5 Affordable Tricks to Enhance Your Desk Setup on a Budget

By | September 24, 2022

Looking to enhance your workspace without breaking the bank? Look no further. In this blog post, we’ll be revealing 5 affordable tricks that can instantly revamp your desk setup and bring a fresh energy to your work environment. Whether you’re a student, a remote worker, or simply seeking to spruce up your home office, these tips will help you achieve a more organized, functional, and stylish workspace. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can transform your desk into a productivity powerhouse without spending a fortune.

Today we’ve got 5 cheap desk hacks to improve your setup! From practical tips to cable management, these 5 hacks will aim to improve the overall clean look of your setup!
• Lint Roller: https://amzn.to/3Uves3H
• Melgeek Air Duster: http://dro.ps/b/bhzbhO22Kp2O/l
• Magnetic Monitor Mount: https://amzn.to/3R4ClMh
• Invisible Wireless Charger: https://amzn.to/3Ra0ZLq
• Monitor Top Shelf: https://amzn.to/3R3FNXL
• Cable Management Box: https://amzn.to/3C3qmuk

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What’s up guys I’m random Frank p and Today we’re gonna be showing off five Setup tips and hacks to improve your Setup with an emphasis on keeping your Desktop clean and organized in this Video we’ll go through it all and the Products I’m showing off will be listed For you in the description down below so You can check them out and then Hopefully be on your way to improving Your setup as well now first up a bit of An out of the box one admittedly this is A lint roller you’re probably wondering Why so yes this is your standard lint Roller for you know cleaning your Clothes and stuff however this is going To be absolutely clutch for keeping your Desktop clean more specifically your Mouse pad okay so you’ve got pets and There’s a lot of you know dog hair Floating around cat hair I get how it is Or sometimes you eat at your desktop and There’s crumbs dust all that stuff Naturally it’s gonna start to accumulate On your desk pad and using a lint roller Is the perfect remedy to clean all that Up and also protect your mouse pad now I Say that because odds are say you have Crumbs or you drop something or there’s Just something on your desk pad odds are What you do is you wipe it with your Hand right but that’s bad no because What you’re doing pretty much is Just Smearing not only the oils from your

Hands and your fingers onto your desk Pad but whatever you’re trying to clear Off could also be smeared and could Damage your overall mouse pad surface Using a lit roller will pick up all that Dust and whatever you’re trying to clean Without it accumulating in your mouse Pad and over time you know wearing it on The surface and obviously then wearing Down on your mouse feet now granted on Your desktop you know if you’re eating And stuff your crumb accumulation is Going to be a bit different obviously my Example is a bit extreme of the Crumulation if you want to call it that Sure but again it’s just to show you how Smearing and just you know moving in With your hand will most of the time Make it worse this idea was actually Tossed me over on Twitter shout out to Amy for the great idea I picked one up Like right after that and I’ve been Using it ever since honestly it is a Game changer and it’s the first hack for You guys today lint rollers like this You can get them you know pretty much Different different sizes this one’s Just easier because you know the Ergonomics of just rolling it on your Mouse pad you can find them between two Dollars up to like ten dollars this one Was like six on Amazon then real quick Additionally is like a tip 1.5 you could Do something like an electric air blower

This one I have from Mel geek is super Small and Compact and it’s very very Powerful again great for just keeping The desktop clean brushing off all that Dust also use one of these air blowers To clean it between the keys of your Keyboard again I have two corgis so I’m Very familiar with the hair just around Right quick and easy as well and then if It’s on your desktop use that lint Roller and you’re good to go so again I’ll still put this Mel geek one that I Got in the description down below I Think it was like 50 bucks but well Worth it super super powerful next is This dulcan laptop Mount this is a tiny Foldable magnetic Mount system that can Be the perfect companion to the side of Your monitor which is exactly how I use It and I’ll show you why so first I’ve Given its design the flexibility it Tucks away when not in use then you can Just fold it out when you need it and What I use it for is for streaming I Have a mounted to an Elgato key Light Mini so I can use it to illuminate me During my streams and I don’t have to Worry about anything just else on my Desktop you know taking up more space With all the gear I already use it comes With magnets you can use this to pretty Much anything also obviously goes Without saying but great to keep your Phone there at a quick glance for

