50 Best Amazon Black Friday 2022 Tech Deals: Latest Update and Discounts to Score πŸ”₯

By | November 25, 2022

Looking for the hottest Amazon Black Friday tech deals of 2022? Look no further because we’ve got you covered! Our team has gathered the latest updates and discounts on the 50 best tech deals that you won’t want to miss. From laptops to headphones to smart home devices, we’ve got something for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Get ready to score some serious discounts and upgrade your tech game this Black Friday! πŸ”₯

Today’s Amazon deals are crazy good this year for Black Friday 2022! Here are the Top 50 tech deals I found!

In this video I am showing you the Best Black Friday 2022 TECH Deals that you will find on Amazon.com! These 2022 Black Friday deals are all amazon deals and not just from the amazon black friday ad 2022, these are amazon black friday deals that aren’t shown everywhere! People often ask when is amazon black friday 2022 well the amazon black friday deals 2022 start right now on 2022 Black Friday!! If you’re looking for black friday tv deals 2022 and amazon black friday 2022 deals that include homewares, electronics, smart home, cameras, computer and more then this video is for you! These top black friday deals are the best of amazon black friday 2022 and the best 2022 amazon deals! And yes, this ridiculous paragraph is made to get more search hits lol.

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Good morning or good afternoon whenever You’re watching this I’m random Frank p And welcome to Black Friday and in Today’s video we’re going to be going Over the top 50 Tech deals on Amazon for Black Friday I’ll have it all listed for You in the description down below so you Can check it out but let’s hop right in Starting off with a 50 PS5 dual sense Controller here from Sony these and a Bunch of their new color raids which Will makes it exciting typically 70 Bucks on sale for 50. they have it in The really nice midnight black Cosmic Red Galactic purple even the camos on 750 as well going into the Nova pink and The Starlight blue so some really nice Color options for the PS5 dual sense Controller all on sale for 50 bucks and Staying with that sort of trend here we Also have a pretty cool controller that I showed off in a recent episode of Cool Tech under 50. this from Turtle Beach It’s the Recon controller a bunch of Built-in eqs and different effects you Can add on the Fly for controlling your Audio game chat it’s an interesting Controller for sure onto only 40 bucks Right now available in black or white so Happy to see the Recon controller on Sale as well and real quick before I Forget tonight I will be live streaming At 5 PM Eastern we’ll be going over live Right here on YouTube checking out

Things in real time for you guys pretty Much like what I’m doing now but in a Live format taking requests sifting Through all of Amazon to find some of The best tech deals for you so don’t Forget tonight 5 p.m Eastern uh next up We have the NZXT function Mini tkl Keyboard this when it launched was Around like 200 when you configured it On their site but now uh some sales have Definitely hit all the way down to just 60 bucks for Black Friday today you can Get in either black or white color Options and again it’s a nice compact Layout here it’s a tkl but mini hence The mini tkl name has a built-in volume Wheel control RG be on the fly with some Of the colors as well a hot spot PCB Definitely a good deal for 60 bucks Can’t go wrong there if you need a new Keyboard and also we have the racer Huntsman mini this the 60 keyboard with Their Optical switches so super fast This is their clicky Optical version Comes with a PBT keycaps on it um for Just seventy dollars originally when it Launched 120 so you’re saving nearly Half off here next up are the Apple Airpods 2 the second gen when these lost A few months ago they were 250 I believe On the uh the October Amazon Prime they Were down to like 225 now down to just Two hundred dollars so you’re saving 50 Bucks 20 off uh definitely not bad if

You’re in the market for you know these Wireless airpods and you’re in the Apple Ecosystem but if you’re not we have some Other options for you with the Beats Studio buds these also true wireless Earbuds no cable at all has a charging Case and everything a bunch of different Colors as well black red white gray and Blue really digging it so the studio Buds usually 150 down to 90 bucks you’re Saving 40 percent and guess what we got A third option for you with your Samsung Galaxy buds Pro these also come with Three different colors under 100 bucks Usually 200 so you’re saving fifty Percent here loving this Phantom black Color looks really nice they’re small And compact buds as well you can get Them in whites or a phantom violet color Additionally so definitely digging these Again three different color options for You Um now Amazon always has a lot of their Tech on sale obviously ranging from you Know all their different Echo devices And stuff this is a blink mini pan tilt Camera it’s the blink Mini keyboard but It comes in this pan tilt tripod which Lets you move the camera all around left And right 360 and also vertically up and Down so you can have this mounted Somewhere and get full control of the Camera or keep it somewhere stationary And still like while you’re out Pan the

