An In-Depth Review of NZXT Function Keyboard: Discovering its Pros, Cons and Flaws

By | March 18, 2022

Welcome to our in-depth review of the NZXT Function Keyboard. In this post, we will be diving into the pros, cons, and flaws of this highly popular keyboard from NZXT. As a content writer with expertise in SEO, I will provide a thorough analysis of the performance, design, and features of this keyboard, helping you decide if it’s worth investing in. So, sit back, relax, and let’s find out everything you need to know about the NZXT Function Keyboard.

NZXT just dropped a new lineup of gaming keyboards, the Function, available in full-sized, TKL, and MiniTKL. Let’s check it all out; the good, the bad, and the ugly in this review of the NZXT Function keyboard.
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0:00 NZXT Function Keyboard
1:02 NZXT Function MiniTKL Overview
5:10 The Bad
7:13 The UGLY
7:45 Sound Test
9:12 NZXT CAM software
12:19 BLD Keyboard configurator
14:23 Final Thoughts

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What’s up guys i’m random frank p and Today we’re gonna be checking out the Nzxt dysfunction You get it now we’re gonna be reviewing The brand new nzxt function keyboard Yeah that didn’t sort of spoil it for You this is interesting because this is Really nzxt’s first shot at gaming Peripherals with releasing a mouse and a New lineup of keyboards with their Function lineup so In this review we’re gonna go over it All the good the bad And the ugly Your mom real quick though we’ll do like A general overviews and get an idea of What the function entails so they are Releasing three options with a full-size Layout for those of you still living in The 90s a tkl which you can say have in White whereas the full size was in black For their two colors then their mini tkl Which is a nice and compact 88 key Layout keyboard this one’s definitely my Favorite of the bunch so i’m gonna focus On this one by the way comment down Below what’s your go-to size for a Keyboard do you like full are you a tkl 60 65 drop it down below i’m very Curious i’m typically a tkl fan myself With this really nice compact mini tkl Version they released i think is a great Way of getting those extra keys and Functions here but in that smaller form

Factor in terms of pricing for all three The full is 150 tkl 130 and then mini Tkl 120. yeah so again we’re gonna focus On this going forward but we’ll still Touch on the other two now this one as You can see is in their gray color way Which is only available through their Build program we’ll touch on that in a Little bit because that’s actually very Important to these function keyboards When it comes to costs and stuff like That but this also is usually just Available either black or white if You’re not doing it through their build Program at least right now so at first Glance like i said it looks pretty nice Great form factor and it has some pretty Cool features that i like to see so for Example on the top left hand side of the Keyboard you have a nifty little Built-in wheel this is rubberized and Has this sort of like dot texture along To it and personally i’m always used to Seeing these volume dials or wheels on The top right hand side of the keyboard But really when you’re taking a look at It in terms of aesthetics and actual Function the left side is actually more You know it’s better that way that way When you’re typing your gaming you can Just easily do a quick swipe to the top Left hand side and it’s right there it’s Definitely more ergonomic that way then Right below that volume wheel are three

Additional buttons the top one is set as A mute button below that is the windows Lock key and then you have the rgb Button underneath this however just Released cycles between the brightness Levels and the actual rgb effects next Up both the full size and the tkl do Come with a detachable rubberized Magnetic wrist rest the design 2x sort Of has those like dots embossed into it Very on brand with their aesthetic Matches the look of like their capsule Microphone and the h1 pc but yeah only The full size and the tkl had that Included and before we move on just real Quick going over the rest of the general Overview here we do have n key rollover A nice aluminum top plate on the Keyboard so there’s no flex or creaking Or anything it’s built pretty nice for The most part the bottom is plastic but You do have two flip out feet in each Corner with two different modes of Elevation and then rubber pads on the Corners as well it doesn’t slide around On your desktop and you’ll notice here With the gray keycaps we do have Accented cyan keycaps as well along with A cable but again we’re going to touch On that in a little bit when it comes to Their whole build program because that’s Where this starts to get interesting but In terms of the general overview yes now Let’s talk about the good so a more

