A Comprehensive Review of the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard

By | July 30, 2022

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard – the epitome of gaming superiority. As an avid gamer, you understand how vital your equipment is for optimal performance and playing experience. The Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro has garnered a lot of attention in recent times, and in this review, we’ll dissect and analyze every aspect of this keyboard. From its unique features, its powerful software, its design and comfort, and most importantly, its wireless capabilities, we’ll leave no stone unturned. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into what makes the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro one of the most sought-after wireless keyboards in the market today.

Razer just refreshed the loved Deathstalker keyboard line-up with a brand new Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro. This time it’s wireless, low-profile, and has optical switches! Check it all out in this review.
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[Music] What’s up guys i’m random frank p and Razer just revived the death stalker Lineup with the brand new razer death Stalker v2 pro keyboard Super slim and low profile so today We’re gonna go through it all for you Guys feature overview take a look at the Brand new switches all the good stuff You’re gonna want to know in case you’re Interested in the desktoper v2 pro Keyboard so when it comes to first Impressions mine was admittedly wrong at First because i figured you know okay Who’s gonna want another wireless Full-size keyboard but when it actually Came to you know using it and gaming With it i was really impressed with how Razer went about this keyboard taking a Look at it it definitely still has the Razer design language but now the Desktoper v2 pro comes with this really Nice low profile build you have rounded Edges and an all aluminum top plate Taking a look at some of the physical Features on the top right side of the Board we have this metal multifunctional Roller this has some nice tactile steps And just feels really nice during use Can obviously be used for like volume Control it can be remapped in synapse Now next to that is what they call a Media button tapping it is a play pause Toggle double tapping lets you skip

Songs on spotify or something then Tapping thrice will back to the previous Track now since the wireless keyboard You can connect via the hyper speed Dongle there’s also bluetooth 5.0 built In and on the back there are these three Quick buttons this lets you connect to Three devices at once at the top of one Of these quick access buttons you can Just pair and switch automatically Additionally with razer’s wireless Hyperspeed support you can connect two Different peripherals with one wireless Hyper speed dongle that lets you free up A free port on your pc they have listed On their website some of the compatible Hyper speed peripherals it’s most of Their recent wireless releases now Battery life on this is also really Impressive here they have a battery life Calculator sort of on their website with 50 brightness with the chroma spectrum Lighting you can get around 40 hours of Use and obviously if you lower the Brightness you can get close to like a Hundred hours on a single charge and That’s just crazy i’ve been gaming with This for around two weeks and i’ve yet To charge it now going along with that While we still touch on some physical Features they have a nifty battery level Indicator built into the keyboard with The indicators above the arrow keys Function and will light up with each dot

Estimating around 20 battery so it’s a Nice quick and easy way to get an Estimated reading of how much batteries Left it’s something so simple that i Haven’t seen before and i just pulled it Off perfectly keycaps used here are an Abs set they say have this ultra durable Coating they call it to prevent like Fading and that notorious shine and Honestly these hold up to their Marketing for a smoother finish they do A really good job of not showing smudges Or oils from your fingers over time now Getting into the goods underneath those Keycaps are the brand new type of switch From razer these are their low profile Optical switches it’s the same as their Previous opti-mechanicals in terms of You know how it works But with these low profile switches it’s Now like half the height so the reds That we have here are linear we’ll be Making a purple clicky switch later on Down the road but these have that same Nice silicone damping pad on the inside Like we saw in the last v2 variants so We get all the goods but now in a Smaller build they actually adjust 1.2 Millimeters with 45 grams force and a Full travel distance of just 2.8 Millimeters but what’s really Interesting about these versus other low Profile switches out there like take Chalk switches for example those low

Profile switches aren’t really Compatible with your everyday keycap set Because you have the two little prongs In the middle uh not the traditional Cherry mx stem which we still have here On these low profile optical mechanicals That means you can pick up a different Keycap set if you want to really Customize the look and it’ll still be Compatible because you have that Traditional cherry stem you can see just How small these are versus a regular Keycap it’s over a half size difference Stabilizers here really aren’t anything Special they’re not factory lubes or at Least they definitely don’t appear to be But for a keyboard with this low profile Build they don’t sound too bad so now We’ll cue up that sound test of the new Desktop v2 pro with these low profile Red linear optomechanical switches Yeah you know not too bad overall you Can definitely feel that they have that Silicone damper on the inside because When you bottom out it’s definitely a Softer feel and it’s not loud by any Means these are not the smoothest switch I’ve ever tried but i mean at the same Time for a keyboard with this build a Super small low profile switch really Can’t complain with the overall Execution here but how it feels and how It sounds so how is it for gaming and I’m happy to report all is good as an

Apex pro tkl user i’m used to those Faster switches so with here the fact That they are just physically like Almost half the size of a traditional Switch uh you definitely notice that While you’re gaming because you bottom Them out a lot easier so technically Because they have a shorter travel Distance they are going to be faster Than a traditional keyswitch also throw In the fact that they’re optical and uh Yeah you’re definitely gonna notice the Difference in terms of speed and Performance versus a traditional cherry Switch but for me during use there was No hiccups there was no lag i barely Ever used bluetooth on anything so the Whole time during my testing and gaming I was just using their hyper speed Dongle and everything felt just really Great and responsive strafing back and Forth no noticeable lag at all but again Guys it’s 2022 wireless peripherals are Pretty much as good as the wired Variants i know there’s still some Naysayers out there but the tech we have Today especially razer’s hyper speed Tech had no issues whatsoever i will say Though just due to the build of the low Profile keyboard it definitely took me a Minute to sort of readjust to this new Ergonomic form factor for my wrist Because i’m used to a full size keyboard Or full height i should say with also

