A Comprehensive Review of Sony ZV-E1: A Must-Read Before Making Your Purchase Decision

By | March 31, 2023

Are you in the market for a new camera and considering the Sony ZV-E1? Before making your purchase decision, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of its features and capabilities. Look no further as we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive review of the Sony ZV-E1. As a proficient SEO writer, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about this camera, so you can make an informed decision. Get ready to learn about its design, performance, and special features that make it stand out from other cameras in its class.

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Did Sony just kill the a7s and fx3 with The brand new Sony zve E1 Sony claims This is the perfect camera for creators Vloggers and Casual users with Groundbreaking features never seen in a Camera before and it should have the Same specs as a 5 000 camera I’m pretty skeptical what is Sony not telling us so I compared it to Sony’s best pro cameras to see if it Actually looks that good and what are The major differences the main thing That Sony focuses on is giving us an Ultra small and lightweight camera but The body is as solid as a pro camera and It has really simplified controls it has One button to switch between photos Videos in slow motion and a much more Streamlined button layout and a touch Screen the touchscreen lets you navigate Everything on this camera and with that You also have a touch menu on your main Shooting screen that lets you change all Of your major settings like shutter Aperture and ISO and activate any Settings that you want making the Experience much closer to using a Smartphone and much more accessible for New users and using the zve E1 next to My fx3 I have to say the zve1 is Actually quicker to navigate and I Appreciate that it has really simplified Buttons where the fx3 has a lot of Buttons the zve E1 also has an

Integrated three mic system built right Into the camera and it sounds almost as Good as a shotgun mic this is really Helpful for creators that want to keep a Small and compact camera and you’ll also Save money by not having to buy an Additional mic for zve E1 also comes With a really great lens it’s sharp it’s Crisp it does a really good job at Capturing the sensor’s data but what’s Really interesting is that the zve E1 Has the same sensor as the fx3 and the A7s3 which is a 12 megapixel full frame Ion sensor but that doesn’t mean the zve E1 will actually look as good as an fx3 Or an A7 S3 because there’s a lot more That goes into video than just the Sensor personally I’m a little bit Skeptical because this camera also costs Less than half those cameras so I tested The zve E1 next to an A7 S3 and an fx3 For the three major things that you Should always check when comparing Cameras color ISO and dynamic range now They both have s-log 3 for advanced Color grading but also s cinetone which Gives you a filmic look right in camera And which is probably what most people Will want to use and they both have the Same base ISO of 640 ISO and 12 800 ISO Which makes these cameras amazing in low Light and zooming in it’s a pretty Similar level of clarity and detail and The two cameras do look the same on the

Surface but I’m still not convinced Because it’s also about how your camera Processes and Records whatever the Sensor captures and that’s actually Where you start to see major differences Between the cameras the zve E1 at launch Shoots 4K at 24 and 60 frames per second Only and Full HD at 60 and 120 frames Per second which is pretty awesome but It doesn’t shoot 4K at 120 frames per Second or full HD at 240 frames per Second like the A7 S3 and fx3 yet Because in June 2023 there should be an Update for 4K 120 in full HD at 240 but I’m pretty skeptical of how they’re Going to pull this off because the zve E1 is a compact body does not have a fan Built in and the a7s3 is known to Overheat and the fx3 has a fan built in Exactly for that reason now Ultra slow Motion isn’t something that everybody Needs so if the update doesn’t really Work out I’m still going to be pretty Happy with this camera but the shocking And impressive part about the zve E1 is That it actually offers the exact same Code index as the fx3 and a7s normally You would only find this in high-end Cameras but the zve E1 can actually Shoot 4K up to 60 frames per second in 200 megabits per second but it can also Shoot xavc h i s or whatever the format Is and it lets you shoot as high as 600 Megabytes per second in 4k 60. now 600

Megabits per second is a data rate that No other camera in this category or Price range can do and that’s a big win For Sony and this is why I think the zve E1 could potentially be a really great Budget Pro camera for someone who’s Shooting short films or commercial and Simply doesn’t want to spend the money Or can’t afford an fx3 but before you Make your decision just know that There’s a lot more differences coming up Between the cameras the one thing that Has always plagued Sony cameras is Overheating in temperature settings I Set the zve E1 to high 10 temperature Settings and I tried my hardest and I Could not get this thing to overheat I Tested 4K at 60 at 600 megabits per Second twice and each time the battery Died or my card was full but I was not Able to get this camera to overheat now I live in Canada and it’s pretty cold we Get sun for like two days a year so if You live in Texas Arizona somewhere hot You might have overheating but one major Problem and big difference between the Zve E1 and the pro cameras is that the Zve E1 only has one SD card slot and it Does not accept CF Express type cards Which are much more popular nowadays and To get the most out of this camera and Shoot 600 megabits per second you will Need an SD card that is rated for v90 And those cards can get pretty expensive