Common feature making its way to these Gaming keyboards is the fact that this Is hot swappable included inside the box Is a key cap and a key switch puller Then with the key switch puller you just Use it on those pins at the top and Bottom of the switch and then pull out You’ll see then you have a five pin pcb It is north facing with the led up top But yes with a hot spot pcb that means If one of your key switches gets you Know damaged or broken you can easily Replace it or say you get sick of Whatever switches you have you can Obviously buy more switches experiment Try new ones out clicky tactile linear It’s all up to you put whatever switch You want inside the keyboard there is Also a layer of foam underneath the Plate and sandwiched between the pcb That’ll help with the overall acoustics Of the keyboard because again top plates Aluminum bottom plates plastic so there Is you know room for some pinging and Stuff also depending on your switch Obviously but that layer of foam will Cut that down slightly now you can see Here i do have gatter on ink switches in This keyboard that’s the way i have it Configured through their build program However in a big however all keyboards Whether the full size tkl or mini tkl Stock will come with gatter on reds Unless you go through their build

Program i’ve touched on it a lot don’t Worry we’re gonna address the build Program coming up next up the bottom row Here is standard so if you want to pick Up your own custom keycap set or Anything you’ll have no problems in Terms of compatibility and believe it or Not a standard bottom row has been a Thing in the gaming keyboard realm for a While now that’s been sort of a hard Thing to come by so that’s why i’m Putting it in the good here even though I just touched on it i’ll include it Again here for the good segment that Volume wheel is definitely nice to see Always a great addition to a keyboard Including those three buttons on the Left side now let’s talk about the bad Starting with their keycaps so stock They come with shine through abs keycaps Stop me if you heard this before unless You upgrade the pbt through their build Program so with those stock abs shine Through keycaps they just are those Typical gaming keycaps that i feel like I’ve seen a hundred times on any random Keyboard from amazon they’re like tacky Almost they will pick up any sort of Fingerprint or smudge or just anything That’s on your fingers will wind up on These keycaps and it’ll just be a Complete eyesore if you’re anal and ocd In any way about keeping things clean These keycaps are gonna just be a

Nightmare and then again on my gray mini Tkl version i have color matched gray Keycaps with the cyan accents these are Textured pbt much much nicer but again They come as an upgrade through the Build program take a shot every time i Mention that next up on the list of bad Is the rgb is very very dull especially On the gray and the black version yes While you have the shine through keycaps It’ll be more apparent there since the Led on the pcb is like i said north Facing but just the overall effects Don’t have that extra pop to them like We’ve seen from other keyboards it’ll Definitely be a bit brighter on the White version obviously because it’s Bouncing off the inside of the keycap And then reflecting onto that white top Plate making it appear brighter just the Leds themselves really aren’t that Bright continuing with our bad list Remember how i mentioned before the full Size and the tkl come with a detachable Rubberized magnetic wrist rest nice But we do not get that at all with the Mini tkl not even if there’s not one Included the bottom lip here isn’t even Magnetic so they took out any future Possibility of releasing a small wrist Rest for it um or even just using one of These with it because they took out the Magnets they went that extra step to not Include

Magnets That’s bizarre Now The ugly these stabilizers Yikes They are not lubed not in any way shape Or form not only that but the Stabilizers are plate mounts so in Reality you know they’re on that top Plate giving just more room for them to Rattle and have that higher pitch Resonance in which these definitely do So right now i’m going to do too many Sound tests for you guys one with the Mini tkl and my black ink switches as Well as the tkl version with the stock Gadaron red switches Now as we continue with the ugly segment The last two things to touch on we’re Gonna head back to the desk setup show You on the pc their cam software and Which is how you control the rgb the Macros all that stuff with their Keyboards as well as possibly the Ugliest they’re build program Okay so now we are inside nzxt cam which I’m sure many of you aren’t happy about As it is but we only have two tabs here Lighting and remapping keys that’s it in Terms of changing up your rgb you do Have solid gradient color shifting Pulsing a marquee a wave or an off one Thing i do like is that it does show you In real time what the effect would be so