Living room for example Um under 50 bucks and this just launched Recently this is a brand new Amazon Product usually 60 down to 50 right now And a little spoiler this is going to be In the upcoming episode of Cool Tech Under 50. so you might want to keep an Eye on this while you can uh next I Found these on the front landing page Thought it was pretty cool little hand Warmers they look like joy-cons right For the switch that’s exactly what they Look like they’re magnetic seem to be Well made uh it’s winter time it is Freezing outside so if you’re out you Know on a commute walking down the Street whatever walking around college Campus keep these in your pockets nice And warm you got four different warm Levels only up to 145 degrees that’s hot Don’t burn yourself and it’s also a Portable charger as well with 10 000 Milliamp hours built in am I like taking Up the do you guys need to see me I’ll Go away but yes usually 35 bucks saved 20 get this now for 28 dollars All right still got a lot to get through Next up the very popular Logitech G Pro X super light this on sale knocking off Around 50 bucks however what’s cool About this is all three colors are Actually in stock at this discounted Price including the fan favorite magenta And the white which has been really hard

To come by so again all three colors on Sale the G Pro X super light 110 Continuing some might say a Logitech Also has the g303 Shroud Edition I love This mouse last year when it came out Super comfortable very unique shape Um discounted 30 bucks down 23 down to a Hundred dollars in this alternative if You want a smaller compact Mouse in Terms of size again I reviewed this Absolutely loved it and you know Whenever it’s on sale I’m gonna show it Off because it’s just facts this is one Of the top selling mice ever with the Razer Viper ultimate on sale with the Dock bundle down to 75 dollars it’s been A kind of around this price usually Around 80 to 85 ever since the V2 Pro Came out Um however again different colors as Well we have it in white the quartz Cyberpunk for around 80. and if you Prefer to get you know save some money You don’t need the actual charging dock You can get just the mouse by itself for 56 dollars so two kind of options there But again saving a bunch of money here On a very very popular Mouse with the Razer Viper ultimate for some keyboard Stuff and they were bouncing back and Forth but again it’s all just things That I came across we have the Newfie Air 75 this a crazy low profile 75 Wireless keyboard I showed this off in

My back to school Tech video Um usually 130 down now to just around 100 bucks you can get in either Brown Switches linear red switches or the very Clicky Adder on Blue switches but again Loving the form factor here super unique You get a bit of color pop with some of The keycaps and stuff Newfie doing some Great great things in the keyboard Market uh a very unique keyboard so Loving the fact that’s on sale now some Headsets the Corsair hs80 this is their Wireless surround sound headset uh this Came out this year already knocked down 50 bucks so down to a hundred dollars I Actually really like this lineup over Their previous void series I think this Is a really great Improvement so the Hs80 here also I saw they had the hs65 Surround headset this one is wired not Wireless but down to just 50 bucks Versus 80. so you’re saving near 40 also Comes with the carbon color or white so Two color options really digging the Look in Aesthetics super simple uh just Yeah good stuff here I love this this Headset here the HSN 65 and I think it’s A killer price for under 50 bucks right Now and speaking of under 50 the Razer Blackshark v2x headset this usually Sixty dollars so you’re saving around 30 Down to 40 yet again all different color Options I think the white looks really Nice you have it in that bright neon

