Best Towel Warmer Cabinet of 2015-2016

Top 5 Warmer Cabinet Best Review

Towel warmer cabinet are small appliances that have found a place in umpteen modern homes and beauty salons all over the world. Once you get tired of using cold towels, such a cabinet can be a welcome change towards a refreshing start! This system contains a front open chamber that holds multiple rods for holding towels and when the hot air is gradually pushed through the chamber, the towels become warm. If you are into massage therapy, a towel warmer cabinet could do magic to your requirement. Below mentioned is the list of 5 top warmer cabinets that you can buy.


1)      Salon Sundry – Salon Combination UV Sterilizer & Towel Warmer Cabinet

Towel warmer cabinet



This professional quality cabinet is internationally certified. This is a combination of Hot Towel Cabi and UV sterilizer. It has a wire basket that is lightweight and durable, and there is an easy access to the towels. For effective UV sterilization, the chamber has reflective panels and a 3 watt nanometer that has long life. It is made by keeping optimum comfort in mind and making sure that the user experiences clean and cozy towels.


2)      Hot Towel Cabinet, Hot Towel Cabbie – Mini

Hot Towel Cabinet


This amazing hot towel cabinet can hold 12 small and facial sized towels at a time. It has a wonderfully designed internal temperature control system so that the best warmer cabinet does not become extremely hot. The unit comes with a water drip pan and an interior towel rack to make heating much more efficient. This is designed keeping in mind all the professional needs for this cabinets.


3)      Combination Towel Warmer Cabinet and UV Sterilizer

towel warmer cabinet


This one sterilizes the towels and warms it effectively. The UV disinfectant kills most of the microorganisms that cannot be killed with normal process. It has the capacity to hold almost 40 towels at one time. This is surely a beautifully designed towel warmer cabinet. It has three modes like a warm only, UV sterilization; and there is also an option to use both of these together. It is an easy and very safe option for gyms, spas, restaurants, massage therapists and places where they need hygienic and warm towels.

4)      Hot Towel Cabinet – Double Towel Warmer (SL32)

Double Towel Warmer

This one comes with 2 shelves and there is also a condensation collector that works in a smooth way. The interiors of this cabinet are wonderfully designed with aluminum material, and so there is no need to worry about the rust. It can hold around 48 manicure towels at a time, and this aspect makes it the first choice of the commercial establishments.

5)      Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel Cabi – NEW

Spa Luxe Mini Hot Towel Cabinet


This one is perfect for any professional location because of its compact size and the light color. It can hold around 24 manicure towels at a time and effectively heat the towels. It maintains a constant temperature of around 160 degrees that ensures that there is always the same quality of warmth in these Hot Towel Cabi

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