That’s nice to see so you have those Color options uh speed and rgb Brightness control as well as if you Want to add like a reactive effect like You know rippling when you type on a key Fading out that kind of stuff but very Simple in terms of the layout here for This However let’s go to the remap keys and This is a disaster so the way you want To remap a key is not by going to the Keyboard over here and hovering on it or Clicking on it nothing this entire Keyboard over here is useless the way You remap a key is by going in this very Small Box on the left side and finding the new Key that you want it to be remapped to So numbers keys special it’s all right Here This is just useless on the right side So for example i’ll show you real quick How you actually do it say i want to Remap something as escape you click on It and then drag it over onto the key That you want it to be which does make Finding the right key or function uh Very tedious However note real quick You cannot rebind the volume wheel or Any of the three buttons on the left Side here there’s no drag and drop Option really which also means this Volume wheel is always a volume wheel

Not a scroll up and down or not a zoom In and out always volume Another annoying thing is going back to The lighting tab real quick there’s no Way to change the rgb other than right Here in cam when you go to remap keys There’s no rgb effect one two three four Five whatever there’s nothing like that In here and just to show you if you type Rgb because they do have a search Function since it is so tedious as it is There is no rgb macro that you can Assign onto the keyboard to change up The functions there’s nothing saved on The board it’s all in the software which Is insane we are not in 2014 anymore That’s mind-blowing Also uh what the hell is this nzxt key Over here it does nothing when i when i Press on the keyboard it does nothing Function nzxt does nothing so okay let Me just real quick type in nzxt oh Here’s the key Uh only thing i can do is remap it but What does it do it doesn’t actually tell Me what this button does so it’s just Very Very ugly like this needs to be updated This whole drag and drop over here is so Old and outdated and not user friendly At all let me do that right here on the Actual keyboard by pressing on the Keyboard the new key i want it to be Just anything other than this outdated

Mess speaking of a mess let’s head over And check out Ah yes the build Program here so you know in terms of the Layout it’s it’s nice i’m not talking About that that’s you know ugly it’s the Whole process so you can go in and pick Between whether you want to customize The mini tkl the 10 keyless or the full Size what we’re going to do is just make My configuration so you can pick between Black gray Or white it is a little sluggish when You’re going through and picking the Color options and stuff so gray and ansi Or iso and you have your key switches Here five between gadoran blue Brown red as well as gather on elias Silent or the gather on black silent Inks one thing i like is you’ll notice They have a little sound test which is Nice you can get a general idea of how That switch is gonna sound before you Buy it but again i have the black inks So we’re gonna add those For a 70 Premium Wow just that is a massive surcharge for These Anyways going over uh black pbt upgraded Keycaps we have gray so we’re going to Pick that and then your accented options Between blue cyan which we have purple Red or yellow so

You can pick between whatever you want Here as well as a matching cable as you Can see here they have a straight button But not a coiled one which i assume Would be an option later on down the Line or else this straight button Wouldn’t be here for 10 bucks each nzxt Meet us halfway make it 15 and just Include both the color options like if i Pick cyan keycaps give us a cyan cable Just meet us halfway ten dollars for Each is pretty dumb then a ten dollar Charge for the assembly service so we’re Going to hit next and let’s see nope i Don’t want your new mouse right now Don’t want any of your mouse pads and Here is the cost breakdown bringing us To 220 Dollars That is Wow just way Way too much money for this and remember Their full size was 30 bucks more than This as it is so this would be near 250. This is just insane So at the end of the day nzxt is just Leaving me scratching my head and i Don’t have dermatitis the best one here Out of the three i would say is the mini Tkl because of the compact form factor And i really like the volume wheel on The left side but this is not a feature Worthy enough of giving it a redeeming Quality in the end making it worth the

Price of 120 For the stock version Now if this keyboard with the gatter on Inks gray pbt keycaps color accented Keycaps and cable were all 120 then yes It would definitely be worth it but not As it’s configured here over 200 dollars That’s insane absolutely insane Considering the custom keyboard market Is getting more budget friendly and more Open to consumers for around that price You could have a much better gaming Keyboard or custom keyboard for that 200 Price point versus this And nzxt isn’t even targeting the custom Keyboard community if you’re in that Realm they’re not targeting you at all They’re just targeting gamers which is Why they have their build program where They can build it not you But just charging over two hundred Dollars For The minor upgrades you get which should Already be stock No No nzxt It’s just a big miss which is why i said In the beginning Nzxt Dysfunction Regardless if you want to check it i’ll Have it listed for you in the Description down below but yeah guys