Razor green color or black so uh you’re Getting some good headset options here For under 50 bucks obviously everything Down below as I show them off Um also for some audio the Sennheiser HD 599se these are super super popular and As you can see by that insane price cut Usually two hundred dollars knocked down To 90 right now these are like really One of the most popular Um pair of headphones out there from Sennheiser these recently got a Re-release a few years ago after being Discontinued uh hence the SE name these Are fantastic and this is an absolutely Insane deal again 90 bucks usually two Hundred dollars uh that’s a pretty good Chunk you’re getting back in your Pockets or keeping in your pockets Because you’re not spending the extra Money so over to some TV and monitor Options we have the Amazon Fire TV this Is a 50 inch 4K TV obviously with their Smart functionality and stuff built in Um and it’s only 250 dollars for a 50 Inch 4K TV usually a little over 450 so You’re saving almost 50 percent here and They do have different you know sizes With a 43 a 50 and a 55 inch I think the 50 inch is a good in between spot where It’s not going to be too big or it’s Going to take up so much space but also You know it’s not small but I never Cards either but if you do want to get a

Nice sizable upgrade the Sony 65 inch 4K TV this the x80k series These are premium as it comes you’re Saving 30 percent down to just around 700 usually a thousand for these 65 inch Model so definitely a bit of an upgrade Over the sort of generic Amazon Fire TVs Sony obviously as well a more premium Name the TV Market uh really good price Cut here nearly 30 percent and these are Going to be interesting so I got two Options for you in terms of a large Monitor that’s gonna be like the best Option I think for console Gamers as Well so this the Asus Rog Swift 43 inch 4k monitor so again we’re talking almost TV size at your desk setup 144 Hertz G-sync compatible one millisecond Response time just around a thousand Dollars right now that’s unfortunate Because when I made this list like 10 Minutes ago uh this was on sale for Around 600 I believe yeah you can see What’s on sale uh that might be just a Weird hiccup in their system right now Unless they saw pulled out in the last 10 minutes but I would keep an eye on This because it is a Black Friday deal And if you can get this for around 600 That is a crazy good deal hopefully that Comes back in stock but if not LG also Has a bit of an upgrade again talking Monitors that are TV size this the LG Ultra gear 48 inch so just massive TV

Like monitors again great for not only PC gaming but console gaming as well and Similar specs you got the 120 hertz Refresh rate here so it’s going to be Fantastic for especially the new uh the Latest gem consoles and stuff so these Are quite the uh the size upgrade from Your 24 inch monitor right there’s Usually fifteen hundred dollars knocked Down to 900 so you’re saving 40 again Between this one and the Asus one Hopefully you can grab one of them on Sale especially if the Asus one does Come back in stock but if you are Looking for more of a desk friendly Option you know completely get it we Have an LG 32 inch Ultra gear for just Around three hundred dollars usually 500 This is 165 Hertz so you’re still Getting that over 120 hertz sort of Upgrade you know you want to at least Run a lot of your games at 120 hertz for The silky smooth experience right so 32 Inches 165 Hertz that’s kind of a sweet Spot for 300 we also have their 27 inch One most second response time 144 Hertz G-sync monitor for 270 usually 350. so Just giving you guys you know a bit of These nice gaming monitor upgrades here That I found recently for a pretty good Discounted price nearly 25 percent off Then we also have an Acer display this Is their Predator lineup 4K 144 Hertz One millisecond response time a bit more

Expensive than the last two options Obviously at 500 but that’s because it’s 4K still running at over 120 hertz at 144 and you still get the premium g-sync Freesync compatibility with a one Millisecond response time for 500 so Pretty good stuff and you guys know I’m Gonna give you some more options because I always get display requests every year ViewSonic has an Elite Series lineup With a 32 inch 4K one millisecond 150 Hertz this uh pretty much just for AMD Displays however with the freesync Premium Pro so if you do have an all AMD Build and this you know catches your eye You can save 30 at 700 versus a thousand We are moving right along now still got A pretty decent chunk to go over but That’s what happens when you pick 50 of The time top deals right now okay for Some more audio stuff if you want some You know desktop speakers or just Speakers to put around the room living Room as well for your TV anything like That we have some edifier mr4 studio Monitor speakers these four inches at Black and white color options again I’m Not too sure what’s going on because These were just on sale literally five Minutes ago as you can see down to 90 Bucks uh so you will be able to save Around you know forty dollars whenever These sale becomes active again uh but Again I’m sure by the time you’re

