Creating Custom Keycaps: Our Experience

By | February 22, 2022

As enthusiasts of mechanical keyboards, we know that customized keycaps can make all the difference in the aesthetics and feel of your typing experience. That’s why we decided to embark on a journey to create our own custom keycaps. In this blog post, we’ll share our experience with you and give you some tips and tricks we learned along the way. So, if you’re a keyboard enthusiast looking to add a personal touch to your setup, read on and join us in the world of custom keycap creation!

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What’s up guys i’m random frank p and Today i am super pumped to show off and Reveal my collaboration with control t Keys with their deepsea topographic Keycap set this is something i am Extremely happy for because visually This fits in with my aesthetic and Branding a hundred percent and you guys Know this is just so my style and also This is the perfect pairing literally With our novel keys and random frank p Nk65 keyboard that will be revealed at The end of 2020. so current owners of That keyboard are going to find this is A match made in heaven if you want to Pick this up but as you saw in the intro This isn’t limited to just the nk65 this Could go on pretty much any keyboard you Have you saw it on a black keyboard a White keyboard different colors of the Nk65 you have a bloomin one the atomic Purple smoke clear if you’ve got a Polycarbonate keyboard rgb keyboard These keycaps are going to look great Depending on what board or color you may Have so a little bit more about the set Itself they’re a thick pbt plastic they Come in at 1.5 millimeters thick versus The standard like 1.1 to 1.2 millimeters Thickness on other keycaps that’s out There and a very important fact about These is this set uses a special Five-sided dye sublimation printing Method that makes sure that the legends

And the topographic print on all five Sides is nice and clear and crisp and it Avoids any of that sort of like ink Fading off again which you’ll see on Other keycap sets but not here all five Sides crisp also with the thickness You’ll see on an rgb keyboard the light Does not physically shine through the Keys sort of like you know leaking and Bleeding through typically when you see That it’s like a dead giveaway that that Keycap set is a very thin plastic but Again here they’re nice and thick Another really cool sort of feature to These keycap sets is how the actual Topographic print is spanned across the Entire keyboard in unison meaning it’s Not just randomly done you will see the Topographic lines continue and go across The entire keyboard as it flows from Keycap to keycap the design is Consistent so as a little bonus since This keycaps is a collaboration with Control teas you get a little extra Special novelty key inside the box with My logo on the teal escape key now if You hate me you hate the channel you Just like topographic keycaps don’t Worry there’s a regular escape key Inside the box you have a teal one and Sort of like the dark indigo navy print One as well and i say like deep navy Deep indigo to the eyes but if you’re Curious about like you know the pantones

And the hex codes have that here for you As well so you could get a better idea Of how this will visually match with the Rest of your setup or your current Keyboard now in terms of like final Packaging and stuff since that’s still Being completed this set here is a Pre-production unit so don’t mind the Plastic that it’s in but when you get it Unboxed you’ll see this is a full base Keycap set compatible with 60 65 75 80 tkl and a full size keyboard you Can check the website for the full Compatibility list there now full Disclosure i pretty much had nothing to Do with the creation of these keycaps i Discovered ctrl t on instagram i saw the Early renders and the mock-up fell in Love reached out to him and we’ve kind Of been collabing over the past few Months to bring this day to you guys Again you don’t have to own our special Nk 65 keyboard but with the topographic Vinyl print on the bottom and just the Color way it’s the perfect pairing you Could still pick these up on novel keys Right now i’ll have it down below for You guys if you want to still check it Out all right so before we move on Because there’s still some things to go Over we’re gonna do a sound test because Why not right it’s what we do with Keyboard videos In this nk 65 unit we have the limited

Edition special to these nk65 keyboards These are midnight jade so a nice thick Clicky switch And also limited to our nk 65s i have Here in the kikron q2 which looks great In this blue colorway we have the Emerald silks So clicky and linear You Man oh man all right so when can you get Your hands on them Literally when can you Get these Good news is unlike a gmk keycap set Which you have to wait 18 to 26 months For these are shipping this year In fact this summer with an estimated Date of july so you can put a pre-order Now and get them by summertime which is Awesome again you don’t have to wait two Years And the pricing is 79.99 However to save you guys some money if You use code rfp at checkout you’ll save Five bucks i just can’t stress enough How excited i am to bring this fantastic Looking keycap set to you guys after Really personally wanting something like This For years Now it doesn’t end there you might have Seen in some shots there’s also a Specialty novelty key you might have Picked up on and that’s my second

