without making them muddy These can handle being pushed with sonar And can take out a whole new sound so Regardless of what game you’re playing What genre you won’t be disappointed These take all the boxes Great Sound Stage good bass punch detail directional Audio this is the best wireless headset I’ve ever heard and used okay so like I Mentioned before I save the sound test So we can do them all together as you Could hear how they all sound in Comparison to one another now this is a Story all about how my life got flipped Turned upside down and I’d like to take A minute just sit right there I’ll tell You how I became the prince of a town Called Bel Air in West Philadelphia born And raised on the playgrounds where I Spent most of my days chilling out Maxing relaxing all cool and all Shooting some b-ball outside of the School when a couple of guys who were up

To no good started making trouble in my Neighborhood I got into one little fight And my mom got scared she said you’re Moving with your auntie and your uncle To Bel Air I whistled for a cab and when it came Near the license plate said fresh and it Had dice in the mirror if anything I Could say this cab was rare but I Thought nah forget it yo 7 or 8 Or 8 and I yelled to Yell to smell you later I looked at my kingdom I was finally There sit on my Throne as the prince of Bel Air So to kind of recap that real quick I Think the order of the best sounding Mics go three four five two one with the Uh epos h3x and the Corsair hs65 being a Close one and two I think the epos has More sound Clarity overall uh that Number three would be the Nova one from Steelseries and for remember the four And five spots uh in this order would Have to go to the wireless ones with the Sony H9 and then the Nova Pro Wireless You can obviously tell compared to the Wired ones Wireless takes a bit of a Hint of the sound quality which is a Bummer that the one and two uh slots on This list have the worst sounding mics Uh so yeah figure it still do a little Sound tests for you guys all like that

Back to back to back to back to back so You can hear how they sound in Comparison all at the same time So guys that’ll wrap it up for this Video of the top five gaming headsets From 2022 hope you enjoyed like I said If you want to check them out I’ll have Them all listed for you in the Description down below if you like this Video give it a big thumbs up show your Support feel free to follow me on Twitter at randomfrankp and last if you Haven’t already hit that subscribe Button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day


A gaming headset is an essential accessory for gamers who want to get the full immersive experience when playing their favorite games. A good gaming headset can make all the difference in terms of sound quality, comfort, and durability. With so many options available on the market, it can be challenging to find the right one that fits your needs. In this article, we’ll review the best 5 gaming headsets for 2022 to help you find the perfect headset for your gaming needs.

The Best Gaming Headsets

  1. SteelSeries Arctis 9: The SteelSeries Arctis 9 is a wireless gaming headset that provides excellent sound quality and comfort. It has a long battery life of up to 20 hours, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power during long gaming sessions. The Arctis 9 also has a retractable microphone that you can easily hide when not in use.

  2. HyperX Cloud II: The HyperX Cloud II is a traditional wired gaming headset that has been popular for years and still remains one of the best gaming headsets for 2022. It has a comfortable design that won’t hurt your ears, even during extended gaming sessions. The Cloud II also delivers excellent sound quality, with 7.1 surround sound that will help you hear enemies and other players clearly.

  3. Logitech G935: If you’re looking for a wireless gaming headset that has a long battery life and excellent sound quality, the Logitech G935 is a great choice for you. It has a 10-hour battery life, and the 7.1 surround sound makes it easy to hear every sound in your game. The G935 also has customizable RGB lighting that you can adjust to match your gaming setup.

  4. Razer Kraken Ultimate: The Razer Kraken Ultimate is a wired gaming headset that has excellent sound quality and an immersive gaming experience. The Kraken Ultimate has THX Spatial Audio that delivers pinpoint accuracy and high-quality sound. It also has a noise-canceling microphone that will help you communicate with your teammates without any interference.

  5. Astro A50: The Astro A50 is a high-end wireless gaming headset that provides excellent sound quality and comfort. It has a long battery life of up to 15 hours and delivers a truly immersive gaming experience. The A50 also has a noise-canceling microphone that will help you communicate with other players clearly.


Choosing the right gaming headset is crucial for any serious gamer. The SteelSeries Arctis 9, HyperX Cloud II, Logitech G935, Razer Kraken Ultimate, and Astro A50 are all great options for 2022. They are comfortable, have excellent sound quality, and are durable enough to last through extended gaming sessions. By investing in the right gaming headset, you’ll be able to enjoy a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.


  1. What is the most important feature to look for in a gaming headset?
  • The sound quality and comfort are the two most important features to look for in a gaming headset.
  1. Can wireless gaming headsets provide the same sound quality as wired headsets?
  • Yes, some wireless gaming headsets provide excellent sound quality that matches wired headsets.
  1. How important is the microphone quality in a gaming headset?
  • The microphone quality is an essential feature to look for in a gaming headset, especially if you plan on playing multiplayer games and communicating with other players.
  1. Are gaming headsets compatible with consoles?
  • Yes, most gaming headsets are compatible with consoles as well as PC.
  1. How much should I spend on a gaming headset?
  • There are good gaming headsets available for a wide range of budgets. It is recommended to invest in a quality headset that will last for years.

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