Watching this maybe it’ll be back in Stock well it’s still in stock maybe the Day will be the deal will be active Again perhaps uh throughout the day Unless they were Lightning Deals but They should be refreshing so I apologize For some of these hiccups but they were Just acting five minutes ago which is Why I found them but for some sound bars We have an LG 2.1 Channel sound bar with A wireless subwoofer for just 130 bucks Usually 130. so obviously you have the Sound bar put that underneath your TV Then you get a nice wireless subwoofer For that extra added bass and punch Definitely a pretty good deal 130 versus 200 saving near 40 percent this one I Thought was also a pretty good deal Admittedly I’m not familiar with the Brand uh rain every seems like kind of a Generic sort of name here however this Is a 5.1 channel so you have the Wireless satellite speakers you also Have the subwoofers as well as well not As Vel not a vampire and you have the Actual sound bar as well for 240 dollars Versus 350 saving 30 again not too Familiar with the name but I checked all The reviews and they were very very Positive so I feel comfortable enough Recommending this deal if you are Looking for a subwoofer and a sound bar And satellite speaker upgrade to add to The entertainment center entertainment

Console in the living room now for some PC Hardware these older series now at This point uh with the AMD ryzen 750 5800 X CPU these are usually on sale but I have not seen them as low as nearly Half off at 230 dollars and the reason That you do get a 50 price guys because We just had the latest series come out Um what like a month or two ago and We’re already getting a pretty decent Price cut here with AMD ryzen 9 7 900x At 12 cores 24 threads unlocked usually 550 down 20 down to 439 so 440 for a Very recent and Powerful CPU if that’s That powerful enough though we have the Horizon 9 7950x at 16 cores 32 threads usually 800 Down now to 663. so you’re saving nearly 20 and you know yeah expensive still but That is a hell of an upgrade odds are if You’re looking to build a brand new Powerful build if you’re looking for for A sizable upgrade we don’t want to spend You know that much money then we have The Horizon seven seventy seven hundred X eight core 16 threads unlocked usually 450 down to 350 so you’re saving pretty Much a hundred dollars here Um these are this is like a really good In between spot GPU uh still powerful Enough not gonna really bottleneck you By any means and that’s definitely a Pretty good price and you know always Gotta show off some nvmes these are

Always on sale during these holidays and Stuff and with you know all these new Games coming out that are crazy you know Like how many gigs nearly terabytes or Some games I know the new Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone just came out so that’s Probably taking up a bit of your hard Drive space Why not pick up a Western Digital black two terabyte nvme SSD uh This is an n.2 2280 you’re getting Blazing fast speeds here two terabytes Saving nearly 50 percent get it for 150 Instead of 270 put a bunch of games on Here you can pick up even like a a 50 or A 500 gigabyte or a two 50 gigabyte Option for under 50 bucks as well and Use those as like a boot drive so your PC loads up super fast your whole Operating systems on there just Everything blazing Lightning Fast these Are uh definitely a pretty good savings Today now for some laptops got a few Options for you including the Asus Rog Strix g15 this the latest 2022 model It’s a 15.6 inch display 300 Hertz Though that’s definitely impressive Definitely going to be you know powerful Enough with the RTX 3050 to possibly hit That 300 Hertz range which will be Buttery smooth ryzen 7 6 800 hcpu a Terabyte inside 16 gigs of RAM 4 000 so You’re saving 23 off of it usually being 1300 bucks this a pretty good upgrade I’ll say or a pretty good deal but also

If you want like an Overkill topped by The line laptop this is insane it’s Definitely pricey at 2 300 bucks but This is a content creator and gaming Laptop from Acer Predator as you can see You know gaming content creation laptop With the Acer Predator Triton 500 SE It’s got a 12 gen I9 12900 CPU and RTX 3080 inside this super slim compact Laptop that’s nuts with a 16 inch Display 240 hertz g-sync 32 gigs of RAM this is A wild wildly powerful laptop here for Twenty three hundred dollars instead of Three thousand so this is gonna do it All gaming rendering all your content Creation all your workload for school Whether like really whatever you need This for this will absolutely Slaughter For the price of twenty three hundred Dollars and then a big sale I saw on the Front page was the 2020 MacBook Air this Is the M1 chip 13 inch display under a Thousand bucks at eight hundred dollars So these as you if you’re not familiar With apple the M1 chip was like the First time we got a really big upgrade From Apple and uh much much better than The older lineup they had with the Intel CPUs so here under a thousand bucks at 800 for a super slim lightweight MacBook Air a great laptop for students so I Wanted to give you guys an option there As well then we’re going to round it out

