Waist Cinchers You Must Consider Top 5 2015-2016

If you have tried everything to have an hourglass figure, but in vain; you must read about Waist Cinchers. You are surely going to love them. A waist cinchers is like any other shape wear, but it makes use of the traditional corset designs with a contemporary look to give you a shapely midsection. The idea is to compress the waist and tummy using latex products for a slimmer you. It can be worn underneath garments for creating a slimmer silhouette or used during workouts. This is not all. Several women who have used cinchers on a regular basis have claimed to lose inches from their middle area. Isn’t that great!( Also, check Cheapwaistcincher.com for more Option )

 Here are the top 5 Waist Cinchers that you should surely check out-


  1. Ann Chery Classic Waist Cinchers

Waist Cinchers


A waist cinchers is one of the best ways to give yourself the freedom of instant weight loss and this is what precisely the Ann Chery Classic Waist Cinchers provides you. It is like a wrap for your midsection, the classic way but put together in a new cool design. As the name suggests, the cincher has been created to help you reduce a couple of inches on the waistline. But despite trying many products, I love the Ann Chery Classic Waist Cinchers for the fact that it is made of 100% latex, which is good for both the internal and external skin layers. What is perfect about this cincher is that I can wear it during workouts too for sweating more. Overall, it also improves posture. And yes, you can wear it under your favorite outfit too for looking slimmer. Don’t forget to use the size chart because the sizes here are not really per se your denim size.

One problem that I always faced when working out is poor posture and tucking in my tummy. It led to a bit of embarrassment, especially at the gym. But after I got the cincher, things have been so much better. What I love about this is-

  • It compresses the entire abs beginning at the upper abs till the bust underside; so you actually feel that instant inch reduction.
  • Latex has an additional heating effect, which is like your own little sauna that helps you shed out a sweat.

And the best part is that it features Flex Boning that is made to support your changing size. So, if you are losing weight after a couple of weeks, there is a dual column hook-and-eye closure to keep this latex piece snug.


  1. Squeem Perfect Waist Compression Trainer

As the name suggests, Perfect Waist Firm CompressionWaist Trainer comes with Squeem’s patented fused fabric technology that is unique. The trainer is Brazilian-made and contours the body like skin. So, what you get is a shape that you always dreamed of, but could never attain. If you are lucky enough, you might get the right size for a lower price, but these are always sold out easily. The reason being their high-quality fabric, durable material and of course impeccable finish. You might get something between $100-200 if you keep checking regularly. It is advised that you wear the right size. I got experimental and wore it too tight and it gave me a bit of pain. This is a product that will be with you for a long time because it comes with 3 hooks that can be tightened as you lose weight. Though it compresses well, it will not hurt you. Moreover, unlike many brands, the inner is made to soothe sensitive skin. It is easy to know the size, thanks to the accurate chart provided.


  1. Maidenform Flexees Waist Nipper



The Maidenform Waist Nipper is made to help you feel slimmer and sexier and that is exactly what it does. You will fall in love with this product when you put it on. Not only does the soft microfiber give you the feel of the skin but it becomes like your second skin. The body shape you get after you put on this waist cinchers is sensual. It has been created to be firm enough to give you the right posture and tuck in that torso, but there is no bulge coming out. It is perfect to be worn under all kinds of dresses and even nightwear. Made with 79% Nylon while the rest is elastane it sure is a must buy. For those who are on the healthier side and need something that is high quality and yet sexy, this cincher is the answer. It has been made keeping in mind the body of healthier women to give the right compression with an edgy look. The highlight of this cincher is that you don’t have to wear it just underneath. You can pair it with any favorite dress of yours.


  1. Ann Chery 2021 Waist Cinchers

The upgraded Ann Chery goes a step ahead to offer you absolute comfort and style. The Ann Chery 2021 has an elegant and classy finish. You can get it for about $100, which is a steal. And I don’t want to brag but I was not sure if I could get back into my pre-pregnancy dress with 4 inches extra around my waist…But I did. It can help you shape about 5 inches around the waist. Like the other cinchers of this brand, it has flex boning to hold the outfit in place along being made with natural latex. It has been specially created to provide respite from back pain and bulging stomachs. Due to weight gain, I used to have a lot of back pain and this stopped me from doing stomach exercises. So I was gaining inches like anything. I now get great respite from the pain and have toned up around the tummy too. I wear it during the day and workouts and have been able to lose both inches and that awful back pain!


  1. Bamboo Body Shaper Waist Cinchers

With a self-explanatory name, the Bamboo Shaper is made with bamboo charcoal yarn to give you that much-needed curve round the waist. The best part of this cincher is that you don’t have to worry about terrible sweat smell or even latex smell post the workout. It also has a crotch hole so you can head to the loo without having to open your shirt and trousers, etc. It adjusts as per humidity and helps eliminate bacteria to give you a hygienic and slimmer you for less than $27˜! The cincher provides you with the classic comfort of a shapewear but lets your skin breathe. It is made with patented fabric technology that wraps around your curves to help you look slimmer. The lining gives you breathability while helping you with inch loss. With regular wear, you can lose a few inches in a matter of days. I wore it for 3 weeks and managed to knock off 2 inches.

Here is a video that I found on youtube ” Tips and Tricks” of  Waist Cinchers

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