Using a wrist rest so now cutting that In half pretty much as i said before it Was a bit of a change up but it’s a Really nice surprise and a really nice Feel and a really good job in terms of Execution from razer reviving this Desktop lineup so one of the last things I’ll touch on is rgb you know we got to Do it it definitely has a nice and Bright glow to the keyboard like at 100 Brightness with you know you have even Shine through on the characters and the Keycaps it’s honestly unnecessary to be That bright when you can still you know Save a good chunk of battery life at Like going 50 brightness or below so Like i said before that battery Calculator you’re much better going 50 And below it’s still the same chrome Effects we’ve had for years now nothing Really new one good thing though is you Don’t need synapse to control the Lighting function control and then one Through seven changes to the seven Effects and pressing the number key Again like a second time can do things Like cycle through colors for an effect Or even change direction so if you’ve Been a gamer for a while and you’re Familiar with the you know gaming Keyboard space you’ll notice this is Pretty much the direct competitor to Logitech g915 which i reviewed back in 2019 and it looks you know not nearly

Identical but it’s that same exact form Factor wireless low profile yes that was A really great keyboard when that Launched it was 250 Which is the same exact price that this Is launching at now you can still find The g915 for around 200 but the obvious Benefit to now having this newer desktop Or v2 pro is like i said before the Optical switches they are faster and More reliable than a traditional switch Even though they’re chalk switches and Stuff uh these are just the facts Optical is better than a traditional Switch and also the biggest complaint That i’ve always seen with the g915 is The fact that with those chalk switches You can’t use whatever keycaps that you Want so if you lose a keycap or a keycap Breaks on you your sol but now with the Traditional cherry stem in the middle You can use whatever keycaps that you Want now and again it’s faster Now for me like i said personally all Great stuff i’m much more impressed than When i first saw the the press release For this keyboard i just figured all Right it’s just another wireless Keyboard from razer um i’m very familiar With their desktop or lineup so i’m Happy they revived it but i wasn’t Pumped at first but using it seeing the Way they went about this and the overall Performance and the build i’m really

Digging what they have here however this Keyboard isn’t for me They are releasing a tkl version called The desktoper v2 pro tkl which is Obviously a tko form factor i believe That’s releasing around the holidays Don’t quote me on that but that’ll Obviously be a competitor to the Logitech g915 tkl which is a keyboard i Love and use all the time over my Entertainment setup with you know my Home theater pc and stuff over there a Nice slim wireless keyboard that i am Super pumped for razer to compete with And put out with the new optical Switches that is gonna be i think a much More worth holding out for in waiting For that version because again i have no Use for a full-size keyboard the tkl Version smaller form factor is still Gonna have the media uh button as well As the dial so uh i’m definitely pumped For that but all in all really good Things from razer here it’s leaving me More impressed than i thought i would be And like i said if you can hold out Definitely do it dkr i think to be the Way to go here So guys that’ll wrap it up for my review Of the razer desktoper v2 pro slim low Profile wireless mechanical keyboard Hope you all enjoyed if you want to Check it out i’ll have a link for you in The description down below if you like

This review give it a big thumbs up show Your support feel free to follow me on Twitter at P unless you haven’t already hit that Subscribe button Hope you all enjoyed have a good day

A Comprehensive Review of the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard


When it comes to PC gaming, the keyboard is often an overlooked component. But avid gamers know that a good keyboard can make a significant difference in their gameplay experience. One keyboard that has been grabbing the attention of the gaming community is the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard. In this review, we will take a comprehensive look at its features, design, performance, and overall value.


The Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard comes with a laundry list of features that make it stand out from the crowd. Some of its most notable features include:

  • Wireless connection with low latency.
  • Razer Chroma lighting effects with customizable options.
  • Macro recording with up to 10 customizable profiles.
  • 60 million keystroke lifespan.


The Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard has a stylish and sleek design that is sure to impress. The keyboard’s all-black color scheme and low profile keys give it a professional look that fits in well with any desktop setup. The keys themselves have a satisfying tactile feel with good feedback.

One of the most significant design features of the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard is its low profile keys. This design choice allows for faster and more comfortable typing with less strain on the wrists. The keys themselves are also backlit with Razer Chroma lighting, which has become a standard feature in Razer products.


The real test of any keyboard is its performance, and the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard does not disappoint. Thanks to its wireless connectivity, the keyboard has a near-instantaneous response time with no noticeable latency. This is a significant advantage for gamers who need precision timing and quick reflexes to remain competitive.

The Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard also features anti-ghosting technology, which means that it can register multiple simultaneous keystrokes without any delay or interference. This feature is essential for fast-paced games that require multiple inputs to execute complex moves.


The Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard is a premium product, and its price point reflects that. However, it still provides excellent value for the premium features it offers. For gamers looking for a high-quality keyboard that will last for years, the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard is an excellent investment.


In conclusion, the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard is an impressive keyboard with a sleek design, low profile keys, wireless connectivity, and Razer Chroma lighting. Its performance is top-notch, and it offers excellent value despite its premium price point. For gamers who demand the best, the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard is a solid choice.


  1. Is the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard compatible with Mac computers?

    • Yes, the keyboard is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  2. Does the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard have a built-in wrist rest?

    • No, the keyboard does not come with a built-in wrist rest.
  3. How long does the battery last on the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard?

    • The keyboard’s battery can last for up to 24 hours with the Chroma lighting effects on and up to 48 hours with them off.
  4. Can you adjust the brightness of the Chroma lighting effects on the keyboard?

    • Yes, the brightness of the lighting effects can be adjusted using the Razer Synapse software.
  5. How heavy is the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Wireless Keyboard?

    • The keyboard weighs approximately 3.5 pounds.

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