Discover 10 Awesome Tech Gadgets for Under $50 in March!

By | March 5, 2022

If you’re on the hunt for some exciting tech gadgets that won’t break the bank, then you’re in luck! In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 10 amazing gadgets that you can buy for under $50 this March. From smart home devices to wireless headphones, there’s something on this list for everyone. So, get ready to discover some cool and affordable tech gadgets that you won’t want to miss!

Looking for some new gadgets? Good, check out some cool tech under $50!
• Minimalist Wallet:
• Dot Smart Card:
• Topo Novelty Keycap: code ”RFP” for $5 off!
• Deep Sea Keycaps: code ”RFP” for $5 off!
• Cololight Mix:
• Vlogging Tripod:
• RGB Camera Light:

Lots off cool stuff today. So first up if you want to upgrade your old fat wallet, the Fidelo minimal wallet is a great Ekster Wallet alternative for a fraction of the price! It can hold 7 cards, including something I really dig, the Dot card. Dot is a smart business card that uses NFC to transfer all your info and social media! How about that gaming setup? Need something for your keyboard? Both the topographic novelty key and the Deep Sea Topographic keycap sets will be the perfect fit for any teal lover out there. Man oh man. The Cololight Mix is another RGB addition for your setup. Smack them on your wall, desk, PC anywhere to add that pop and glow. Then lastly if you’re into vlogging, the Ulanzi mini tripod has it all; a ball head, hotshoe mount, and a telescopic head to widen the shot! All cool tech, all under $50. Except the keycaps. But buy them anyways 😉

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My Setup Gear!
My Camera Gear:
• BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro Camera:
• BMPCC 6k Camera:
• Sigma 18-35 Lens:
• Sigma 50mm:
• Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:

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0:00 Intro & Giveaway!
0:45 3-in-1 Minimal Wallet
2:00 Dot Smart Card
3:00 Topo Novelty Keycap
4:09 Deep Sea Keycap Set shoutout
5:05 Cololight MIX
7:14 Vlogging Mini Tripod
8:48 RGB Camera Light

What’s up guys i’m random frank p back With another episode of cool tech under 50 for march the series we show off some Of the best tech you can find under that Price point so you’re not breaking the Bank if you see anything you like today I’ll have it all listed for you in the Description down below so you can check It out but also shout out to last Month’s winners i’ve been in contact With you from february’s episode so you Can claim your tech and if you want to Win something from today all you have to Do is drop a thumbs up down below leave A comment on your favorite item and why You like it why you find it useful but Also make sure you’re subscribed i’m Only going to pick subscribers in which Only about 30 percent of you are so hit That sub button as well now first up i’m Always trying to find a nice minimal and Clean looking wallet Came across this three-in-one from Fidello you have a separate metal card Holder a leather sleeve for it plus an Included money clip you can use them Separately or all together i have it Here in the rustic brown leather color Way they have it in a bunch of different Colors on amazon so you can pick Whatever one matches your style now it’s Very sleek which is what i like it’s Only 13 millimeters when it’s fully Stacked up and the way it works is it

Has this spring-loaded trigger on the Bottom pretty much when you press it all Your cards will lift up in an ascending Order so you can see which card is which On the top slot you can hold up to five Cards but also on the leather sleeve you Can hold a card on each side so seven in Total plus if you want to use it with The included cash band which it comes With two different styles and there’s Five different cash bans included that Can hold up to ten bills so again seven Cards in total ten bills in total it’s Like four and a half by two and a half So it’s nice sleek and slim 100 rfid Blocking for me personally checking off All the boxes definitely a pretty good Consideration if you’re looking for a New everyday carry sleek and minimal Wallet like i mentioned there’s like 10 Different colors of leather that it Comes in you can also get it in nylon as Well so the choice is yours for just Around 40 bucks Now another thing you may have noticed Is one of the cards i’m using in here is Called a dot card this little card is Like a smart business card if you will And with the whole dot platform you can Pretty much load up all your info social Media email websites contact info all That stuff whenever you meet somebody or Instead of exchanging a physical Business card all you have to do is tap

Your dot card to their phone and it’ll Instantly pull up your digital dot Portfolio pretty much it gives them all That info for you and what’s really cool Is there’s no app required you don’t Have to download anything and when You’re setting it up you don’t even have To manually link your social media all You do is just put in your handle and It’ll do it all for you and the cards Are only 20 bucks so nice and affordable You can get them in like red white green Blue black you can make your own custom Ones they also have dedicated like these Nfc chips pretty much you could use as Well but i think the card is just a Really cool business card equivalent That you can share all your info with Instantly with just one tap to their Phone Now next is the personal project and Collaboration that i’m super pumped About you may have seen it on the Channel already but you guys know i love My keycaps love the custom keyboards and I teamed up with casper keys to make These really cool aluminum artisan caps And a nice topo themed some artisan Keycaps can run you anywhere from like 50 to 150 dollars casper keys and i Teamed up to create these aluminum ones With a nice etched in topo pattern to it We’re only charging 35 bucks plus code Rfp at checkout will bring it down an