Notifications angle it in and out as Well and say you’re like FaceTiming Often or you use like your phone for a Zoom meetings or something just having This there pointed right at you with the Screen still in front of you is you know Definitely a nice practical use case While still freeing up your desk or Hell Quick little fold out headphone hanger Even then when you’re done fold it back In and it’s completely hidden I’m sure Some of you can find some creative ways They’ll use this drop suggestions down Below this is just around 18 alright so Next up we have this invisible phone Charger here and if you’re a fan of the Channel you know exactly what I’m Talking about I actually showed this off In an episode of Cool Tech 150 back in April bunch of y’all were loving this so It does require some visible things to Get it up and working properly yes but Once it is hooked up it’s invisible and It’ll give you this wireless charging Seamlessly on your desktop included with The kit is the wireless charging pad and A bracket to hold it plus a coiled Cheese sticker and they give you these Magnets to make sure it’s all aligned Properly and to confirm the thickness of Your desktop will actually work with This so once you determine where you Want to place the wireless charger using The magnets in the bottom side of your

Desk stick the bracket right in the Middle through the magnets and this will Then align it perfectly then you can Slide in the wireless charger so it Charges through your desktop surface Without you needing anything physically On your desktop but to strengthen that Wireless connection the conductive cheek Coiled sticker will go directly on top Of where the pad is mounted underneath This will now give you two options one You can just have the finished charger In the world on your desktop if you want To keep it that way or you can big brain It and have it hidden underneath your Mouse pad like I’m doing here then going Forward those have to remember where That placement actually is but in terms Of just having a wireless charger on Your desktop this is by far the cleanest Way to do so and it beats alternative Solutions out there that require you to Drill holes in your desk or something This completely drill free nicely hidden Out of sight you can always have your Phone charging now wirelessly at your Desktop for just under thirty dollars This is a killer setup hack and the only Disclaimer I really say about this is Make sure your desk is actually gonna be Able to work with it so read the Description first uh just for example Like the black desk that I showed you Guys it works perfectly over there but

Behind me at my main desk setup that’s Like a really thick solid piece of Acacia wood that is too thick for the Wireless connection to go through so it Doesn’t work over there check out the Amazon description now again with the Emphasis of this setup hacks episode Being cutting down clutter on the Desktop how about this monitor top shelf This is made to sit on the top of your Monitor obviously then act as you said Extra storage space for things you may Have lying around physically on your Desk setup is a breeze below the front Lip of the tray are three sticky gel Pads to help keep it in place and the Adjustable kickstand on the back will Then just lock into the back side of the Monitor for extra support in terms of Size the Shelf is 13 inches long and Three and a quarter inches in depth Which as I said is going to be great for Just keeping the little things in extra Peripherals out of your way when you’re Not using them stop losing those flash Drives and memory cards Frank keep them Right here in front of me on the Shelf Now also one of the nice things about This is with that adjustable back Bracket that’s gonna let this be used With pretty much anything not only a Monitor but a TV as well if needed Because despite the overall thickness of Your display or hell even if it’s curved

Like the monitor I’m using with it the Bracket’s gonna make sure it still fits Snug it locks in and you’re good to go Again extra storage is always clutch and It’s all stolen at Arm’s Reach then What’s also nice about this is actually Gives you two so it’s a two pack for Twenty dollars if you have multiple Monitors maybe or just hook them both up Side by side and now have this extended You know desktop monitor shelf pretty Much again a great great way to keep Things physically off your desktop to Cut down the Clutter and then the fifth Shadow pack today is going to come in Terms of cable management with these Three Cable Management boxes yes inside The cable management box is another box Which also contains another box it’s Like those Russian egg doll things but For cable management and then in that Last small box you have a bunch of cable Management accessories so in addition to Those three boxes you get six single Cable mounts two multi-cable mounts a Pack of labels a bunch of zip ties a Bunch of different sizes of these Plastic cable locks and six velcro Strips for you guessed it more cable Management so that’s what this is Obviously all about if you’re curious About these actual boxes these are great For hiding power bricks instead of Having you know extra extensions on the