That’ll wrap it up my review of the nzxt Function keyboard hope you enjoyed if You did you appreciate the brutal Honesty give this video a big thumbs up Show your support feel free to follow me On twitter at randomfrankp at last if You haven’t already hit that subscribe Button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day

An In-Depth Review of NZXT Function Keyboard: Discovering its Pros, Cons and Flaws


When it comes to gaming peripherals, choosing the right keyboard is just as important as choosing the right mouse. It can make the difference between a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience, or missing cues and costing you the game. The NZXT Function keyboard is one of the latest offerings from the company that is well known for designing high-quality gaming equipment. This article will provide an in-depth review of the NZXT Function keyboard, highlighting its pros, cons, and flaws.

Design and Build Quality

The NZXT Function keyboard is sleek and minimalist in its design, with a matte black finish and a clean, industrial aesthetic. It’s a full-size keyboard with a standard layout, featuring a numeric keypad, arrow keys, and a dedicated section for media controls. The overall build quality is impressive, with a sturdy aluminum frame and a weight distribution that feels balanced and durable.

The keys themselves are a big selling point for the NZXT Function keyboard, with a satisfying tactile feedback on each press. The switches are custom mechanical switches made by Gateron, which are rated for up to 50 million keystrokes. The keyboard also includes a set of ABS keycaps for durability, and PBT keycaps for a smoother, more comfortable feel.


The NZXT Function keyboard comes loaded with a variety of features that cater to gamers and creative professionals alike. One of its standout features is the customizable per-key RGB lighting, which can be programmed to display over 16 million colors and 12 different effects. The lighting is fully customizable using the NZXT software, allowing you to choose between pre-set lighting modes or creating your own custom lighting designs.

Another noteworthy feature of the NZXT Function keyboard is the customizable gaming mode, which disables the Windows key and other unnecessary keys during gameplay to avoid distractions and accidental keystrokes. It also has a dedicated media control section, which includes volume controls, playback controls, and a mute button.


  • Custom mechanical switches by Gateron
  • Sturdy aluminum frame build quality
  • Per-key RGB lighting with customization options
  • Customizable gaming mode prevents distractions
  • Dedicated media controls for convenient access
  • Two sets of durable keycaps included


  • The keycaps may feel wobbly or loose
  • The software can be difficult to navigate for beginners
  • The price point is high compared to other gaming keyboards


Despite the many positive attributes of the NZXT Function keyboard, there are still a few flaws that may be concerning for some consumers. One issue is that some users have reported that the keycaps feel loose or wobbly, making typing feel less stable and less pleasant than with other keyboards. Additionally, the software can be confusing or difficult to navigate for new users, which can be frustrating if you’re not familiar with it. Finally, the price point is rather high compared to other gaming keyboards, which may make it difficult for some gamers to justify purchasing.


Overall, the NZXT Function keyboard is an impressive gaming keyboard that has a lot to offer. Its custom switches, customizable lighting, and sturdy build quality make it a great choice for gamers who demand quality and performance from their equipment. However, some may find the wobbly keycaps, tricky software, and high price point to be drawbacks. Ultimately, the decision to purchase the NZXT Function keyboard will depend on your priorities and preferences as a gamer.


  1. Does the NZXT Function keyboard work with both Mac and PC?
  • Yes, it is compatible with both Mac and PC.
  1. How do I customize the per-key RGB lighting on the NZXT Function keyboard?
  • You can customize the lighting using the NZXT software, which is available for download on their website.
  1. Are the keycaps on the NZXT Function keyboard interchangeable?
  • Yes, the keyboard comes with both ABS and PBT keycaps, which can be swapped out as needed.
  1. Is the NZXT Function keyboard wireless?
  • No, it is a wired keyboard that requires a USB connection to function.
  1. Can I program macros on the NZXT Function keyboard?
  • Yes, you can program up to 10 macros using the NZXT software, which can be assigned to any of the keys on the keyboard.

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