Collaboration for you guys today with Casper keys this is a perfectly color Matched topographic aluminum keycap if You’re familiar with like different Artisan keycaps and stuff this actual 3d Topographic print is physically cut into The aluminum itself so you can feel the Print is yet another way that you could Take your keyboard to the next level Visually and as you can see it’s just Again you would think we made this all Together right you would think it was me Novel keys casper keys and ctrl t keys All in a room but this is three separate Collaborations that come together in Just perfect harmony and like gmk sets Artisan keycaps can cost you an arm and A leg anywhere from you know 40 to 100 plus dollars especially when It comes to metal keycaps like this Which is aluminum however we’re not Gonna kill you it’s thirty five dollars And again at checkout code rfp will save You five bucks and that also counts if You want to pick up their black Topographic novelty keycap they sell Them in the teal colorway and the black One right now as well so bringing the Collaboration trifecta all together from Ctrl t keys the deepsea topographic Keycap set from casper keys the color Match topographic aluminum novelty key And from novel keys we have the random Frank p and novel keys nk65 entry with

The sort of midnight green teal Topographic keyboard case Guys i’m very excited i hope you are too All the links will be listed for you in The description down below so you can Check them out pick them up if you’re Interested let me know your thoughts i’d Love to hear some feedback from you guys And if you get this trifecta please send Me all the photos i would love to see Your desktop with this keyboard That’ll wrap it up hope you enjoyed i’m Random frank p have a good day

Creating Custom Keycaps: Our Experience


Are you tired of the boring keycaps on your keyboard? Do you want to showcase your personality with a unique touch to the keys you use every day? Custom keycaps are your solution! In this article, we will share our personal experience of creating our own custom keycaps and provide you with all the necessary information that you may need to create yours.

What are Custom Keycaps?

Custom keycaps are special keycaps that you can put on your keyboard to personalize it. You can choose from a range of colors, patterns, and designs that match your personality and style. These keycaps could be made of various materials like plastic, metal, or wood. The customization possibilities are endless.

Benefits of Custom Keycaps:

Custom keycaps are not only a way to personalize your keyboard but also offer other benefits like:

  • Improved typing accuracy
  • Enhanced typing experience and comfort
  • Added aesthetics appeal
  • Better durability and longer lifespan than standard keycaps

Now that you know what custom keycaps are and their benefits let’s dive into our experience of creating some.

Our Experience of Creating Custom Keycaps

Materials Needed:

  • Two-part silicone mold making kit
  • Epoxy resin
  • Pigment dye
  • Mixing cups and stirrers
  • Keycap set
  • Disposable gloves

Step 1: Making the Mold

We first started by making a mold using the two-part silicone mold making kit. We chose a keycap that we wanted to replicate in bulk. We mixed the silicone and poured it into a measuring cup. Then, we put the keycap into the measuring cup, making sure it was completely submerged in the silicone. We waited for the silicone to cure before removing the keycap. We repeated this step until we had enough molds to make as many keycaps as we wanted.

Step 2: Mixing the Epoxy Resin

Once we had our molds ready, we mixed the epoxy resin in a clean mixing cup. We added pigment dye to the mixture to give the keycaps the color of our choice.

Step 3: Pouring the Resin

We poured the resin mixture into the silicone molds and waited for the mixture to cure.

Step 4: Removing Keycaps from the Molds

After the resin had cured, we removed the keycaps from the molds. We sanded and polished the keycaps to remove any rough edges and give them a glossy finish.

Step 5: Installing New Keycaps

Finally, we removed the original keycaps from our keyboard, replaced them with our custom keycaps, and admired our beautiful creation.


Creating custom keycaps is an exciting and creative activity that allows you to personalize your keyboard and showcase your personality. Although the process may seem complicated, it’s relatively simple with the right materials and steps. With customized keycaps, you can improve your keyboard aesthetic appeal and enhance your typing experience.


  1. Which material is the best for making custom keycaps?
    The best material for custom keycaps is subjective and depends on personal preference and budget. Some commonly used materials are plastic, metal, wood, and resin.

  2. Can I use any keycaps to make molds?
    Yes, you can use any keycap to make a mold. It’s better to use keycaps that are easy to find and replaceable.

  3. Can I use my molds multiple times?
    Yes, you can use your molds multiple times until they become worn out or damaged. Make sure you clean your molds and dry them properly before your next use.

  4. Can I add designs to my keycaps before molding them?
    Yes, you can add designs to your keycaps using vinyl stickers or a laser printer. You can also hand paint your keycaps using a paintbrush and acrylic paint.

  5. How do I maintain my custom keycaps?
    To keep your keycaps in good condition, avoid using harsh chemicals to clean them and use a microfiber cloth to clean regularly. Also, avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.

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