But I found a few well-priced ones and I Will leave links to those in the Description down below for the ones that I think are the best and also the best Priced but for most people I recommend Shooting xavc standard which is 200 Megabits per second which is plenty and You can still use standard cards and Save A Lot on hard drive space now we Haven’t talked about photos because I Expect the zv1 to mainly be a video Camera but when it comes to photos it Does some really interesting things First up it does not have a mechanical Shutter which can normally lead to Problems but the zv1 has a really fast Sensor readout so even with electronic Shutter you won’t get any rolling Shutter artifacts and the zve E1 lets You shoot 14-bit uncompressed raw up to 10 frames per second editing with this Camera you will get the same results as The fx3 and A7 S3 and it gives you Plenty of data to really create Professional results and for serious Photographers I do imagine you guys want More resolution so later in this video I Do have a few camera recommendations That are similar to The zv1 and have a Higher sensor resolution so make sure to Stick around for that now Sony made the Zve1 specifically with vloggers and Content creators in mind and they added A mode specifically for you guys and

That is Cinematic Vlog mode but the Truth is it’s really not for vloggers But rather more serious content creators I’ll explain how in cinematic Vlog mode It adds black bars to the bottom and top Of your screen which adds a really Cinematic look to your video and this is Actually how movies look in theaters but If you’re a vlogger this is not really How you want to be presenting your Content on YouTube or social media but Cinematic Vlog mode does give you really Simple color settings where you can Choose between a cinetone clean or Chic To give your footage a more stylized and Cinematic look and you can also add a Color filter on top of that gold blue or Green to give it a more cinematic Vibe And a more stylized Vibe personally I Don’t think this feature works for Vloggers but if your cinematic content Creator someone that does travel videos Fashion videos this feature is really Really useful especially if you’re just Starting out it kind of dials in that Whole cinematic look for you but for Actual vloggers I think most of you guys Will probably just shoot on normal video With snotome colors so you get a filmic Look without the black bars this feature Would be perfect if Sony just took away The black bars now the reason the zve E1 Should be the perfect camera for Creators and Casual users is because

Sony introduced three AI as an Artificial intelligence based features In this camera and two of which you have Never seen in another camera before First up is AI based autofocus now Sony Has always had 20 out of 10 autofocus They are leading the industry with Autofocus but now Sony has also Introduced subject detect where your Camera actually recognizes if it’s Looking at a person animal or a car and You can even specify if it’s a train Airplane cat bird or insect so they’ve Really made sure that you have the Perfect autofocus in this camera and Sony has also introduced AI based Stabilize now with Dynamic active Stabilization it is as good as a gimbal You will never have shaky footage ever Again it does crop into your sensor in This mode so you don’t get the full Width of your sensor but it’s a small Price to pay considering how good the Stabilization is it is ultra smooth and The last feature that I promise you have Never seen in a camera is AI based Auto Reframing what this does is it actually Allows you to record two separate Streams one is a wide shot and the other One is a shot where the camera actually Keeps you in frame As you move around This way you can use that second shot to Have two camera angles but also this way You can have your video properly framed

For tick tock Instagram something that Doesn’t use the wide aspect ratio but Here’s the sad part at the time of Recording this video which is actually Before the launch of this camera that Feature does not work there’s some times Where I can get it to activate but most Of the times it doesn’t even activate And the times that it does record me It’s not very accurate and there’s an Equal amount of times where it will Randomly track to Something in the Background that’s not me and for the Most part this is a 0 out of 10 feature It just doesn’t work Sony is really good With software updates so maybe by the Time this camera launches it will start To work so does the zve1 actually live Up to the hype and is it actually a Budget version of the a7s and the fx3 it Has most of the features but it is Missing the ability to record 16-bit raw Using external recorder now this isn’t a Feature that I imagine most creators or Vloggers would even want or need and the Zv1 does not have a fan to cool the body Down for heat management but I also was Not able to get this camera to overheat But for the most part it has the same Color Pro files the same resolution the Same amount of detail and if you ever Said to yourself I really want an fx3 But I can’t afford it this camera is Probably the answer to your prayers at