With the last like 10 here just finding Random gadgets and you know odds and Ends Tech that I saw that I wanted to Show off as well this from Govi is just An RGB light strip pretty simple uh you Have over six feet here you can put them Behind your TV behind your desk behind Your monitor uh usually 12 bucks down to 10 you can add an extra 10 coupon so Really you’re saving like 30 on this Which is what three dollars at the end Of the day four dollars uh not mind Blowing but you’re still getting a nice RGB light strip for under 10 bucks I’m Sure most of you could take advantage of A nice RGB light strip in your room uh The Elgato stream deck Mark II this the Latest regular stream deck model with The 15 keys and the Mark II means it has A movable Unstoppable face plates you Can also swap out the cable and stuff These usually aren’t on sale so to see This down 20 to 120 bucks is definitely Uh nice to see so these are great to Have at your desktop for pretty much Anything you can take advantage of these Have these programmable macros on the Fly a absolute dream for gamers and Streamers anyone could use these so nice To see this on sale down 20 percent Oh but then we have the op spot meat It’s a 4K webcam down nearly 50 to 120 And as you can see I literally bought This last month to include in my uh top

Webcams of 2020 2022 video wrap up that I have coming up pretty soon so usually Around 200 on sale now for just 120 so You’re saving almost 50 on a 4K webcam Definitely a nice upgrade there and some Good savings for sure some other things This is a laptop power bank a 100 watt Blade Power Bank 20 000 milliamp hours Super slim you have a little display There to show you the percentage what You’re running at how much is left how Much time is left so if you want a very Slim pretty much laptop power bank on The go not gonna weigh you down not Gonna be too bulky this is a pretty good Option for 80 bucks instead of 130 Dollars so I figured I’d include Something like this because who couldn’t You is a 100 watt power bank on the go Especially if you’re a student you want To you know charge your laptop in Between classes or during your lecture This could be a great fit for that It’s just an interesting one this is an Eye Audi uh what is that Avo Ivo connect Um I sell this on sale it seems pretty Interesting for just 35 instead of 65 This is a wireless charging mount in Your car that also has Alexa built in so Again not too bad for 35 bucks Definitely a cool Nifty gadget on the go If you want to add it to your car uh Yeah not too sure reviews seem decent There seems to be some issues that I

Solve of people trying to fully activate Alexa uh but still a nice wireless Charging Mount that has extra Functionality for 35 bucks I thought it Was pretty cool so I’ll show it off for You guys And then like I said just random odds And ends and stuff in terms of tech this Is a 3D printing pen for 28 dollars so With most of this list today again not Only meant to show off things that maybe You would want to buy for yourself but Gift ideas you know sometimes we can’t Always be selfish these videos aren’t Meant just for you to buy uh but for you To buy other people as well so why not a Cool 3D printing pen to buy for the the Little cousins in your family or the Little brother or just a good little Gift idea I don’t gotta get too into it This for 28 dollars instead of 40 but if You are really digging it I have a Second option for you uh because perhaps This is the better bundle as it comes With the pen 10 color filaments and a Pad or sort of like a mat that you can Do this on so it doesn’t stick to Anything for just 50 bucks so like I Said you have those two options here With just the pen itself or the bundle Giving you pretty much you know more Stuff more bang for your buck for 46 Dollars this is honestly the better deal Because if you are going to buy this for