Extra five dollars for you you can get It in this teal color way or black as Well for the more neutral user it’s your Cherry r1 profile keycap uh the teal Ones here are also custom cerakoted and It’ll fit any mx style stem so odds are Your keyboard will be just fine whether You have razer key switches cherry kale Gatorado temiu all of them you’ll be Fine so again some nice little accent Piece you can add to your keyboard if You want it in black pick that up but of Course the teal here looking great on Our custom nk 65 entry keyboard that i Collab with with novel keys few years Back already so a perfect addition you May be noticing uh we have custom topo Theme keycaps on here as well These are 75 bucks so not under 50 but These also just launched through the Deep sea topographic keycaps from Control t keys also teamed up with them Recently we just put these keycaps out In his entire Full base deepsea topographic keycap set We also added an iso kit as well your All-in-one complete base set for you Guys again also not going to break the Bank some gmk sets are like 150 to 200 These 80 but again code rfp at checkout Would knock it down an extra five Dollars i mean come on tell me this Combo here isn’t looking awesome Definitely a big fan again the keycaps

Aren’t under 50 but the novelty topo Keycap is all down below for you guys if You want to check it out Now also just in the channel i created An rgb sort of accent wall Over there behind me as you can probably See we have a pretty crazy looking rgb Display going on and it’s made entirely With these cola light mix panels so i Figured this would also be a pretty good Fit for the series each panel is 45 Dollars however you can get extension Panels which are just 30. so think of Like the 45 dollar one as like the Brains that’s the core panel then each One you add to it is the 30 extension You can also get a three pack for just Around 90. i think they’re pretty cool Looking they’re five by five inches you Have that nice circular rgb glow in the Middle you can sync them all up in the App and have different effects going on Static colors how to pulse the music With the built-in microphone you know The idea with these crazy rgb things but As you can see i have it in this massive Rectangular sort of collage over the Entertainment setup and it just looks Pretty cool as this rgb accent wall They’re also magnetic so if you have Like a a peg board you can stick them on To there but you can also get pretty Creative with them they can be powered One of three ways either usb a battery

Or a wall adapter if you’re going to be Hooking up a few of these like i did and They all come with these 3m adhesive if You want to just stick it to your wall Directly if you want like put it behind Your monitors get some crazy sort of you Know accent collage going on as well Make some cool shapes the ball is all in Your court now i’ve also seen these at The people’s desk setups like physically On the desk for certain display pieces Like if you want to just maybe set your Mouse on it you can do that i’ve also Seen people use this as like a watch Display i’ve seen a lot of people put Their pop figures on this just to add That extra rgb glow because again you Can use these wirelessly if you want to Power them with a battery just a lot of Cool versatility you get with these cola Light mix panels that’s why i really Like them you don’t have to buy a bunch Of them you can add just a few to your Desk or a few behind your monitors or Your wall just to give it some extra pop And glow so again i did an entire vlog Yesterday on the channel if you want to Check out the whole process of how i Created the accent wall but some pretty Cool stuff again the actual physical Core panel is 40 bucks each extension is 30 or you can pick up a three pack but Either way it’s under 50 And speaking of that vlog i’ve done a

Lot more vlogging lately mainly because Of how convenient this ulanzi mini Tripod is there’s a lot of stuff going On it might sound boring but it’s Definitely pretty cool and useful so First up that’s a tripod obviously it’s Going to hold your camera has the legs That pop out but that’s nothing special There is a built-in ball head very Convenient for you know orienting your Camera and angling it in certain Directions you have a built-in hot shoe On the side also great for like i have Here adding a light if your current hot Shoe is occupied on your camera like Where i have the mic so you get that Added extra hot shoe but also you have The telescoping pretty much boom head Built into the tripod itself so you can Get some nice depth and separation in Your shots to really distance yourself And you know make the field of view Wider and that’s just not something you Typically see on these mini tripods now It is plastic so keep that in mind in Terms of the actual durability i haven’t Had any issues but it’s also going to Mean it’s lighter in return which is Going to be great for when you’re Bringing it with you on the go for your Vlogs i have it in white just to match My sony zv1 you can also get it in black If you prefer but really the main reason I picked this up and went with this is

Because of that hot shoe which might Seem like you know an afterthought but It’s a really nice bonus maybe your Camera doesn’t have a hot shoe mount on It or maybe it’s gonna be blocked by a Flip up screen or something you can add Your mic to the side of here or like i Have an extra light but the telescoping Head is just definitely what sold it for Me getting that depth and separation is Clutch especially if you don’t have a Really wide angle lens when you’re Vlogging this will give you that depth So the mini vlogging tripod is only 20 Bucks which is definitely a pretty good Price for this and also in case you’re Wondering this little light cube which Is going to be you know the main purpose Of this is to fill in those shadows if You don’t have a lot of light in your Current situation when you’re vlogging This guy was also 20 bucks and not only Can you control the actual you know Lighting color temperature and stuff but It’s got full rgb you can do the rgb Rainbow and stuff add some extra colors Add some extra pop to whatever you’re Shooting or filming it’s got great Battery life this also has three hot Shoes built in for more mounting slots It charges with usbc you control all of It on the back these little buttons There very convenient and it’s magnetic So again when it comes to being creative