The time of launch the zve E1 will Either sell for 21.99 or 23.99 Sony gave Me a range and if you want it with the Kit lens it will either be 24.99 or 26.99 and when you consider that price There’s a few other cameras you should Also look at and one of those cameras is Canon’s brand new R8 which has 4K up to 60 frames per second but it’s also Oversampled because it has a 6K 24 Megapixel sensor so you really get the Fidelity and detail of 6K in your 4K Video and it also shoots 24 megapixel Photos versus the 12 megapixel photos in The zv1 and it also shoots at a Ridiculous 6 frames per second or 40 Frames per second and it also doesn’t Have a mechanical shutter similar to the Zve E1 and the R8 also doesn’t have high Data rates like the zva E1 where the zve E1 can do 600 megabits per second but The R8 tops out at about 350. if you’re A vlogger the R8 is not small and Compact like the zve1 but it also Doesn’t do 4K at 120 and is not as good In low light so for vloggers creators And Casual users the zve E1 is genuinely The perfect camera considering how small It is and the fact that it has mostly The same internal specs as the A7 S3 and The fx3 and you really get a pro camera On a budget but if you’re not a vlogger Or casual shooter the R8 and the Fuji Cameras are definitely cameras you want

To look at and if you want the best Pricing on any of the cameras we’ve Talked about today including the SD Cards make sure to check out the links In the description down below for the Best pricing on all the cameras we Talked about today I will see you guys In the next video peace

A Comprehensive Review of Sony ZV-E1: A Must-Read Before Making Your Purchase Decision


If you’re looking for the perfect camera for vlogging, video shooting, live streaming, or simply for capturing everyday moments, then the Sony ZV-E1 might just be the one for you. Released in Fall 2021, this camera has garnered rave reviews for its impressive features, compact design, and user-friendly interface. But is it really worth the hype? In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Sony ZV-E1 camera, its design, features, and performance, to help you make an informed decision before you hit that buy button.

Design and Features

First, let’s talk about the Sony ZV-E1’s design. The camera is compact, lightweight (approximately 12.7 ounces), and features a flip-out touchscreen display – perfect for vloggers who need to see themselves while filming. It also has a built-in directional 3-capsule microphone and a standard microphone jack for external mics, as well as a hot shoe mount for accessories like flashes or external microphones. The camera also has a 24.2-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor, which can shoot up to 4K video at 30 frames per second.


Now, let’s dive into the Sony ZV-E1’s performance. The camera’s autofocus system is top-notch, thanks to Sony’s reliable and fast Hybrid AF system. You can choose between three different autofocus modes: Real-time Eye AF, Real-time Tracking, and Real-time Eye AF for animals. This makes it perfect for capturing fast-moving subjects, whether you’re shooting a sports event or just trying to keep up with hyperactive children or pets.

The ZV-E1 also features a dedicated “Bokeh Switch” button, which allows you to switch between defocused background and clear background modes with ease. Plus, it has a built-in Image Stabilization system, which helps reduce blur due to shaky hands or movement.

Video Quality

One of the most important aspects of any camera for video content creation is the video quality. The Sony ZV-E1 delivers high-quality video, with the ability to shoot in 4K and full HD formats. You can also choose between different frame rates and bitrates to tailor your footage to your specific needs. The camera also features a Slow and Quick mode, which lets you shoot slow-motion or time-lapse videos.

Other Features

In addition to its top-notch autofocus system and impressive video quality, the Sony ZV-E1 also has a handful of other features that make it a great choice for content creators. Firstly, it supports vertical shooting, making it perfect for Instagram Stories and other social media platforms. It also has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to easily transfer footage or control the camera remotely using your smartphone. Lastly, the camera has a long-lasting battery, which can shoot up to 45 minutes of continuous video on a single charge.


All in all, the Sony ZV-E1 is an excellent camera for content creators of all kinds. Its compact design, impressive features, and top-notch performance make it a great choice for vloggers, YouTubers, or anyone looking to capture high-quality videos and photos. Of course, like any camera, it’s not perfect and may not be suitable for every situation or user. However, for those looking for a camera that can handle a wide variety of situations and deliver high-quality results, the Sony ZV-E1 is definitely worth considering.


  1. Is the Sony ZV-E1 good for still photography?
    • Yes, the camera has a 24.2-megapixel sensor, which can deliver high-quality images.
  2. Can I use an external microphone with the Sony ZV-E1?
    • Yes, the camera has a standard microphone jack for external microphones.
  3. Is it easy to use the Sony ZV-E1?
    • Yes, the camera has a user-friendly interface and a touchscreen display for easy control.
  4. How long can the battery last?
    • The camera can shoot up to 45 minutes of continuous video on a single charge.
  5. Does the Sony ZV-E1 have image stabilization?
    • Yes, the camera features built-in Image Stabilization to reduce blur due to shaky hands or movement.

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