Floor or power bricks or other outlets Plug it all in here now instead of Having cable spaghetti on the ground you Could have it tucked away in a box all Different sizes use them around the room Put your Pokemon cards in them I don’t Care what you do the fact is cable Management is one of the most essential Parts of keeping a setup nice and Organized in terms of visual Aesthetics So anything to help with that is gonna Be great I’m sure all this could put the Use in one form or another for the end Of the day this kit is like your All-in-one Cable Management Lifesaver Right three different boxes use one at Your desk setup maybe like your Entertainment center or in the living Room I don’t know you got a bunch of Options there right three boxes plus all The additional accessories or when it Comes to cable management and keeping Those cords nice and tucked away hidden A really great kit for just around 30 Bucks figured it would also be a nice Inclusion for you guys today And that’ll wrap it up for this video on Five setup tips and hacks to keep your Desk set up clean and organized hope you All enjoyed like I said the intro I’ll Have all these stuff listed for you in The description down below so you can Check it out if you like this video give It a thumbs up share your support feel

Free to follow me on Twitter at Randomfrankp and last if you haven’t Already hit that subscribe button Hope you all enjoyed this one have a Good day


As we spend most of our working hours sitting behind the desk, it’s essential to have an organized and comfortable workspace. Often, we overlook the importance of a great desk setup, mainly because it can be an expensive affair. But, did you know that you can enhance your desk setup on a budget? With simple tweaks and fixes, you can transform your workspace into a comfortable and productive environment. In this article, we will discuss 5 affordable tricks to enhance your desk setup on a budget.

  1. De-Clutter Your Workspace:

The first step towards an organized workspace is to declutter your desk. Start by getting rid of the unnecessary supplies that occupy your desk space. Use drawers, shelves and trays to store the supplies that you don’t use regularly. Keep only the required items such as pen, pencil, notepad and necessary documents on your desk.

  1. Use Desk Lamp:

Lighting is critical to have an optimal desk setup. One of the affordable ways to improve your desk lighting is by getting yourself a desk lamp. A desk lamp not only ensures adequate lighting but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your workspace. You can choose a lamp that complements your decor and offers an ergonomically adjustable light to prevent eye strain.

  1. Ergonomic Chair:

No matter how good your desk setup is, an uncomfortable chair can ruin it all. Invest in an ergonomic chair that ensures proper back and spinal alignment, offers lumbar support and adjustability according to your height. An ergonomic chair will not only save you from back pain but will also enable you to work more efficiently. There are plenty of affordable options available that cater to your requirement.

  1. Use Plants:

Adding plants to your desk setup is an inexpensive way to transform your workspace. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, plants have many proven health benefits. Indoor plants absorb toxins and release oxygen, which helps purify the air and improves air quality. Not only this, having plants around have also proven to improve mood, increase productivity and reduce stress.

  1. Cable Management:

Messy and tangled cables not only make your desk space look disorganized but also pose a risk of tripping over them. Investing in cable management accessories such as cable ties, clips, and cord channels can keep your cables organized, preventing them from tangling and save your workspace from becoming an eyesore.


Your desk setup has a significant impact on your productivity and overall work experience. It doesn’t always require a considerable investment to enhance your workspace. With a few affordable tricks, you can create a more inviting and comfortable workspace to boost your mood and productivity. From decluttering to cable management, implementing these affordable tricks can help you improve the quality of your work life.


  1. How can I declutter my desk on a budget?
    Ans: Start by removing the unnecessary supplies and investing in shelves, drawers and trays to store your items efficiently.

  2. Can lamp lighting impact my mood at work?
    Ans: Yes, lighting affects your mood and productivity at work. An adequate desk lamp can go a long way in ensuring eye comfort and preventing eye strain, leading to an improved mood.

  3. What is an ergonomic chair?
    Ans: An ergonomic chair is designed to support your back and spine, ensuring proper alignment and comfort while working for extended hours.

  4. Do plants offer health benefits in a workspace?
    Ans: Yes, plants have many proven health benefits, such as air purification, stress reduction, and improved mood and productivity.

  5. What are some affordable cable management accessories for my desk setup?
    Ans: You can invest in cable ties, clips, and cord channels to keep your cables organized and prevent them from tangling. These accessories are readily available at affordable prices.

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