You want to mount this somewhere for Some extra color spill in your shots This light’s got your back for just 20 Bucks as well So really for 40 bucks this duo will Definitely do a lot to improve your Vlogs And guys that’ll wrap it up for this Episode of cool tech under fifty dollars For march hope you all enjoyed if you Did give this video a big thumbs up to Show your support and like i said Everything you saw today be listed for You in the description down below in Case you want to check it out Feel free to hit me up and follow me on Twitter at randomfrankp and last if you Haven’t already hit that subscribe Button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day [Music] You


In today’s society, technology is a part of our daily lives. With new gadgets being released every month, it can be difficult to keep up with the constant innovation in the tech industry. However, with the development of affordable and accessible technology, it’s easier for all to experience the benefits of these gadgets. In this article, we’ll be exploring ten awesome tech gadgets available for under $50 in March. Stay tuned and see how you can enhance your daily life with these cost-effective tech gadgets.

1. Wireless Earbuds

Are you tired of tangled earphone wires confining you to your device? Get yourself a pair of wireless earbuds. These earbuds provide high-quality sound without any wires to hold you back. With the latest technology, these devices offer wireless Bluetooth connectivity, noise-canceling features, and long battery life. Plus, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

2. Portable Charger

Ever find yourself out and about, your phone running low on battery? A portable charger is the solution. A portable charger allows you to charge on the go, making sure you never run out of battery when you’re out. These portable chargers are sleek, lightweight, and have massive charging capacities. Beating the stress of an empty battery never felt so good.

3. Smart Plug

Smart plugs provide a convenient solution to remotely controlling your devices. These devices allow you to connect multiple outlets to your Wi-Fi, providing control to your devices via an app on your mobile device. At any given time, you can use your phone to turn on and off any devices connected to a smart plug. You can even set schedules to turn on/off the device on specific days or times.

4. Phone Camera Lens

If you like taking pictures with your phone, a phone camera lens can provide an upgrade to your photos. These lenses attach to the lens of your phone camera and provide features such as wide-angle lenses or macro lenses. With these lenses, you can take breathtaking pictures that were once only possible with high-end cameras.

5. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker is a useful gadget for anyone who loves music and outdoor activities. These devices provide high-quality sound and are water-resistant, making them perfect for use by the beach or pool. You can connect them to your device via Bluetooth, making them a wireless and affordable option for entertainment.

6. Gaming Mouse

Do you love playing games on your PC? Get yourself a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse offers a high level of precision and accuracy. They are customizable, have built-in lighting features, and enable you to improve your gaming experience like never before.

7. Fitness Tracker

Are you looking for an affordable way to track your fitness? A fitness tracker is the perfect solution. These devices provide features such as tracking your heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned. Some trackers also come with apps that enable you to track your fitness goals and provide progress reports to keep you motivated.

8. USB Mini Fridge

Are you tired of getting up from your computer to get a cold drink? A USB mini fridge is the answer. These tiny refrigerators can be plugged into your computer’s USB port and keep drinks cold while you work. A perfect gadget for late-night gamers and hardworking professionals alike.

9. AirPod Case

If you already own AirPods, why not enhance their protection with an AirPod case? These cases offer protective features and come in a variety of colors, making them a perfect fashion accessory for your AirPods.

10. Universal Remote

Are you tired of having multiple remotes to control your devices? A universal remote can control all your devices with just one device. These gadgets are affordable and easy to use. You can program them to control your TV, sound system, and other devices, making them a hassle-free solution for your home entertainment system.


In conclusion, with the advancements in technology, it’s easier than ever to find affordable and accessible tech gadgets that can improve your daily life. From wireless earbuds to gaming mice, there’s a gadget for everyone in the market. The ten tech gadgets listed above are both affordable and high-quality, making them cost-effective solutions for any tech enthusiast; you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy these gadgets!


Q1. Are these tech gadgets reliable?
A1. Absolutely! These gadgets are high-quality and have a proven track record of reliability.

Q2. Are there any warranties?
A2. It depends on the gadget you buy. Most come with a one-year warranty, but you should always check before purchase.

Q3. Where can I buy these gadgets?
A3. You can buy most of these gadgets on Amazon, eBay, or other major online shopping sites.

Q4. Can I charge my portable charger with a USB cable?
A4. Yes, most portable chargers come with a USB cable and can be charged via a USB port.

Q5. How long do wireless earbuds last?
A5. It depends on the brand and model, but most wireless earbuds offer up to 5-8 hours of playtime on a single charge.

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