Somebody odds are they’re going to need The color filament right how else are They going to print stuff then you have The big mat for you to actually print Stuff on so it doesn’t get stuck and Ruin your project so not too bad 46 Dollars here definitely a good gift idea Uh then we have the Roku Streaming Stick This is their 4K option usually 50 bucks Down now to just 25 say 50 on a 4K Streaming Stick I’m sure you’re familiar With Roku and the various streaming Sticks out there Um this not gonna do anything special But in terms of the overall price for a 4K Streaming Stick definitely not bad Add this to your TV if it’s not a smart TV you have all the apps built in Hulu Netflix Apple TV Disney plus ESPN it’s Got it all 25 And we are getting so close to the end Again I was just looking for random Things I saw this I’m a big coffee guy So I figure definitely want to show it Off there’s a coffee lover in your life This is the Lord barisa system and is it A little compact Nespresso machine so Instead of running the Starbucks and Spending six dollars a day for 130 bucks You can get homemade Nespresso I keep Saying Nespresso because of the actual Brand named Nespresso machine mean Espresso that’s the actual coffee term Not an espresso ignore me so this for

130 you can also get this little uh Promotion as you can see in the bottom Which comes with their welcome Assortment which I assume is just like All the extra pods and stuff that will Come with it so definitely pretty cool To see and that looks delicious gotta Say uh this is like a definitely a nice Gift idea as well you know if you have Someone in college in your life this Would be a great gift for them any Coffee lover I definitely appreciate it And smart watches I always love a nice Watch upgrade And fossil always has some really nice Options this is their 6th gen 44 Millimeter smart watch but what I like About them was they give you a bunch of Different options in terms of bands so This is the black and brown they have Black on black black and silicone Leather the black and brown looks so Nice a camo Um oh okay okay so these are some other Bundled ones as well giving you two Straps uh but yeah just really digging The fossil smart smart watches here Usually 300 down now to 190 so saving Your 40 percent However if you want more of like a an Adult looking hybrid smart watch this Will give you that with the fossil Machine Gen 6 hybrid Smart Watch so it Does look more like a traditional you

Know sort of mechanical watch but you do Have the hybrid smart elements sort of Built in that upgrade with you you can Still take calls and stuff you have all Your activity tracking on the go your Heart rate uh they have it in black Black and brown or a black and silver Like I said definitely digging these Fossil is one of my favorite like watch Companies out there and I love a nice Hybrid watch where it doesn’t look you Know overtly like a smart watch Um and this is going to be more four of The you know the fitness Activity needing person in your life Because it’s a Garmin watch okay the Garmin Smart Watch down nearly 50 to 180 Instead of 330. this is their vivoactive 4. it’s a GPS Smart Watch has all your Monitoring all your workout stuff pulse Ox this has got it all so again this is Going to look more like a actual Smart Watch instead of an you know like a I Don’t know it’s it’s so early I’m so Tired you get the idea guys 180 bucks Instead of 330. And we have the final two this a cry cut Machine so these are very interesting It’s down 130 instead of 180. this lets You print out your own like DIY labels And vinyls as you can see here you can Like print out designs and like have Vinyl cutouts and put them on your mug Great for DIY stuff these are pretty

Cool like I kind of want to pick one up And just print like a bunch of you know My logo and stuff and just like have Them for stickers and to put on stuff so This will let you do that for 130. There’s a ton of videos about these if You’re interested in the whole you know Sort of cracker community and what they Can do and how powerful they really are Uh so interesting little pick up here Again a great DIY arts and crafts sort Of gift for somebody uh they could Definitely appreciate this gift I can Tell you that and then lastly we have The Echo Show five this the second gen With the five inch smart display I have These all around my house I’m sure You’re very familiar with them a cool Pickup for 35 bucks instead of what does It say 85 they’re usually closer to 50 And 60 bucks so it’s you know not a Necessarily 60 savings more like a 30 Savings but again a nice smart display To have in your room at your desk have a Nice big display there for you ask it Questions play music it is the Echo Show 5 for just 35 all right guys so that’ll Do it for my video on the top 50 Black Friday Tech deals on Amazon hope you Enjoyed like I said everything until it Be listed for you in the description Down Below have nice and organized by Category and genres you can find things Easier and also 5 PM Eastern be right

Back here we’ll be doing a live stream For you guys hope to see you there if You like this video give it a big thumbs Up show your support feel free to follow Me on Twitter at randomfrankp and last If you haven’t already hit that Subscribe button hope you all enjoyed Have a good day


Black Friday is just around the corner, and tech enthusiasts are eager to take advantage of the best deals of the year. Amazon, undoubtedly, is one of the most awaited sites for shoppers, providing massive discounts on the latest tech gadgets and electronics. In this article, we have gathered the 50 best Amazon Black Friday 2022 tech deals that you simply cannot ignore. From smartphones to laptops, gaming consoles to Bluetooth headphones, Amazon has something for everyone. Get ready to make your shopping list and grab the latest tech at unbeatable prices.

  1. Smartphones:

β€’ Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G: The world-famous Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G will be available at a discounted price of $799.99, saving $200 on Amazon Black Friday 2022.

β€’ Apple iPhone 13: You can get the brand-new Apple iPhone 13 for just $799, a $100 discount on Amazon Black Friday 2022.

β€’ Google Pixel 6 Pro: The Google Pixel 6 Pro can be yours for $899, with a $100 discount on Amazon Black Friday 2022.

  1. Laptops:

β€’ Apple MacBook Air: Save a massive $149 on the latest MacBook Air and get it for just $850 on Amazon Black Friday 2022.

β€’ Dell XPS 13: Save $249 on Dell XPS 13, and get it for just $899.99 on Amazon Black Friday 2022.

β€’ Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5: This versatile 2-in-1 laptop can be yours for just $579.99, saving $120 on Amazon Black Friday 2022.

  1. Gaming Consoles:

β€’ Playstation 5: Get the PS5 for just $499 on Amazon Black Friday 2022, and enjoy the latest and greatest games in stunning 4K resolution.

β€’ Xbox Series X: With a $50 discount, you can own the powerhouse that is the Xbox Series X for just $449 on Amazon Black Friday 2022.

β€’ Nintendo Switch OLED: The new and improved Nintendo Switch OLED can be yours for just $329.99 on Amazon Black Friday 2022.

  1. Headphones:

β€’ Sony WH-1000XM4: One of the best noise-cancelling headphones, the Sony WH-1000XM4, can be yours for just $278, saving $72 on Amazon Black Friday 2022.

β€’ Bose QuietComfort 35 II: Get the Bose QC 35 II for just $199 on Amazon Black Friday 2022, and enjoy exceptional noise-cancelling and sound.

β€’ Apple AirPods Pro: The best wireless earbuds from Apple, the AirPods Pro, will be available for just $199 on Amazon Black Friday 2022, saving you $50.

  1. TVs:

β€’ Samsung Q80A: This smart TV from Samsung, featuring QLED technology, can be yours for just $1,199 on Amazon Black Friday 2022, saving $500.

β€’ LG CX Series: Get the LG CX Series smart TV with OLED technology for just $1,499 on Amazon Black Friday 2022, saving $500.

β€’ Sony X95J: This high-end 4K smart TV from Sony can be yours for just $1,699 on Amazon Black Friday 2022, saving $400.


Amazon Black Friday 2022 has brought some of the best tech deals of the year so far. From smartphones to laptops, gaming consoles to headphones, and TVs to smart home tech, Amazon has it all. The deals mentioned in this article are the best of the best, and we highly recommend keeping an eye out for them. Happy shopping!


Q1. When is Amazon Black Friday 2022?
A1. Amazon Black Friday 2022 will be on November 25th, 2022.

Q2. Are there any early deals on Amazon Black Friday 2022?
A2. It’s possible that Amazon will have some early deals available, but the best deals will be on Black Friday itself.

Q3. Do Amazon Black Friday deals last the whole day?
A3. The deals will be available throughout the day, but keep in mind, some of the best deals may run out of stock quickly.

Q4. Can I get free shipping on Amazon Black Friday 2022?
A4. Amazon Prime members can get free shipping on eligible items all year round, and this includes Amazon Black Friday 2022.

Q5. Can I return items purchased on Amazon Black Friday 2022?
A5. Yes, you can return items purchased on Amazon Black Friday 2022, but the return window may differ depending on the item.

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